Mossad Safe House?

(23.nov./01.dec.2016) Today we will take a look at another couple of my recent tweets. So fasten your seatbelts and be brave!

Tonight I woke up early in the a.m. after a dream – very vivid and so, i have learned, often clairvoyant (by telepathy):

I was in my flat and for some reason opened the door to the staircase. Outside were two strong, young men and a couple of small girls. I sensed extreme danger and tried to shut the door, but one of the young men put his foot in the doorway, so I could not shut it. I then woke op.

Background: Early this morning at about 07.30 a.m., while it’s still dark here in Copenhagen in late november, I would have to leave my flat, go out the street door and a few hundred feet uptown to open up a storeroom I have rented. Workers have for several weeks been scheduled to make some work on water pipes in the room this wednesday morning.

Sounds innocent enough, right? But it isn’t, I can assure you. I will try to explain that presently, but let’s now take a look at a tweet that I eventually posted abt. 04.00 a.m. today:

Gert Pedersen ‏@gamleboeger
“(23.nov.’16) Tonite dreamt 2 Mossad hit-men waiting outside my flat-door (If they manage Danish PM will have to call an election!)@ebbreaking”

Now – what do we have here?

1. The two hit-men would be Mossad. As you may know Mossad is widely regarded as reckless and bloodthirsty – in fact completely INSANE killers?

(By the way, killer-insanity almost always mean you have only half a brain – the left. That makes you a psychopat, without the slightest feeling for other living beings. A pet-theory of mine is that the burning-sizzling sun of, say, North-Africa is not really tolarated by white men. Makes the fine, fine web of your brain wither away – and many become insane?).

2. The two small girls? Would they be said goon’s “krypto-girlfriends” like the one living somewhere downstairs (who likes v.m. to knock hard on the water pipes to provoke anger? – day and night). If so in fact probably only a front for a “normal resident”. ‘Cause she (or he) obviously don’t really live in our house – just happens to be seen and heard once in a while. Sort of a “safe-house” for Mossad perhaps? (see also ).

Curious detail: When I entered our house yesterday early in the p.m., after an errand in the laundry in our basement, she and one rather young man were “waiting for me”(?) – just beside the street door. And she was smiling sweet-as-honey, although she hates my guts? I now wonder if said young man might be one of the Mossad-goons supposed to do me in? If so, she might simply have been the “finger-man”?

Another curious detail: This very night some carpenter (or other craftman) had parked his business-van in the driveway to our courtyard, directly in front of and thus blocking the gate. I have lived in this house for 20 years, and I dont remember ever having seen a business-van parked overnight in the gateway. The car – a closed van – would ofcourse be handy to remove someone kidnapped or killed.

3. But why the line about our Prime Minister having to call an election (for the danish parliament?). That one is easy – you just have to read





The two first should do – but ofcourse, they are in danish and also are long and complicated, which taken together means you certainly wont read them. Period.

So let me give you the highlights:

a. A few years ago someone – most likely Mossad? – in an act of terrorism probably tried to kill the wife of the then acting danish Secretary of State. To my knowledge the exact time was never published.

b. I saw a brutal, violent attack on a bedded, female patient in an clairvoyant dream just around this point of time. I had the impression it was probably an psychic attack – perhaps done in her sleep?

c. Mossad got wind of my knowledge, so to protect myself I knew I had to write a letter to the Copenhagen Police (for good measure also sent the letter to the SecretPolice (PET), the Minister of Justice and the Parliament, knowing very well that such letters might easily “go missing”).

d. Only the Copenhagen Police and the Minister of Justice (which told me the Copenhagen Police would handle the matter) responded ( respectively 0100-00170-00003-15 and 2014-1910-1488 / 1500758).

I’m not sure what has been done to investigate. But as the danish Secret Police PET (yeah thats right – the danish Secret Police call themself PET – could only happen in Denmark or in Hell?) has been said to be a Mossad-puppet – then perhaps not much really has been done? (see the two books on Mossad in Denmark by Victor Ostrovsky – “By way of Deception” (1990) and “The other side of Deception” which topped the New York Times bestseller list).

e. After that several hit-squad set-ups have been tried out on this writer. I have mentioned several of them time and again on this blog and on I have only lived to tell about it on account of pure luck and varnings in clairvoyant visions.

f. Here is another tweet from today

Gert Pedersen ‏@gamleboeger
#CharlieHebdo: Was Charlie Hebdo shootings partly caused by shady dealings in danish govt? @btdk

You see – TPTB dont want this scandal to break wide open. Because this type of terrorism by attacking you with phychics while you sleep is revealing a particularly depraved character. So if it breaks, or if someone kidnaps or kills this writer – then the TPTB would like a war or at least an parliamentary elction to throw some haze over everything.

Don’t get me wrong. Our Prime Minister probably don’t really want an election just now; but perhaps one has to expect that he – like most PMs? – may get his orders from Overseas – and if so he will obay, otherwise he might be retired quite soon?

g. But CIA/Mossad’s interest in me goes back a good deal longer than that, in fact all the way back to the so called Tamil Case around 1990 (se above link 3.d.).

Here is a link to some hit-squad set-ups from these earlier years


That’s it for today. I will be back soon as possible with some more tweets to analyse. Keep posted – thank you.


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