Your Q-bits – Your Demons?

(23.Mar.2021) Today is Tuesday, and it’s grey out there.

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(Update 30.Mar.2021) While dozing this morning and considering the options for the near future, incl. Easter, I had a clairvoyant vision of a large, clenched fist facing me, being materialized out of my rather vaguely imagined vista of the approaching Easter Time.

Exposition: Govt. plans seem to be to hit me with a ‘knock-out’ in Easter Time? (Please note: It’s not the future I see in my visions, but the mind of the evil planners – by telepathy).

Most likely, then, govt. may plan to email me in the midst of Easter Time, summoning me to appear forthwith at a Covid test-center. Of course the politically important Covid-industry never sleeps!

Two notes:

a. It’s probably a well-nigh irresistible temptation for any ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ Satanist to try and take out an important opponent precisely in Easter Time?

b. In December 2014, while our now-PM served as M.o.J. in the previous left-wing administration, I had another experience with (one of her?) clenched fists, see

Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?

whence a short extract:

Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?

(Danish version origiginally posted Dec.17, 2014)

“I have to go back to thursday last week (Dec.11, 2014). That day I sent a letter to the Copenhagen Police, the Government, the Presidency of Parliament and a few papers ((most letters probably intercepted by M.o.J. or their friends? – pls. see link 6, below)).

“In the letter I told about certain recent clairvoyant experiences of mine which I believe might strongly indicate that the very serious “stroke” the wife of then Danish Secretary of State, W.S., reportedly suffered, rather likely might in fact be a malicious (psychic) attack – i.e. terrorism?


“(I interpreted this vision like this:) In a grey downtown business building someone were “wheeling and dealing” after hours – whence the spooky, “non-electric” illumination. “After hours” perhaps most likely means hidden, “below board”, secret and in the dark or twilight?

“The following night (bef. Monday Dec.15) I saw a big, hard fist with the four fingers parted two and two by a big V. ((I’ve since learned this is a well-known Satanist hand-sign)).

“My interpretation: V would probably mean Victory. I.e. the big, hard fist had won the battle ((to subdue the savage, morally depraved assault on the wife of an acting, danish F.M. by way of Satanist black magic?)).

(Update 26.Mar.2021) This morning I tweeted:

“While dozing this morning had clairvoyant vision of man in orange coveralls kicking ‘ball of dirt’ directly towards my head. Place: ‘Franciscan Market’, just outside his (avowed Satanist!) handler?”

The ‘orange man’ might perhaps indicate my photographic ‘friend’ with whom I had a ‘street-chat’ on the 27.Febr., as related below (and here )

And as today is the 27th day counting from the 27.Febr., this should just make it possible for our govt. to manage to order me in for a covid-test within the (suspected) 30-days ‘window of opportunity’.

Incidentally, as related here
one possible, and seriously unfortunate, consequence for any hated dissident or government-critic from being covid-tested – in addition to the dangers from the almost perversely contrived test method – is the likely result of being confined to ‘house-arrest’ for (many?) weeks. Perhaps only to be set free after having accepted the vaccine?

(Of course your IT-connection would be cut immediately! Already now I’ve been unable to access my email-account from my home pc for about a week – only accessible from public WiFi. You can imagine what that would mean if you are confined to your home for weeks, or much more).

But certainly – you say – certainly it’s a complete coincidence that ‘everything Covid’ is run centrally, from easy (for our PM) to manipulate government offices. Likewise completely coincidental that vaccinations and tests are not done by your own GP-doctor – like they should have been. Hence easy to manipulate! But again, all this is completely coincidental, of course, certainly no hidden ulteriour motives at play here!

But why is this important, you may ask? Because both covid testing methods are very likely almost totally arbitrary (see litra C in ). As so often in the covid-p(l)andemic, it’s much more a question of politics than of science! (remember the first border closings? Our govt. eventually had to admit that they were solely based on politics!).

To just sum up from Litra C: The PCR test may be run through so many cycles, that ‘you can find almost anything’ (according to the inventor of the test! It’s a tool that is really only suitable as a research tool and not as a diagnostics tool!).

Likewise the antibody test is notoriously arbitrary according to several investigators (like for instance sending in clean, unsused swabs; or even swabs dipped in cola – and getting them all back labeled ‘positive’ (Litra C).

Like elaborated below, nearly every detail of the covid-p(l)andemic almost inevitably makes you think of something planned and run by monstrously powerful and completely empathy-devoid Robots aka Quantum-computer AI.

By the way: If our PM really is a religiously practising Satanist, would that automatically make her empathy deficient to a high degree?

(Update 25.Mar.2021) While dozing this morning I had a short clairvoyant vision of someone being ‘conditioned’ during one months time, before being taken down.

Who else, I beg to ask you, would that someone be if not myself?

And from what point of time would the countdown be reckoned, if not from a certain street-chat in downtown Copenhagen on Saturday the 27.Febr. 2021 (more here ).

Now you might rightfully ask, what in particular would have made the TPTB choose to wait one full month before hitting?

This, perhaps:

UKRAINE OPENS MORTAR FIRE – Russia Deploys S-500 as NATO/US Ships Enter Black Sea


You Thought Things Quieted Down . . . U.S. Running Strategic Bomber Strike Over North Pole ‘Exercise’ Right now

So with three B-52’s in the sky, for all Russia knows, they’re could be about to be hit by 60 nuclear bombs from those three planes!
This is an extraordinary development . . . and a very dangerous game being played.

The mass-media in both the US and in Europe, is not reporting a word about any of this. When the fighting breaks out – likely within DAYS — the general population will be gob-smacked and frightened; not knowing how or why it started, or what is going to happen. To this day, they remain blissfully ignorant of what our reckless government is doing.

Moreover there may very likely be an innocently looking paragraph hidden in the hundreds of pages of pandemic-provisions, now voted into law in Denmark, that allows govt. to harass anyone’s contacts 30 days back in time, if that anyone test positiv for covid.

If so – 30 days*) after 27.Febr.2021 I might easily get a call from our caring govt. commanding me to apply for a covid test. Could that test conceiveably turn out to be of a especially destructive nose-swab type?

*)or in actual fact perhaps more like 40 days, due to inevitable admin. red tape and communication delays?

But on the very same day I would get this call, there could very possibly be a full blown war in Eastern Ukraine, betw. the Ukr. and Russia.

This is something that has been brewing for several days now, but so far totally under the radar of the mainstream news outlets.

On the 27.Mar., however, (i.e. next Saturday or possibly several days later, see note *) above) – every mainstream news outlet may be front-page trumpeting WAR IN EUROPE.

Of course that tragedy would shift focus completely away from petty news like that of our govt. getting rid of one or more hated critics?

But in the meantime, let’s take a quick look at an until now, I believe, rather neglected angle of the Covid-complex.

I’m hinting at the – off hand perhaps slightly outlandish – question if covid-vaccinated people, via their ‘new RNA/DNA’, can perhaps be regarded to be in fact permanently linked up with the monstrously powerful quantum computers, now running the so called Sentient World Simulation (out of Purdue University), where each and every earthly human are or are to be represented as ‘a node’ in the Matrix.

The D-Wave 2048 Q-bit computer has now been on the market for abt. 5 years. They now offer a model with more than 5000 q-bits.

The 2048 q-bit model is said to possess as much computing power as 7 billion (7 x 10 to the power of 9!) human brains.

Firstly a short extract from

Are You Quantum Entangled?

“The information and view’s presented are based on Anthony Patch’s Livestream titled “The Final Solution (Part 2) dated 29.Sep.2020:

“The big take away: Humans quantum entangled with the Antichrist. Humans that take the mark of the beast will be quantum entangled with the mind of the Antichrist.

“The honourable reader has to please understand that the author, Mr. Anthony Patch, is an american researcher, whose philosophical voculabory is very much based on the bible.

“Also bear in mind the extracts below are from a live streamed talk, targeting the general public; i.e. there are inevitably quite a few redundancies.

“With these reservations in mind, I believe his insights are newertheless sufficiently important, or perhaps even crucially important so as to merit to be presented even for a danish audience.”

A few basic links:

Quantum computation with quantum dots

Coherent spin control of s-, p-, d- and f-electrons in a silicon quantum dot

In this incredible video, Jessie Czebotar joins Sean Stone to discuss her experience in the ‘elite’, how she was saved and what the spiritual war is really about…
Sean Stone Interviews Bloodline Insider About the Stargate War, Mothers of Darkness & Much More
(author Jessie Czebotar is extremely knowledgeable and well spoken. In this video she even mentions the elite’s quantum-level entanglement with dark spirits! Inform youself about the dark life-philosophy of the (western) elite cabal – and your Government! Her homepage –

“The Final Solution,”

Persons familiar with our research will recognize individuals such as Ramon Llull (1232? – c.1315/16), Gottfried Wilhelm (von) Leibniz (1646 – c.1716), and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891), cited in ‘Coding the Digital Occult’, in which the author Stephani Moran provides a historical overview of modern computing’s direct connections with ancient occult magic.

Last Tuesday (9.Mar.) I had this short paragraph featured in the popular, critical blog :

gamleboeger commented – 9 March 2021 at 07:43

Are You Quantum Entangled? Here’s the punchline. The entangled electrons inside the human body, in every cell with ‘modified DNA’, are also quantum entangled with … numerous quantum computers, all daisy-chained, all networked together, functioning, operating, controlling the Sentient World Simulation, which is the hive mind.

Extracts from

Replies: There are two comments –

1. Anonymous 10 March 2021 at 00:41

‘A load of mostly bs, sorry’.

To which I retorted:

gamleboeger 10 March 2021 at 10:01

‘Is this the quantum-computer hive-mind speaking?’

2. Anonymous 11 March 2021 at 01:11

Thank you Gamleboeger for the above link.

I have read half of the 26 page PDF thus far. An astonishingly interesting and succinct article. I will read the rest of it today.

I sent it to friends and family after only reading 6 pages. I have tried to convey the same message to others and have had difficulty articulating the message.

To some, it may sound like sci-fi or the realm of the make believe.

It is well written describing the types of medical technology widely spoken about today (mRNA and Nano) it also provides a very serious religious context adding ‘meaning’ and why taking a ‘vaccine’ isn’t a life or death matter. It is much more serious. The transhuman and hive mind is being built around us.

Injury by vaccine or even death is almost irrelevant compared to the ‘gene editing’ that will ‘bastard-ise’ your individual and unique genetic code, making you unrecognisable to our God and Creator.

Our ‘End of Times’ predicament and the evil that lurks in every Government, Hospital and the likes are literally ‘preying’ on the weak, gullible, disbelievers and terminally stupid.

I truly wish it was make believe and the stuff of sci-fi.

Thanks again for the link.

Peace to the humans.

I saw and replied to the first of above anonymous comments just before turning in, in the late p.m. Wednesday (10.Mar.)

That night I had an most likely clairvoyant vision, in which I was blatantly threatened on my life for having answered the comment, in the way I had.

What perhaps makes this threat more or less relevant for anybody but myself, obviously is the inevitable conjecture, that my reply just may have hit the bulls eye. And if so, what does this imply?

The first, short and anonymous comment seem to be rather typical of a certain type of comments, often believed to be generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Many readers may have suffered this type of comments, i.e. short, derogatory, detracting comments with no perceptible debate or proof.

In this particular case the AI-element probably is the key. Because basically the so-called covid-pandemic MIGHT no doubt easily have been conceived as a ‘plandemic’. In which case obviously planned, generated and run by AI.

Firstly this would have been almost inevitable today.

Secondly, the whole (hypothetical) plandemic may perhaps be said to exhibit ample evidence of an destinctly inhuman and crafty cunning and planning, difficult to attribute to more or less ordinary humans.

Secondly, hasn’t the whole (conjectural) plandemic an unmistakeable scent of evil?

I would like to firstly give an example perhaps indicating an inhuman, wily cunning? And secondly – whence the evil?

1. The Cunning. Example: The Covid test-swabbing.

a) The PCR test is said – by it’s inventor – to be unsuitable, in fact worthless, as a diagnostic tool. It was reportedly developed as a lab. research tool.

Likewise the antibody test has been widely reported as arbitrary. (link 1, litra C).

b) They use a very long ‘spear-like’ stick as test-swab to take a simple saliva-sample; quite uncalled for?

c) The saliva-sample is – again quite uncalled for? – taken from the most sensitive, vulnerable part of the nasal cavity; with free access to the innermost, most forbidden part of the brain – except for a pair of thin, porous walls.

d) The test-swabs are sufficiently long and strong to easily threphine the two very thin walls seperating the nasal cavity from the innermost, most vulnerable parts of the brain.

And sure enough – recently news outlets has reported a case with a woman leaking cerebrophinal fluid after a (painful) nasal test-swab.

By the way exactly this operation is said to have been a way to punish slaves in old Egypt.

e) You can reportedly vaccinate the hapless victims with nano-particles (electronic or mRNA?) with a nasal test-swab.
(link 1, litra D).
(this is said to be a method to vaccinate cattle, i.e. using a long nasal stick?).

f) No one knows if there are in fact several different versions of the test-swab. But this is supposed by the very well-informed, former FEMA employee, Celeste Solum (link 1, litra D).

Summing up: Don’t we perhaps discern evidence of a malicious cunning so monstrous, that it inevitably makes you think of something robot-generated?

2. A source of the evil?

If our world-wide ‘non-pandemic’ (link 1, litra A) really should turn out to be a plandemic, then we may obviously expect quantum computing to be involved to some degree.

In this case we have to ask: Is quantum-computing basically evil? Antnony Patch says yes, it is. Why?

I have in previous posts on this blog hypothesized, that the absolute top of the global cabale, be it in science, finance or governance, perhaps often should really be regarded as being more like robots (aka AI) than humans?

The Robots’ Cash Ban

The Origins Of Mind And Other Trifles

If this conjecture should perhaps turn out to have merit, then we no doubt have to search for a heavily left-brainedness as a possible explanation?

Many will recognize the picture of the emblematic scientist, gifted with monstrous calculating abilites, but without even a trace of empathy.

The difference betw. a human totally bereft of empathy on the one side, and a robot or computer on the other, may not necessarily be particularly large in many respects?

Perhaps totally ‘un-empathetic’ humans may even have a wish to be integrated in a matrix of f.ex. quantum-computers.

Antholy Patch now tells us, that the q-bits in a quantum-computer are sensitive to psychic or spiritual influence, when they are suspended in their entangled state.

Which seems to fit nicely with what scientists have long told us, namely that they may influence entangled photons, when these are about to ‘select’ a state.

Anthony Patch says, that ‘evil spirits’ or demons can influence entangled q-bits – be they in quantum-computers or (implanted/vaccinated) in humans.

And why not – occultists (black magicians) have for ages reportedly been able to invoke evil spirits /demons using ceremonial magic; i.e. using certains protocols and tools, even if they didn’t possess quantum computers in the olden days.

And evil wants evil: Only evil spirits could conceiveably want to mess with q-bits – frozen to a temp. less than 1/1000 of the temp. in outher space. And q-bits are totally devoid of empathy!

Enough said – except for two points.

1. Note that author Jessie Czebotar mentions the elite’s quantum-level entanglement with dark spirits! (link 5).

2. Almost excatly one year ago (19.Mar.2020) I posted this


This was just a few days after the first lock-down here in Copenhagen.

I had decided to take a stroll in downtown Copenhagen, and I certainly could feel the evil – hence the title of the post.

However I was totally unable to imagine the source of this giant blanket of evil now covering everything.

Regrettably I had missed the development of quantum-computers almost completely, and knew nothing of D-Wave and their monstrously powerful computers.

Otherwise I might perhaps have suspected whence the evil?

That is – from quantum-computers possessed by evil spirits?

And that may now perhaps most likely be supposed to micro-manage and control everyones daily and future life in the Sentient World Simulation – aka the Matrix.








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