Carpenters At Large?

(Aug.15.2017) Yesterday I posted – among many quite ordinary tweets – two others perhaps slightly more curious, which ran roughly as follows:

BEWARE AUG.2017: I have warned in Cycle Of War reports August is always number one period where war tends to begin

“Is WWar planned to start Aug.30? That day I have to open my flat to workers. Which may be a hard-to-resist opportunity and enticement for Mossad to make a hit?”

Really? – you may well ask – you don’t seriously expect your readers to believe a hit by Mossad (rouge elements) on your person, be it in the form of an assassination or kidnapping, could in any way, form or shape relate meaningfully to anyone perhaps concurrently unleashing a war, not to speak a world war?

Well, maybe and maybe not.

Firstly we must ask, do I have any knowledge and/or insights at all, potentially fateful enough for CIA/Mossad and their friends in high places (or just TPTB) if exposed and aired in public?

And: Am I deemed capable of and if necessary brave enough to set forth this knowledge and insight on paper or on the web in a sufficiently clear and comprehensive manner?

Secondly – am I high-profile enough to impel the TPTB to go to great lengths to obfuscate their said malicious plans and proceedings?

Many or at least some intelligent readers will by now know that CIA/Mossad and their many friends are willing to go to quite extreme lengths and measures to hide their (most) hideous crimes.

To mention but one example: The day before 9.11 Donald Rumsfeld reportedly said, that 2 trillion dollars (and yes, that’s two thousand billion dollars!) was missing from the Pentagon.

We all know what happened on 9.11: A missile (no, it wasn’t an airplane!) hit and destroyed precisely those rooms and peoples where this 2 trillion “heist” – the largest in the century? – was audited and investigated.

But, you will say, there is no 2 trillion dollars missing from the Danish governments coffers?

Well yes, not quite. Although about 2 billion dollars (and perhaps as much as 10?) has lately been swindeled from the Danish Governments Tax Department. But that doesn’t concern us here.

There may, however, of course exist other murky affairs potentially fatal for the TPTB if exposed to the light of day?

For example, perhaps, the so-called Tamil-Case? (link 1.)

If, hypothetically, this famous scandal is in fact also a great cabal and intrigue and, if so, myself being perchance THE key person in the case? Then my hoard of my personal documents more or less pertaining to the case might still perhaps be perceived by the TPTB as a palpable risk to their masked and stealthy ways?

Hypothetizing this being the case, would that perhaps explain why my flat (i.e. the appartment building) after being comprehensively refurbished abt. 3 years ago had insufficent and/or malfunctioning mandatory fire extinguishing outfit installed?

And, inded, there were gossip someone may have suspected the whole building might have been set up as a fire trap? (If such no doubt without the owners knowledge!) (link 2.)

Likewise a comprehensive water damage in a store room for my books and other personal belongings (storage made necessary by the almost year-long refurbishing) might seem perhaps a trifle suspicious? (link 3.)

And not to mention the several attempts on my life by Mossad and their friends. Either planned for/attempted in my home, in the streets or by night in my sleep (several so called psychic attacks, i.e. most likely a kind of hypnosis from a distance) (link 4).

Enough for a general introduction. In the following I will relate an examples from my personal nightly “adventures” which off hand seem to indicate some form of a link to the global power play?

(But so as not to make this post too long and unreadable I’ll just provide this one sample today with a few more planned to follow soon in a separat post).

In a recent comment on
I responded the following to another commenters link to a movie about the April.10 2010 plane crash in Smolensk, where much of the then Polish government/Military leadership perished (here slightly amended):

“In April 2010 NATO staged a major navy exercise “Brilliant Mariner”. The theatre of operations was primarily placed in Danish waters including around the northern part of Jutland (command post in the Northern town of Frederikshavn).

“I had lonng planned to visit my uncle and spend perhaps a week on his small farm in the rather lonely area just south of the Bay of Vixoe / Bay of Jammer midway between the small, regional cities of Thisted and Fjerritslev in the northwest part of Jutland, where I grew up.

“A few days before I had to go I began dreaming of one, two or three commandos landing by parachute in the nightly woods, moors and wetlands in the vicinity of the farm.

“This occured repeatedly during two or three nights and the “atmosphere” in these dreams was saturated with gloom and danger. Consequently I decided to devise a pretext for not going.

“By studying the NATO homepage I found, that a few (I seem to recall 4) aircraft were not accounted for. All other aircraft were meticulously listed with type and registration.

“I suspected the “missing” planes perhaps might be Polish helicopters that seemed to have had space provided for them on certain Polish ships. These helicopters might perhaps have been anonymized?

“More dirctly to the crash I remember happening to read a report in one of the (Swedish?) papers. Here a nearby gas station assistant told she heard a sizzling sound in the air right around or slightly before the time of the crash, but being puzzled by hearing neither crash nor explosion.

“One wonders if the sizzling sound possibly could have been from a helicopter flying in “stealth mode” and if so the polish helicopters might in fact have been exchanged for CIA-choppers?

But we now have to consider the question – why Aug.30.?

To answer we of course have to resort to conjecture. And unless we choose to answer summarily and in a somewhat paradoxical manner by stating that this day has it’s significance mostly from the fact, that a hit/assassination has been planned extremely meticulous, very carefully and for a relatively very long time precisely for this day, – we might add a few particulars.

1. On Aug.30 the Parliament still has abt. one month left of the summer break. That means there will be no easily accessible politicians to perhaps consult with.

2. The pretended cause for the workers having to access my appartment is that some wall-hung cupboards in our kitchen reportedly are in danger of perhaps slipping from their suspension in the wall. Thus possibly being a risk for hurting the occupants, wherefore the suspension must be reinforced.

3. Reportedly there have been one or more such incidents. But it’s important to note, that a) my cupboards seems to be hung rock-steady and b) that CIA/Mossad and their friends with wast, practically unlimited funds and other available means easily could have staged or even falsely reported one or a few such accidents.

4. This particular class of problem: Some defective fixture that is also a (pretended?) risk for the occupants is essential for summarily demanding access to the flats.

5. It would probably be difficult and perhaps impossible to devise another “problem” like this, hence administrators insistance on access now, and the importance of going through with the hit now.

6. The major problem for a Mob to make a hit in a city flat like my small 4th floor flat, with only one – rather new and strong – entrance door, is to get through this (outer) door without ruining it to such a degree that it’s not possible to repair it easily and in a hurry, in order to prevent other residents happening to pass by from noticing anything suspicious.

7. The main reason I was not long ago assassinated or kidnapped in or from my flat is that I’ve mounted an expensive, high-quality doorlock, that’s promulgated as practically unbreakable. This would likely mean (nightly) crashes and splintered wood not easily controlled or repaired fastly, in case of a hit.

8. These considerations do not apply once the hitmen are inside the flat. Any locked door inside will just be kicked in no matter the clamor and crashes. Other residents may believe or made to believe that some workers dropped a cupboard or something.

9. Any crashed and splintered wood or fixtures from kicked-in doors or a possible fight will easily be repaired by said company of carpenters. Everything can and will be left without glaring traces, remains and evidence no matter what hideous, violent crimes may have been perpetrated.

10. It’s very important for the hitmen to be able to kill or kidnap without leaving easily decodeable “footprints”. I.e. marks, remains or other evidence. The target just have to disappear without a trace, so they can claim “a depression” with disappearance or suicide.

11. If they can handle this problem they may be almost 100% sure there will be no attempt whatsoever from the police to investigate more than just perfunctorily. The Secret Police PET (yes, no kidding, in Denmark the Secret Police is perfidiously called pet) will certainly take over, and fast, as I have been harassed and spied upon (“surveilled”) by them for decades. At least their (Mossad-controlled? – link 5) rouge elements will do everything to remove and remedy any and all traces of said crime?

12. The Government will certainly “signify” that it’s not important to use scarce police man-hours on the matter?

13. The TPTB Mob is said to be a superstitious lot? Reportedly they prefer the 11. or 22. day in any given month for major hits (perhaps like 9.11 and 3.11?). Of course the 30. day of the month apparently don’t qualify here? Except for the fact that the sum of digits in 30.08. is 11.

14. Finally one may note, that neither the leadership of the carpenters company nor (certainly not) the owner of the appartment house may be informed at all of any plans for foul play.

In conclusion: Certainly the Mob has it’s plans all set up – and I myself may have plans of my own. But one has to wait and see how this fateful day develops.

Link 1.

Link 2.

Link 3.

Link 4. Here a sample from this link (partly tweets):

This 2015 summer/fall escaped 6 Mossad hit-squad set-ups: Weeks 21, 40, 41, 43, 44 and 45. Most in or close to Foto/C.

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 21/2015: Perhaps most dagerous? Visiting Foto-C Going from Foto/C to RoyalTheatre, stocky man with shoulder case loafing so slowly I had to overtake him. Having passed him, he instantly starting following and closing in on me. My friend ClausN saved me by accosting me midway, so that hit-man couldn’t follow me in the dark alley under the theater-house.

Mossad hit-squad set-up sept.20.2015, goon waiting at Strøget v. Nytorv; when passing him, he took something from inner pocket while starting following me.

Why did the Mossad-commander, often seen loafing at Paludans fridays, oogle me fiercely sept.25.2015.?
Did he hope I would turn down Krystalgade toward the library to get shot by his Mossad-goons on his command?

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 40/2015?: A black closed van on corner opposite Foto/C. Two men in car, one waiting on steps to HHH-building.

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 41/2015: A DHL closed van plus another on corner opposite Foto/C plus finger man with bicycle opposite N.Juel.

Mossad hit-squad set-up sept.28.2015, dangerous man waiting just inside Mag. du Nord main entrance to Kgs.Nytorv.
The pounchy man in a green windbreaker followed me through the street level stores, confronting me a couple of times. But didn’t get a green light on his iPad. Close call?

Nov.4.2015 again saw sunburned Mossad commander loafing at Paludans, doing his best not to oogle me; but killers usually bad actors beeing left-brainers.
Down at end of street, corner Nygade hit-squad waiting in black BMW. 4-5 young men hooded to look like muslims? Shooting planned?
When I choose not to overtake the car but diverted down a street to oogle them, they instantly departed.

Link 5.


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