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(04.Sep.2021) As we are not allowed to post independent Covid news on our Twitter-accounts I thought it might be timely to here post a few recent headlines from the global covid scene.

NOTE: Nothing on this blog constitutes medical advice!
Nothing on this blog constitutes or should be interpreted as medical advice; and nothing replaces medical advice from a qualified medical professional; and medical advice from a qualified medical professional should always be sought.

Perhaps the most interesting item among the following selection (posted in no particular order) could be the one about Japan apparently having found 3 different vaccine variants, and also the insider mentioning 10 different variants, of just one vaccine brand?

Perhaps this might tend to explain the seemingly widely differing reports of side effects emanating from various countries?

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Japan has discovered what is probably 3 different variants of the Pfizer shot
This can’t happen if not intentional. Japan discovered: 1. Shots with pink stuff in them. 2. Shots with black stuff in them. 3. Shots with shiny metallic magnetic stuff in them. And it was not just a few shots, it was millions that had EACH PROBLEM.

I saw and ignored a post by “someone who works for pfizer” saying there were 10 different varianst of the shots, each designed to do something different to the recipient. I blew the post off as B.S. However, if Japan found three different “contaminants” in the pfizer shot, and each event had thousands of vials involved, perhaps that post was accurate because that can’t happen in a factory if it was not intentional and no individual could ever hand contaminate that many vials. That employee said one of the 10 possibilities was saline. That would mean Japan has discovered 4 out of 10 variants.

So now Japan is switching over to Ivermectin while the scamming con job American media is calling it “cow paste” and saying people are idiots for trying it AND OVERDOSING. But the reality is that ivermectin is like any other medicine and made for people too. You used to be able to pick it up anywhere. But like hydroxychloroquine, which could also be purchased like aspirin before this scamdemic, Ivermectin is being pulled as fast as they can pull it off pharmacy shelves because “they” want their death shot into everyone. Multiple boosters yearly according to Fauci’s latest comedy rap.

Only, it is not going well. So there will probably be the “world war 3” strain, the “patriot roundup” strain, the “woke staff sargeant strain” and the “Al Quaida” strain and don’t forget the “dark winter” strain and “supply disruption” strain which Ida will no doubt enhance. (via jimstone .is 2021.09.03) .com/watch?v=xkWOpFk1GGk

Fact Check: PFIZER Vaccine Not Approved – It’s All A Lie, FDA letter to Pfizer
https://beforeitsnews .com/alternative/2021/08/fact-check-pfizer-vaccine-not-approved-its-all-a-lie-fda-letter-to-pfizer-3756922.html

If You Have Been Vaxed You Are Now Owned And Have No More Legal Access To Human Rights. SUPREME COURT RULING:
In a Supreme Court case decision in 2013 – Pathology vs Myriad Genetics, Inc – the United States Supreme Court ruled that you cannot patent human DNA as it is ‘a product of nature’.

However, at the end of the ruling, the Supreme Court wrote that if you were to change a human’s genome by mRNA vaccines (being used currently) then the (altered) genome CAN be patented.
https://beforeitsnews .com/the-law/2021/08/if-you-have-been-vaxed-you-are-now-owned-and-have-no-more-legal-access-to-human-rights-supreme-court-ruling-2458525.html

This means that everyone who has had the ‘vaccine’ is now technically ‘patented’. Anything that is patented is ‘owned’ and comes under the definition of ‘trans human’.
https://davidicke. com/2021/08/16/big-pharma-mrna-vaccine-will-be-used-to-patent-humans/

Harvard Epidemiologist Says The Case For COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished
“Vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical…”
https://www.zerohedge. com/covid-19/harvard-epidemiologist-says-case-covid-vaccine-passports-was-just-demolished

Twitter Rolls Out New Anti-Harassment “Safety Mode” To “Reduce Disruptive Interactions”
“When the feature is turned on in your settings, our systems will assess the likelihood of a negative engagement by considering both the Tweet’s content and the relationship between the Tweet author and replier,”
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/twitter-rolls-out-new-anti-harassment-safety-mode-reduce-disruptive-interactions

Two Top FDA Officials Resign “In Anger” Over “Intensifying Pressure” To Approve Booster & Shots For Kids Under 12
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/two-fda-officials-40-years-experience-resign-anger-over-intensifying-pressure-approve

Europe’s CDC Breaks With Biden Admin, Says No Urgent Need For COVID Boosters
…because “science”.
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/europes-cdc-breaks-biden-admin-says-no-urgent-need-covid-boosters

Reddit Bans Vaccine-Skeptic Subreddit r/NoNewNormal – Days After CEO Said He Wouldn’t
‘Reddit is a place for open and authentic discussion and debate’ – unless we don’t like you…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/reddit-bans-vaccine-skeptic-subreddit-rnonewnormal-days-after-ceo-said-he-wouldnt

Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One Of The Most Vaccinated Countries In The World
Starting Sept 6, the Swedish entry ban will also apply to countries Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, the United States, and Israel.
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/sweden-bans-travelers-israel-one-most-vaccinated-countries-world

ACLU Says The State Forcing People To Take Vaccines Is A Victory For Civil Liberties
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/aclu-says-state-forcing-people-take-vaccines-victory-civil-liberties

Quantitative Brainwashing.
Governments of today have become extremely adept at creating euphemisms for their misdeeds…
https://www.zerohedge .com/economics/quantitative-brainwashing

German Companies Cannot Ask Employees About Covid Vaccination Status, Labor Minister Says
“We must act according to the rule of law. Acting under the rule of law means that an employer is not entitled to information about health data…[and] is also not allowed to look at the medical records of an employee, because this is very personal data.”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/german-companies-cannot-ask-employees-about-covid-vaccination-status-labor-minister-says

Teachers Not At Increased Risk From COVID-19: New Study Finds.
“Compared with adults of working age who are otherwise similar, teachers…were not found to be at increased risk of hospital admission with COVID-19 and were found to be at lower risk of severe COVID-19…”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/teachers-not-increased-risk-covid-19-new-study-finds

Is the PCR test a Soul-Killer?
The pineal gland was described as the “Seat of the Soul” by René Descartes.
https://www.henrymakow .com/2021/08/is-pcr-test-soul-killer.html

As of August 24, over two billion Covid 19 tests have been administered worldwide.
https://www.statista .com/statistics/1028731/covid19-tests-select-countries-worldwide/#statisticContainer

WHO insider Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger asserts that if there wasn’t a deeper agenda behind the PCR-test, there would be no need to stick a test-swab deep into your sinuses where it touches a thin membrane that separates the sinus cavity from your brain. A saliva sample would be enough. The question raised by Dr. Stuckelberger (yet to be fully corroborated) is whether they are putting a toxic substance into your brain – which affects the pineal gland?
https://www.globalresearch .ca/does-the-pcr-test-affect-the-pineal-gland-humans-and-transhumans-dr-astrid-stuckelberger/5747390

This PCR test, considered diagnostically meaningless by its inventor, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis is now a prerequisite for air travel and for employment for the unvaccinated.
https://cairnsnews .org/2021/02/16/not-one-person-with-a-brain-would-take-a-covid-test-or-vaccine-after-watching-this-disturbing-video-produced-by-doctors/

What is in the PCR Tests? Graphene Oxide Found in COVID Shots, Masks and Swabs
https://www.holistichealthonline .info/pcr-swabs/

Snowden Warns Smartphone Owners About Danger of Personal Data Scanning by Phonemakers
Smartphone owners should be wary of phone producers, in particular Apple, trying to scan personal data and files on devices, former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said on 2 September.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/09/no_author/snowden-warns-smartphone-owners-about-danger-of-personal-data-scanning-by-phonemakers/

“[Apple] breaks down this barrier between service and your phone, and now they start scanning on your phone. They can scan for anything, they can scan for political criticism, they can scan for financial records, they can scan for really anything,” Snowden said, noting that once Apple has established the precedent of using this type of scanning, it loses the ability to say the company will never use it.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/09/no_author/snowden-warns-smartphone-owners-about-danger-of-personal-data-scanning-by-phonemakers/

“Once Apple proves that it is possible for them to scan for some kind of forbidden content … once they say you can have this file on your phone, we developed a system to detect it. They cannot decide in future what kind of files be searched for … it is government question … that is dangerous,” Snowden said.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/09/no_author/snowden-warns-smartphone-owners-about-danger-of-personal-data-scanning-by-phonemakers/

Ivermectin in Africa Blocks Covid.
By Paul Craig Roberts
I suppose Dr.F will say Ivermectin only works for blacks?
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/09/paul-craig-roberts/ivermectin-in-africa-blocks-covid/

Former Pfizer VP warns booster shot is a weapon: COVID shots are wartime weapons, deployed for complete dominion over humans
https://www.naturalnews .com/2021-09-02-former-pfizer-vp-warns-booster-shot-extermination-weapon.html

Dr. Judy Mikovits – Dr.F IS BEHIND EVERY PANDEMIC SINCE 1984? You can’t mix animal tissue, aborted fetal tissue; that you’re actually injecting into the most vulnerable people another animal’s virome..And other viruses..
https://tapnewswire .com/2021/09/dr-judy-mikovits-getting-closer-to-exposing-who-created-cancer-and-all-the-pandemics/

“I am 59 years old, in good health, my type is not recommended to get vaccination” SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. If his own shot is safe, why not??

That individual is exactly who I am talking about when I use the word “they” or “elite”. (via jimstone .is)
http://www.voterig .com/pfizerceo.mp4

Never listen to ANYONE who claims there is a way to detox from the vax
I am going to just say it like it is: The people who formulated this shot took years doing it, and there was no safety testing. They at least know what is in it, and have not published that. If the FDA takes 12 years to approve a shot on average when they know what is in it, how is anybody able to recommend a detox procedure when the contents of the shot have not even been made public?
www.jimstone .is

The following is not rumor. A reader sent the following info:

Australia will soon be implementing a house arrest system to enforce Covid lockdowns. The system works by sending people text messages, giving them 15 minutes to take a geotagged selfie to prove they are satisfying the house arrest requirements. If they fail to send a selfie, the police are immediately dispatched to their location to arrest them.

With this system, Australia can essentially turn the entire country into a prison camp without investing in infrastructure at all. If you are not where you have been ordered to be when the call comes in, you are EFFED.

You cannot circumvent house arrest by turning off your phone or leaving it behind, from the moment they try to send the text the clock is ticking, even if it does not go through.

www.jimstone .is

IMPORTANT: This post may have errors. After looking into this closely, YES, Pfizer really is working on a “Covid pill” to be “Used along with the vaccines” but I could not find a dosing schedule. Therefore, “twice a day forever” is not confirmed.

I know I am the only one saying this, but MARK MY WORD: I AM RIGHT. Pfizer claims the pills are anti-viral, but anti-virals are not taken twice daily, they are taken (up to) twice monthly after the starter dose. This clearly proves the pfizer pills are NOT anti viral and if they are not as stated, what are they?
How much will pfizer rake in? What will the eventual price tag be?

www.jimstone .is

Yes, it will be an identification document that you HAVE TO have AND have to present for the basics (via jimstone .is)
https://www.who .int/publications/i/item/WHO-2019-nCoV-Digital_certificates-vaccination-2021.1

French doctors cut open a vaxxed brain right after death and revealed what really happens to the vaxxed.
VERY IMPORTANT: Doctors are not allowed to do autopsies on anything corona related, including vax deaths. All of these people are going straight into the crematorium. Having one of the brains get cut open clearly means someone “misbehaved” and probably got prosecuted.
(via jimstone .is) .com/watch?v=04bF4zfd3Kc

French government attempts to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by blocking their access to grocery stores… nation on the verge of REVOLT
https://www.naturalnews .com/2021-08-23-france-starve-unvaccinated-block-grocery-stores-revolt.html

Dr. Robert Malone – ‘Ivermectin works, I used it myself’…By shutting off alternative therapies they hope to drive everyone to the vax with the threat of dying, imprisonment, restriction of movement, loss of business or quarantine.
https://citizenfreepress .com/breaking/dr-robert-malone-ivermectin-works-i-used-it-myself/

Dr. Robert Malone: The Narrative Is Crumbling! Something Bad & Big Is Going On!
https://beforeitsnews .com/health/2021/08/dr-robert-malone-the-narrative-is-crumbling-something-bad-big-is-going-on-must-video-3041254.html

Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking Info on Canadians!
Sunday, August 22, 2021 9:48
https://beforeitsnews .com/health/2021/08/dr-david-e-martin-drops-shocking-info-on-canadians-3041225.html
https://www.bitchute .com/channel/vaccinechoicecanada/

Dr. David E. Martin
https://www.davidmartin .world/

Australia is Under Attack
https://odysee .com/Australia-is-Under-Attack:595191467ed49d57718c9fe0d1e6f34d6452b6d2?src=embed

Dr. F and his band of pharma and Silicon Valley profiteers — working with corrupted politicians, captured federal agencies and the bought and brain-dead mainstream media — have used the COVID pandemic to mint billions from vaccines and other profitable medicines?
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/no_author/the-real-anthony-fauci/

Travesty: Governments Know the Vaccines Are Ineffective but Still Force People to Take Them
By Vasko Kohlmayer
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/vasko-kohlmayer/travesty-governments-know-the-vaccines-are-ineffective-but-still-force-people-to-take-them/

Real world data increasingly show that the vaccines being injected into people’s bodies en masse are ineffective in protecting against infection by the coronavirus or against a heavy course of the Covid illness.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/vasko-kohlmayer/travesty-governments-know-the-vaccines-are-ineffective-but-still-force-people-to-take-them/

W.H.O. Whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelburger Connects the Dots by the Highwire with Del Bigtree
August 23, 2021
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/no_author/w-h-o-whistleblower-dr-astrid-stuckelburger-connects-the-dots-by-the-highwire-with-del-bigtree/

There are many good – sound – reasons for objecting to forcing anyone to get “vaccinated” that have nothing to do with sickness, as such, but rather with this business of forcing people to take medicine or submit to medical treatment of any kind whatsoever.

It sets a precedent by affirming the principle that it is ok to force people to take medicine and submit to medical treatment. Once that is established, for any medicine or treatment it will naturally become the basis for requiring that people submit other medical treatments;

They will be required to take other medicines – as decreed by the government and enforced by corporations, through “policies” that render it impossible to work or even to socialize without proof you’ve submitted to these decrees.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/eric-peters/its-not-the-jab-its-the-precedent/

Politics Is the New Religion
To understand the modern world, one must understand how politics has replaced religion.
By Paul Gottfried
Chronicles Magazine
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/paul-gottfried/politics-is-the-new-religion/

US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation
By Tyler Durden
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/tyler-durden/us-investigates-moderna-jab-after-data-show-2-5x-higher-risk-of-heart-inflammation/

Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All?
By Paul Craig Roberts
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/paul-craig-roberts/could-it-be-a-population-reduction-plot-after-all/

The FDA: perhaps the most corrupt organisation in the world? – The C injection ‘approved by the FDA’
https://beforeitsnews .com/opinion-conservative/2021/08/situation-update-82321-the-end-of-biden-the-coming-breakthrough-events-to-restore-the-republic-mike-adams-must-video-3595053.html

Australia Rethinks Covid Strategy After Cases Hit Record Despite Draconian Lockdowns
“You can’t live with lockdowns forever and at some point, you need to make that gear change.”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/australia-rethinks-covid-strategy-after-cases-his-record-despite-draconian-lockdowns

Nuremberg Code Punishable By Death? ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent,’ code reads
https://www.infowars .com/posts/nuremberg-code-punishable-by-death/

Regarding the current push to get everyone to take an experimental vaccine, there is only one consideration: Whose decision is it?
I’ll answer that. It’s yours. It’s mine. Do as you wish but don’t tell me what to do.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/george-f-smith/memo-to-the-vaccinated-get-off-our-backs/

Why Are We Being Deceived About Covid?
By Paul Craig Roberts
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/paul-craig-roberts/why-are-we-being-deceived-about-covid/

Why have US corporations involved themselves in public health policy? Why have they taken a position that is totally contradicted by all facts and all known evidence?
https://www.zerohedge .com/news/2021-08-18/covid-propaganda-roundup-corporate-state-declares-all-out-war-unvaccinated

Just One More Shot, Please
The corporate media is addicted to the pandemic.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/no_author/just-one-more-shot-please/

Lendman — Israel Proves Vaccinations Cause Covid? Jabs greatly increase the risk of contracting the viral illness, not the other way around? Evidence is clear? Jabs cause illness instead of protecting against it?
https://ussanews .com/News1/2021/08/21/lendman-israel-proves-vaccinations-cause-covid/

“The Scientific Process Is Short-Circuited By Politics” – Startling Admission From Scientists Jeopardizes Biden’s Boosters
As more scientists complain to the mainstream media, it’s looking increasingly likely that the FDA might scuttle the administration’s push to dole out booster jabs.
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/math-doesnt-work-more-scientists-speak-out-against-biden-admins-push-booster-jabs

CDC Buries Study Finding That Student Masking Has ‘No Statistically Significant Benefit’
Follow the other science…
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/cdc-buries-study-showing-student-masking-has-no-statistically-significant-benefit

NYC Restaurateurs: It’s Not Our Job To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
“My question is, why aren’t they doing this at Home Depot, why aren’t they doing this at CVS, Why aren’t they doing this at Stop & Shop? Why are they picking on the only place that people can congregate and have the lowest infection rate?”
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/nyc-restaurateurs-its-not-our-job-enforce-vaccine-mandates

Physical Cash Stops Digital Theft
https://usawatchdog .com/physical-cash-stops-digital-theft-david-morgan/

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers: Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. And now, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previous
https://www.msn .com/en-us/money/other/the-vaccinated-are-worried-and-scientists-don-t-have-answers/ar-AANzgN7?ocid=uxbndlbing

It’s Time To Purge The “Experts”
Failure after dismal failure has caused mass distrust in the expert class and a concomitant collapse of confidence in our institutions…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/its-time-purge-experts

US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation
Hey ‘jack’ what happens to all those who were banned for warning about this?

Vaccinated Australian Minister Develops Bell’s Palsy on Live Televised COVID-19 Press Conference
https://welovetrump .com/2021/08/19/vaccinated-australian-minister-develops-bells-palsy-on-live-televised-covid-19-press-conference/?utm_source=newsletter_vm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vm

During a live press conference, New South Wales Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello developed a “droopy eye.”
Dominello revealed after the press conference that he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.
It’s listed as a potential side effect from the experimental COVID-19 jabs.
https://t .co/PMejJjQNBl

CDC Director Admits Those Who Were ‘Vaccinated Early’ At ‘Increased Risk Of SEVERE Disease,’ Vaccine Effectiveness Is ‘Waning’ ineffective and unsafe COVID-19 vaccines and ‘booster shots’ are proven to be of no use
https://nationalfile .com/cdc-director-admits-those-who-were-vaccinated-early-at-increased-risk-of-severe-disease-vaccine-effectiveness-is-waning/

How the COVID Scam Is Perpetrated: For the first time in history, the world’s population has been used for mass clinical testing of an experimental vaccine

People Who Get 2 COVID-19 Shots Are Fully Vaccinated Without Booster: Surgeon General
…confused yet?
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/people-who-get-2-covid-19-shots-are-fully-vaccinated-without-booster-surgeon-general

Landmark Study Proves COVID Vaccines Much Less Effective Than Advertised
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/landmark-study-proves-covid-vaccines-much-less-effective-advertised

Proven Methods to Live Despite Being Vaccinated? Reversing Damage (video)
https://beforeitsnews .com/health/2021/08/proven-methods-to-live-despite-being-vaccinated-reversing-damage-fighting-back-with-dr-joe-nieusma-sarah-westall-must-video-3041138.html

Rule #9: When all the experts and forecasts agree – something else is going to happen.
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/when-all-experts-agree-something-else-going-happen

COVID Propaganda Roundup: Corporate State Declares All-Out War on the Unvaccinated.
The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.
https://www.zerohedge .com/news/2021-08-18/covid-propaganda-roundup-corporate-state-declares-all-out-war-unvaccinated

New Zealand Enters Lockdown After Single Covid Case Discovered
https://beforeitsnews .com/tea-party/2021/08/new-zealand-enters-lockdown-after-single-covid-case-discovered-2651424.html

Australia is LOST? – Report: Kids Ushered Into Stadium For Jabs, Police Making arrests…. reports today show videos of an officer announcing that children will be taken, WITHOUT PARENTS, into a stadium to be inoculated (approximately 24,000 kids).
https://www.brighteon .com/db1aeb04-74a3-4004-b4bf-d174ae31aaa6

Free Society Dwindles As Permission Requirements Grow
Many things once done as a matter of right are now privileges to be dispensed or withheld by those in power…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/free-society-dwindles-permission-requirements-grow

HERE IS THE VIDEO THE SLIDE PROVING WHAT ARE VAX SIDE EFFECT APPEARS IN, It is 8 hours long but clicking this link drops you in one second before that slide appears.
(via jimstone .is) .com/watch?v=1XTiL9rUpkg&t=9220s

In Germany, more than 23,000 doctors have dropped out of the vaccination campaign.
https://www.welt .de/wirtschaft/article233146801/Impfkampagne-Mehr-als-23-000-Aerzte-sind-ausgestiegen.html

Biden regime discusses setting up highway checkpoints to mandate vaccines for interstate travel across the United States
https://www.naturalnews .com/2021-08-16-biden-highway-checkpoints-mandate-vaccines-interstate-travel.html

Vacuous Vaccine Hype: White House Press Secretary Claims The Shots Have Saved “Tens Of Millions Of People’s Lives”
While they say to “trust the science,” what they dish out day after day is puffery dressed up as science…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/vacuous-vaccine-hype-white-house-press-secretary-claims-shots-have-saved-tens-millions

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Vacations In $7 Million Italian Villa Despite Delta Variant Surge And Travel Warnings
His trip comes as the U.S. State Department has asked Americans to “reconsider travel to Italy due to COVID-19.”
https://www.zerohedge .com/markets/new-jersey-governor-phil-murphy-vacations-7-million-italian-villa-despite-states-delta

COVID seems to be the modern version of the Trojan Horse. They roll it into society and we think they care about us and then you wake up and realize these people only seek control and care nothing about humanity nor do they believe in God.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/martin-armstrong/covid-the-trojan-horse/

They look down upon us the great unwashed and believe they are God because they do not believe in God and assume they can not only create a new economy, they can create biological improvements perhaps in their own desperate attempt to find immortality?
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/martin-armstrong/covid-the-trojan-horse/

I cannot stress enough that these people I have warned who have been part of the “Club” do not believe in God. They have no regard for huamity. It has always been hard for me to get my head around such arrogance. While they do not believe in God, they also seem to think that they are immortal and infallible.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/martin-armstrong/covid-the-trojan-horse/

The False Spectre of ‘Domestic Terrorism Threats’ Is Nothing More Than a Government Plot to Control and Incarcerate All Dissenters
By Gary D. Barnett
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/gary-d-barnett/the-false-spectre-of-domestic-terrorism-threats-is-nothing-more-than-a-government-plot-to-control-and-incarcerate-all-dissenters/

“The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”
~ George Orwell, ‘1984’.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/gary-d-barnett/the-false-spectre-of-domestic-terrorism-threats-is-nothing-more-than-a-government-plot-to-control-and-incarcerate-all-dissenters/

FLASHBACK: Israeli scientists claim it was “pure luck” they were working on a covid vax before Covid was even announced
https://christiansfortruth .com/israeli-scientists-claim-its-pure-luck-they-were-already-working-on-a-covid-19-vaccine-prior-to-the-outbreak/

Melbourne (and other parts of Australia) just went under curfew
9PM to 5 AM daily. Additionally, Australia announced today that they will begin regulating and restricting religious broadcasts. Playgrounds closed, and construction and infrastructure projects cut by 75 percent. And don’t enjoy your drink on the footpath. .com/watch?v=mCDwhFgoGv8&feature=emb_logo

The Devil’s Toolkit – The True Capabilities of the DARPA Hydrogel Graphene Nano-Bot Lithium Toxic Cocktail, aka COVID-19?
https://beforeitsnews .com/beyond-science/2021/08/the-devils-toolkit-the-true-capabilities-of-the-darpa-hydrogel-graphene-nano-bot-lithium-toxic-cocktail-aka-covid-19-vaccines-part-1-the-devils-toolkit-part-2-the-ultimate-evil-2453860.html

Vaccine Expert Vanden Bossche Calls For ‘Immediate Halt’ To Vaccinations, Says They Encourage ‘Escape Mutant’ Variants
https://www.theburningplatform .com/2021/08/14/vaccine-expert-vanden-bossche-calls-for-immediate-halt-to-vaccinations-says-they-encourage-escape-mutant-variants/

Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable:Experts discuss how COVID-19 vaccines may cause a coming tsunami of hospitalization and deaths, along with debilitating chronic disease, early signs of which are already appearing
https://articles.mercola .com/sites/articles/archive/2021/08/15/awareness-foundation-covid-19-roundtable.aspx

American intelligence has the following message: We, and all government agencies are 100 percent clean, ZERO percent corrupt, and if you argue with that, you’re a “malign actor” and a terrorist.

Fully-vaccinated Hollywood celebrities wondering why they are suddenly getting COVID-19, cancer and worse

Yet Again, The Media’s COVID Narrative Doesn’t Add Up
…like 18 months ago, if we just heed the diktats of the regime’s technocrats, we’re told, things will markedly improve.
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/yet-again-medias-covid-narrative-doesnt-add

Coercing People To Get COVID-19 Vaccines Is Damaging Trust In Public Health: Harvard Professor
“…why do you coerce people who are immune, or people who are young, who have very small risk…
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/coercing-people-get-covid-19-vaccines-damaging-trust-public-health-harvard-professor

T Is For Tyranny: How Freedom Dies From A To Z.
The COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ continues to be a convenient, traumatic, devastating distraction….
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/t-tyranny-how-freedom-dies-z

Lockdowns, Masks, & The Illusion Of Government Control Over COVID
“What the history books won’t capture is how, in the moment, our experts were simply so sure of themselves.”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/lockdowns-masks-illusion-government-control-over-covid

VACCINE FAIL: 64% of Israel’s COVID-19 patients in serious condition are fully vaccinated as there were twice as many fully vaccinated people in serious condition because of the disease compared to those who’re not vaccinated.
https://vaccinedeaths .com/2021-08-13-most-patients-in-serious-condition-fully-vaccinated.html

https://www.nowtheendbegins .com/homeland-security-issues-terror-warning-covid-unvaccinated-us-army-hiring-fema-camp-internment-resettlement-specialists/

“They’re Experimenting On Us” – Why Black New Yorkers Don’t Trust The Vaccine.
“I’m supposed to worry about getting sick when I go outside, versus getting killed by a cop or something like that?”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/theyre-experimenting-us-black-new-yorkers-tell-nyt-why-they-dont-trust-vaccine

Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche, whose resume includes work with GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, published an open letter to the World Health Organization, March 6, 2021.

In the letter, Bosche warned that implementing a global mass vaccination campaign during the height of the pandemic could create an “uncontrollable monster” where evolutionary pressure will force the emergence of new and potentially more dangerous mutations.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/joseph-mercola/are-covid-shots-fueling-more-dangerous-mutations/

“There can be no doubt that continued mass vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants to become increasingly dominant and ultimately result in a dramatic incline in new cases despite enhanced vaccine coverage rates. There can be no doubt either that this situation will soon lead to complete resistance of circulating variants to the current vaccines,” Bossche wrote.
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/joseph-mercola/are-covid-shots-fueling-more-dangerous-mutations/

Dr. Lee Merritt,, on why this is not a vaccine, shedding issues, legal challenges, more Why are we ignoring adverse effects from cardiopulmonary to tumors, paralysis and others, and continuing at Warp Speed?
https://www.bitchute .com/video/qU93lRYZwi6R/

People Think COVID is 81x More Dangerous Than it Actually Is.
Here’s why it doesn’t make sense to panic over COVID-19.
https://www.zerohedge .com/news/2021-08-12/people-think-covid-81x-more-dangerous-it-actually

By the way, Iran is about 5 percent vaxxed, Russia is only 12 percent Sputniked, Venezuela is totally clean and Egypt has basically opted out also, at about 2 percent jabbed. None of those countries have any COVID issues. .ug7.html

You are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else .ug7.html

You are justified in demanding independent peer-reviewed studies, not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and short-term efficacy have been funded, organized, coordinated, and supported by these for-profit corporations; and none of the study data have been made public or available to researchers who don�t work for these companies. .ug7.html

You are correct in your calls for a diversity of scientific opinions. Like in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don’t have that right now
Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. We are among many who stand with you.
Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus Rinner, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD .ug7.html

Macron Says Showing Police Your Papers To Visit A Cafe Is About “Freedom”
Orwell rolls in his grave…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/macron-says-showing-police-your-papers-visit-cafe-about-freedom

COVID-19 Testing Should Be Clinically-Driven, UK lawmakers Told
The UK should stop the community testing for COVID-19, and only test those who become ill…
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/covid-19-testing-should-be-clinically-driven-uk-lawmakers-told

“My University Ignores COVID Natural Immunity & Blames People Like Me For Outbreaks”
“I had COVID already, but my university wants to treat me like a leper…”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/my-university-ignores-covid-natural-immunity-blames-people-me-outbreaks

Swiss Police Reject the ‘Great Reset’: ‘We Work for the People, NOT the Elite’ Cops in Switzerland rise up against government-imposed restrictions
https://neonnettle .com/news/16271-swiss-police-reject-the-great-reset-we-work-for-the-people-not-the-elite-

Curiously, vaccination has had totally the opposite effect to what had been expected: 12 of the 13 countries on the Johns Hopkins list of the most vaccinated are currently listed by the CDC as “high” or even “very high” SARS-Cov-2 travel risk.
https://allnewspipeline .com/They_Want_To_Annihilate_Americans_Children.php

CNN Medical Propagandist: Kids In Schools Need Industrial Grade Masks, Weekly Tests
…but when you point out cloth masks don’t work, it’s ‘anti-science’
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/cnn-medical-propagandist-kids-schools-need-industrial-grade-masks-weekly-tests

More Dangerous Side Effects Potentially Linked To mRNA Vaccines, EU Warns.
This isn’t the first time we have been warned about newly discovered side effects related to the still-experimental jabs…
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/new-side-effects-potentially-linked-mrna-vaccines-eu-warns

Situation Update, August 11th, 2021 – CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will meet MINIMUM ‘humanitarian’ standards
https://www.brighteon .com/1ff9d132-0698-4884-90d7-6427958102ab

Forced Corona vaccination is ‘deliberate bodily harm’ says toxicology expert
https://freewestmedia .com/2020/12/26/forced-corona-vaccination-is-deliberate-bodily-harm/

A Canadian doctor who has given the Covid vaccine to more than 900 patients has reported that 62 percent of those patients are positive for blood clots.
https://www.worldtribune .com/doctor-who-vaccinated-900-calls-blood-clots-at-capillary-level-an-absolutely-new-phenomenon/

Dr. Charles Hoffe, who has been practicing medicine for 28 years in British Columbia, said he has given about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA vaccine and the core problem he has seen are microscopic clots in his patients’ tiniest capillaries.

Hoffe said the blood clots are “occurring at a capillary level. This has never before been seen. This is not a rare disease. This is an absolutely new phenomenon.”

The spike proteins in the vaccine become “part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium,” the doctor said.

“This means that these cells which line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly now have these little spikey bits sticking out. … When the platelet comes through the capillary it suddenly hits all these Covid spikes and it becomes absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form to block that vessel.”

The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate.

“When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.”

“Blood vessels in the lungs are now blocked up. In turn, this causes the heart to need to work harder to try to keep up against a much greater resistance trying to get the blood through your lungs.

“This is called pulmonary artery hypertension – high blood pressure in the lungs because the blood simply cannot get through effectively.

“People with this condition usually die of heart failure within a few short years.”

In a June report, Dr. Peter McCullough noted: “So, this is a very different type of blood clotting that we would see with major blood clots in the arteries and veins.” McCullough has also openly stated that none of the Covid vaccines are safe for most people at little risk from the virus.
https://www.worldtribune .com/doctor-who-vaccinated-900-calls-blood-clots-at-capillary-level-an-absolutely-new-phenomenon/

Does the Virus Exist? The SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Isolated. “Biggest Fraud in Medical History”?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 10, 2021
https://www.globalresearch .ca/does-the-virus-exist-the-sars-cov-2-has-not-been-isolated-biggest-fraud-in-medical-history/5752066

In a document titled: Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings, the CDC plans on implementing house arrest, neighborhood lockdowns, evictions and relocations, and internment in concentration camps. That is not hyperbole.
The CDC has posted its strategy on its CDC website.
https://www.cdc .gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html

3 major US airlines will not mandate shots for their unvaccinated workers
The CEOs of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they are not requiring unvaccinated employees to receive the shot.
https://aanirfan.blogspot .com/2021/08/curious-covid.html

‘On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due process or respect for civil rights
https://www.naturalnews .com/2021-08-10-covid-internment-c

‘Individuals can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”’
https://www.naturalnews .com/2021-08-10-covid-internment-c

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump used their battles with Covid to frame themselves as ‘strong leaders’ and mask their ‘reckless personal behaviour and failures’, study claims

Technology was intended to make our lives easier, but under the direction of the global cabal it is becoming the greatest threat to humanity ever.
https://henrymakow .com/2021/08/satanists-use-the-internet-to-control.html

The Pandemic Of The Scared Vaccinated
Pres. Biden calls these times a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.” But the more accurate term is the “Pandemic of the Scared Vaccinated.”
https://www.zerohedge .com/covid-19/pandemic-scared-vaccinated

Watch: Rand Paul Calls For Resistance To COVID Tyranny.
“We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screenings and testings so you can continue your drunk-with-power rein…”
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/watch-rand-paul-calls-resistance-covid-tyranny

Swiss Police Threaten To Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Rules
Group warns in letter that lockdown laws violate fundamental rights…
https://www.zerohedge .com/political/swiss-police-threaten-stop-enforcing-covid-19-rules

Tyranny Comes to America: CDC Proposes Concentration Camps As A Covid Measure
By Paul Craig Roberts
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/paul-craig-roberts/tyranny-comes-to-america-cdc-proposes-concentration-camps-as-a-covid-measure/

The Real-World Data Show the Covid Vaccines Are Ineffective
By Vasko Kohlmayer
https://www.lewrockwell .com/2021/08/vasko-kohlmayer/the-real-world-data-show-the-covid-vaccines-are-ineffective/

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