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(19.Mar.2020) Today is Thursday and it’s finally beginning to look spring-like out there.

Yesterday I took a stroll in downtown Copenhagen, so to speak to take stock of the curfew-like Covid-19 situation.

A sobering experience, I dare say.

Because obviously we have as of now finally arrived in zombie-land – definitely and totally!

That’s it – althoug I was not yet completely alone in the streets; but almost.

Most of the few other pedestrians were oogling me suspiciously – like if I was a dangerous virus walking around, searching for targets.

If you asked a bakeri if their café was open to their customers they looked scared, like if you wished to infect them with this ghostly flu-virus they call Corona.

(Corona means Crown; are ‘they’ concurrently – while faking it as a coincidence? – trying to paint the Royals as a virus? (Perhaps – the reigning Radical Globalists/Bolsheviks always hated the royal houses, didn’t they? The Royals are not normally easy to buy!)

(After all ‘they’ have tried hard to use this pandemoneum to paint the Masons in very dark colours?
( )
so why not the Royals also?)

But let’s get down to brass tacks: Why on earth are we now living in zombie-land. Is it really on account of this hazy flu-virus, that’s seemingly (in our national version) much less dangerous and contageous than all the other ‘ordinary’ flu-vira? (Please look up the statistics; f.ex. via and

The answer is: Hardly!

The catastrophy that’s about to unfold sooner than later – like in VERY SOON – is that the banks are about to crash; on account of all the giant loans they have recklessly given out to everybody. Large and small companies as well as private citizens.

The economy – i.e. business turnover – is as I write this crashing, and mainly for two reasons.

1. Russia ‘arranged for’ SaudiArabia to ramp up oil-production and thus crashing oil-prices. This means thousands of US-american shale-oil producers are currently going bust. And with them their investors and banks!

2. The Covid-19 starting in China – by design or accident. This virus hits the Chinese in Wuhan particularly hard, apparantly for two reasons. a) The chinese reportedly have certain proteins in their lungs that are hit particularly hard by the virus. And b) In Wuhan the 5G technology is fully implemented; 5G is said to be particularly propitious for vira.

Ofcourse the Radical-Globalist billionaires don’t want the public to be aware of these things; and they certainly don’t want the citizens to become worried and begin talking to each other about what will happen when a) their houses will suddenly and very soon only be worth one third and b) their savinng accounts in the banks will be decimated to the tune of cents on the dollar.

Hence the draconian martial laws prohibiting the sheeple to gather more than 5 or 10 persona at any one time or place. The café’s and restaurants (and other places where citizens talk, like coiffeurs) are shuttered; most likely for a long time.

And the constitution and the owners personal ruin be damned!

But I’ill now resume today’s downtown stroll, wondering if I may also today feel like a human in zombie-land; or alternatively as an alien on Planet Of The Apes?

Incidentally – humans on planet-zombie hardly have a great future; they probably will be rounded up in quite short order and ‘rescued’ with some vaccination ‘death-shot’? After all, that’s what zoombies do.

What about you? Are you human or a zombie?


Link 1.

Constitution Day (Satire)

Note 1. (May, 11.)

The Number 33. (from a comment on)

Recently I was browsing a danish book with extracts from The Goebbels Diaries (Goebbels Dagbøger, med noter af Louis P. Locher, 1958). On page 102 i found this (from danish):

‘In 1933 Hindenburg demanded, that Hitler must keep Guertner as Minister of Justice. But Hitler successfully managed to bypass Guertner by making the SS independent of the Ministry of Justice and invest the SS with carte-blance to make arrests without a warrent and to make confinements into KZ-camps without a court-order’.

Didn’t this situation almost come to pass last month here in Denmark?

When the first of the recent emergency laws was introduced in the Danish Parliament last month, there were two crucial elements included.

a. The govt. could henceforth order mandatory vaccinations (now instituted!!!)

b. The Danish Health Department would be invested with unqualified authority to forcefully access any person in his/her home ‘and other premises’ if a coronavirus infection was ‘suspected’.
No court order would be necessary and no rights for the ‘suspects’ to protest or defend themselves would be available.

This proposal (b.) was to be voted into law in a midnight(!) emergency session in Parliament. I managed to post a warning tweet in the evening before the wote, and for some (unknown) reason this crucial element of the law was discarded in the last hours or minutes before the vote.

The (discarded) law would have corresponded almost exactly to Hitlers coup-d’etat in 1933, if instituted:

Wouldn’t the dictatorial police-state powers likewise have come around by devious manipulations?

And wouldn’t the ‘Health-Agents’ be the new ‘SS-agents’?

Also possible confinement in shady or unknown ‘hospitals’ like in KZ-camps? (FEMA-camps?)

Perhaps it would be possible to imagine some warped minds in the NWO-cabal to find a perverse glee in super-secretly coding the actual world-wide putsch to that of Hitlers in 1933?


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COVID-19 and the 33

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COVID-19 and the 33

(6.Mar.2020) Today is Friday, and it’s grey out there.

Here are a few detatched tidbits around the ongoing hype of the COVID-19 panic.

As usual quoted headlines/bylines are preceded by an *asterix and any comments of mine by an >arrow.

Perhaps the most striking piece is this youtube video in which someone has surfed the internet for headlines from mainstream newspapers/newsoutlets relative to the COVID-19.

As will be seen the number 33 appears in an absolutely incredible number of headlines or bylines. So why is that?

The author relates 33 to the 33 degrees of the Mason hierachy; likewise the CORONA (crown) to the crown in the Mason emblem, that likewise displays number 33 prominently.

It thus appears, perhaps, that someone – that draw a lot of water in the global newspaper/newsoutlet-scene – have been launching a concerted campaign to paint the Masons in rather black colours? And concurrently, perhaps, divert focus from the hypothetical designers of the COVID-19 virus?

But please watch the video and be your own judge.

* What links the Coronavirus (Covid-19 psy-op) to the number 33?

* Vietnam has announced that all 16 infected patients in the country have been discharged from hospital and declared cured.
As of Wednesday 26 February 2020, all 16 patients, including the oldest who is 73, had been cured and discharged from the hospital.

* According to
In China, apart from Wuhan, the coronavirus death rate is 0.7%.

* I’m in a small regional city of 2 million in Southern central China quite far from it all. Here, we apparently have a couple dozen infected but it’s true to say that I don’t know anyone with Corona nor do I know anyone who knows anyone with Corona

*….what is now being called the Corona-Crash that sparked this week’s “fastest correction in history” on their stock markets seeing record-breaking volume

*….the exact same coronavirus the world renowned New England Medical Journal has just declared “is no worse than the flu”.

* Does The Coronavirus Make The Case For World Government?
The coranavirus will probably end up reaffirming what’s already known – government usually make things worse…

* Antibiotics cannot be used for viruses. If a virus, then why aren’t antiviral drugs working but antibiotics are?
COVID-19 coronavirus may just be a “passenger virus,” not the primary microbial organism that kills by filling the lower lungs with fluid.
Both the current Wuhan COVID-19 coronavirus and tubercular mycobacteria do not infect young children roughly 5-12 years of age.

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* Fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus may be misplaced. More people are killed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (1.7 million) in a year than the few who have been infected (~80,000) or have died (less than 2000) of the COVID-19 coronavirus

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* It is projected that the “COVID-19 Coronavirus” will peak worldwide in March and then return in a second but lesser peak in September, in accordance with Yang’s Wuhan study from 2004 to 2013, describing the annual TB surges in Wuhan, China

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* Saying the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is inevitable, a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) official advised Americans “brace themselves” and prepare to shut down public schools, avoid going to church, and self-quarantine their families. These onerous measures are for a virus that has infected just 53 Americans (Feb. 25), mostly among people who traveled recently to China.

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* But what is the sense in panicking the world over a coronavirus that is 3 times less deadly than the SARS outbreak of 2003 (9.5% vs. 3.4%). And mind you, it has still not been proved that the COVID-19 coronavirus is anything more than a non-symptomatic, non-pathogenic “passenger virus,” being picked up diagnostically but not the primary underlying cause responsible for the Pandemic/Epidemic itself.

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* That passenger viruses do exist has been abundantly documented, as when the HTLV-1 virus (human T-cell leukemia virus Type 1) was mistakenly attributed to being causal for AIDS. And so, the question which never went away looms: are the coronaviruses merely traveler viruses from a yet to be determined primary stealth cause?

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* The present and ongoing COVID-19- pandemic, did not occur in a vacuum. By December of 2018, Liu et al., in a large multi-center study, proclaimed tuberculosis to be an epidemic throughout China, which still simmers on in a country with the second largest burden of that disease in the world ̶ a disease which also often begins with flu-like symptoms, and a disease whose bacilli are laden with RNA bacterial viruses called mycobacteriophages.

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* And in Hiroshi Nishiura’s study (2012) not only was TB shown to be associated with influenza death, but there was no influenza death among controls without TB. Investigator Nishiura later concluded: “Should a highly fatal influenza pandemic occur in the future, testing the role of TB in characterizing the risk of death would be extremely useful in minimizing the disaster…”

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* According to the Zhejiang Health Commission, there have been no new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the province for nine days.

* China is getting the coronavirus crisis under control, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Fox Business, adding that his company’s plants there have started reopening.

* “If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without any possibility of escape anywhere on the planet. These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.”

5G and the China Epidemic

* “Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, and epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization—cancer, heart disease and diabetes—are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.”

5G and the China Epidemic

* Any significant deployment of 5G in Chinese cities can create human damage. And of course, in order to hide this damage, the cover story of THE VIRUS would be invoked. “Don’t blame our corporate 5G, or try to derail the hundreds of billions of dollars immediately coming our way. It’s the coronavirus. Salute the virus.”

5G and the China Epidemic

* One VERY serious claim: when 5G employs a frequency band at 60GHz, disruption in oxygen molecules occurs—and the crucial ability of hemoglobin to pick up oxygen and transport it throughout the body is seriously impaired. I’ve consulted with a trusted source

5G and the China Epidemic

* 100 billion or more NEW devices online, all connected to the Internet and the Cloud. What could be more wasteful? What could be more ridiculous? This is the opposite of sane energy use.

5G and the China Epidemic

* The beginning of an actual rational plan for energy would start this way: DUMP 5G. Dump the whole plan of installing small transmitter-cells on buildings and homes and trees and lampposts and fences all over the planet. Forget it. Don’t bring 100 billion new devices online. Aside from the extreme health dangers, it’s ridiculously expensive. It’s on the order of saying we need hundred-foot robots standing on sidewalks washing the windows of office buildings.

5G and the China Epidemic

* “5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves. This is important because research on microwaves already tells us how pulsed waves have more profound biological effects on our body compared to non-pulsed waves. Previous studies, for instance, show how pulse rates of the frequencies led to gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.”
This is just a sampling of 5G’s disastrous effects. There is much more.

5G and the China Epidemic

* Corona is a hoax, we can confidently say, but 5 G is a WMD being rolled out globally.

5G and the China epidemic

* Dr. Drew on coronavirus: ‘Overblown Press-created hysteria’

* “Many cases of the Corona virus have been relatively mild, and some of those infected are believed to show no symptoms at all.
“Researchers reported that the death rate may be lower than initially feared as more mild cases are counted.

* Coronavirus End Game: The Economic Crisis & Roll Out of the New Digital Financial System?

* Panik afblæst i kinesisk storby:
»Situationen er i markant bedring«
Butikker i kinesisk storby åbner igen: »Situationen er i markant bedring«
Butikker og fabrikker begynder så småt at åbne igen i Shanghai, herunder danske Danish Crown.

* China’s Wuhan has closed one coronavirus hospital.
And officials hail a drop in new cases – Reuters.

* Air pollution is killing 8.8million people a year.
Coronavirus has killed 3000 people this year.
Air pollution is reducing global life expectancy by three years

* #Coronavirus has killed 3000 people this year.
More people die of snake bites every month.

* In fact, there is direct and indirect evidence that COVID-19 is NOT from a virus at all. The SARS coronavirus, often compared with the new COVID-19 coronavirus, was present only in about half of the SARS cases and antivirals such as ribavirin and oseltamivir (Tamiflu) were not working in SARS culture plates, nor were they very effective in clinics or hospitals either. That passenger viruses do exist has been abundantly documented, as when the HTLV-1 virus (human T-cell leukemia virus Type 1) was mistakenly attributed to being causal for AIDS. And so, the question which never went away looms: are the coronaviruses merely traveler viruses from a yet to be determined primary stealth cause?

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?

* Was there Foreknowledge of the COVID-19 (nCoV-2019) Pandemic? And of its Likely impacts?
On October 18, 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Baltimore undertook a carefully designed simulation of a coronavirus epidemic entitled nCoV-2019.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* In the Event 201 Simulation of a Coronavirus Pandemic, a 15% collapse of financial markets had been “simulated”. It was not “predicted” according to the organizers and sponsors of the event, which included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well the World Economic Forum.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* And what motivated WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to declare the coronavirus nCoV-2019 as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)” on January 30 when the epidemic was largely confined to Mainland China?

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* A massive vaccine campaign has been ordered by the Director General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Numerous pharmaceutical companies are already working on the development of a vaccine.
The evidence suggests that WHO Director-General Tedros was serving the interests of powerful corporate sponsors.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* According to F. William Engdahl, Tedros had established a long lasting relationship with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. He had close ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* Together with the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) The Gates Foundation were the sponsors of the October John Hopkins 2019 nCoV-2019 “simulation exercise”.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* The massive WHO vaccination campaign (referred to above) was duly confirmed by Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on February 28:
“…work is also progressing on vaccines and therapeutics. More than 20 vaccines are in development globally, and several therapeutics are in clinical trials. We expect the first results in a few weeks”

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* Without a fear campaign coupled with fake news, the incidence of COVID-19 would not have made the headlines.
Needless to say this WHO decision is another financial windfall for the Big Five Vaccine producers: GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Merck & Co., Sanofi, Pfizer, which control 85% of the vaccine market.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* And now a Worldwide vaccination campaign has been launched to curb the COVID-19 under the auspices of CEPI in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* While COVID-19 (alias nCoV-2019) constitutes a multi-billion corporate bonanza for Big Pharma, it has also contributed to precipitating humanity into a dangerous and unfolding global process of economic, social and geopolitical destabilization.

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

* 600,000 people contract pneumonia every year in the UK. According to Respiratory Research by the end of 2014 the mortality rate for pneumonia in the UK was just over 23%, In Denmark it was 18% in Belgium it was over 16% and in the Netherlands it was just under 16%, all far higher than the death rate of Covid 19 infection. As pneumonia is contagious why isn’t their daily hysteria about walking about the streets of the UK or visiting our European neighbours?

* Never mind the alleged Corona virus epidemic, there is an insanity epidemic spreading throughout the world and the vector is not a bat from a Chinese food market but the mainstream media. They are infecting the population at an unprecedented rate who are now showing symptoms of uncontrolled hysteria and complete loss of perspective.

* So, before you believe that everyone the media claim has coronavirus actually has it remember that false positives happen all the time and, even when the test is actually positive, it doesn’t mean the host has the disease.

* There really is no definitive test for viral infections no matter what the ‘experts’ say. Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the infectious diseases division at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has stated in a New York Times article –
“There is no perfect test for pretty much any infectious disease I can think of,”

* In addition to this, China has now started to diagnose people differently. Rather than simply saying a patient has Covid 19 when they test positive, they are now diagnosing people by their symptoms and a CT chest scan.

* Therefore, if a patient has a cough, a fever and breathing difficulties and the scan suggests pneumonia then they will be diagnosed as Covid 19 positive. However, pneumonia has numerous causes including viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollution. It is obvious therefore, that far more people will be considered to have Covid 19 than actually have it

* There have even been protests in the city concerning the pollution. What if the virus is a good cover story for deaths actually caused by air pollution? Pollution is the government’s fault; a virus is not. In fact, the ‘outbreak’ was initially referred to as ‘Wuhan pneumonia.’

* In an article in PLOS 1 from 2010 it was estimated that 2.5 million people contract pneumonia each year in China and 5% of those die. That is over twice the death rate of the supposed corona virus. So, this new deadly ‘end-of-the-word virus’ is only half as dangerous as normal pneumonia cases in China.

* It was assumed the symptoms were similar to those caused by corona type virus, they looked for it and found it. What if the initial supposition had been pollution or bacteria or fungal infection. Had they tested for these it is very possible they would have found them in a lot of cases as well. It is therefore impossible to say that the corona virus is the actual cause of the disease

* Why The Hysteria Over This ‘Epidemic’ and not Others?
However, assuming that Covid 19 is real and it is the cause of the illness, why the worldwide hysteria? In early 2018 the CDC declared flu and pneumonia to be an epidemic in the USA. It was estimated at one point that 4000 people would die every week. Does anyone remember that headline? Does anyone remember 24-hour hysterical coverage?

* You shouldn’t fear the virus but you should fear what comes next. It is obvious by the media-instilled hysteria that the ‘crisis’ is being manufactured to fulfill an agenda. Number one on the list of will be the elite’s long-cherished goal of introducing mandatory vaccination. Because the vast majority of the public has no knowledge of the multitude of health risks associated with vaccination,

* Because the vast majority of the public has no knowledge of the multitude of health risks associated with vaccination, they will not think to question it if it is made compulsory and, in fact, in their fear and ignorance, will probably welcome it.

* The deliberate use of the word herd is, of course, intentionally done to make the association with the myth of herd immunity and vaccines. To protect the herd everybody must be vaccinated. In other words, you must be prepared to inject you and your family with dangerous substances and allow yourself to be locked up for the benefit of humanity. Sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

* Number three on the elite’s wish list is compulsory monitoring of your medical status. Basically, you will soon have to carry medical ID around with you to confirm you have all your required vaccinations or you will not be able to travel on public transport, or enter public buildings and then you will be arrested and forcibly vaccinated

* This, in turn, will lead to item 4, the compulsory microchipping of the population. Carrying medical records around with you will be viewed as inconvenient for you and the authorities as you could forget them or lose them. Therefore, to make everyone’s life easier you will be forced to have an RFID microchip implanted with all your vaccination details on it that the authorities can easily read

* The best bit about this for the Orwellian dictatorship that will soon be in place is that the authorities won’t even have to enforce it. The sheeple themselves will do that. So terrified will the masses become that they will police themselves

* If you are unfortunate enough for people to believe you have Covid 19 , whether you do or not, and you do not really fancy being locked up, or If they discover that you are someone that actually knows how dangerous vaccines are and refuse to get the jab, your neighbours and friends will soon be at your door, pitchforks, in hand and will lock you up in your own home,

* One recent US news headline said: “Scientists claim antibiotics already on the market could treat coronavirus – despite warnings from CDC and World Health Organization that antibiotics do nothing against viruses and overusing them fuels resistant microbes.

Trump Halts CDC Fearmongering. But Why Are Antibiotics & Not Anti-Virals Quelling the COVID-19 Coronavirus? Is It Really a Virus?


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The Political Commissar and his Police

(10.Febr.2020) Today is Monday, and it’s chilly outside.

So why not let’s take a quick look at a few recent headlines?

As usual an asterix * denotes the quote and the arrow > my comments, and all quotes rendered in their own language.

* Betjente fra Østjyllands Politi i Aarhus har i den grad været med til at hente penge ind til den slunkne statskasse.
På blot en time lykkedes det de udsendte sheriffer at snuppe 50 cyklister, som brød færdselsloven.

* Raidet fandt sted mellem klokken otte og ni onsdag morgen i Teglværksgade i Aarhus.
Her vrimlede det åbenbart med cyklister, som enten kørte imod færdselsretningen eller på fortovet.
Hver cyklist er nu blevet sigtet og får en bøde på 1.000 kroner. Det giver sammenlagt 50.000 kroer i bødekassen.

* Ansigtsgenkendelse er, for mig, et meget stort spring i overvågningskulturen. Én ting er regeringens (åbenbart uanset hvilken) hang til overvågning og social kontrol, men ansigtsgenkendelse er satme en anden boldgade.

* Venstre siger ja til ansigtsgenkendelse
Efter tidligere at have taget afstand fra anvendelsen af ansigtsgenkendelse hos politiet skifter Venstre nu mening og går ind for anvendelse af teknologien.
Ifølge avisen er det Venstres folketingsgruppe, der står bag holdningsskiftet. Ifølge næstformand Inger Støjberg er nogle »varmere på ideen end andre, og sådan er det med meget politik.«

* Danmarks liberale parti. Godt at se, at venstreløverne viser mod og mandshjerte og står op for individuelle frihedsrettigheder! Med Ellemann ved roret ved man virkelig hvor man har venstre…
Suk. Jeg håbede, at automatpiloten med at bukke sig dydigt forover, hver gang ordet “politi” blev nævnt, var sluttet med Pape.

* Jeg må henvise til Søren Matz’s kloge ord i dag:
“Du skal grave meget dybt eller være privilegeret for at få adgang til de sammenhænge, der gemmer sig bag skiftende regeringers kampagneslogans om digitalisering”…

* Vi er for længst blevet kuppet og hjernevaskede af tech-giganter og overvågningskapitalister og deres medløbere i magttoppen. Ellers ville ingen i det engang så frihedselskende Danmark turde nævne ordene “ansigtsgenkendelse” som andet end et skældsord.

* Nu bliver den slags nærmest brugt som slagord i lighed med tidligere tiders “Velfærd for alle”, “gratis barselsorlov”, “De stærkeste skuldre skal bære de tungeste byrder” etc. “Ansigtsgenkendelse for alle”, “gratis kærestetracking”,

* Stakkels Erich!
Erich Honecker ville være grøn af misundelse, havde han levet længe nok til at se vestlige lande overvåge deres borgere langt mere effektivt end hans DDR kunne præstere.

* M.o.J. ‘Uden tryghed, ingen frihed. Det er sandheden, det er derfor, vi kriminaliserer. Det er i virkeligheden det, vi gerne vil. Hvis det er rigtigt, så følger det logisk heraf, at med overvågning stiger friheden.’

> The young danish government has recently revealed plans to move and/or remove several hundred employees from the National Police Headquaters (‘Rigspolitiet’) in Copenhagen.

Perhaps you might reasonably expect some of them ending up pounding the pavement in Aarhus and be busy shaking down cyclists for another 150 dollars?

Our various governments are greedy for cash to use at their leisure. And shaking cyclists down is easy money! (Governments go for the fast buck and the easy answers, don’t they?).

I’m just kidding, ofcourse, as all this shaking down of ‘the man in the street’ is just for fun and kicks – ain’t it?

But the removel of several hundred staff members – to be moved of fired – from Police Headquarters in one swoop, for one thing is not just for ‘fun and kicks’.

For another it brings to mind the purges of ‘politically unreliable’ individuals in (formerly) communist states – Soviet – DDR – China, by their Political Commissars.

Ofcourse it’s vitally important for any would-be tyrants to have full control of Police Headquarters – has to be manned exclusively with ‘politically reliable’ staff.

Thus we are tempted to put the question up once more: Is our new Commissar-controlled, zealously-globalist young government in fact on a mission to transmute and metamorphose Denmark backwards into a blatantly bolschevik nation – like their potential international billionaire masters/monsters may want? (link 1, below)

I’m off my rocker, you say? Perhaps, but please consider this:

> 1. The 1917 bolschevik revolution reportedly was mainly financed by international- and/or US-bankers; certain political philosophers have often compared radical globalism with bolschevism.

> 2. As soon as our new govt. came into power they reportedly abandoned most – if not all? – of their election pledges with regard to rejecting, repudiating, retracting and abandoning all heretofore planned expansion of blanket police surveillance in public places.

> 3. They have most recently proposed to allow police blanket-use of face-detection surveillance technology in public places.

> 4. Our young and pretty PM wants to remove more children from their families. Ostensibly to save the children from abuse. Will the kids of ‘politically unreliable’ families likewise be removed ‘as suffering abuse’?

Ofcourse such hard to micro-control actions also basically tend to disrupt and undermine the foundations of the core-family. Something right down the alley of orthodox bolschevism/globalism.

> 5. Aren’t at least some of the many non-elected but very powerful, so-called spindoctors in fact nothing but POLITICAL COMMISSARS? They would hardly be allowed inside govt. without being screened by the Govt’s ‘Uber-SpinDoctor’?

> 6. Isn’t said Uber-SpinDoctor in reality an almost all-powerful Political Commissar? He’s ofcourse supposed to be controlled by the young PM – but is this really so? My own impression is that she, hypothetically, may potentially be mind-controlled and thus be the controlled part and not the opposite? For instance, hasn’t she more often than not the aloof zoombi-look of the mind-controlled?

> 7. There is (as far as I know he/she doesn’t even have to commit to observing the danish constitution?) no law governing the chief spindoctors loyalties and thus he may perhaps freely chose his real masters? And certainly he doesn’t want to be interviewed about these matters. Or about anything at all!

* “We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.” –Rupert Murdoch Feb 24, 2009

* “Is not war already a revolutionary function? Since [1870] every war was a giant step towards Communism.” – Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky, The Red Symphony

* Jurek and Weissgerber were filmed going on disturbing rants about armed revolution and re-educating conservatives in modern gulags by undercover journalists for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. They also said there are many people involved in the Sanders campaign who feel the same way.

* Politi massivt til stede.
Politi massivt til stede ved supermarked.
Der er lige nu en massiv tilstedeværelse af politi ved Aldi i Sønderborg

> Worryingly, The young danish journalists love to trumpet ‘Police massively present’.

* Human Rights Organization Says Unborn Babies Aren’t Human and Have no Rights
By Ethan Huff, Natural News

Human Rights Organization Says Unborn Babies Aren’t Human and Have No Rights

* Speaking to the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights, Roth declared that abortion is a “fundamental right” for “anyone who wants or needs it,” adding that unborn babies are only human in a “philosophical” sense.

Human Rights Organization Says Unborn Babies Aren’t Human and Have No Rights

* Police Called To School After 6-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Made A “Gun” With Her Finger.
Despite knowing no one was truly threatened, Margo’s actions were labelled as a transient threat and the police were called – for a 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

* John Lennon: “The World Is Run By Insane People, For Insane Objectives”

* Stripping Africa Bare Neocolonialism Ramps Up (video)

* Betelgeus has reduced brightness by a full magnitude
Some have hypothesized it is because stellar matter has blocked the light, others claim it might be a giant sunspot, and the majority state it is going to go nova.

* Schiff: Whether You Call It QE, Or Not, “The Fed Is Monetizing US Debt”
“The Fed monetized debt in the past, its monetizing more debt in the present, and it will monetize even more debt in the future!”

> ‘Monetizing US Debt’ is from the fancy vernacular used by governments, economists and investors for saying the Federal Reserve is ‘printing money galore’ to cover the giant US debt.

* – Kontrollørerne på metroen er frygtelig emsige. Det er rigtigt, at Metro Service vinder de fleste klagesager i ankenævnet, men de taber på imagekontoen og kundeoplevelsen, siger hun til avisen.
Hun mener desuden, at turisterne får et dårligt førstehåndsindtryk af Danmark, hvis man bare deler bøder ud uden at være forstående.

* – Jeg rejser selv meget og er også kommet til at købe en forkert billet i udlandet. Jeg har aldrig fået en bøde. Jeg har fået hjælp til at købe den rigtige billet af kontrolløren. Det skulle Metro Service tage ved lære af, siger hun til avisen

* Metroens kundeservicechef Karen Rønberg afviser, at metroens kontrollanter skal have et etisk regelsæt, som p-vagterne har i Frederiksberg Kommune. Metro Service kontrollerer tre-fem procent af sine passagerer. Sidste år rejste 60 millioner passagerer med metroen.

* Det københavnske metro-net er som bekendt overpatruljeret af kontrollører, der har gjort det til en guldrandet forretning at inkassere bøder fra turister og andre, der ikke forstår rejsereglerne.
Se også: Hård kritik af metroen: Deler bøder ud til højre og venstre

> The black-uniformed Copenhagen Metro controllers are often – although certainly not always! – demonstrating naked hostility towards their hapless (and helpless) customers. That’s what you get from combining a privatized (and thus quite unaccountable on account parliament then usually don’t give a d*mn) monopoly with black uniforms and the appalling, amoral greed for easy money perpetually oozing out from government offices and dripping down into every (more or less) public service.

It has been shown that black uniforms generally make their wearers showing less empathy and a more confrontational attitude. So why have black uniforms become so popular – and perhaps especially in Denmark?

Tentative answer: Because the DeepState wants it? Isn’t the mission of radical globalism disruption of the sane and sound functioning of society in every nation but perhaps their own; to disrupt the glue holding society together so as to make everyone an easy prey for greedy tyrants?

* How Washington “Liberates” Free Countries.
Essential terms like “freedom”, “democracy”, “communism”, “socialism”, “liberation”, even “terrorism”, are all mixed up and confused; they mean something absolutely different in New York, London, Berlin, and in the rest of the world.

* It’s Time To Ask Again What Really Happened To Ukraine’s Missing Gold.
“This transaction of $1.8 billion … with the help of fake contracts was simply an asset siphoning operation.”

> Yes – and what really happened to Russia’s missing, pre-revolution gold? (Link 2)

* The top 0.1% are now scamming even the rest of the top 1%. But, of course, in this nation where the top 0.01% have been writing the laws (via their lobbyists) for decades now, none of them is anywhere among the millions of Americans who are in prison. To be that rich is to have a stay-out-of-prison card, no matter how many people you’ve harmed or even killed by your dangerous or harmful products or services, such as trick mortgage contracts or toxic pharmaceuticals.

> That’s what DeutscheBank says: Top 0.1% US-americans now own as many assets as the lowest 90%!

Link 1.

The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (upd.)

Lykketoft – Bjerregaard – Pind

Danish Agriculture and Police

Wozniak’s Facebook – Censure In Denmark – War On Iran? (upd.)

The Autodafés and The Secret Courts of Law in Denmark

The Cambo and the Mob

Link 2.




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The Cambo and the Mob

(7.Feb.2020) Today is Friday and it’s grey out there!

About an hour ago I stopped by the large photo store situated directly behind the Royal Theatre in downtown Copenhagen.

Outside I met another elderly photo-nut, the hounorable and always very charming C.S.

But he is currently selling out of his collection, I understand. Nontheless I managed to burden him with yet another oldie, an outwardly very nice Miranda 35mm slr; that however needs a certain amount of work inside, something C.S. is very clever at.

The friendly folks inside the shop on the other hand wanted to burden me with one more (optical bench) camera, even if the Gods know I have enough already. I wainly tried to protest, but at 650 DKK (100 Dollars) I felt they were expecting me to accept the offer.

The camera is a more or less complete CAMBO 13x18cm/5×7″.
Obviously the camera has been unused for many years, and everything need a CLA (cleaning, lubing, adjustment).
The shop manager said he could see in their records they had sold it second hand to someone abt. twenty years ago for 3000 DKK (abt. 450 dollars, and without the bellows!).

Abt. 40 years ago I bought my first Cambo, which was the 4×5″ size, and that I’ve long since parted with. Ofcourse I hope to get the leisure and wherewithall to bring this really quite nice 5×7″ specimen up to specifications.

Most budding large format photographers today probably don’t want the 5×7 size cameras, as films in this size is now practically non-existant, except perhaps for a very few black and white types. But I always particularly liked the 5×7 size.

Tonight I had a – more or less clairvoyant – warning dream. I’ve detailed it in an email to an old acquaintance, that I consequently had to cancel meeting for lunch. The email runs approx. like this (translated from the Danish, and with small amendments):


Hello K.

Now all H*ll is loose!

Last night I had this esp-dream: I was approached by a man with an opened tin of canned food, the razor sharp edges of the pried-open can being visible. He was apparently planning to hurt me with these sharp edges. I mowed to avoid him. End of dream.

Exposition: 1) The can has food in it; it’s just opened, but not empty. 2) Someone wants to hurt me – when the food is served? 3) I should move to evade the attack.

Thus WITH REGRET I have to cancel our appointment for the 12th.

If food poisening is planned, it would almost certainly hit us both; otherwise things would perhaps look just a tad too suspicious. Remember: I’m not totally unknown by a few journalists and/or public persons.

I’m now in my mid seventies and am beginning to fear I’ill never learn to instantly listen to my gut feeling. Because you know, the instant I saw said restaurants home page I got a bad feeling.

If I had just said so and insisted on listening to these feelings about the place instead of trying to rationalize it away, things could have been simpler.

I’ve considered to suggest moving our appointment to one of the restaurants on the 5th floor of the Magasin department store on Kgs.Nytorv.

But the thing is, I’ve in fact survived two very dangerous assassination-teams precisely in the Magasin store; the most resent taking place in one of the cafés on the 5th floor and within the last year.

I think I may perhaps have more or less expected that the mob had cooled down a bit. But apparantly ‘cooling-down’ is not part of their DNA – rather on the contrary?

Very likely the mob would like greatly to make one or more former M.o.J.’s real happy – someone they may perhaps expect to have one or more old grudges to settle?

Hope you do accept my cancellation without hard feelings?

Many kind regards


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Christian Sehestedt – Johannes V. Jensen – M. Goldschmidt

(12.Jan.2020) Today is Sunday and it’s a bit drizzly out there. But with 4 deg.C and just a light wind otherwise really quite nice for a midwinter day on 56. deg. northern latitude.

That’s exactly the same words with which I began my last post. And quite appropriate, as the weather today must be very nearly like Friday before last. Perhaps a tad less murky, though.

But it’s been raining almost continously since that Friday; in fact it almost seems we now have a rainy season instead of winther proper in Copenhagen.

Today is also the last day of the dutch book sale at the HeiligGeist Church a short walk from the burger bar where I’m writing this.

It’s the friendly folks from the Forum Antiquariat that have been keeping station in the Church Community House for the last fortnight. Today the price is 10 DKR (which translates to about 1,50 Dollars). Here’s some of what I found.

1. EN STATSMAND OG DIPLOMAT – FRA HOLBERG-TIDEN. By Th. THAULOW. København, 1949, Haase & Søn, 157 p. Hardcover.

This volume, bound in contemporary half-calf, is very nicely kept externally, and internally almost like new. It has a stamp on its back as well as on a flyleaf with the name of the Royal Garrison in Copenhagen – a stamp to be found in several of my books, by the way.

Whence it seems the Ministry of Defence is able and willing to sell the books their various libraries want to get rid of; whereas the Danish State Archives (Rigsarkivet/Statens Arkiver) as well as the Copenhagen City Library can only ‘holocaust’ them!

‘Holocaust’ means ‘to burn (a living entity) to ashes as an offering to the Gods or Idols’ (it’s originally an Old Testament thing, I believe?).

Books are ‘living entities’, and to ashes they were transmuted – 490.000 books worth of ashes! (link 1, below)

Hence you have to infer, I suspect, that the Ministry of Defence is not (yet) populated by traitors and barbarians? Although the DeepState ofcourse is working hard to remedy this anomaly (whence the ‘yet’ in parenthesis).

Some of you may remember that the Danish Defence Intelligence Agency (FET) got a civil director in place of the customary high ranking officer a few years ago?

And why is that so important, you may ask? Simple – You would no doubt be hard put to corrupt our national body of officers sufficiently to fill up the military Intelligence Agency with traitors and rascals working for the DeepState more or less exclusively: an international family of rogue Intelligence Services controlled by the DeepState? – or perhaps even by the Mob?

(Just for the record: I certainly do not imply, that the current leadership of our Military Intelligence Agency are traitors and/or rogues! But I do imply, that this would eventually be the case if the agenda of the DeepState (are they perhaps running Denmark to this very day?) is ultimately allowed bo be fulfilled.)

But back to Mr. Thaulow (1882-1961) and his book. He was an officer of the Danish State Telegraph office and an avid (amateur) historian, with several substantial works to his name.

(Matter of factly I made a note of his main data (as likewise for the other authors mentioned in this post) – but ofcourse I forgot my notes when leaving my flat; you’ll remember, perhaps, that I have to write everything for my blog in burger bars and cafés, as I am and have been closely and malevolently surveilled and spied upon in my flat for many years (acoustic and keylogger surveillance at the very least!). It’s both irritating and dangerous, but ofcourse also a tad flattering: without a shred of doubt it designates you as a (very) important person!)

Mr. Thaulow was married to an offspring of the Sehestedt family from the Ravnholt estate on Funen, whence perhaps his incitement for writing the present book. Here’s the first paragraph of what he says by way of introduction:

‘I Ravnholt Arkiv paa Fyn findes fem dagboeger fra 1696-1702 og 1720-30, et par private brevjournaler og kopiboeger samt en del breve, koncepter og kopier, efterladt af af den kendte statsmand og diplomat, geheimeraad Christian Sehestedt til Nislevgaard og Ravnholt (1666-1740).

‘Disse arkivsager giver mange interessante og for stoerstedelen ret ukendte bidrag ikke blot til en karakteristik af geheimeraaden, men ogsaa til belysning af hans tids personalhistoriske, kulturhistoriske og politiske historie. Det har været hensigten med denne bog at udnytte dette stof til et stykke tidshistorie med ham som den centrale skikkelse.’

2. DANSK-FRANSK ORDBOG. By Andreas Blinkenberg og Poul Høybye. Grundlagt af Margrethe Thiele. 3.ed. 2. vols. København, Arnold Busck, 1975. 1043 + 1015 p. Hardcover.

These two volumes has only very small signs of use and constitutes, I believe, the most recent edition of this massive french and danish dictionary.

And massive it is: The more than 2000 pages are printed very, very tightly on thin, but heavy paper, making the books rather cumbersome. Frankly my guess is this dictionary may have no peer or even match of its kind anywhere in the world; it’s that substantial.

I have for many years owned the previous, one-volume edition (incl. its supplement). But this two-volume edition for 20 Kr (3 dollars) is simply a steal! (A quick check has confirmed that a set like this would normally be priced at around 400 DKR (60 dollars), pre owned).

3. PISANGEN. Myter, Femte Bind. By Johannes V. JENSEN, København, Gyldendal, 1932, 150 p. Hardcover.

An original edition of this work by Jensen, who in 1944 received the Nobel Price for Literature.

For good measure it’s very nicely bound in half-calf. It has the inscription of one ‘Ellen Henriques – 24.April.1932’ on a fly leaf.

PISANG is reportedly the name of a malay plant family, to which the banana belongs.

I would have liked to skim – or perhaps even read – these essays myself; but I fear I may have to present it to a niece of mine.

But imagine: An original edition of one of our internationally renowned authors, and very nicely bound, for just 1,50 dollars!

4. JOHANNES V. JENSEN – 1873 * 20.JANUAR * 1943. København, Gyldendal, 1943. 237 p. Beautifully bound in light-brown calf.

This work was published as a present to Jensen on his 70th birthday. Among the contributors are: Hans Hartvig Seedorff Pedersen, Otto Gelsted, Johs. Brøndum-Nielsen, Hartvig Frisch, Felix Nørgaard, Johs. Brøndsted, Hans Hvass, Knudåge Riisager, Aage Marcus – and lo-and-behold – Alf Henriques with an essay: Mytedigteren.

We remember, that PISANGEN (Myter, above) has been owned by Ellen Henriques; and as there were several other Jensen-books, many beautifully bound, during this sale in the HeiligGeist Church house, it’s perhaps reasonable to ask if these books have come from the Henriques-estate – one way or another?

Alf Henriques (1906-76) was a prominent literary historian; and my hunch about Ellen Henriques turned out to be propitious, as she was his (second) wife.

5. KEJSER FREDERIK 2.s KORSTOG OG KAMPENE MED IBELINERNE. By Filip Af Novara. Oversat af H.Bach. København, Gyldendal, 1946, 146 p. Soft-cover.

I may own this slight volume already? But what caught my eye was a paper slip with a pencil-drawn outline of some of the ancestors of Emperor Frederik 2. – or rather his queen (one of them) – Isabella(2).

The pedigree delineated is like this: Isabella(2) – Johan af Brienne – Marie of Montferrat – Konrad of Montferrat married to Isabella(1) – Amalrik(1) married to Maria Komnena.

The Komnena’s is an interesting family, said to have many modern rulers among its progeny; most Persian rulers, for instance? Reportedly they claim descent from King David.

Many readers will know Anna Komnena and her memoirs from the period aound the first crusade.

6. DANMARKS HISTORIE, By F.C.Dahlmann. Efter den tydske Original ved Major v. Jenssen. 3 vols. 1840,1841,1847. 672, 695, 666 p. Bound in contemporary half-calf.

These three volumes likewise carry the stamp of the Royal Copenhagen Garrison. They are very well preserved, outside as well as inside.

The author, Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann (1785-1860) was born in Wismar/Mecklenburg. But as his mother had roots in Holstein (then part of the Danish Kingdom), he became associated with Denmark.

He was a history professor in Kiel/Holstein and later in Göttingen. His ‘Geschichte v. Dänemark’ (History of Denmark/Danmarks Historie) was considered to be an original and very respectable work. It appears to be complete with above three volumes. It covers the period from our ancient history and until the closing of the middle ages (1523).

It’s incredible to have found this quite uncommon set for 4,50 dollars in all – and in very nice condition, to boot. But due to my missing notes I have to postpone giving sample quotes to another rainy day.

7. VEJEN TIL SWANN. Paa Sporet Af Den Tabte Tid (vol.2). Af Marcel PROUST. Transl. by Chr.Rimestad. København/Oslo 1932, Martins forlag. 317p., nicely bound in contemp. half-calf.

My kid-sister has asked me to keep on the look out for a lacking volume of this work. And although it’s not this vol.2, I thought she would like this very nice specimen of the first danish edition.

As I’ve professed time and again in my blogposts I don’t (now) read fiction; I hardly ever did, by the way, except for the classic american detective novels (link 2). I remember being presented with ‘Ben Hur’, the novel, on my 12th birthday. I was quite surprised and disappointed and frankly haven’t read the book to this day. Only recently I found out who was the hero, the setting and the plot.

From what little I’ve learned about Mr. Proust’s great work I have a distinct feeling it would be a particularly dreary drudge if I ever had to peruse it closely. Especially, perhaps, because it would annoy me greatly to have to surmise and hypothesize who the key figures in his novels might possibly be intended to delineate!

However I have a small volume with his critique of the great literary critic, Sainte Beauve, that I’m looking forward to peruse closely.

8. NORD OG SYD. Et Ugeskrift. Red. og udg. af M. GOLDSCHMIDT. First and second volume, København, Sept. – Dec. 1849. bound together in one volume. 442+148 pages, hardcover.

This volume is reasonably well kept, and (frugally) bound in contemporary half-calf.

I also found volumes 4, 5, 7/8. All likewise bound in contemporary half calf.

Vols 5 and 7/8 are not from the same lot as the previous. Both are somewhat nicer bound, although vol. 7/8 is badly water stained inside. Vol. 5 has a stamp on the title page with the initials and crown of a noble (a baron); no doubt the most prominent of the letters is an R – could it perhaps be the author Palle Rosencranz, a baron? Frankly I’m unable to decode the lot – but perhaps there is also an L before and after the R? (incidentally: M.Goldschmidt’s mother was L.L.Rothschild; she died in 1870. I do not know if she was a Baroness).

Meïr Aron Goldschmidt (1819-87) was one of the leading authors, and perhaps the most gifted journalist, of his time.

He subsequently published several papers/magazines, of which ‘Nord & Syd’ was the third and last. He was a sharp critic and satirist, also wrote about the plight of his fellow jews.

For me his ‘Erindringer og Resultater’ (Memoirs and Results) are perhaps most attractive. But there is surely also much of interest in Nord & Syd, although ofcourse much is now out of date and thus barely comprehensible for the modern reader.

Here’s a few sample quotes from Nord & Syd, vol.7, 1855. Purely by chance I opened on page 189 (G. is talking about one of his critics, DAGBLADET’s editor, Bille):

‘DAGBLADET er deres blad! Det er ret som skabt for Dem og De for Dagbladet.

‘Baade om disse smaaborgere og om disse storborgere og matadorer gjaelder, hvad Custine siger i ‘Romuald’: ‘Saavel i religionen som i politiken seer jeg misundelsens aand paa bunden af alle bevaegelser (revolutioner). Borgerfolkene ere i endnu hoeiere grad end adelen indtagne imod lighedsprincipet – nemlig mod lighed med folk, der i stand ere under dem; men de vove ikke hoeit at tilstaae deres lyst til at blive foretrukne og privilegerede. De ere undselige aristokrater’…

‘For begge er DAGBLADET det fortraeffeligste blad (FAEDRELANDET er af sine gode dage blevet tungt og haemorrhoidalsk, det har nok sindelaget, men et hoeist ujevnt humeur). DAGBLADET tjener begge klassers instincter med en veverhed, der er ligesaa beundringsvaerdig som comisk, f.ex. ved dets evindelige aristokratisk-lakerede feide med transtoevlerne og mester Geert Winther, paa samme tid som det i sand og skjoen bourgeois-vaerdighed tordner mod aristokratiet i de hoeiere samfundsklasser.

‘Og laeg maerke til, hvordan det forstaaer at privilegere sig. Om enhver anden, der angreb ‘Bondevennerne’, vilde det bevise, at han havde reactionaire sympathier; om enhver anden, der angreb godseier-aristokratiet, vilde det bevise, at han havde paadraget sig forpligtelser til Bondevennerne; om enhver anden der anbreb og latterliggjorde Grundtvig, vilde det bevise, at han var unational; anbreb han derimod det latinske sprog, universitetet o.desl., vilde det bevise, at han var en barbar.

‘Men selv kan det voltigere mellem alt dette og ydermere vise de forhadte aristokrater den opmærksomhed at omtale deres fashionable baller, soireer o. desl. – det hoerer til geschaeftet, til at vinde abonnenter, ligesom den franske romanfeuilleton og ligesom aftrykket af den handelsliste, som dets concurrent maa betale med nogle hundrede rigsdaler, og som det har taget gratis….af hoeist politiske grunde.’

(p.191) ‘Som sagt, herr Bille tillader herr Ploug at tale med. Vi andre skulle af den lille tyran underkastes den chinesiske tvang og kun have lov til at stemme absolut ja eller absolut nei, og tyrannen er ikke engang mandig, modig, hoeihjertet, saa at der blev noget respectabelt ved hans comiske arrogance; men han er plebejisk og feig: han lyver om sin fjende….

‘Det vilde vaere urigtigt at paastaae, at DAGBLADET bliver redigeret ganske uden talent, og at det ikke undertiden siger noget rigtigt. Men det er ingen kunst at sige noget rigtigt om en sag, naar man ikke bekymrer sig om at sige alt det rigtige, naar man er ligegyldig for, hvad man fordoelger, hvad man overdriver o.s.v.

‘Det er ogsaa maerkeligt nok, at et blad, der redigeres af unge mennesker, har saa lidt friskhed, medens man ikke kan naegte, at det er meget firskfyragtigt. Den egentlige friskhed hos unge mennesker, der fremtræder i literaturen, skulde bestaae i kjaerlighed til sandhed, begeistring for det retfaerdige, en vis ridderlig upartiskhed. Hos DAGBLADET er alt saadant druknet i den meest hensynslaese partiskhed, som jeg nogensinde har seet, og som ikke vrager noget middel.’

9. BIDRAG TIL FREDERIK 2.s OG ERIK 14.s HISTORIE. Af Frede P Jensen. 1978, København, Den Danske Historiske Forening. 173 p. paperbound.

I have found nothing about the author. Here is the first paragraph of authors preface:

‘Medens litteraturen om Erik 14. er omfattende og mangesidig kan dette ikke siges at være tilfældet for Frederik 2. vedkommende. Den danske konges liv har savnet de dramatiske momenter, der kendetegnede hans svenske fætters og modstanders biografi, og har ikke i samme grad appelleret til historikernes fantasi. Med nogle faa undtagelser er Frederik 2.s historie i dette aarhundrede kun blevet taget op til behandling i oversigtsarbejder.’

A sample quote from p.76:

‘Peder Oxe-biografien er ogsaa gennemsyret af den forestilling, at al vor fortraed var tysk. Naesten intet tysk finder naade for Troels-Lunds oejne. En gennemgang af bogens personkarakteristikker viser at tyskerne staar for det broesige og overmodige, det sleske, det drabelige, hvorimod det danske vaesen karakteriseres ved soliditet og jaevnhed, djaervhed og lune.

‘Ud fra den forudsaetning at Oxes hovedindsats faldt under og efter en langvarig krig med Sverige kunne man have ventet, at den dansk-svenske modsaetning havde faaet nogen plads i fremstillingen. Men der synes ikke for Troels-Lund at have eksisteret nogen reel modsaetning mellem de nordiske lande.

‘Vi laeser ikke i Troels-Lunds bog om Gustav Vasas eller Erik 14’s danskerhad eller deres oensker om at erhverve de oestdanske provinser. Den nordiske syvaarskrig skildres af Troels-Lund som en fejlslagen erobringskrig, anstiftet af en barnagtig og aerelysten tysk fyrste, Frederik 2., der bag sig havde en krigerisk kamarilla af tyske raadgivere og lykkeriddere.

‘I og med at det svenske medansvar for syvaarskrigens udbrud blev ladt uomtalt er det klart, at vi staar over for den holdning, der ogsaa kom til udtryk i ‘De tre nordiske Broedrefolk’: at de nordiske folk alene kunne foere krig mod hinanden, naar tyske anstiftere stod bag.’

Link 1.

The Autodafés and The Secret Courts of Law in Denmark

Link 2.

Hammett’s Plots


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Rosenørn – Niels Bohr and Einstein – Quantum Theory

(3.Jan.2020) Today is Friday and it’s a bit drizzly out there. But with 4 deg.C and just a light wind otherwise really quite nice for a midwinter day on 56. deg. northern latitude.

In the HeiligGeist Church community house, a ten min. walk from the café i’m writing this, there’s a new dutch booksale going on. Today the price is 30 DKR (abt. 4,50 dollars).

While browsing the tables on the first day of the sale, Saturday last, I happened to notice one of my favourite history books:


But as the (outside) condition of the paper-bound book was (and is) quite shabby, and as I already own a specimen, I thought I might take a chance and wait until prices had halved about a week later, i.e. today.

So here we are; it turns out the book is very nicely preserved inside, being certainly unread as no part of the book has yet been cut open.

The principal text of the book is only 112 pages, but followed by abt. 85 pag. with notes and abt 70 pag. of general register. The gen. register covers both vol. 1 (not present here) and this vol. 2.

Both volumes are rather uncommon, except I should say vol. 1 is really quite rare. There are two editions of vol. 1: A slight volume from 1873 (of which I’ve never seen another apart from the one I own) and the twice as voluminous edition from 1887 (of this I think I’ve perhaps only seen one specimen for sale in the last half dozen years).

Especially the 1887 edition is shock full of facts and discussions you are hardly likely to find anywhere else. But as the author was not a professional historian – being a ‘prefect’ in part of Jutland (Randers) – professional danish historians have studiously endeavoured to avoid mentioning his name or work for at least a century. University ‘doctors’ don’t accept laymen to better them! (a fact I’ve learnt myself, the hard way).

I don’t remember to have ever seen him or his work mentioned in any danish historical examination of the period in question – the years leading up to and around 1340, although almost certainly none would have known the period better than this author.

I’ve seen him mentioned in one swedish historical study and ofcourse he may be mentioned in one or more newer (or older) danish works not known by me.

Especially the notes are rich; here’s a – quite arbitrarily found – specimen quote from page 184-5 (skipping the references):

‘Randers enge følger Gudenå øst og vest for byen, men det af fjorden opstemmede vand oversvømmer dem ved højvande, således at jorden ikke kan dyrkes som mark. Der har da dannet sig en først meget senere bebygget grønning langs Guden(åen), ligesom ved Perth langs Tay.

‘Her norden ved Randers Strand afholdtes mødet (mellem Grev Gert og Niels Ebbesen), og er Niels Ebbesen for at komme dertil ventelig gået over Limfjorden mellem Hals og Storvorde, så at han over Refsnæs gennem Hr.Peter Vendelbos og munkenes besiddelser har kunnet nå til bispeborgen ved Østrup.

‘Ligesom Aarhus Capitel her havde et canonicat Aalbæk, saaledes haves udfærdigelser af Aarhus biskop daterede Østrup, f.ex. biskop Svens brev af 10de Juni 1333, hvorved prior Mathæus i Randers bemyndigedes til at skøde gods i Rougsø og Hald herreder til Aarhus capitel.

‘Ruinen af denne gamle bispeborg ligger paa generalstabens kortplan ‘Hadsund Essenbæk’ lige syd for Støvring præstegaard kort neden for Grønhøj (200 fod). Borgen laa saaledes 5 smaa fjerdingvej Øst for Nord for Randers, lige Nord for Albæk Lo ikke langt fra Albæk kirke og tæt ved et højdepunkt, hvorfra man ser Randers.

‘Voldstedet ligger paa Jens Skjødts – den vestligste Gaard i Østrup lige op til gaardens længer. Efter meddelelse af Kammerherre, amtmand Hoppe er enden af voldstedet skaaren igennem ligesom med en grusgrav, og manm saa da i 1894 enden af fundamenterne af en meget betydelig mur, der har gaaet fra Nord til Syd, og hvis grund er af store kampesten 3-4 alen tyk.

‘Forhv. skolelærer i Ramten, Nissen, der gentagnende har undersøgt forholdene, meddeler, at der kun er et urørt parti af borgpladsen tilbage i dennes nordvestlige hjørne 150 alen langt c. 80 alen bredt, bevoxet med store træer og mange buske, formentlig svarende til 1/6 af ruinens oprindelige størrelse.

‘Hele borgpladsen har en længde i nord og syd af omtrent 400 alen og en bredde i øst og vest af omtr. 280 alen. Graven har en skrænt mod borgpladsen af 9-14 fod. Afstanden mellem de to fundne mure er 25 fod, formodentlig husets bredde.

‘Den ældste bygning synes ødelagt ved brand, thi i grunden til det nyere hus, der siges nedbrudt 1551 af lensmand Hans Stygge, ses et betydeligt kulblandet lag med spor af stærk brand.

‘Fra Østrup førte vejen gennem de østre landsbyer og iøvrigt mest i skellet mellem ager og eng ind til Randers og det store Graabrødre Kloster, syd for hvilket mødet sandsynligvis fandt sted.’

Here’s the last paragraph of the principal text (p. 112):

‘Men af Niels Ebbesens Saga og Valdemar Atterdags Historie kunne vi tildels belæres om, at til at bevare sit land kræves et fast sammenhold mellem alle folkets classer, troskab mod kongehuset, et dygtigt diplomati, en til farvandene svarende søstyrke, en tapper og øvet hær samt vel valgte faste punkter, men først og fremmest en urokkelig beslutning ikke at opgive sig selv’.

At least the last sentence is still very true, obviously. Only you have to accept, I’m afraid, that the Danes have now finally ‘given up on themself’: They have accepted to be merely serfs and vassals of foreign nations, – haven’t they?

2. THE QUANTUM STORY – A History in 40 Moments. By Jim BAGGOTT. Oxfort University Press, 2011/13, Paperback, 469 p.

This large volume appears to be new and unread. Here’s what they say on the backcover:

‘A highly original and engaging account of the most important theory in science’.

‘A truly exceptional book’.

‘The history is as complex and involved as the theory itself, and Jim Baggott’s history-through-vignettes approach brings out a wealth of fascinating detail about the personalities, philosophies and rivalries that guided its course.’

‘Baggott navigates successfully between the Sculla of mathematical rigor and the Charybdis of polular nonsense.’

‘It is often utterly counter-intuitive; somethimes downright bizarre. Physicists ponder its meaning while delighting in its ability to account for the world at the smallest scales. It is quantum theory, and this book tells its story.

‘Presented here in 40 episodes spanning from 1900 to the present, it is a story of exhilaration and despair, of spectacular successes, and the profound challenges remaining today. It features a roll call of great physicists, including Planck, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Bohr, Einstein, Feynmann, Gell-Mann, Weinberg, Bell, Leggett, and Higgs. But centre stage is the physics itself, and the unfolding of the most beautiful and astonishing concepts the scientific world has ever seen’.

As I’m writing this in downtown Copenhagen the following sample quote may perhaps be appropiate (p.109f) (note 1).

‘Although they were not particularly concerned to devote much time to the elaboration of their philosophy, the physicists of the Copenhagen school were nevertheless aware that their interpretation created considerable problems for the understanding of what constitutes knowledge at the quantum level and the methods of its acquisition. Heisenberg in particular made it his business to raise awareness of these issues in his many public addresses on the subject.

‘The Copenhagen interpretation essentially states that in quantum theory we have reached the limit of what we can know. To try to go beyond the limits is pointless: how can we ever hope to know something that is unknowable? The argument is that any attempt to introduce a new concept to describe an underlying independent reality inevitably involves a reworking of familiar classical concepts and a descent into metaphysics.

‘We always return to the idealized concepts that summarize the fullest extent of our knowledge – waves and particles.

‘This interpretation requires that we accept that we can never ‘know’ quantum concepts. They are simply beyond human experience and are therefore metaphysical. A quantum entity is neither a wave nor a particle. Instead we substitute the appropiate classical concept – wave or particle – as and when necessary.

‘Compare the statement cedited to Bohr:

‘There is no quantum world. There is only an abstract quantum physical description. It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about nature.’

The next chapter of the book ‘Quantum Debate’ has on page 121:

‘Bohr wasn’t sure what to make of Einstein’s remarks. ‘I feel myself in a very difficult position because I don’t understand what precisely is the point which Einstein wants to make’, he said. ‘No doubt it is my fault’.

Just a few remarks:

‘- we can never ‘know’ quantum concepts. They are simply beyond human experience and are therefore metaphysical.’

Remark: by ‘know’ the physicist and/or mathematicians understand ‘something you can express accurately in the language of mathematics’. But certainly humans (but not robots) can know many things not to be expressed in or with numbers.

For instance I once told a female friend where and with what kind of company she had been the night before and how the house looked and it’s neighbourhood. She was understandably shocked, and asked: ‘HOW can you know this?’

Yes, how can you? 1) You have knowledge in your genes (instinct and more?). 2)You may have a sixt sense (from your genes or from telepathy?). 3) You may have the gift of clairvoyance (often from telepathy)?

Incidentally it’s an interesting thought that humans may really more or less experience the world – i.e. have their consciousness INSIDE atoms (and other small particles). That is, we may sense the world from within the atoms, ‘observing’ from inside and out?

But the quantum theorists always talk about observing and measuring particles from or on their outside surface. Even if these humans are in a certain, convoluted way experiencing the world from inside ‘atoms’.

Obviously it’s natural for quantum theorists, like it is for example for photographers, to observe and record the surface of things and to learn about the world only from observing its surface.

However this is merely the modus operandi when left brain dominated humans (and robots) investigate their world. (Link 1)

But some esoteric masters (‘metaphysicists’?) have always insisted, I believe, that ‘atoms’ are living entities. Hence should have consciousness and be able to sense their surroundings.

Compare that the quantum theorists tell us, that quantum particles in fact react to just being observed.

Note 1.
One of my mothers fourtythree cousins was working as a post doctorate researcher (in chemistry?) at the Niels Bohr Institute here in Copenhagen. I never met him, and what makes him worthy of mention is mostly the fact that he appears to have been a voracious book consumer. His kid sister has told me he had his small appartment fitted out with book cases like in a public library; that is the book cases were placed at the walls as well as in the middle of the room. (Link 2)

Link 1.

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Link 2.
En minderune


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The Autodafés and The Secret Courts of Law in Denmark

(15.Dec.2019) Today is Sunday and it’s windy out there!

This afternoon my old friend JA called me for a chat. He’s now pensioned from his life-long job as civil servant, worked in the danish state/govt. archives.

In passing he told me the archives, including their public sections, recently (albeit under the previous ‘center-right’ administration) got a new superintendent.

It seems this S.I. was hired even if having no background as a historian – or perhaps precisely because of this?

It furthermore seems one of the first initiatives of this person – or is ‘it’ in fact a robot? – was to discard the complete hand-library of the State Archives (Rigsarkiv).

We are talking about at least 40.000 volumes, many of which would have been old and rare and perhaps well nigh unobtainable today?

Just to put the size in perspective: A large, private book collection, accumulated in a family home, might typically run into one tenth – i.e. perhaps 3-5000 volumes.

5000 volumes in a private home would normally necessitate three average sitting-room-sized rooms plastered with books from floor to ceiling on all four walls except for a window and a door in each rooms!

Hence 40.000 volumes is a lot – and would perhaps translate to at least 40.000.000 DKK (or abt. $6 million) if it was to be founded again?

For instance a large part of the library was beautifully and solidly leather bound by expert craftsmen. Althogether, restablishing a nearly identical library might perhaps more likely run into anywhere between 50.000.000 and 100.000.000 DKK today?

This large, culturally and financially highly valuable library was just put on fire!

No kidding!

And just for good measure the staff was reportedly not allowed to partake in the autodafé, for fear ‘they would try and save a few of the books’.

No kidding!!

So what do we have here? Barbarians? Morons? Haters of everything Danish? Haters of all culture and danish culture in particular? Haters of our danish identity? Haters of danish traditions and our danish nation?

Or perhaps just insane disrupters – including stupid and irresponsible recklesness? The previous govt. erected a so-called ‘Disruption Task Force’, one of whose high profile members publicly trumpeted that ‘we ought to burn everything down every 7 years’ (was never refuted by her president of the board or any govt. minister, including the then PM, I belive)(link 1).

Do we perchance discern a ramification of the increasingly ubiquitous Moral Antimatter (link 2) – because there is scarcely no way this autodafé can be spun as not being highly immoral?

Question upon question. Was this Chief Inspectors employer – the accountable govt. Minister and/or his PM – possibly in fact working for the mob? Did the government perchance specifically order this library burned to ashes, basically to gratify their hypothetical, supreme master’s insidious craving for distruption and destruction of everything culturally valuable in Denmark?

(To name just a few samples of detrimental asset-stripping of our danish cultural identy, property and wealth: The disruption of our nationwide Local Democracy – The Mint (Den Kongelige Mønt) – The Serum Institute (Statens Serum-Institut, an important medical/scientific asset on a giant property situated abt. one km from the downtown Copenhagen City Hall, and sold to a MiddleEastern buyer for a fraction (one fourth?) of its billion-DKK value) – DONG – NETS – the Postal Services (with their many, partly historical trophy properties), and so on and so forth. Someone is working dilligently to dismantle Denmark completely as a nation – aren’t they?)

Incidentally – could the autodafé-responsible minister conceivable have been the first president of said ‘Disruption Task Force’, who eventually became Minister of Research and Science (if memory serves me?)?

This gentleman is, I’m afraid, a slightly unusual person? For instance many danish readers will remember how his arrival to his first (and only?) Royal Banquet was a somewhat painful spectacle.

He managed to arrive when everyone else, including the Prime Minister, had arrived and the staff and the TV-cameras were expecting the Royal hosts.

But up came our disruption-troll, with his bosom bare for good measure! He attemted a joke to the Royal Master of Ceremonies, who ofcourse had to ignore him completely.

Off hand I would expect such a blatant disruption – or perhaps just pitiable lack of situation awareness? – to indicate an obvious degree of left-brain dominance? (link 4)

Anyway – even if it turns out the responsible or irresponsible minister was another person entirely, this is really of little consequense as it won’t bring back the library from the ashes.

By the way – one is reminded about how the Copenhagen Central Library a couple of years ago discarded – in fact likewise put on the fire! – nearly half a million volumes of their books! Question: Who conceived this idea and who ordered the autodafé?

As the saying goes – ‘where they burn books, they’ll soon be burning humans’.

But now on to our next issue – let’s take a quick look at a few recent ‘Tweets’ of mine. As told, after more than 30.000 tweets and abt. 1100 followers the friendly folks at Twitter has shut me out from my account, whence I cannot now and at least until further notice update my twitter account (@gamleboeger). (Take a look at and see for yourself how dangerously uncouth my tweets are).

Hence the following ‘tweets’ are only ‘tweets in spe’. As usual an asterix * denotes the tweet and an arrow > my comment.

* 1. Som alle ved, har overvågningssamfund været de mest frie gennem tiderne.Lad mig nævne i flæng fra nutiden: Nordkorea. Der er helt vildt frit i Nordkorea. Overvågning har gjort, at der faktisk slet ingen kriminalitet er. I hvert fald ikke officielt. Og hvor uendeligt trygt og godt må det ikke være? Eller vi kan gå lidt tilbage i tiden og nævne DDR eller Sovjet. Samfund, der om nogen viste, at ’med overvågning stiger friheden,’ som Hækkerup udtrykker det.

> This is another brilliant op-ed of our incomparable Mr. Mads Kastrup from the Copenhagen tabloid EKSTRABLADET.

* 1.a. Lavpunkt. –
‘Hvis det er rigtigt, så følger det logisk heraf, at med overvågning stiger friheden. ‘
Det må være den utimative hån mod ofrene fra Stasi.

> But aiming at the M.o.J. is ofcourse only half the job; because our M.o.J. is obviously mostly an errand boy for his masters – the two P.M. ‘robots’?

Perhaps these ‘robots’ has a serious program bug, though? Because how come they are talking like it’s anno 1919 and not 2019 if there is no outdated or faulty software?

The early bolshevik masters of surveillance, the CHEKA, was evil incarnate! Nothing to be admired, wished for and copied, for sure. (link 5)

Please note: By December 1917, the Bolsheviks established their instrument of terror, the Cheka (the GPU’s precursor). Lina writes: “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904.
Jyri Lina:

* 2. Statsministeren er vred, sagde hun ovenpå ugens store politiaktion, der ifølge politiet og PET afværgede et terror-angreb med rod i militant islamisme. Men ligesom adskillige af sine politiker-kolleger delte Mette Frederiksen sin begejstring og taknemmelighed for politiets effektive arbejde med at beskytte os alle sammen mod terroristerne.

* 3. Og trods gule breaking-bjælker og væg-til-væg-dækning af ransagninger, anholdelser, sigtelser, grundlovsforhør og fængslinger i denne uge, så ved vi reelt intet om, hvorfor politiet mener, at de mistænkte er potentielle terrorister.

* 4. Det er mildest talt uklart.
Ikke desto mindre synes det for længst fastslået, at der er tale om terrorister in spe. Og at det kun var takket være en effektiv efterretningstjeneste, at deres grumme planer ikke blev ført ud i livet. For det siger PET jo. Og Statsministeren.

* 5. Dertil forsvandt muligheden for at høre, hvad de sigtede selv forklarer. Samt om sagerne er forbundne og i givet fald hvordan. Og om hvilke metoder, PET og kollegerne i det øvrige politi har brugt i efterforskningen. Eller hvad der i øvrigt ligger i de bunker af rapporter og bevismateriale, politi og PET allerede har produceret i sagen.
Vi aner det ikke.

> Here’s a new super-star on my personal firmament of critical bloggers: Marie Louise Toksvig.

So now we have three: Mads Kastrup (, Amalie Lyhne ( and Marie Louise Toksvig (

I dare say MLT is in no way inferior to the two others. And she takes aim at one of the most pestering sores in all of Denmarks public sector: The secret courts of law.

The former director of the then danish SecretService (PET), the honourable Ole Stig Andersen, in 2005 warned expressly against this as an inevitability if police duties were transferred from police to the SecretService (link 3).

This is because any SecretPolice don’t want to expose their agents – or their dark (Mob controlled?) alien friends? – by giving testimony in an open court of law.

But he might as well have bayed at the moon – no one heeded his wise warnings, as far as I know. But remember – next time someone is rounded up and arrested by the SecretPolice it may easily be a journalist, any journalist, or blogger. Perhaps deemed dangerous by and for the present power brokering, CEKA-admiring ‘robots’?

And you will not get a chance to defend and explain yoursef in front of a judge in an open court of law!

Except until Marie Louise Toksvig spake up? High praise for her brilliant essay.

But remember – we are in fact living in 1919 – aren’t we?

* 6. Will the oligarch and sex mafia assassinate Virginia Roberts?
We know that Virginia Roberts is exposing the oligarchs and telling the world that these people have been caught with their pants down.

Will the oligarch and sex mafia assassinate Virginia Roberts?

> Case in point, re. the above.

* 7. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been BLOCKED from seeing key evidence from US authorities who want to extradite him for ‘leaking sensitive military data’, court hears

> More to the secret courts of law – so eagerly coveted by any mob?

Link 1.

Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

Link 2.

Your Galactic Police

Whence I quote: ‘They determinedly seek out and destroy any and all vestiges of moral and morality in sound and sane humans, their culture and society’. If you look around you’ll see that’s exactly what’s now happening everywhere.’

Link 3.

Three Honourable Gentlemen, Laerke and Sainte-Beuve

Link 4.
Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Link 5.
What Happened? (Upd.)
– whence I quote:

‘On page 12 (of a paper reviewed) is a piece on Leon Trotskij, the bolshevik leader, which apparently was murdered “by Stalin” in Mexico in 1940.

‘One of the captains of the bolshevik revolution of 1917 he was deposed already about 1924 after his protégé Lenin had died. After that all power really was with Dsershinski and his secret police, the Cheka (soon to be called GPU).

‘The Cheka was perhaps the most evil and destructive “vampire squid” ever to roam our earth? It’s raw brutality, greed and recklessness is almost beyond description, much less comprehension.

‘Recently I chanced upon a slim book from 1925 about the Cheka, written by a Swiss journalist working in Russia during these fatefull years (Georg Popoff: Tscheka – Staten i Staten. Copenhagen, Gyldendal, 131 pages).

‘It’s depressing reading almost from page one to the end. But the most worrying thing no doubt is the almost inevitable conclusion that the Cheka is still very much alive – albeit perhaps not so much in Russia as in the west?

‘It’s well nigh impossible to not note that the spirit – the philosophy, strategy and methods – of the Cheka seems to correspond very, very closely to that of the modern western SecretPolice/SecurityServices like CIA/NSA/Mossad et al.

‘But don’t take my word for it, consult a work by an authority yourself. Be prepared for a few shocking insights.’


Osbert Sitwell – Helsingborg and the Swedes

(16.Nov.2019) Today is Saturday, and it’s wet out there! And gloomy and almost dark, although it’s only mid afternoon.

Thus quite suitable to my mood today.

Early in the a.m. in the night between last Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov.13.) I had this vision.

I saw a man busying himself with (trying to) break into a safe deposit box in a bank.

He was standing outside the outer door of steel bars and endeavouring to open the safe deposit box with very long and large screwdrivers.

He was a rather youngish, small mand in a light brown or greyish trench coat.

Exposition: Obviously ‘the mob’ has again taken offense from one of my recent blog posts. Especially, perhaps, the rather fitting characteristic of ‘the mob’ as not really human but more like robots, and without any moral holds whatsoever.

And perhaps ‘particularly especial’ the additional and, I fear, perfectly apt and proper characteristic of the mob as being essentially MORAL ANTIMATTER among earthlings. (link 1)

Moral Antimatter that you have to evade at all costs lest you all are completely destroyed (link 2).

The safe deposit box in question, that someone is perhaps planning or even looking forward to breaking into, no doubt is a box in my old bank in Helsingborg, Sweden (link 3, danish).

Even if the banks obviously try their very best, no lock or box is or can be one hundred percent safe from breaking into; either by brute force or (more likely) by the sly and devious ways of hacking and faking of passports etc. (note 1 and 2, below).

As the saying goes – ‘what you cannot hold in your hands, you don’t own’.

The international mob most likely has almost unlimited technical and financial ressources and also conceiveably have their stooges in every imagineable large firm or organisation?

Thus I decided Wednesday morning to visit the bank in Helsingborg that same day to ‘check up on security’.

This may perhaps have been fortunate, as the customer base and access systems seemed just then in the process of being reviewed and/or upgraded.

Fortunately, with the assistance of the banks very helpful staff – and the local govt. tax dept.s (Skatteverket’s) equally helpful staff – things were soon on track again, I believe.

Incidentally – even if I’m only one eighth a Swede by heritage, in some respects I often feel almost half swedish. Curiously this is an impression seemingly shared by many Swedes I’ve met.

One case in point (among many) – when I approached the boarding gate to the ferries on the swedish side the swedish gentleman checking tickets greeted me profusely, almost like an old friend; that is – until he heard I wasn’t swedish as he had surmised by my looks, but danish, which made him attenuate his friendly ways markedly.

The Swedes living in the region bordering on the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan area can spot a danish ‘big-city-slicker’ in any crowd with absolutely unerring certainty. Most likely from the Danes’ – relatively to the pastoral Swedes’ – somewhat untidy or slipshod bearing? Hence it always tended to visibly chock them when realizing they just met an exception.

But the mutual respect between Swedes and Danes in the border region around the Oresund isn’t that great. Ofcourse one has to understand that the archetypical city-slickers of the Copenhagen side meet some of the most pastoral people in all of (at least southern) Sweden, being situated abt. 400 miles south west of the swedish capital.

But this background of mine is perhaps why I always had a feeling of being in a city and country of great strength and vigour when walking the streets of Helsingborg.

Perhaps the many Danes (and others) critical of modern Sweden are not really able to ‘tune in’ on this powerful dynamism in the swedish people and lands?

Then in the early a.m. in the night before yesterday (Friday 15th) I had a very sad, vivid dream of being present at the funeral of an old friend.

I really felt bad about it all, perhaps because in my age there is inevitably growing longer between friends.

But now back to base once more. Today is the penultimate day of the ongoing dutch book sale in the HeiligGeist Church community house in central Copenhagen. The price today is 10 Kr ($1,50), tomorrow it will be 5 Kr.

I found three books today, of which two are for gifts. The third is this

1. RAT WEEK – An Essay on the Abdication. By Osbert SITWELL. With an introduction by John Pearson. London, M.Joseph, 1986, 79 p. Hardcover, with dustcover.

The abdication in question is that of King Edward 8. when he had found the love of his life – a pretty american society lady.

Here is a sample quote from the introduction by one John Pearson, who has written a ‘composite biography’ of the Sitwells (p.14):

‘One of Osbert Sitwell’s more unexpected qualities was the amount of passion which he kept bottled up within that infinitely courteous, somewhat bland, ex-Guards officer’s exterior.

‘With all his self-restraint and breeding, he had become a sort of human pressure-cooker. Like many self-proclaimed pacifists, he was extraordinarily aggressive and always ready for a fight. (Somewhat typically, he ascribed this to the inherited influence of his Norman forebears). And like many over-sensitive souls, he could be quite savage when touched upon the raw.

‘Indeed, his feuds and literary vendettas had reached a high creative level in the past, and still form part of the socio-artistic history of the twenties.

‘Apart from his long war of attrition with the Georgian poets and the ‘accursed Philistine’, the roll-call of his incidental enemies is most impressive, ranging from Churchill, Beaverbrook and Edward Marsh to Aldous Huxley, D.H.Lawrence and his two prize enemies, Noel Coward and Wyndham Lewis.

‘No ridicule and no vituperation had been too bad to hurl at them and now, with this Royal crisis, Osbert reacted much as he had at the height of some literary feud.

‘It was all extraordinarily emotional. The prospect of his King’s infatuation with this cool adventuress from Baltimore seems to have genuinely enraged him. At the same time he was suffering appallingly from gout: ‘devils with prongs’, as he described this sad affliction to a friend.

‘His literary muse was fickle, his private life was worrying. Then at the beginning of December came the news of the Abdication, and everything erupted as it often did with Osbert Sitwell.

‘As a young man he had learned to assuage his temper by hurling dinner-plates at his doorstep. Now in a burst of anger he retired to bed and wrote a poem which was the equivalent of breaking dinner-plates in verse. He called the poem, ‘Rat Week’.’

Here’s a sample quote from Osbert’s text, talking about the Queen:

‘The truth, and nothing but the truth, is that in any station of life the Duchess of York, now Queen Elizabeth, would have been a remarkable and fascinating woman.

‘Her tact and her charm – she possessed more of this quality than anyone I have ever met – induced the feeling that she could not put a foot wrong, that she would always instinctively and with grace find the right thing to do at the right moment.

‘In addition, she is kind, wise, witty, good – above all, good – full of humour, comprehension, and heart; and a compassionate understanding of men and women, which, always valuable and rare, is never more needed than at a court.

‘Further, as if these gifts she brought were not enough, her appearance and her voice, musical and appealing, are totally captivating, and she is highly appreciative of the arts and literature.

‘On many occasions I was amazed at the number of modern books which, I observed from talking to her, she had found time to read in her so crowded existence as Queen: consequently, when at a press conference in Hollywood in January 1951, I was asked whether it was true, as had sometimes been stated, that I advised Queen Elizabeth on what to read, I was able truthfully to reply that, if anything, it was the other way round, and that the Queen, a singularly well-read lady, advised me….

‘But I am writing of earlier days, of how she looked, and of her charm and personality. No photograph ever did justice to her grace and beauty, which depended on colouring, on expression and inner light.

‘And they could not render, of course, the peculiarly emotional quality of her voice – which made her few broadcasts speeches so memorable – or the natural beauty of her walk and carriage.

‘Just as in a crowd waiting to greet her, every single man in it was convinced that he was the one person she had looked at, whose cheering she had acknowledged, so Her Majesty’s entrance into a room, in palace, private house or city hall, at once imparted a notable liveliness to her gathering and heightened its temperature: to every occasion she added sympathy or laughter, and made it interesting or amusing’.


But it’s getting late and quite dark, and I would like to be on my way homebound.

Thanks for joining, and be safe!

Note 1.
Remember that all your personal ID-data is now stored digitally and thus a cake walk to procure and fake for the globally operating mob (with their practically unlimited ressources!).

Note 2. (update 23.Nov.)
In this case it has turned out there may conceiveably also have been the aspect of an ‘inside rogue job’?

Because on Nov.20. I found a (postal) letter from the bank hiding in my letter box. The letter informed me, that if I didn’t provide certain informations to the bank no later than (next day) the 21st of Nov. my account would be cancelled.

Most likely I’ve missed this letter that was lurking among advertising mail (even if I cannot know for sure, as the letter is undated!).

But perhaps it was this potentially dire predicament that roused the warning dream-vision in the morning of Nov.13.? You might for instance imagine (a rogue) someone in or outside the bank gleefully looking forward to emptying my safe deposit box – whence his thoughts getting through to me by telephaty?

Because – if I had been unresponsive to letter(s) and also not showing up in person, then the bank may conceiveably – and in conformity with normal proceedures? – have felt justified to break open and empty my safe deposit box and auction off its contents?

Just for the record: As explained above the bank’s staff was very, very helpful in resolving the situation when I applied in person on Nov.13.

Lesson: Don’t be careless with your letter-boxes!

Link 1.

Your Galactic Police

Link 2.
Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

Link 3.
Helsingborg’ske shenanigans? (updated)


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Your Galactic Police

(9.Nov.2019) Today is Saturday and it’s definitely a bit grey and hapless out there.

But at the friendly folks from the Nordisk Antikvariat booksellers, now keeping station in the HeiligGeist Church House, there is almost always sunshine inside – not least because they are set to soon begin the final week of their ongoing dutch antikvarian book sale.

The price today is 20 Kr ($3) per item. After a cursory glance through the well stocked tables I decided to not buy anything today. But three days ago, when the price was 25 Kr ($3.75) I found a handful, among which:

1. TABLEAU HISTORIQUE ET CRITIQUE DE LA POESIE FRANCAISE ET DU THEATRE FRANCAIS AU XVIe SIECLE. Par SAINTE-BEUVE. Edition revue et tres augmentee. Paris, Charpentier, (no year but perhaps about 1890), 499 p., hardcover.

This neat little book is bound unpretentiously, even spartan, in plain, grey cloth.

The text is a tad too tightly printed in the nearly 500 pages; but it’s nice enough done and seems tolerably readable.

From perusing the web it seems to transpire that there’s also one or more 2-volume editions extant, which plan ofcourse should make for a more easy to read typeface.

I already own more than a few works of le redoutable M. Sainte-Beuve (1804-69); but I did not until now own this particular title and don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Perhaps I won’t be perusing it a lot, at least in the near future, on account of the subject matter; or rather the time period, the 1500s.

The – or one of the? – previous owner(s) has had a few blank pages inserted by the bookbinder; a few with lengthy notes, that I’ve some difficulty reading, however.

For some, perhaps not obvious, reason the hand reminds me of Mr. Paul Rubow, the much admired erstwhile professor of literature at Copenhagen University; but his name is not inscribed in the front of the book as was otherwise normally his wont (I believe).

Here’s a couple of sample quotes from the chapter ‘De L’Esprit De Malice Au Bon Vieux Temps’ (p. 452 & 454, as ususal I have to omit the ‘diacritics’ as I’m writing Braille on my laptop):

(Off hand it’s a bit difficult for me to get a clear grip of this (as every so often somewhat rambling?) text of M. Sainte-Beuve. Perhaps mostly on account of the curious fact, that the word ‘malice’ in french apparently has two almost directly opposite meanings: a) playful or teasing wanton and b) evil?).

(p.542) ‘On a remarque des longtemps cette gaiete particuliere aux pays catholiques; ce sont des enfants qui sur le giron de leur mere lui font toutes sortes de niches et prennent leurs aises. Le catholicisme chez lui permet bien des choses, quand on ne l’attaque pas de front.

‘N’avez-vous jamais remarque dans la foule, un jour de fete, ces bons grands chevaux de gardes municipaux entre les jambes desquels se pressent les passants, filles et garcons, et qui ne mettent le sabot sur personne? Tels sont les bons chevaux de garde du pape en pays catholiques.

‘Chez nous, la gallicanisme compliqua un peu: il permit d’etre plus logique, il empecha aussi de l’etre trop. La gaiete se trempa davantage d’un certain bon sens pratique, sans toutefois passer outre.

‘Il y eut toujours la paroisse et le cure. Entre deux Paques pourtant, l’espace etait long, la marge etait large, et le malin, sans avoir l’air d’y songer; s’accordait bien des choses.’

(p.454) ‘Malgre tout, meme depuis Erasme, meme durant Montaigne, meme a travers Bayle, quelque chose de cet esprit d’autrefois, mi-parti de malice et de soumission sincere, s’est conserve chez quelques individus de marque, la malice dominant, il est vrai, mais la soumission aussi retrouvant son jour.

‘Parmi nos poetes, jusque parmi les plus emancipes, la race se suit tres-distincte. Je laisse bien vite Rabelais de cote; c’est un trop gros morceau pour que je m’en incommode. Mais Passerat, mais Regnier, qui pourtant on passe par lui, retrouvent des conversions sinceres (j’insiste sur le mot), de vraies larmes.

‘Le bon Gringoire, auteur de railleuses sotties et le type de ce vieuz genre, finit pieusement et merite d’etre enterre a Notre-Dame. La Fontaine, Piron lui-meme, sont de grands exemples. Chez tous ces hommes, qu’y avait-il eu a leurs plus vifs moments et a leurs heures les plus buissonnieres?

‘Ecoutons Grosley encore nous parlant d’un de ses amis, le joyeux abbe Courtois: ‘Il m’admettoit, dit-il, a partager ses plaisirs, dont la gaiete, qui lui etoit commune avec toutes les belles ames, faisoit le fond et mormoit l’assaisonnement’.

‘Voila bien le vrai fonds antique de nos peres, fonds de gaiete sans malignite et sans fiel, ou bien gaiete aiguisee de malice, mais sans rien d’ambitieux, d’orgueilleux et de subversif. Ces derniers points nous reviennent en propre et a tous les vrais modernes.’

2. VICTOR HUGO – APRÈS 1852. L’Exil, Les Dernieres Annees et la Mort du Poéte. Par Edmond BIRÉ. 2.ed. Paris, 1894, 394 p. hardcover.

I’ve found nothing about the author Biré; and I hardly need to present Mr. Hugo (1802-85), the esoteric, cabalist author? (note 1, below)

Here’s a sample quote from page 191:

‘Victor Hugo ne pouvait plus ecrire un livre sans insulter la Restauration. Son nouveau roman a pour objet de peindre les amours d’un matelot guernesiais, sa lutte contre les forces et les coleres de l’Ocean.

‘Il semble bien que Louis XVIII et Charles X n’ont rien a y voir. Victor Hugo ne l’entend pas ainsi. Il se dechaine contre les princes qui l’ont pensionne, contre le gouvernement qu’il a chante. Il ecrit ces lignes etranges:

‘Ces temps etaient une epoque de fuites…Pendant les sept ou huit premieres annees apres la rentree des Bourbons, la panique fut partout, dans la finance, dans l’industrie, dans le commerce…Il y avait un sauve-qui-peut dans la politique…On fayait… la tour de Taurias d’Avignon, silhouette lugubrement debout dans l’histoire, qu’a marquee la Reaction, et ou l’on distingue encore aujourd’hui cette main sanglante’.

‘A la tour de Trouilhas (et non Taurias) se rattachent en effect de sanglants souvenirs, ceux du massacre organise a Avignon, les 16 et 17 octobre 1791, par les chefs du parti revolutionnaire, Jourdan Coupe-tetes, Mainvielle et Duprat, dignes precurseurs des egorgeurs de Septembre.

‘M. Louis Blanc, que Victor Hugo appelle quelque part l’austere historien, reconte en ces termes ce terrible episode, au tome VI de son Histoire de la Revolution…’

3. HISTOIRE DE LA VIE ET DES OUVRAGES DE P. CORNEILLE. Par M. J. TASCHEREAU. Paris, Jannet, Bibliotheque Elzevirienne, 1855. 2.ed. 440 p. Bound in orig. cloth.

This neat, small volume is slightly shabby outside, but inside almost like new. It’s beautifully printed on what appears to me to be hand made paper. It’s a pleasure just to browse the book!

I can’t say I’m particularly interested in the theatre in general and the life and works of M. Corneille in particular. What made me buy the book newertheless, is perhaps mostly the curious and interesting fact, that the author, M. Taschereau, has graciously provided 170 pages of notes to the preceding 266 pages of principal text.

And to top that there are almost always several additional (shorter) notes at the bottom of each page – and I’m a sucker for notes! (- or eclaircissements as sometimes said by the French).

A cursory glance seems to reveal, that there’s a plentitude of historical facts and interesting remarks hiding in these 170 pages.

Jules Antoine Taschereau was a french politician and writer (1801-74). He started out as a journalist, then became a politician and was rewarded for (apparently) being a turncoat with ultimately becoming director of the National Library.

He wrote the life of Boufflers, Moliere and Corneille. His main work was ‘Revue Retrospectives’ (20. vols. of unpublished documents and memoirs 1833-37) and a new collection in 1848, solely concerned with the history of secret societies.

Pierre Corneille (1606-84) lived more or less concurrently with Louis XIII (1601-43). And, by the way, with ‘our own’ Josias Rantzau (1609-50), at this time one of less than a handful Maréchals de France not born French.

Incidentally Josias Rantzau is perhaps the most likely biological father of the Sun King – Louis XIV? By the machinations of Cardinal Richelieu, if we’re to believe rumours in their days. Here’s what I wrote in an earlier post (link 1):

‘As an aside here is a curious item of gossip about the Sun-King. The rumor was that a Danish officer, Josias Rantzau, born 1609 and who made it to Maréchal de France, might reasonably be regarded as the father of Louis XIV.

The Danish genealogist Tycho de Hoffman, who wrote in the 18th century, relates from a german book issued in the 1600’s, that Richelieu arranged for Rantzau to be close, even intimate with the queen, Anna of Austria.

She was said to be much, perhaps fatally, enchanted by Rantzau who was then by many regarded as the most handsome officer and chevalier of his time.’

But now back to basics.

I’ve not had a chance to visit Dorrit yet. As reported in an earlier post (link 2) Dorrit was (supposed to be) operated in Herlev Hospital abt. ten days ago. Of course I should and would have visited her one or more times in the meantime.

But last Wednesday (Nov.6.) I had this warning vision early in the A.M.:

– I saw an aircraft high in the (nightly?) sky. I couldn’t see any particular details due to the distance and darkness.

– Then I saw an aircraft – size somewhat like the venerable DC-3 – flying very low (abt. 10 feet above ground) between two house gabels, like if flying through the courtyard of a country house (link 3). I was observing from one of the wings of the house.

– Then I saw two (or three?) ‘Navy-Seal’ types waiting for me in a large, multi-storied house; from which I eventually tried to escape. (However one of the men wore a helmet like they were formerly worn by paratroopers, hence the men were perhaps most likely supposed to be ‘Delta-Force’ types?)

– I then woke up.

Exposition: I guess the mob has decided to once more bring in a few specialists in ‘The Simple Art of Murder’ – or kidnapping?

The high altitude of the aircraft might perhaps indicate the plane came from afar, i.e. Overseas (american or mediterranean?).

The subsequent low-altitude flight might indicate an unloading of personnel? But it also tend to remind one of the attack on the Pentagon on 9.11.

That attack was ostensibly carried out with a large, commercial aircraft flying abt. 10 feet above ground in its approach before hitting the building. Which according to expert pilots would however have been quite impossible. Obviously a missile was in fact employed (google it!).

But this analogy seems to imply a supreme importance of the mission, as seen in my vision? The Pentagon attack was reportedly intended to destroy evidence of a few trillion(!) taxpayer dollars seemingly evaporated from the Pentagon budgets, and of which an investigation had recently been instigated by SOD Donald Rumsfeld and just then ongoing in the premises and by the personnel hit by the missile.

In my case it’s perhaps mostly to destroy evidence of this (link 4) or perhaps this (link 7)?

But obviously I didn’t feel it would be wise to visit the ‘desolate’ Herlev Hospital just now, and I’ve once again had to try and be philosophical about it all: No one told Dorrit and myself beforehand when we would meet abt. twenty years ago; and conversely no one will necessarily tell us beforehand when we may have to part ways.

But it’s exactly this kind of predicament that have made me to – reluctantly – decide not to have family of my own (and why I never ‘lived or slept’ with Dorrit). In our time of ubiquitous video- and it-surveillance you simply cannot have family of your own if you want to stand up to the mob!

The mob, incidentally, consists of entities not entirely human; they are in fact more like robots, and COMPLETELY without moral holds. (link 5). You may perhaps most appropriately describe them as MORAL ANTIMATTER?

Moral Antimatter that you have to evade at all costs lest you all are completely destroyed!

Because just like antimatter in the physical universe destroys matter when they meet, moral antimatter will inevitably destroy all moral things they meet.


Moreover – in all probability you may safely assume, that any entity that’s more or less viciously attacking morality – i.e. morally sound people, ideas, institutions, cultures – with a very high degree of certainty are mob or mob-related (if not simply blatantly insane)? Sort of defining the mob, perhaps?

The mob would simply not want or accept members or associates that don’t profess and fully adhere to complete immorality.

Also there can be no doubt that the ‘destroyers of worlds’ – including the destroyers and disruptors of sane and sound human entities and institutions – at the very least are mob inspired; and who sooner or later will grow – perhaps more or less arcane – links with the mob.

Incidentally, compare what top theoretical scientist LOUIS SANCHO’s remarked about certain of his colleagues (while talking about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – link 6):

“Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care”.

In fact earthlings may already now be able to destroy Earth and the Sun with its planetary system. And perhaps even kick the sun right out of the Milky Way Galaxy? (note 2, below).

But back to base again:

Today (Okt.9.2019), early in the A.M. I had this vision:

– I saw a quite small and very odd aircraft in a rather low altitude in the air. It was brownish with a curious, irregular shape and was rotating in the air.

– Then I saw (the same?) strange aircraft land on the platform of our roof. It now seemed quite large, at least for the platform.

– I saw the craft was made up of straw, and was just large (or small) enough to fit almost precisely on the platform, where it was put down quite elegantly. It appeared to be formed somewhat like an (inner) shoe sole made of straw.

– My associates planned to inspect the craft, but I declined as I feared I would be kidnapped.

– I then woke up.

Exposition: I guess the mob in question has by now figured I’m wise to the Herlev Hospital mission. Whence plan B has been invoked. Plan B seems to be roughly like this:

An ultra-light aircraft or para-glider is to be tasked with landing on the large roof-platform of our appartment house, bringing in a hit-team.

From the platform the hit-team is to access my flat in one way or another and either assassinate or (preferably) kidnap me.

The access may happen either

1) from the landing platform through the top (5th store) flat (the platform-door may well be unlocked?) and out into the stairway and to my front door. But as I have installed a high quality lock – supposed to be unbreakeable (or rather unpickable – it can ofcourse easily be broken by brute force) – perhaps option 2 is more likely?

2) into the appartment directly above mine; from there the hit-team would enter my appartment by climbing through windows – a piece of cake for any elite, mob-controlled ‘Delta-Force’ types.

They wouldn’t have to break the window glass in the flat above mine, and could after a successful mission easily exchange any broken window in my flat with the corresponding window in the identical flat above.

The flat above mine would ofcourse not be investigated by any rogue SecretPolice; on the contrary, every effort could perhaps be undertaken so as to make my eventual disappearence look like I had just peacefully gone away on my own?

Frankly all of this is an option I’ve considered years ago. I’m afraid it always was slightly worrying for me, that our small appartment house had this giant roof platform erected when the house was refurbished a few years ago.

But ofcourse I’ve had to consider my options; we’ll have to see how things pan out.

Incidentally – why an shoe-sole shaped airplane made up of straw?

Perhaps the straw-made vehicle indicates both its origin as well as the date of its mission and its target?

Firstly: The Americans have a history of employing straw or reeds for ships, i.e. travelling vehicles.

Secondly: Perhaps the straw material also indicate possible date options for a mission?

When might a hit preferably be attempted?

– Perhaps on the 13.Nov. – the birthday of my maternal grandfather? He was a small farmer all his life, and of old peasants and most rustic people used straw-made soles in their clogs.

– Or on 20.Nov. – the birthday of my paternal grandfather who was a shoemaker?

– Or on the 3.Dec. – the birthday of my father – the son of a shoemaker?

– Or perhaps in week 52, Christmas week. In that week many of the flats in our house will be desolate on account of their mostly young residents being with their family for Christmas. Also it’s an old custom to decorate houses and gardens with things made from straw at Chrismas.

Thirdly: The strange shoe-sole shaped craft made by straw may indicate the target: Someone contempteously regarded as ‘a peasant with straw in his clogs’?


But once more it’s getting dark and I want to get home before long.

Thanks for joining – and be careful!

Note 1.
See for instance: VICTOR HUGO – POÈTE DE SATAN, by Paul ZUMTHOR. Paris, 1946, Robert Laffont, 338p.

Note 2.
One might be tempted to muse a bit about our cosmic (Galactic) nightbours, perhaps somewhat like this:

They have obviously been watching and gathering intelligence on us for decades (especially since Hiroschima and Nagasaki, see the historian Richard M. Dolan’s three recent, massive and well researched volumes on the matter), and one should hardly be surprised in the least if it’s very soon decided it’s about time to bring in a ‘Galactic Police Task Force’?

Earthlings have now become a dangeours liability for their neighbours, and one should obviously not expect the same suave, hands-off attitude from a Task Force as reportedly almost always experienced from the observers and intelligence gathering entities?

Link 1.
Jydske Lov, Josias Rantzau, Juvenal’s Satirer, Blicher og Søren Holm, H.C.Andersen og Niels Hancke.

Link 2.
Lykketoft – Bjerregaard – Pind

Link 3.
The Country House

Link 4.

Link 5.
The Robots’ Cash Ban

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Link 6.
Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

Link 7.
Swedbank – Lunar Lander Crash – NotreDame – Die Gnosis


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Danish Agriculture and Police

(30.10.2019) Today is Wednesday and it’s Johannes’ 93rd birthday!

‘Johannes’ if the stepfather of my old friend O.L., who incidentally is one of the two or three most gifted photographers I’ve ever befriended.

Johannes has been a farmer all his adult life; energetic and hardworking until about 10 years ago.

Also he is, I think, the most generally likeable man I’ve ever known. He’s fair and broadminded, friendly and intelligent and ALWAYS courteus and positive, even though he was always very busy.

But I was reminded of the farmers lot in modern Denmark while strolling and enjoying today’s bright weather here in downtown Copenhagen. I happened to pass by a large, grey building near Parliament and noticed a particularly large surveillance camera lens in the door frame; ‘it’s so large it almost seem to strut out into your face while passing by’.

Wondering what kind of establishment needed that much security I looked for a nameplate, thinking it might possibly be a branch of the Rotschild bank or something like that.

However it turned out to be merely one of the many government departments that’s located right in the vicinity of Parliament.

The sign read: MILJØ OG FØDEVAREMINISTERIET. (Ministry of Environment and Food).

In the olden days (until abt. a couple of decades ago?) they called it LANDBRUGSMINISTERIET (Ministry of Agriculture).

But the word Agriculture (Landbrug) has now almost become an expletive in our small nation, of old renowned or even famous for the quality of its agricultural products.

One suspects that the name ‘Miljø og Fødevareministeriet’ was choosen as a compromise instead of what was possibly really wished for – f.i. MILJØSVIN OG FØDEVARE-MAD-SPISE-NED-I-MAVEN-MINISTERIET? (sorry – I’m just kidding, and cannot possibly translate it into English).

By the way – I believe Denmark is probably the only nation in the world – and correct me if I’m wrong, please – where national TV can feature an almost perpetual series named THE PEASANTS ASS (Bonderøven)?

But then again, isn’t Denmark – and especially Government-Denmark – now morally degenerate almost beyond recognition?

Today I’m carrying a couple of newspapers in my bag. Lets cast a quick look at a few headlines.

Firstly from today’s issue of B.T.metro (- a large, free sub-tabloid circulated in metropolitan Copenhagen).

The front page is dominated by a photo from the horrible wild-fires in California.

The actual conflagration in Cal. appears to be almost beyond comprehension. Thousend of houses burnt and hundreds of thousands Californians displaced. And many millions more without power for days or weeks. The nearest comparision is perhaps to the bombings in Syria?

But many US-americans have been really down on their luck, recently. Think of the hundreds of thousands homless. Think of the wast floods in the MidWest, that have devastated millions of acres of prime agricultural land.

I believe they have inundated an area at least corresponding to a small european state, like for instance all of Denmark.

You have to feel sorry for all the innocent victims, in the US as well as in Syria.

On page 12 there is a piece about banks turning up their fees.

It’s a long story, ofcourse, but the gist of the matter is irresponsible ‘money-printing’ by irresponsible central banks. Even the main stream press and main stream politics are beginning to catch on (see the following few recent sample quotes from newssites).

Only – yesterdays ‘money-printing’ is now called ‘Quantitative Easing’ or ‘Financialization’ – and perhaps other fancy fake names as well?

Thus money are basically for free for the elite (and especially the elite banks), making the savings of the middle class almost – and certainly increasingly – worthless.

Hence in quite short order the monied elite will own everything, bought by their fake, ‘counterfeit’ money – supplied basically for free to the tune of trillions! But only to the the elite – ofcourse.

(The ‘average, middle class man’ may believe he has part in the loot, by being able to borrow millions ‘for nothing’ to buy a house. But this is merely a trap; when interest are manipulated higher (and central banks do nothing but ‘manipulate’!)- then house owners are sunk: If interest is doubled the ‘cash-price’ of your house is basically halved).

In Copenhagen we have recently heard about one of these elite american investors, buying properties in Copenhagen City at a frantic speed with their ‘fake’ dollars-almost-for-free.

Like I’ve remarked a few months ago – perhaps Danish land and property will soon be more attractive to own as an investment for the billionaires than property on Manhattan? (hint: The climate in Denmark seems to become (relatively) increasingly attractive).

*Oprør blandt Frankfurts grå jakkesæt: Eurochef sammenlignes med blodsugende vampyr

*Bloddryppende. Drabelig. Skræmmende. Formanden for Den Europæiske Centralbank (ECB), Mario Draghi, er en vampyr, en grev Draghila, der suger de tyske borgeres bankkonti tør for penge.
Så malende var beskrivelsen i den tyske avis Bild

*What is financialization? This:
Profit margin growth without labor productivity growth, driven by artificially low price of money. Corporate mgmt and uber-rich cash in … 99.9% can suck it.
And yes, this is why the world is burning.

*Central Bank Hints At A “Big Reset” And Reveals A Possible Solution.
It’s not every day you hear a major financial institution hint at the possibility of the entire economic system collapsing…

*The Last 10 Years Have Been “An Unparalled Transfer Of Wealth To The Managerial Class”.
…the Adam Neumann story is repeated in a non-infuriating and non-obvious way every day in every S&P 500 company. And it’s been going on for a DECADE…

*Rates Tumbling Everywhere, Except Credit Cards Where They’ve Never Been Higher!
The growth of consumer borrowing is not excessive, but what is excessive is how much it costs consumers to borrow.

*Why do banks continue to be so pressed for liquidity, even though the Fed has made it quite clear its balance sheet will expand to accommodate all reserve needs?
Fed’s Fourth Bill POMO Is Most Oversubscribed Yet Amid Liquidity Scramble

Now to yesterdays issue of B.T.metro:

The front page has a headline saying: ‘Minister will stop bonus-party at the Police’. On page 4-5 you learn more about the matter.

It seems there has been raised a public uproar about payout of a small yearly bonus to a few top policemen.

I’m not sure I’m able to really comprehend what all the fuss is about. But it seems there has been established a custom of paying out small yearly bonuses to most of the nations 14 regional police directors.

Generally the bonus is in the region of 10,000 dollars; but the director of police in Western Sealand just gets abt. 5,000 dollars.

Thus we’re not talking about bonus and/or other benefits to the tune of hundred of millions like the directors of for instance NET’s – that as far as I know has come about by asset-stripping formerly public assets?

Now the question is: How in the world can these – almost ridiculously small – bonus amounts cause almost a national hetz in the mainstream media?

Apart from the fact, that ‘hetz-instincts’ were always running deep in the general public, the answer may be that there is perhaps a more or less tangible cause.

Namely the fact, that the public has been increasingly exasperated by service levels from law enforcement. Often amounting to no service at all.

Police are reportedly rarely showing up if you are burglarized or mugged, not to speak of lesser offences.

But why is that? Is this really by fault of the police?

Hardly! Police are not planning and creating the economic and moral framework for their duties. The politicians are.

First and formost you have to blame your politicians for the lacking law enforcement!

Still it probably won’t happen that police will get noticeably more money. They will get whipped publicly – like it’s happening now – but they will not get meaningfully more money.

And why is that, you may ask?

It’s like this (you may learn the modus operandi, eventually – although perhaps not before it’s too late?) – but alas, here we go again.

The global supreme master-puppetering master-robots tell our governments liason officer (the dark-master-puppet-robot) what’s to do about police.

The dark-master-puppet tells our P.M. what the global master-robot has imparted unto him about what to do.

The P.M. then tells the reigning M.o.J. what to do and what to tell the police and the public.

And the M.o.J. gives everyone a song and a dance as ordered.

Because, mind you: The global mission may be Disruption and even Chaos? Police – and hospitals! – have perhaps most likely not been starved just to save money? They may have been and will possibly forthwith be starved WITH THE OBJECT OF CREATING DISRUPTION AND CHAOS – thus enabling elite predators to ultimately and terminally rob everyone else blind?

Remember the former cabinets ‘Disruption Task Force’ and ‘Burn everything down every seven years’? And cabinets these days are basically clones of each other, aren’t they?


But it’s getting late , and I would like to get home before dark (as I’ve just drawn out a few hundred dollars for emergency money).

Thanks for joining, and be safe!

Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

War On Iran – General Election – Kill The Canary – The Flea Market – Freud – Niels Lyhne



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