FLAT OR NOT – Dialogue With Photography – Madame Récamier

Today is Monday and it’s nice out there. They say it’s the African ‘föhn’ from Sahara that’s been hitting much of Europe hard this last week. But today is a very nice Danish summer day with 22 Deg.C and a little bit windy.

When I left my flat this morning there was kind of a micro-drama playing out in front of our appartment house.

The City Council had put up signs at the sidewalk saying that parking today was prohibitet at some 50 feet of the kerb. But regardless someone had parked a small car.

Just when I exited the front door a giant flat-bed truck with a ‘caravan-house’ on it came around the corner; but to no avail, it had to move on without being able to unload.

I noticed the signs yesterday, but off hand thought the parking space might possibly be needed for movers, as the flat directly below mine is empty and has been empty for most of June.

Monday the 3rd of June I heard voices in our courtyard that for some reason made me look down into the court from my north window.

What I saw was our landlord coming from the far (northern) part of our lot and being accompanied by a professional looking gentleman with a wad of paper under his arm.

Seconds later they both looked up seemingly inspecting my north window or perchance just above or below my third storey flat. They only inspected the east end of the building (where I live).

A few minutes later they had moved to the south side, the street side of the house. After having talked shortly they shook hands and the landlord drove away.

The gentleman then took some photographs of the south face of our building from the opposite sidewalk. Soon after he left, but I didn’t see his car.

Off hand he looked much like a real estate broker, I think, but he may also have been some sort of a technician, of course.

A few days later (June 7 & 8) the two young women living downstairs moved out, and the flat directly below me has been empty since that.

Incidentally this is or at least may easily turn out to be bad news for me, as it could very well mean the flat below may soon come on the market for sale as a condo? Why is this possibly or even likely bad or even very bad news for myself?

Simply this: The flat may perchance be scheduled to be sold to Mossad or their friends? And why is that, you may ask.

The thing is there may have been certain signs of an old grudge of the landlord’s toward the undersigned?

If this is so I frankly doubt this would emanate from the owners themselves – a millionaire or even billionaire family? But ofcourse they may be manipulated.

I’ve already on a few occasions reported about curious coincidences that eventually got me thinking about possible underground networks.

Firstly there was the curious observation that the new owners knew me by sight before having ever met me. Which I noticed the day they introduced themselves to the tenants just after having bought the house, now abt. a decade ago.

Did these honourable people really buy – or were tasked with buying – the house partly or even mostly just to harass myself? (Remember: My blog is or has been read by some of the top power- and money-brokers in the world; and some of them – ‘the DeepState psychopaths’ (link 8) – obviously hate my guts!). (Note 1)

Secondly there was the – on the face of it – strange history of the seemingly imperfect fire protection of our newly refurbished house (abt. five years ago, Link 1, in Danish).

And thirdly there was the equally strange coincidence of a clairvoyant dream saying I was to be evicted and then me by chance looking out of the window and seeing the owners just leaving the premises. (Link 2)

There is no reason doubting that several of my recent blogposts have made the DeepState-psychopaths irate or even livid with rage. Just compare these few links (Link 3).

Now, the thing is that Mossad and their friends may have tried almost everything to have me assassinated or ‘disappeared’ – and until now to no avail, obviously. (Link 4).

Realistically there seem to be perchance two venues left? One – to have the Mossad-controlled(?) underground mafia on our hospitals activated to assassinate myself when I eventually have to be hospitalized to be operated for my hernia? (Link 5)

Two – to have Mossad or their friends acquire the flat directly below myself. Why would this be deemed especially auspicious by the mob?

For this: a) to be able to harass myself with loud and noisy ‘music’ (Link 6) b) to harass with ultrasound – possibly deadly? c) to harass with microwave radiation – possibly deadly? d) to harass, target and hit with psychic attacs – much stronger and possibly deadly if only one or two feet from f.i. my bed? (In this respect the flat below is much more applicable than the flat directly above)(Link 7) e) to be able to stake out hitmen so as to prevent me from leaving my flat without the possibility of being kidnapped or assassinated. f) for all sorts of close surveillance g) possibly other means.


Last Tuesday was the first day of the summer sale of antiquarian books in the HeiligGeist Church community house in central Copenhagen, this time managed by the friendly folks from Nordisk-Antikvariat.dk.

The starting prise was 80 Kr ($12). Thursday the price was 60 Kr ($9,50) and today 45 Kr ($6.50). I bought a couple of books each of the three days.

Perhaps it wasn’t particular timely for the booksellers to start this sale so late in the month. You have to surmise, I suspect, that more than a few book lovers are retired people and often, perhaps, living paycheque-to-paycheque. And if so colliding the high start price with almost empty coffers.

Here is some of what I found (as usual sample quotes are in the same language as the books).

1. DIALOGUE WITH PHOTOGRAPHY. INTERVIEWS BY PAUL HILL AND THOMAS COOPER. 2005, Dewi Lewis Publishing, 348 p. Softcover. (80 Kr).

This book is in quite nice condition and may in fact be unread. The 22 interviews originally appeared in the Swiss Camera Magazine.

From the authors’ preface:

‘This book is a dialogue with individuals who have helped shape the art of photography in the twentieth century.

The men and women we interviewed between 1974 and 1977 are all recognised masters in photography and their contributions to art movements such as the Bauhaus, Photo-Secession, Group f/64, Dadaism, Surrealism and Social Realism were seminal and remain significant: Every interview was a history lesson in itself.’

For myself, much occupied with photography not least throughout the seventies, this book seems important as a ‘summing up’. It may also be said to be sort of a Blue Book of an important part of leading photographers from the first three quarters of the 20. century.

Among the 22 interviewed photographers only two are women. Here are a couple of quotes from the interview with Laura Gilpin. She lived 1891-1979 and I don’t think I ever heard her name before:

‘How did you first become interested in photography?

‘I think I must have been given a Brownie camera when I was twelve. But probably what did me more good than anything else was being with my mother’s closest friend, who was blind.

‘During the St Louis Exposition, I would go to the fair every other day and describe the exhibits to her. I think that taught me observation like nothing else could. I can see those exhibits now, just as if it was yesterday.’

‘It was not so long after that that a friend of mine, Alfred Curtis, read about the autochrome plate and sent for some. I fell for this hook, line and sinker.

‘I can show you three prints I made from those plates, the first one in 1910. They were in my recent show. I hadn’t thought about doing anything with them for years. They were packed away in a box and when I got them out, they were in perfect shape and I made colour negatives of them and then had some commercial colour prints done from them.

‘(At that time,) did you go to see Alfred Stieglitz at the ‘291’ gallery?

‘I went there once and he scared the daylights out of me!

‘How old were you then?

‘Oh, I must have been twenty-four’

‘How did he scare the daylights out of you?

‘That was what he did. I don’t think that he or Steichen were the least bit interested in women photographers. There was no question about that. They did accept Mrs Käsebier, but rather reluctantly, I think.’

2. CAPTAIN SIR RICHARD FRANCIS BURTON. The Secret Agent Who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Discovered the Kama Sutra, and Brought the Arabian Nights to the West. By Edward Rice. NewYork, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1990, 522 p. Hardcover. (45 Kr).

From the inside flaps of the dust cover: ‘One of history’s most romantic characters, Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) merits this definitive life by Edward Rice for his substantial accomplishments alone, unembellished by his adventures.

‘However, Rice, in his engrossing retracing of Burton’s life, covers every facet: Burton the towering intellectual and physical specimen, face scarred by a Somali warrior’s spear; Burton the scholar and author; Burton the scientist, soldier, explorer, and British undercover agent to boot.’

‘Edward Rice has devoted the better part of ten years to researching Burton’s life, at times risking his own in his travels through India, the Near East, and Africa.

‘Burton was one of the very first Europeans to seek the source of the Nile in Central Africa, as daring then as a trip to the moon now. He was the first European to reach Lake Tanganyika.

‘In disguise he went to the then forbidden cities of Mecca and Medina. He was the first European to penetrate the sacred city of Harar in unexplored East Africa.

‘It was Burton who brought out to the Western world the classic Indian book on sex, the Kama Sutra. And – perhaps his most celebrated achievement – Burton did the seventeen-volume translation of the classic Arabian Nights.’

‘Not only was he critical of English repression of women’s self-fulfillment, he also complained about England’s colonial misrule.

‘Rice notes, as well, Burton’s extraordinary scholarship on the origins of language. He himself had mastered some twenty-nine languages and dialects.

‘It was as a member of the East India Company in India that he also operated as an undercover agent. On one secret mission, hs investigated the Mormons of Utah, the subject of his book The City of the Saints.

‘On another Western Hemisphere venture, he explored the battlefields of Paraguay, out of which came a book about the war between Paraguay and Brazil.’

No doubt there are many hours of absorbing reading waiting for anyone with the disposition and the leisure for this large, well preserved book

3. MADAME RÉCAMIER. Les Amis de sa Jeunesse et sa Corresponcance Intime. Par L’Auteur des ‘Souvenirs de Madame Récamier’. 2.ed. Paris, Michel Lévy Frères, 1874. 406 p. Bound in contemporary calf, somewhat worn.

This small book is from the library of Paul V. Rubow, Denmarks greatest literary critic of the 20. century. The first pages are somewhat browned but otherwise the book is rather nicely preserved.

Here’s a small sample from p.181 (of a letter dated 23 juillet 1828 ‘M.Ballanche a Mme Lenormant’; as usual I have to omit the ‘diacritics’):

‘Lundi soir nous avons lu l’article de M.Lenormant; c’etait le moyen d’etre encore un peu avec vous. Cet article nous a instruits et interesses.

‘On aime qu’une idee speciale tienne a une idee generale; l’unite dans l’esprit est la seule et vraie condition pour creer soit dans les arts, soit dans la poesie, soit meme dans les lettres.

‘Les pensees dispersees, isolees les unes des autres, sans une centre commun, sont fugitives et infecondes.’

By way of explanatory note the editor says in a footnote:

‘Il est peut-etre necessaire de rappeler qu’en 1828 le duc de Laval-Montmorency etait ambassadeur a Vienne, que M. de Chateaubriand l’avait remplace a Rome, et que M.Lenormant partait avec l’expedition scientifique envoyee en Egypte sous les ordres de l’illustre Champollion. Mme Lenormant accompagna son mari jusqu’a Toulon, ou la fregate l’Egli attendait les savants qu’elle devait transporter a Alexandrie.’

The first flyleaf carries the signature of Mr. Rubow. The second that of a Mr/Ms Voss (unable to decode the letter for the first name); and on the backside of the 3rd flyleaf someone wrote ‘par Mme Lenormant’.

And indeed, the author/editor is Mme Lenormand (with a ‘d’ whereas the ‘archeologue’ mentioned above is with a ‘t’), a niece to Mme Récamier.

The Oxfort Companion to French Literature has this abt. Mme Récamier:

‘Jeanne-Francoise Récamier, née Bernard (1777-1849), was born at Lyons, the daughter of a solicitor. In 1793 she married the rich and elderly Paris banker Récamier.

‘She was a woman of great beauty, charm, and tact, who inspired many passions and had the gift of transforming them into devoted friendships.

‘During the Napoleonic period and the Restoration the most eminent figures in literature and politics met in her salon.

‘She was Mme de Staël’s closest, perhaps her only, woman friend and for a time (c.1815) was worshipped in vain, and to his own great exasperation, by Benjamin Constant.

‘From 1819, after some reverses of fortune, she lived, still in Paris, in rooms at l’Abbaye-aux-Bois, a convent with which was combined a sort of select pension.

‘Here she continued her salon. It’s acknowledged and sherished hero was Chateaubriand, round whom her life henceforward revolved.

‘It was here that friends and admirers collected to listen to him reading passages from ‘work in progress’, his ‘Mémoires d’outre-tombe’. The years passed. Chateaubriand died in 1848, Mme Récamier, by now totally blind, ten months later.

‘Her ‘Souvenirs et correspondance’ were edited by her niece Mme Lenormand.’


Note 1 (2.June)
Tonite I had a dream-vision about someone criticizing me for not studying an issue adequately before throwing myself at the keyboard.

How right this or these honourable critics are! But this is one of the deplorable consequences of standing alone against an whole army.

(Victor Ostrovsky tells about sayanim in his book ‘By Way of Deception’, – that there were then (1990) ca. 7000 sayanim (active and passive) in London alone (abt. 1 promille of the polulation?); that would correspond to abt. 1500 in greater Copenhagen.

His book dealt not least with Mossad having infiltrated the Danish Secret Service; M. called them ‘small farts’. There was a parlamentarian crisis, but the then M.o.J. clamped down hard on a clueless parliament by threatening to discharge the Control Commission of Parliament(!). He is now a prominent guardian of our democracy as a well known main stream columnist.)

Standing alone you cannot allow this army to get altogether too close, if you can help it – would be your downfall. Hence the only available venue of action for you is to be extremely vigilant; if extreme vigilance don’t help, nothing will.

Nevertheless I agree that I should at least briefly have mentioned this:

The former owner of our house, Mr. E.L., firmly believed he was almost fatally poisoned while in hospital abt. three years before he died.

Some irresponsible hospital doctor(s) had persuaded him to take part in a test of a certain (very poisonous) heart medicine.

He was then in his late seventies and had never had heart-problems, he told me.

He soon felt wery unwell and decided to withdraw from the experiment.

As it turned out he had been overdosed by several hundred percent of this very poisonous heart medicine. In fact he said it was so poisonous, that it would take several years just to step down to normal dose; a dose he didn’t need in the first place.

A doctor was fired and the head doctor ‘threatened’ to retire if the calamity ever hit the newspapers.

I agree I should have mentioned this occurence in connection with the appartment house getting new owners. If only because it has never been disproved that dark forces may have wanted to precipitate new ownership of our building?

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They also helped set up a course in black magic, demonology, and witchcraft at at the University of South Carolina as a sort of “social laboratory.”

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Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA–MK-OFTEN went beyond the mere research of mind control and incapacitation of enemies, and branched out into the world of black magic, witchcraft, and the occult.

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