(28.Feb.2021) Today is Sunday and it’s quite nice out there for the season.

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Yesterday I talked to an old photographic acquaintance on one of the downtown plazas here in Copenhagen.

As it happened two ajacent benches were unoccupied (important in these times of covid-terror!).

The benches are abt. 2 m long and separated by abt 1 m. We sat down in each of the far corners for a bit of photographic shop talk.

My friend is retired, like myself, and although I believe his pension is somewhat larger than mine, he seems to manage to apparently almost permanently be short of funds. Whence I offered – like often before – to buy him (and myself) a cup of coffee in one of the nearby stores.

After fetching the coffee I placed his cup on the far end af his bench, helative to him. And although I was till wearing my (shop mandated) face shield, this momentarily brought me within perhaps 1,5 m of him.

My friend has a genuine interest in photography; but he’s also a somewhat superficial type of individual and our acquintance is likewise somewhat superficial.

Hence we never talk more than several minutes, perhaps some twenty minutes, or something.

Yesterday, however, we happened to eventually touch upon the covid situation here in Denmark – which didn’t go so well.

It turned out my friend apparently VERY stongly believes every word of covid-propaganda – lock, stock and barrel – that is rutinely trumpeted by our marxist government.

And as I tried to meekly protest against wholesale acceptance of all aspects of the official picture he got angry. In fact he got REAL angry, like I’ve never seen him before.

Incidentally this is completely in accordance with what you’ve been warned about by wise observers on the web. According to which perhaps 30-60% of the populace will swallow government propaganda without reservation – hook, line and sinker – and get real angry with those who don’t.

Incidentally, I guess this is why tyrants historically rather easily have assumed power in democracies?

Frankly there are, I’m afraid, only superficial differences between modern governments terrorizing their citizens, like right now occuring in many democracies in Europe and the Americas – and government terror of yore, be it named marxism, faschism, nazism or any other fancy name?

But back to earth – here’s yesterday’s pay dirt. After having returned to my flat in the early a.m., I felt like taking a nap, during which I had this short, clairvoyant vision:

1) ‘I was about to leave a room or flat, when through the windows I noticed some people roaming outside in the evening darkness.

Having left the room and while locking the door I became aware of a gang of people coming out of the darkness behind me, and that was apparently trying to get close to my back to hit me fatally.’

Fast forward to this Sunday morning. While dozing before rising I had these two short, clairvoyant visions:

2) ‘I was passing by a sick-bed while someone was just visiting the patient. I didn’t get a view of the bedridden person.’

3) ‘I saw a steel-barred door open slowly and there was only darkness inside the door’.

Ad 1) – A group of people from the darkness – darkness perhaps meaning ‘underworld’ or evil? – is apparently plotting to make an attempt on my life?

Ad 2) – I’m to be ‘made sick’ – by the ‘test’ or ‘vaccine’? Tellingly the bedridden person just had a visitor coming to sit at bedside. This tells you that someone was in the bed; but I wasn’t allowed to see this person. I believe this most likely indicates that the bedridden person would be myself?

Ad 3) – I’m to be locked up – in ‘house-arrest’? The total darkness inside the steel-barred door would indicate a more or less permanent confinement to ‘house-arrest’ or worse?

What, then, has all this to do with a street-talk with above photographic friend? This perhaps:

Tomorrow is monday the first of March. This means it’s the first day with open stores after the winter-lockdown. As it’s also the monthly pay-day there will be money on most peoples account, including that of said friend.

Thus he’ill almost certainly visit a string of photo-stores to look for interesting bargains. No doubt this may include a certain downtown shop closely linked to the globalist cult and perhaps even the dark underworld?

What’s then supposed to happen?

This: Said shop-keeper will call my friend in a few days time and tell him that one of his assistants has just been tested positive for covid. And that he (my friend) thus has to be tested to try and trace the covid carrier.

My friend then will go to be tested, and will certainly be found positive! He will then ofcourse be closely interrogated as to his recent contacts; and no doubt he will indicate myself.

As I’ve already laid out for my honourable readers (pls see the penultimate blogpost on “The Chimney Sweeps Hat”, link 1) – for me to be tested will almost certainly give a covid-positive result.

The reason for this is, of course, that there is no real science supporting the governments assertion, that the pcr-test (or whatever) is able to trace the covid. This is now a no-brainer. The inventor of the test has clearly stated this, together with the CDC and many experts. (Please see my most recent blog-post ‘Tests?’, under litra C., link 2)

However the ‘tests’ are apparently carefully designed so as

a) to trace and neutralize regime critics / globalist critics / underworld critics – etc. These hapless persons will eventually be declared covid-positive repeatedly, and thus likely be confined more or less permanently to house-arrest? That is, at least until they accept the pernicious ‘vaccine’, that is in fact no vaccine at all, but a gene-editing tool and more?

b) to neutralize government critics etc. by inoculating the victims with assorted nano-particles by way of the pernicious, long drill-swabs pushed almost all the way into your brain? (se above links)

But that’s it for today. As always we’ill have to see how things play out.



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