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Mossad Safe Space & War on Iran? (upd.)

Today let’s take a look at a couple of my most recent tweets (; may be slightly amended). As usual the asterix * indicates the tweet and a chevron > my comment.

* (20.7.2019) Mossad SafeSpace and War on Iran? I wonder if war on Iran is scheduled to concur with Mossad moving-in downstairs sometime betw. now and Aug.1.?

* (20.7.2019)Mossad SafeSpace & War on Iran? If so this might explain clairvoyant vision this Wednesday (17.7.)- Saw giant black bomb falling my general way without quite hitting. Decoded: Giant bomb meant for Iran but indirectly also for myself?

* (23.7.2019) This AM in clairvoyant vision saw my niece hanging with her head down. Obviously the DeepState psychos plan to perhaps have her kidnapped? The DeepState power brokers are in fact Robots! (link 2) – and love to have their SecretService kill or torture the completely innocent! Why? Because it makes the Robots feel superior to humans. Humans have empathy and cannot kill or torture the innocent!

> Another reason for the US to wage war on Iran soon could be the spectacular case of the ‘LolitaExpress’ now perhaps quickly nearing a peliminary denouement in NewYork and Florida.

Lots of very powerful people in the Western Hemisphere would certainly want this case to be firmly relegated to the shadows, perhaps even under the black clouds of a catastrophic war?

But without endorsement from Congress the US Govt. can hardly start an arbitrary war of agression on Iran. Could it be that Mossad and their friends are busting, and thus sacrifying, their immeasurably valuable blackmail asset, the ‘LolitaExpress’ and the ‘LolitaIsland’ to induce Congress to approve the war? (Link

The deal would be, that as soon as war is approved by Congress the iconic leader of the blackmail operation will be ‘disappeared’ (preferably spirited away from the US to IL by Mossad and their friends; or, perhaps less credible, in worst case scenario be ‘suicided’ in prison?). The case would then collapse. (Note 3)

Conversely, if Congress don’t approve war on Iran the LolitaExpress and all the prominent guests will be busted wide open, somewhat like an Samson-Option?

I fear my nightly vision of the giant, black bomb falling should perhaps not be dismissed too quickly? Keep in mind that IL wants to create holocaust on Iran – and want it badly?

By the way it seems to me that Mossad and their friends have suddenly become quite cocky and carefree in their demeanour here in Copenhagen. Of course you have to wonder if this is because Denmark has got a brand new Government less than a month ago?

Could it by any chance be that the new Government strong-man has an intense personal interest in someone making me silent, and fast?

Compare, for example, what I wrote here (and more – Link 10).

Below is what I posted on July 1. (slightly amended July 2. and later).

(1.July.2019) Today is Monday and it’s nice out there. They say it’s the African ‘Föhn’ from Sahara that’s been hitting much of Europe hard this last week. But today is a very nice Danish summer day with 22 Deg.C and a little bit windy.

When I left my flat this morning there was kind of a micro-drama playing out in front of our appartment house.

The City Council had put up signs at the sidewalk saying that parking today was prohibitet at some 50 feet of the kerb. But regardless someone had parked a small car.

Just when I exited the front door a giant flat-bed truck with a ‘caravan-house’ on it came around the corner; but to no avail, it had to move on without being able to unload.

I noticed the signs yesterday, but off hand thought the parking space might possibly be needed for movers, as the flat directly below mine is as empty as it has been for most of June.

Monday the 3rd of June I heard voices in our courtyard that for some reason made me look down into the court from my north window.

What I saw was our landlord coming from the far (northern) part of our lot and being accompanied by an athletic and professional looking gentleman with a wad of paper under his arm.

Seconds later they both looked up seemingly inspecting my north window (or perchance just above or below my third storey flat). They only inspected the east end of the building (where I live).

A few minutes later they had moved to the south side, the street side of the house. After having talked shortly they shook hands and the landlord drove away.

The gentleman then took some photographs of the south face of our building from the opposite sidewalk. Soon after he left, but I didn’t see his car.

Off hand he looked much like a real estate broker, I think, or perhaps even more like a government surveyor or appraiser? But he may also, for all I know, have been a Mossad technician taking stok of a target?

(I want here to once more stress my view (like propounded before), that no doubt our landlord is in no way maliciously conspiring to have me evicted, or worse. She is simply not the conspiracy-type. On the other hand she may most likely be quite easily manipulated (without her own knowledge, ofcourse) – like most Danish people are quite clueless and easily manipulated?).

A few days later (June 7 & 8) the two young women living downstairs moved out, and the flat directly below me has been vacant since that. Slightly curious that they moved out ‘in the middle of a month’, perhaps? Were someone suddenly in a hurry to free the flat? (- for Mossad to take over?).

Incidentally this is or at least may well turn out to be bad news for me, as it could perhaps mean the flat below may soon come on the market for sale as a condo? Why is this possibly or even likely bad or even very bad news for myself?

Simply this: The flat (or even the whole building?) may perchance be scheduled – in underhanded and hidden ways, even for our landlord – to be sold to (or just rented to) Mossad or their friends? And why is that, you may ask.

The thing is there may have been certain signs of an old grudge of the owners toward the undersigned?

If this is so I frankly doubt this would emanate from the owners themselves – a millionaire or even billionaire family? However, they may ofcourse have been manipulated?

I’ve already on a few occasions reported about curious coincidences that eventually got me thinking about possible underground networks.

Firstly there was the odd observation that the new owners knew me by sight before having ever met me. Which I happened to note the day they introduced themselves to the tenants just after having bought the house, now abt. a decade ago.

Did these honourable people really buy – that is, manipulated and tasked with buying – the house partly or even mostly just to harass myself? (Remember: My blog is or has been read by some of the top power- and money-brokers in the world; and some of them – ‘the powerful DeepState psychos’ (link 8) – obviously hate my guts!). (Note 1)

Secondly there was the – on the face of it – strange history of the seemingly imperfect fire protection of our newly refurbished house (abt. five years ago, Link 1, in Danish).

And thirdly there was the equally strange coincidence of a clairvoyant dream saying I was to be evicted and then me by chance looking out of the window and seeing the owners just leaving the premises:

* “On Mar6.2018 in late AM had vision of man making scorecard over me as in a #trial. Every score negative. I said ‘It’s a murder plot’, then woke up. 3min later heard/saw owner family leaving back house with wad of papers. Is evil people plotting to have me evicted?” (

> There is perhaps no reason doubting that several of my recent blogposts have made the DeepState irate or even livid with rage. Just compare these few links (Link 3).

Now, the thing is that Mossad and their friends may have tried almost everything to have me assassinated or ‘disappeared’ – and until now to no avail, obviously. (Link 4).

Realistically there seem to be perchance two venues left? One – to have the Mossad-controlled(?) underground mafia on our hospitals activated to assassinate myself when I eventually have to be hospitalized to be operated for my hernia? (Link 5)

Two – to have Mossad or their friends by underhanded ways acquire the flat directly below (or above or adjacent to) myself. Why would acquiring the flat directly below perhaps be deemed especially auspicious by the mob?

For this: a) to be able to harass myself with loud and noisy ‘music’ (Link 6) b) to harass with ultrasound – possibly deadly? c) to harass with microwave radiation – possibly deadly? d) to harass, target and hit with psychic attacs – much stronger and dangerous if only one or two feet from f.i. my bed? (In this respect the flat below is much more applicable than the flat directly above)(Link 7) e) to be able to stake out hitmen so as to prevent me from leaving my flat without the possibility of being kidnapped or assassinated. f) for all sorts of close surveillance g) possibly other means.

Note 1 (2.July)
Tonite I had a dream-vision about someone criticizing me for not studying an issue adequately before throwing myself at the keyboard.

How right this or these honourable critics are! But this is one of the deplorable consequences of standing alone against an army.

(The former Mossad-agent, the whistle-blower hero Victor Ostrovsky, tells about sayanim in his book ‘By Way of Deception’, – that there were then (1990) ca. 7000 sayanim (active and stand-by) in London alone (i.e. abt. 1 promille of the population?); that would correspond to abt. 1500 in greater Copenhagen.

His book dealt not least with Mossad having infiltrated the Danish Secret Service. There was a parlamentarian crisis, but the then M.o.J. clamped down hard on a clueless parliament by threatening to discharge the Control Commission of Parliament(!). He is now a prominent guardian of our democracy as a well known main stream newspaper columnist.)

Standing alone you cannot allow this army to get altogether too close, if you can help it – could be your downfall. Hence an essential plan of action for you is to always be extremely vigilant; if extreme vigilance don’t help, perhaps nothing will?

Nevertheless I agree that I should at least briefly have mentioned this:

The former owner of our house, Mr. E.L., firmly believed he was almost fatally poisoned while in hospital abt. three years before he died.

Some irresponsible hospital doctor(s) had persuaded him to take part in a test of a certain (very poisonous) heart medicine.

He was then in his late seventies and had never had heart-problems, he told me.

He soon felt wery unwell and decided to withdraw from the experiment.

As it turned out he had been overdosed by several hundred percent (!) of this very poisonous heart medicine. In fact he said it was so poisonous, that it would take several years just to step down to normal dose; a dose he didn’t need in the first place.

A doctor reportedly was fired and the head doctor ‘threatened’ to retire if the calamity ever hit the newspapers (note 2).

I agree I should have mentioned this occurence in connection with the appartment house getting new owners. If only because it has never been disproved that dark forces may have wanted to precipitate new ownership of our building?

Note 2.
Clever ruse to remove focus from the more natural option of contacting the ‘Homicide Squad’ – perhaps?

But of small avail anyway, as Police never – like in NEVER – investigates ‘unnecessary deaths’ in our hospitals – if they can help it, that is. But for all we know there might easily occur several hundred (and perhaps thousands?) of cold blooded assassinations p.a. in Danish hospitals alone?

For example, if you assume 750 assassinations each year in Danish hospitals, this would amount to only 2 each day; and hundreds of ‘dark operators’ in the health industry could probably easily accomplish this without anybody batting an eyelash?

Perhaps a few readers remember that the then medical director of Hvidovre Hospital (in greater Copenhagen), the honourable Dr. Mogensen, and his equally honourable female associate (whose name elopes me) abt. 10 years ago propounded the opinion that an estimated ca. 5000 patients died unnecessarily (and ofcourse uninvestigated by police) in Danish hospitals each year?

Of course this gentleman is no longer director in said hospital! (Here are some of my own experiences, likewise roughly 10 years ago (link 9)).

But why is it, that Police never, ever investigates deaths in our hospitals – willingly?

Simply this: Mossad and their friends won’t allow it!

It’s an incredibly valuable asset for any DeepState controlled SecretService to have access to the option of assassinating ANYONE, ANYTIME in ANY (Danish) hospital.

It’s dead-sure (pardon the pun) and safe without the perpetrators really risking anything at all – and certainly not disclosure!

Basically there are perhaps five venues for the DeepState to subdue critics:

a) Throw a scare into them. Often done by intimidating, harassing, hurting or killing/kidnapping friends and/or family. In fact, as things are now – with basically no law enforcement or security (or justice?) for the average man, not to speak of the poor – and if you want to stand up to the Deep State you can have no family of your own!

Otherwise you are especially phrone to Blackmail. Incidentally most people – almost everyone – are clueless enough to accept blackmail. Yes – you have to accept it – to play the game; otherwise it won’t work (First rule: Never read their letters!). And often you don’t get anything in return for giving in or paying up, anyway!

b) Isolate the target. Harass all his activities, including his job or business, his interaction with government agencies (like making letters evaporate and pensions disppear into thin air), harass his friends and family in any conceivable way, vandalize his car incl. stealing the licence plates repeatedly, gps-chip his car and bike, and so on and so forth. All this is perhaps most often done with the local SecretService aiding and abetting the perpetrators?

c) Kill or kidnap the target critic by ‘ordinary’ hit teams. May comprise a single agent or a small army. If you are not both a bit lucky and also very intuitive with a strong sixt sense you are probably dead meat. No doubt Mossad is now the unsurpassed master in setting up hit teams:
The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (updated)
(There is a resume of a string of hit teams targeting myself in link 10.)

d) To have you assassinated in hospital or by (one of) your doctor(s); I’ve experienced at least two ‘cooperating’ doctors and a couple of hospital set-ups; only escaped the hospital set-ups by being warned clairvoyantly.

e) As the (normally?) last recourse they have their master-mentalists / black magicians by ‘remote hypnosis’ attack you psychically in your sleep – like it tragically occured to the wife of a former Danish foreign minister a few years ago:


Personally I’ve been attacked viciously by some very expert mentalists/black magicians half a dozen times; I believe that at least 99% of you would not have lived to tell about it? Especially one very clever attack was memorable in so far as some of my ‘associates’ seemed VERY surprised I had survived and didn’t even look scared. (Yes – that’s right, I can give you names; if not of the actual perpetrators then at least of a few persons in the know (although most may now be deceased)).

But would an attempt to assassinate the wife of an acting Danish foreign minister interest the police even remotely? No – ofcourse not; they are busy handing out traffic tickets.


Note 3. (22.Aug.2019)
>The whisper on the web is he was spirited away in a wheel chair.

The Mossad apparently infiltrates almost everything in almost every country?

Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? We Do Not Make This Shit Up….

Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? We Do Not Make This Shit Up….

>Obviously he was NOT the (dead) person photographed being wheeled into a hospital on a stretcher.

On the left we see the real Jeffrey Epstein. On the right we see the allegedly ‘dead Jeffrey Epstein’.

An inmate who spent months in Epstein’s prison block says there is ‘no way he could have killed himself.

It doesn’t take a tin-foil hat to smell a rat in Epstein’s ‘way too convenient’ death

Guards in Epstein Jail Told to LEAVE AREA 3 Hours early due to “Maintenance” Before Epstein Found DEAD
BREAKING: Two guards at the MCC who normally have overnight shift that watches over suicide risk inmates, were both told to leave area 3 hours earlier for scheduled “Maintenance” to jail cells and hallways.

Deep State Wants Epstein Gone – Kevin Shipp.
‘I don’t know why the Bureau of Prisons put Epstein in a jail cell with a cop that killed four people and buried them in his back yard. Epstein should have been in solitary confinement under watch’.

Deep State Wants Epstein Gone – Kevin Shipp

Barbara Sampson ‘carried out the alleged autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein’.
Sampson’s Medical Examiner’s Office ‘has struggled with a string of bodies wrongly sent to crematoriums, medical classes and embalming schools.’

Link 1.
Småting og bagateller (2)

Link 2.

The Nice Crowd

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

The Robots’ Cash Ban

Link 3.
Mamiya – EKSTRABLADET – NETS – Ghettos – A Garden Party

Voigtlander, Kirstjen Nielsen or HELL ON FIRE?

Three Honourable Gentlemen, Laerke and Sainte-Beuve


Link 4. (to name just a few)
War On Iran – General Election – Kill The Canary – The Flea Market – Freud – Niels Lyhne

Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Link 5.
Kill the canary

Operation eller mission?

Link 6.

Sweet Dreams (Satire)

Link 7.

The Nice Crowd

Clement Freud is related, on his mother’s side, to Uri Geller.
Geller has been photographed with a surprisingly large number of the reported top UK child abusers.

Did people involved with #MKUltra meet, consult, study or employ numerous mystics/occultists incl fortunetellers, palmreaders, clairvoyants, astrologers, mediums, #psychics, #voodoo / #witchcraft practitioners and blackmagicians, demonologists, Satanists?

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

They also helped set up a course in black magic, demonology, and witchcraft at at the University of South Carolina as a sort of “social laboratory.”

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA–MK-OFTEN went beyond the mere research of mind control and incapacitation of enemies, and branched out into the world of black magic, witchcraft, and the occult.

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

Link 8.

Epstein the Satanist?: Will Australia Ever Investigate Its Role? (warning, graphic material)

“I’m aware the .01% psychopaths in control every year kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions”.

Interview with an angel: Does evil exist for ‘spiritual workouts’ to get us off our lazy Divine asses? Is Earth a super-evil case study, a school to recognize evil, or what?

CIA has become as soulless and dirty as the worst organized crime thugs out there

Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We The People

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) aspect in childsex trafficking cases is often downplayed or not addressed by law enforcement

Link 9.
Operation eller mission?

Kill the canary

Link 10.


Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Link 11.
La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Former CBS executive producer Zev Shalev ‘has confirmed that Epstein is tied directly to the Mossad’.
Epstein and Nader are believed to be agents of Israeli Intelligence.

>Terrorism is a word originally coined to define the actions of a State against its people for purposes of fear to further an agenda or for mass murder. Terrorism: Government by Intimidation. – Oxford Dictionary

“In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904.

>The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JFK assassination.
In a memo called ‘Countering Criticism of The Warren Report’ the CIA set out to make the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs.

Do You Believe In “Conspiracy Theories?” An FBI Report Says You’re A Potential Domestic Terrorist

Was 9/11 A Plot to Seize Power? There is no question that 9/11 was the event that destroyed the constitution. We lost all of our privacy and rights ever since.


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Wozniak’s Facebook – Censure In Denmark – War On Iran? (upd.)

Today is Sunday and even if it’s mostly cloudy it’s really nice and friendly here in downtown Copenhagen.

I would line to take a quick look on some of my recent tweets (may not yet be posted. The asterix * indicates the tweet while a chevron > indicates my comment).

* Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says you should get off Facebook because ‘there’s almost no way to stop’ companies from spying on your habits

* Big Government and Big Tech Are Partnering to Track Us Everywhere

Big Government and Big Tech Are Partnering to Track Us Everywhere

* Google Is America’s Number One National Security Threat:Big Tech Social Media does not want to break the law, they seek to unilaterally create the law

> I guess you should listen to a warning from a man like Wozniak? I also suspect, however, that nary a soul will heed the warning?

Perhaps the problem for most people is they don’t understand that these giant corporations – also called BigTech – are NOT in business to help you?

But on the contrary, they are ofcourse doing business to enrich themselves and often no matter if it hurts you or not?

And especially that most user – or rather nearly all users? – have no idea that BigTech may in fact have a hidden agenda to enslave you?

If this is not the case, why would a man like Wozniak warn us as starkly as he apparently does?

Perhaps we can most conveniently learn something about the business philosophy of BigTech from the modus operandi of the big banks and their ‘helicopter money’?

The Central Banks – and especially the US-Fed and the EU-ECB – want you to believe that ‘printing’ Dollars and Euros to the tune of trillions is done to help you – the citizen – and your country.

But it isn’t – here’s the lowdown:

Imagine you are living in a (very) small city-state with only a couple of hundred houses, more or less. This city-state of course has it’s own currency.

Now, a small shopholder, perhaps by sly and devious machinations has usurped the right to print the city-state’s currency at his discretion, using the money printing press, conveniently installed in his garden shed.

Being very greedy and also very clever he then schemes to eventually own all property in this little city enclave. How come, you ask.

Simple: He just prints money galore. The money printing machine in the garden shed runs full bore day and night.

So when a property is up for sale in the city, he can lend any amount to all potential buyers. The funds loaned are almost for free as the interest is only 1%, or less, and there is seemingly almost no payback.

That is, only seemingly: The loan is not a gift (I know for a fact this is hard to understand for some people), it IS a loan and it HAS to be paid back – some day.

But it may eventually, in many cases, take almost your whole life to pay the loan back. Thus you are already now to some degree really a debt slave.

Soon it will be ‘more’, for in the meantime the ‘helicopter money’ from his printing press has eventually raised property prices to ten times what they were before the sly money printer got going.

But that doesn’t matter, you say, as the funds are nearly interest free, and the pay back rates very lenient. So why worry?

Only you are now, in fact, a true and genuine debt slave. You will in most cases NEVER be able to pay back your loans. Your children and grandchildren will NEVER be able to both de jure and de facto own a house.

Thus you are not really owning your property and your home. The money printer is de facto, if not de jure, owning your house. And it takes just a small amendment to the law of your (corrupt?) small city state to take your ownership away – as it’s not really yours any more in the first place.

Also perhaps the money printer suddenly raises interests on his loans to five (or even ten) times as much. Which means sellers of property cannot sell their houses (note 1), and if they for some reason HAVE to sell, their houses may get auctioned off for a pittance.

The buyer will often be the money printing gentleman, awash in almost for free money.

Still think the banks are peddling their cheap money – money, that are in fact, if not de jure, counterfeit money, as there is not concurrently created assets to back it – to help you?

* The most powerful people in Europe are simply being APPOINTED like Game of Thrones

> Remember – the US-Fed is de facto ‘privately’ owned and operated by WallStreet-bankers; the EU-ECB ownership is more complicated but curiously the head of the bank is always appointed by the international (LondonCity/WallStreet) bankers – ‘by sly and devious machinations’ (and clueless politicians)?

* Denmark says it plans to regulate popular influencers after an Instagram star posted a suicide note online.
The influencer, Fie Laursen, posted the note on Instagram, where she has more than 336,000 followers.

* Minister of Children and Education Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil told the BBC that the government wanted influencers to have an “editorial responsibility” in line with the standards of the “old press”.

* Rosenkrantz-Theil proposes the formation of a governmental board to enforce such rules which would be granted the authority to remove material in breach of whatever guidelines were created.

* The politician outlined a scenario whereby the influencers would have to designate three people to have the password for their accounts. “These people can then remove a post if they believe it violates the press ethics even though it was the blogger that posted it,” the minister explaine

* The proposed Press Board would be afforded the right to criticize and ultimately, to censor, offending posts that broke any potential ethical guidelines. In order to make the somewhat far-fetched idea more feasible, it would be limited to govern those with more than 5,000 followers.

* UN Launches All-Out War On Free Speech
…forget everything about the free exchange of ideas: the UN feels that its ‘values’ are being threatened and those who criticize those values must therefore be shut down…

> Apparently Danish Governments have now mostly become horrible, clueless NWO DeepState puppets: No decency, no morals and no spine?

They seem to like to do whatever the DeepState demands or is believed to want from them.

And in particular they obviously like to always use any and all possible reasons, even the most farfetched, to spy on and harshly censure the alternative media – the bloggers, tweeters, facebook’ers etc.

The above (insane?) woman minister said she wanted every blogger, tweeter etc with more than 5000 followers to share her/his access code with three people, to make it possible to delete anything deemed inappropiate by the censure board? Crazy indeed!

Do we perchance discern the fine Italian hand of the new strong Microsoft-man in our new Govt.? BigTech hates independent bloggers!

Shame on the haters of the free word and the constitution!

* Did Jeffrey Epstein Share a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA?

* Is the Epstein arrest a Mossad terror scheme, against all the people worldwide who ever flew on the ‘Lolita Express’?

* “…entrap US politicians, judges, celebrities, prosecutors, and corporate leaders with rigged ‘no name’ hotels and … ‘Lolita Island’ where anything goes and the Mossad gets it all on video — grown people doing bad things to small children.”

* CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — Ask about Jeffrey Epstein on St. Thomas and rooms go quiet. Some people leave. Those who share stories speak in barely audible tones. Little St. James Island is a roughly 75-acre retreat a little over a mile (about 2 kilometers) southeast of St. Thomas.

* The more we look into this registered sex offender’s saga, the more it appears to have the characteristics of a gargantuan espionage operation. If so, then Epstein was running a multi-million intelligence apparatus set to accumulate dirt on some of the world’s most influential people

Epstein 007

* Our sources say Epstein’s legal representatives have threatened witnesses, journalists and even police and prosecutors with “Mossad hit teams” and have used terms like “will hunt down your family.”

Epstein Paying Off Witnesses, May Have Military Contractors (IDF) “Eliminate” Opponents

* Editor’s note: Why isn’t the island being searched? Our sources say it has been used as a Mossad base against the US for years as has his “range” (ranch?), 7500 acres that nobody has seen.

* There are those who say that Israel’s Mossad is actually a private army at the disposal of the Rothschilds, meaning that in a contest of wills between the Rothschilds and the Israeli government, the private Rothschilds would command Mossad loyalty.

FFWN: Ian Greenhalgh exposes Mossad assets Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell…and Donald Trump

* Using blackmail and other dirty tricks are common in any intelligence agency. So Pedostein’s leading role in a global blackmail operation on behalf of an intelligence agency is plausible, logical, and profitable for himself and his family.

* Our point here is that when you really look at the intelligence system, it’s similar to looking at a dark market. There is little difference between the three.
In reality the US, Britain, and Israel have a powerful alliance and the EU, Japan, and others do whatever they say.

* Why Arrest Jeffrey Epstein Now? The question is why now?
Is Israel exerting pressure on Trump to attack Iran? Neocon Alan Dershowitz’s willingness to incriminate himself (see story below) supports this view.

* Epstein’s Arrest: Rothschild vs Trump? Will the new entry in the updated Jewish bible be Book of Trump or Book of Rothschild? The Adelsons are praying for the Book of Trump

FFWN: Ian Greenhalgh exposes Mossad assets Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell…and Donald Trump

Con Ed now reporting 51,200 without electric now.
National Guard being called in to NYC. —

* Manhattan Goes Dark: Major Power Outage Hits NYC On Anniversary Of 1977 Great Blackout.
Exactly 42 years after a massive blackout caused by a lightning strike at an electrical substation plunged New York City into darkness for 25 hours..

* I have a feeling that as long as the whole developing Epstein sex trafficking scandal is in the news and public eye, we’re going to see an ever escalating series of false flag events. (comment)

> I think you may perhaps appropiately headline the Epstein saga now playing out the ‘WAR OF THE TITANS’.

Admittedly it is well nigh impossible for an ordinary body sitting several thousand miles away to get a clear view of that saga playing out. As it probably is for most everybody.

But the penultimate of above tweets – about the black out in NewYork yesterday – makes me believe this cataclysmic fight may perhaps most likely be about War on Iran – or not?

As I see it the present US-Government are leaning heavily on the Israeli government for advice in foreign policy. Or perhaps more accurately – the IL is leaning hard on the US?

In this case there would most likely be a tremendous pressure on Trump to bomb Iran?

On the other hand I suspect that leading bankers in WallStreet and in London DO NOT now want war on Iran? Simply because that might easily crash the world economy. The feared trigger many say could do just that.

In this case the Epstein saga might have been dug out of the closet – as in fact it was – to apply pressure on the US-government to not attack Iran.

This interpretation seems most likely to me, but obviously the picture is extremely hazy, at least as seen from the Copenhagen café I’m writing this.

However the NYC black out tend to support my view, obviously. This is because the black out occured exactly – to the day – on the anniversary of the (much larger) black out in 1977.

Of course the ‘coincidence theorists’ my disagree with me; but it seems that for Mossad to threaten WallStreet openly and blatantly there must be some real strong wills at odds?

* Men Skattestyrelsen mener ikke, Goldstein har ejet de danske aktier på tidspunktet for udbyttebetalingerne.
Og derfor har det ifølge styrelsen været svindel, når Goldstein har fået refusionerne af udbytteskatten..

* »Jeg ville håbe, at danskerne kunne forstå transaktionerne. Det her er meget tekniske transaktioner, og måske er det bare ikke er en del af jeres dna,« siger han til Børsen.

> No, of course not, Mr.G. Likewise perhaps morals is just not a part of your dna?

* Intruder broke into Buckingham Palace while the Queen slept just metres away in huge security breach
AN intruder was on the loose at Buckingham Palace at 2am this morning while the Queen slept just metres away.

* In 1982, as the 31-year-old schizophrenic began to tell his monarch about his family problems, she pushed the panic button by her bed but got no response.

* (In 1982) The Queen then telephoned the switchboard but the operator thought it was another member of staff playing a joke and replied : “Yes, dear, you’re the Queen, we’ll send someone up!”

> Seems the Queen still has a little problem with security at Buckingham Palace. But why not just relocate to Windsor Castle. Windsor even has a real nice sound to it!

Small wonder our former M.O.J. couldn’t go shopping just 500 m. from Parliament without having a four-men security detail around him.

Not that this is a practical problem at all, with the Danish Secret (Political) Police totaling almost 1000 persons?

* Do You Truly Have Free Will?
…we’re constantly at war with our biological programming…

> That’s an easy one to answer: Just define ‘free will’.

* Poker-Bot Designed By Facebook “Decisively” Beats Human Poker Pros.
“…it can bluff better than any human.”

> Poker-players and chess-players are heavily left-brain dominated. Which means they are almost robots in the first place (no offense intended!). For example – if they weren’t they simply couldn’t stand the pressure of being stared down constantly by the opponent. (link 1)

But not perfect robots, which would make them socially impossible. Hence the perfect robots naturally have an edge. (Note 2)

* Iconic New York Luxury Store Barneys Considering Bankruptcy

> There is apparently a world wide, slow moving, retail store apocalypse developing. Seemingly more fastly in the US, perhaps more or less due to the dominating omnipresence of Amazon?

Note 1.
When interest on your load doubles, cash-prices on your home crash, perhaps to half – simply because new buyers can only afford loans half as large as before.

Note 2.
Perhaps some readers remember the celebrated autist, who died only middleaged about a decade ago (sorry, forgot is name). He had memorized several thousand books and when reading he scanned a book like a machine: His left eye scanned down over the left page, while his right eye concurrently scanned the right page. It’s hard not to compare with a scanning machine – or robot.

Link 1.
The Robots’ Cash Ban

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon


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The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (upd.)

Today is Friday ‘et il fait beau’ out there. Sunny with clouds, a bit windy and about 25 deg.C. Almost a perfect summer day for an elderly Danish body like myself.

This Wednesday I enjoyed one of the rare visits by my old friend and colleague Frank N., now retired and often living i Lisboa with his Patagonian girlfriend.

Frank is a thoughtful guy who likes his books. And as my living room is plastered with books everywhere this augurs for a bit of conflict.

How come, you ask, cannot you talk about your books in a civilized manner?

Yes and no. The thing is my room is and for at least a decade has been TIGHTLY surveilled and bugged by the SecretPolice/SecretService (Danish and/or alien – remember, please, that my blogs have been heard about or seen and perhaps even read by some of our top power brokers, the ‘Alien Masters of the Galaxy’!).

This means I have a certain reluctance and even aversion to discussing the books I’m presently reading and also occasionally some of the titles generally regarded as more outlandish.

And why is that, you may ask?

Well – you have to realize that the people listening in on what is said (and written on pc) in my flat are quite clever; not really as clever as they think they are, but quite clever nevertheless.

So when someone grabs a book off a table or shelf and starts asking or commenting on it, these eavesdroppers instantly think this book or title is just precisely what I’m preoccupied and working with just now.

This may ofcourse be the case, although often it’s not. But signals are sent and received and decoded by the SecretService(s) and that may have repercussions on my future life in an irritating, detrimental or even harmful way.

These freaks are just thirsting for ANY excuse and fig leaf to harass and hurt you.

Then you also have to know that most of my friends are from the world of photography.

This means they are almost exclusively left brain dominated types. What does this mean? (Link 1)

It means they mostly, or almost exclusively, see the world in two dimensions.

They see the surface but not what’s below.

Another of my old friends is a very giftet photographer but who has also manifest autistic qualities.

He’s a genius at photographing people, f.i. scantily clad women, exactly because he sees them as graphic, two dimensional art objects and not as humans. The result is often brilliant, two dimensional graphic art.

But if you try and explain that there is anything below the surface – be it of the outer world in general, or the face or the talk of a human, or the tv-screen, or newspaper print, or in politics or anywhere else – you hit a wall. It’s simply not possible – they don’t fathom one word of what you say, but suspect you have gone crazy.

And here’s the potential conflict, of course. Because I really can’t explain to my guests why I don’t want to discuss my books with them; that our signals sent, received and decoded may well be causing at the very least quite irritating harassments.

At about 9 p.m. I took Frank to the Metro. I basically don’t carry a cell- or smart-phone – It’s simply too dangerous. The SecretService-gangs know my usual hunts and if helped with just a few hints from GPS positioning etc. of my cellphone, they’ll in most cases be able to prefigure my route the next few hours and thus be able to stake out hit-squads one or more places. Like this evening!

I’m worrying too much, you say? All right, but what about this?

Frank of course carries a smart-phone at all times. I believe it’s never occured to him that he may be surveilled and eavesdropped on and it would be to no avail to try and explain to him that this might be important.

But when I walked home from the Frederiksberg Metro station this happened:

About half way home, on GodthaabsVej, I happened to suddenly turn around. I then saw I was followed by a young man (about twenty?) on an el-scooter.

It would be too longwinded to explain in detail why he raised my suspicion; but I instantly crossed the street to the North side. The young man on the scooter then stopped dead and used his smartphone.

About 150 yards west I reached a traffic-light regulated crossing where I had to go north, down Kpr.SofiesVej.

Normally I would at once cross to the west side of this steet. But today my sixth sense made me wary, whence I stayed on the east side.

This probably saved me. Because halfway down the street I oogled this astonishing spectacle:

On the opposite – West – side of K.S.Vej there were parked two newish, large cars. Both had their motor running and the rear one had a large, dark colored and anonymous box-trailer.

To the traffic side of, and leaning on the front mudguard of the first car two large, youngish men were standing close together, being busy fondling each other.

Quite spectacular – you can’t make this sh*t up – only Mossad can?

Had I, as I’m wont to, taken the west side of K.S.Vej I would have had to pass by very close to the large box trailer, large enough to easily hold two or three agents. And the two cosy gentlemen-agents at the first car were probably supposed to make me feel safe – and eventually block my escape?

Mossad hit-squads are always dangerous, and probably only my – luckyly well-developed – sixth sense once more saved the day.

What’s a bit annoying here is that I’m of course unable to tell off hand if this acute zeal of Mossad (and/or their friends) – except for a recent blog post (Link 2) that’s probably annoying for the DeepState underground – is by reason of wishing to provoke me into uncouth outbursts of anger at our new Govt. on my twitter- and blog-accounts?

Or are Mossad and their friends suddenly feeling very safe and cocky with Denmark having a brand new government?

This leads us to our next topic – Denmark’s new government.

In the café where I’m writing this there’s an issue of today’s EKSTRABLADET lieing around, one of the two large tabloids in Copenhagen.

Most of the front page and three whole pages inside are dealing with the new PM, or rather her chief spindoctor.

And yes, she wants one chief spindoctor and two more assisting Rasputins.

This chief spin doctor seems to be an interesting type. But what off hand is really most interesting about this newspaper report is the edit – really quite incredible.

All three inside pages are used to only tell this:

The chief spin doctor in question is a) power hungry (in the extreme?) and b) he’s a control freak.

That’s it, not a word – nay, not ONE word – about what this power grabber WANTS.

Like what does he think and believe and what does he want with all this power. In short – what’s his mission?

You also get to know he’s a doctor from Aarhus University, and that he began in politics working in the Social Democratic Youth organisation before being promoted to the main party organisation.

Also that he’s been persuing careers in large international corporations like TDC, Radius and Microsoft-Denmark.

Questions that might have been asked: Is he a big-tech man? Is he a CIA-man – US big-tech is often said to be CIA puppets, more or less.

Questions perhaps not without merit as he will now, as chief of staff for the PM, be at the controls of the Danish Secret Police and Secret Services.

One interesting, recent tidbit not noticed, I suspect, by anyone in the sleepy Danish newsworld:

One of the first days of June, before having actually won the general election, our (then) coming PM had her picture – slightly glamorized? – right smack in the middle of the major US-american newssite, the Drudge Report (link 3).

Mr. Drudge is, I believe, orthodox yewish, and of course a major supporter of Israel and US-american supremacy ideology?

Our coming, young Social Democratic PM being endorsed by the Drudge has to be quite unusual, even if she’s young and pretty – at least I don’t remember something like it, and I scan the Drudge practically daily.

Hypothetically the purpose of Mr.Drudge to put the likeness of our young and pretty PM on the frontpage would perhaps most likely be to make it possible for his readers to instantly recognize her as one of their own?


Link 1.

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

The Robots’ Cash Ban

Link 2.

FLAT OR NOT – Dialogue With Photography – Madame Récamier

Link 3.
‘Mette Frederiksen: the anti-immigration left leader set to win power in Denmark.
Social Democrats are election frontrunners but critics say their leader has dragged the party sharply to the right’ (The Guardian via drudgereport dot com) (June.3rd?)


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Mamiya – EKSTRABLADET – NETS – Ghettos – A Garden Party

Today is Friday and it’s about 20 Deg.C, partly overcast and a bit windy. In fact it’s very nice for strolling here in downtown Copenhagen.

For some reason the flea market on the Israel Plaza is closed today, hence I moved on to the bookcases outside the Paludans antiquarian booksellers in Fiolstraede, a five min. walk.

I found two books at 10 Kr ($1,50) each – more later.

From Paludans it’s another short walk to the Photografica camera store.

In their odds-and-ends box I saw an old SLR from abt. 1975 swimming around. It’s the Mamiya DSX1000 35mm SLR with a 42mm lens mount thread.

It came with a – not original – Soligor 35mm f.2,8 lens in the so-called T.4 mount now rarely seen even in the fleamarkets.

Everything seem to work ok – only I’ve not brought a suitable cell battery for the light meter and thus can’t know if the meter works correctly, or at all.

But the price asked was only 75 Kr ($11,50) whence I decided I could accept the risk. It’s not too often you find a Mamiya 35mm SLR in usable condition, by the way (no pun intended!).

In the McDonalds where I’m writing this someone left an issue of todays EKSTRABLADET, the largest tabloid in our small capital. Why not take a quick look at some of the headlines?

On page 2 there’s a small piece about something I really have a certain difficulty writing about at all, on account it’s an outrage. You feel really offended and pissed off on several levels, a feeling I believe is quite widespread.

It’s about NETS. NETS is the company managing the card-payments for Danish shops plus the log-in facility for Government websites.

And whose board has managed to draw up plans for appropriating a few hundred million dollars for themselves as a bonus – reportedly.

I believe NETS was originally a public service company, just like f.i. the Post Office? But according to the general agenda drawn up by the Global NWO DeepState power brokers (Bilderberg et all?) all such Government owned companies are to be privatized (as we say in Denmark, I believe the english-speaking world says ‘taken public’?). The billionaire investors can’t get enough…

Usually there are two steps – One: The company is sold off, but most often still part-owned by Government.

Two: Eventually the company is offered for the general investor on the stock exchange.

For the managements this modus operandi happens to give wonderful opportunies for selfish and reckless enrichment – quite legally, of course. And is a well known spectacle all over the world, I believe.

Think of the wast assets appropiated from public Russian wealth beginning at the collaps of the Soviet Union abt. 1990.

Wast fortunes were purloined by businessmen (or gangsters?) with almost unlimited energy and schutzpah in this line of work.

Or think of our Danish Post Office sold off abt. a decade ago. The Danish part of the resulting, consolidated Danish-Swedish Postal company has been totally asset-stripped, almost down to the last nail ‘in the coffin’.

Figuratively speaking, the president of NETS seem to most likely have extended family in WallStreet? And very fittingly, inded. A total lack of scruples makes everything happen much faster and more effectively in the short run in this sort of business?

This world wide DeepState directed asset-stripping of citizen owned public assets is perhaps basically to be regarded as a racket?

But the culpable racketeers are certainly not the company boards, they are probably as a rule following the law to the letter – but the politicians making this asset-stripping possible through negligent laws or supervision or perhaps underhanded ways?

The Globalist DeepState always rewards any and all willing nation-disrupting puppet handsomely – the rewards are called ‘fat-cat-jobs’ – and of which Denmark may likely have seen several emblematic samples in recent decades?

On pages 4-5 there’s a report about the American ambassador in Copenhagen throwing a garden party for 1500 of her ‘closest friends and associates’. 1500! – that’s something, I dare say.

However our photographer and/or reporter may possibly be on their first job? At least the pictures seem to be slightly indifferent?

There’s a large picture from the large garden with mostly unspecified samples of the guests; there are also two or three pictures of a few – not very exiting and at most unintendedly funny? – Danish politicians.

There’s also a picture of the ambassador addressing the guests. Only her picture is so small you can hardly discern her features. Which is a pity, as she seems to be a real pretty lady?

On page 12 is a report about quality problems in one of the Danish ‘Super markets’ – i.e. large general food stores.

Where I live we have several within a 10 min walk: Aldi, Fakta, Irma, Meny, and Netto.

Some of these stores obviously have occasional management problems; but I believe this cannot be avoided as it’s probably well nigh impossible to hire qualified staff at the compensations offered?

On page 14 the former editor in chief of EKSTRABLADET, Mr. Bent Falbert, gives us his opinion on one of the latest missions or fads of our (now presumeably unseated) government, or rather of most all of parliament.

This clever fad is to demolish low income housing plans with the objective of destroying the ghettos comprised of mostly muslim – 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation – immigrants.

Mr. Falbert is rightly critical of this plan, whence he – hilariously – writes (in Danish):

‘Bygningerne skal rives ned, fordi folk er for ens på et for lavt niveau. Man kunne med samme logiske begrundelse rive Christiansborg ned’ (mener Bent Falbert).

Mr. Falbert is of course a very clever hombre. Incidentally he may possibly also be a nice person, as he gracefully steps aside if you have to pass him in our local Aldi.

Only he apparently thinks the left side of parliament is less clever than the right side. Could be an unintentional blunder, of course?

The two books I fetched at Paludans are:

1. BREAD & CIRCUSES. THEORIES OF MASS CULTURE AS SOCIAL DECAY. By Patrick Brantlinger. 1983, Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London, 307 p., paperback.

From the back cover I quote:

‘Brantlinger maintains that the idea that modern society is repeating an ancient pattern of decline and fall pervades most of the writing on mass culture over the last two centuries.

‘Discussing many of the most influential and representative theories of mass culture, Brantlinger ranges widely from Greek and Roman origins, through Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Ortega y Gasset, T.S.Eliot, and the theorists of the Frankfurt Institute, down to Marshall McLuhan and Daniel Bell.

‘Brantlinger shows how the belief in the historical inevitability of social decay – a belief today perpetuated by the mass media themselves – has become the dominant view of mass culture in our time.’

Doesn’t a ‘BELIEF (that)… has become the dominant view’ smack a good deal of ‘religion’? If so, it’s perhaps not so strange that Satanism reportedly now has become a popular ‘religion’ in the West?

If the Western World don’t overcome the religious lure of decadence, social decay and satanism in quite short order, and shut down their missionaries, the glib snake oil salesmen of cultural disruption so eagerly supported by the Globalist NWO power- and money-brokers, – we shall certainly perish.

2. THE CULTURE OF TIME AND SPACE 1880 – 1918. By Stephen Kern, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 372 p, paperback.

From the back cover:

‘Stephen Kern writes about the sweeping changes in technology and culture between 1880 and World War I that created new modes of understanding and experiencing time and space.

‘This overview covers such figures as Proust, Joyce, Mann, H.G.Wells, Gertrude Stein, Freud, Conrad, Einstein, and Picasso, as well as diverse sources of popular culture and the transformation of traditional values.’

And more:

‘No brief summary can do justice to the riches and range of this exciting book, which brims with ideas and insights, evidence and examples, and provides the most comprehensive account of the life of the mind in these crusial decades before the First World War, when so much of our modern world was formed and fashioned.

‘Kern’s command of art and literature, painting and architecture, philosophy and psychology, physics and technology is awesome: he moves from Proust to Picasso, Einstein to Stravinsky, with consummate ease and unquenchable enthusiasm’. (London Review of Books)

There are 11 chapters: 1.The nature of Time. 2.The Past. 3.The Present. 4.The Future. 5.Speed. 6.The Nature of Space. 7.Form. 8.Distance. 9.Direction. 10.Temporality of the July Crisis. 11.The Cubist War.

Lets just cast a fleeting glance at the second page of ‘The nature of Time’ (p.11 of the book), from which I quote:

‘As every child quickly learns, there is only one time. It flows uniformly and may be divided into equal parts anywhere along the line.

‘This is the time Isaac Newton defined in 1687: “Absolute, true, and mathematical time, of itself, and from its own nature, flows equally without relation to anything external.”

‘In THE CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON (1781) Immanuel Kant rejected the Newtonian theory of absolute, objective time (because it could not possibly be experienced) and maintained that time was a subjective form or foundation of all experience. But even though it was subjective, it was also universal – the same for everybody.

‘No doubt Newton and Kant experienced different paces of private time, but before the late nineteenth century no one (with the possible exception of Laurence Sterne, who explored private time in TRISTRAM SHANDY) systematically questioned the homogeneity of time. The evidence for it was written on the faces of the millions of clocks and watches manufactured every year.’

A few remarks of mine: Time is not an entity of it’s own. It’s not an ‘it’. From where I started writing this post I had a view of the Copenhagen City Plaza. If you feel you should or could name this view an ‘entity’ of it’s own you might of course also be silly enough to name Time an entity?

Like in ‘Space-Time Continuum’ – which I believe is or until recently has been new-speek for the classic ‘Ether’. Sounds good but makes no sense.

I never had the propensity nor the leisure to plod through Kant’s KRITIK DER REINEN VERNUNFT. Hence I cannot know with certainty exactly what was his meaning with the concept of time as ‘a subjective form or foundation of all experience.’

But I certainly agree that the conception of Time is something subjective: In brief it’s your counsciousnes’ sensing or experiencing and recording in some sort of memory change in (yourself or) your environment.

By the way it would be rash to stipulate, that clocks and electrons rotate with exactly the same speed everywhere in the Universe. But ofcourse, if Earth is your Universe, things are simpler.


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The Canon – Max Müller and Oxford – Boileau

Today is Friday and as it’s neither very hot nor chilly a nice day for strolling in downtown Copenhagen.

Hence I’ve visited a couple of my usual hunts. Firstly a look at the bookcases in Fiolstraede, an old-city street once renowned for it’s antikvarian booksellers. At Paludan’s I fetched a handful at 10 Kr ($1,50) each. More about these below.

From Fiolstraede it’s only a short walk to the Israel Plaza with it’s traditional friday-saturday flea market. I’ve occasionally found an interesting old camera here, and for a pitttance. However no such thing today.

But I had the good fortune to greet my old friends G.R. and her boyfriend, today tending a booth with antique nick-nacks. Haven’t seen them for years.

Her NY-photomodel daughter is now, I’m told, an accomplished Danish artist and has recently had an exhibition in the city (Bredgade). Here is what I wrote on my blog by way of thanking her for an invitation to her first exhibition here after having repatriated from NewYork 10 years ago. (Note 1)

From the Israel Plaza it’s a 15min walk East to the friendly folks at todays favourite photographic store, Foto/C.

They offered me an old Canon SLR, the FX in the chrome version, with a 50mm 1,8 lens. The price was 50 Kr ($7.00) and ofcourse camera and lens are both quite defective.

As usual for the Canon SLR’s of the late sixties and early seventies the shutter bearings are now more or less dried out and the shutter not functioning anywhere near acceptable. The lens seems to have separation in the front lens cell, to boot.

From recent experience I know, however, that I may perhaps have a chance to lubricate at least some of the bearings, and possibly sufficient to make the camera again work with acceptable accuracy. Time will show. (Note 2)

Finally a few impressions from the books I fetched in Fiolstraede (as usual sample quotes are in the language of the book in question):

1. ENHET OG MANGFOLD I EUROPEISK KULTUR. Idéhistoriske studier i renessanse-humanismen og dens forutsetninger. By Paulus Svendsen. København 1980, Museum Tusculanums Forlag. 283 pages, paperback.

The author is a professor in literature at the Oslo univsersity.

Chapter 8 ‘Det 12. aarhundres renessanse’ begins thus:

‘1100-tallet er et av de best undersoekte tidsrom med hensyn til gresk-kyndighet; det er i foerste rekke J. de Ghellincks grundige verk som har samlet og utvidet vaar viten. Det er nu blitt noksaa alminnelig aa tale om ‘Det 12. aarhundres renessanse’.

‘J. De Ghellinck fremhever noe av forskjellen mellom det 12. aarhundres renessanse og den italienske Quattrocento slik: Mens den sistnevnte begrenset sine oppdagelsesreiser efter greske kildeskrifter vesentlig til Bysants, fant 1100-tallet sine skatter i Spania, paa Sicilia, i Bysants, i Syria og i Bagdad, hos araberne, kanske mer enn hos grekerne.

‘Dessuten kom, i motsetning til 1400-tallets oversettelsesvirksomhet, Platon og Plotin knapt nok innenfor interessefeltet, naar unntas at to Platon-dialoger, Menon og Faidon, for foerste gang ble oversatt, direkte fra gresk, av grekeren Henricus Aristippus.

‘Paa 1100-tallet representerer grekerne et kompleks av problemer for Vesten. Korsfarerne, som gang paa gang drog gjennom det bysantinske rike, maatte naturlig nok komme til aa utloese hos grekerne en sterk motvilje, og den igjen ble besvart med et virkelig grekerhat.

‘Allerede efter det foerste korstog spredte et slikt grekerhat seg i Vesten. Baade politisk, militaert og religioest ble nu Bysants gjenstand for aksjoner. Korstogene skulle nu bli en kamp ogsaa mot skismatikerne.’

>One can hardly help contrast or rather parallel this conflict to some degree with the now ongoing contest or even showdown between the West (or rather the leaders in Western-Europe and the U.S.) and the East (Ukraine-Russia-Serbia plus perhaps Tyrkia-Syria-Iran?).

It’s perhaps most likely, now as then, a conflict provoked almost solely by reckless and irresponsible Western leaders and their monied backers?

2. IN SEARCH OF DREAMTIME. The Quest For The Origin Of Religion. By Tomoko Masuzawa. 1993, University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London. 223 p., paperback.

The author is associate professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

From chapter three ‘Accidental Mythology: Max Müller in and out of his Workshop I quote (p.62, in extracts):

(from a letter to his friend in Germany, Jacob Bernays (not dated here, perhaps about 1860))…

‘What I miss most here in Oxford is stimulating intercourse in literary and scientific circles. That is entirely wanting, especially in my special branch of study….’

‘Oxford has been, and is still, in a state of hibernation; I expect nothing for some years to come. It will wake after a time, but I doubt whether much is gained by disturbing its slumbers for the present.

‘My only comfort at Oxford is that one can work on quietly there, without anybody taking the slightest notice of one. In all other respects I feel that one is perfectly useless there.’

>The chapter on Max Müller takes up 20 pages, and I’m looking forward to peruse this small synopsis of Mr. Müller and his great work with editing and translating the RigVeda.

Of course many european readers will know, that Veda means exactly what it means today in many european languages, namely ‘knowledge’ (‘wissen’ (Germ.), ‘viden’ (Dan.)).

Perhaps my childhoods vernacular in Western-Jutland come close in pronunciation – ‘ved’ or ‘wed’: ‘You have no knowledge of this’ – ‘Du har ingen ‘ved om’ det’. The
Jutish vernacular is said to be closer to Old-Norse than modern Danish.

3. BOILEAU OG DIKTEKUNSTEN. Barokk – Klassisme – Opplysning. Af Asbjoern Aarnes. 1961, Oslo, Johan Grundt Tanum. 183 p., paperback.

From p. 12 I quote this sample:

‘Gaar man til fransk litteratur, er kombinasjonen av skapende innsats og teoretisk overveielse, umiddelbarhet og eftertanke, et av de karakteristiske trekk.

‘Helt fra midten av det 16. aarhundre – fra renessansen – har Frankrike hatt en sammenhjengende tradisjon av forfattere hos hvem de to virksomheter har inngaatt forbindelse, utvivlsomt til fordel både for diktningen, kritikken og kunstteorien.

‘Hos enkelte forfattere har tyngdepunktet ligget i det dikteriske, hos andre i det teoretiske. En forfatter som Charles Baudelaire later til aa ha vaert like opptatt av og begavet for begge virksomheter.

‘Han har en sikker plass baade i de litteraere ideers og i diktekunstens historie. Det samme er tilfelle med Paul Valéry, skjoent det er tvivlsomt om hans dikt har den samme blivende verdi som hans refleksjoner over diktekunsten.

‘At den tradisjon fremdeles er levende i Franrkike, ser man hos forfattere som Gabriel Marcel, Jean-Paul Sartre og Jean Wahl. I deres fagfilosofiske produksjon inngaar estetiske betraktninger, og de har alle, om enn med forskjellig hell, skrevet skjoennlitteraere verker.

‘I fransk litteratur er det ogsaa til stadighet blitt understreket at diktningen, som det skrevne ords kunst, har sitt maal i seg selv. Ja det er ikke saa sjelden blitt kokettert med den tanke at dikteren er ‘unyttig’ for samfunnet og at hans kunst ‘bare’ bestaar i aa sette sammen ord.

‘Francois de Malherbe, en af tradisjonens pionerer, pleide aa si at hvis hans vers kom til aa overleve, saa var det fordi han hadde vaert ‘flink til aa sette sammen ord og stavelser’. For staten mente han ikke at han var nyttigere enn en kjeglespiller.

‘Stéphane Mallarmé, en av tradisjonens seneste representanter, svarte som bekjent da maleren Degas fortalte ham at han hadde saa mange ideer at han ville skrive dikt: ‘Min kjaere Degas, det er ikke med ideer man skriver vers, det er med ord.’

‘Paul Valéry likte ogsaa aa spille paa sin bevissthed om diktningens elementaere forutsetninger. Han kalte sitt lyriske hovedverk ‘La Jeune Parque’ for en ‘exercice’ og bedyret at han ville foretrekke aa skrive ‘noe svakt i full bevissthed fremfor et mesterverk av de skjoenneste, i transe og ute af (seg) selv’. ((Sounds very French to me)).

‘Helt i overenstemmelse med denne instilling er ogsaa Valérys definisjon av en klassiker: ‘Klassisk er den forfatter som baerer en kritiker i seg og som knytter ham intimt til sitt arbeide’.’

Note 1.

8. Feb 2009 15:40, GP


Tusind tak for den meget elskværdige invitation til jeres fernisage d. 5.2. Modtaget med posten idag d. 26.1. uagtet jeg kan se den er poststemplet for 11 dage siden. Så den har nok været en tur på Island el. lign?

Det er sandelig en god nyhed, at Du nu skal udstille første gang her i byen, og jeg håber Du får al mulig success.

Jeg regner med jeg kan komme, men det afhænger lidt af situationen den 5. Jeg har dog ganske givet godt af at komme lidt hjemmefra, jeg sidder efterhånden lidt for meget ved computeren. Så når jeg en sjælden gang kommer ned på gaden, er jeg begyndt at undre mig over, at det er gaden der ligger ned og husene der står op, det er jo sådan set lidt mærkeligt, når man ikke kan huske hvordan det plejer at være!

Men som sagt, der kan naturligvis opstå en force majeure, så jeg kun vanskeligt kan komme. For eks. tabte jeg i går et stykke Anton Berg marcipanbrød (den med whiskysmag!), ned bag ved en 1,5 meter høj bogstabel ude i gangen, og skulle det ske igen må jeg opsætte alle andre forehavender.

Men jeg er allerede begyndt at spare sammen til billetten til de 185 busser, som du skrev man skal med. Ligeledes skal jeg på udkig efter en stor sæk til at transportere mine gamle knogler i, så jeg kan få dem alle sammen med helt ud til Ordrup, og så også hjem igen.

Mange hilsener

(originally posted 2009 on (SecretService-hacked (2016) and thus) now defunct blog -reposted in )

Note 2. (30.Aug.2019)
As it turned out, the Canon was susceptible to treatment with several – in fact a lot of! – drops of fine oil, applied after having removed the bottom plate. It’s now working greatly in every respect – shutter, light meter and focusing accuracy. I have in fact begun shooting a b&w film with it.


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War On Iran – General Election – Kill The Canary – The Flea Market – Freud – Niels Lyhne

Today is Sunday and it’s sunny and a bit windy out there.

Wanting to check up on a couple of today’s flea-markets I firstly took a bus to the suburb Metro station ‘Femoeren’, planning to ride the Metro back to downtown Copenhagen.

On the way to Femoeren I passed by a couple of flea-markets without being able to make up my mind if it would be worth my while to jump off the bus and take a look.

So I stayed on the bus all the way to the Metro station. But then ‘things’ happened.

Almost the same minute I entered the platform the signboards went haywire. Then a voice announced over the loudspeakers there would be delays on account of something had happened to the doors on our platform.

Which seemed perhaps a bit strange as a train just left when I ascended the stairway to the platforms and everything off hand seemed ok with the platform doors.

After yet half a dozen minutes delay a train-set finally – slowly and laboriously – made its way toward us.

But after having entered the train a loudspeaker voice once again announced there would be delays due to defective doors on our station.

So after waiting a few additional minutes I finally decided to leave the train and the station altogether and find a bus back to town, due to leave in a few minutes.

This then had the added amenity I once more got a chance to visit one or both of the two flea markets passed by on my way out.

It thus happened I found myself browsing the flea market at IslandsBrygge on the East side of the Copenhagen Harbour just around 12 oclock.

As most flea markets nowadays this one also was almost devoid of any items of interest to ‘men and big boys’.

Whence you have to suspect, obviously, that almost all Danish homes are now entirely run by their women: The flea markets are simply overflowing with – and for all practical purposes only with – childrens and womens apparel.

Also perhaps you have to assume that most (young?) homes are quite poor, if only judged by the worthless bric-a-brac offered – it’s simply cheap crap, mostly.

One has to surmise, I’m afraid, that the culprit is the bubble-priced homes that most young people have to contend with: A far too large part of their incomes ends up servicing the banks for the giant loans they have to take out to buy even a modest home.

Poor earthlings – citizens of the deep-state funny-money fake-world!

However, there was one elderly gentleman who had a few items of old photographic paraphernalia on offer:

1. A 15+ year old digital SLR – the Canon D300. Including two cheap lenses, battery and charger, a small memory card and a small hold all case.

2. Two Olympus OM-10 cameras. One with the manual adapter and each with a lens: An original Olympus 28mm 3,5 in beautiful condition and a ‘pirate’ Tokina tele-lens of 135mm. All with lens covers and one ever-ready case.

This he offered me for 150 kr ($22,50), an offer it was not too difficult to accept.

Of course I don’t really know if the stuff is working or not; but the seller was a real nice elderly gentlemen, a blue collar worker and avowed keen amateur photographer, that impressed me as trustworthy.

A funny note; as I arrived at the market right around 12 oclock the market must obviously then have been open and going for about three hours; but in the few minutes I was dealing with the seller no less than two other market browsers were almost trying to nab the cameras out of my hands!

So – thank you for your help, friendly Metro-Loudspeakers: I just made it!

(Yes, that’s my new plan: To make the most of the small hints by Destiny instead of enraging and exasperating yourself over small annoyances like these).

But there is another important development to report on today – namely the last day of the ongoing Dutch book-sale in the Heilig Geist Church Community House.

The price today is 10 Kr. ($1,50), and of course I felt an urge if not a duty to take a quick look on the still half filled tables. And once again resulting in me hauling two bags of books to a nearby café where I’m writing this.

I’ill present a few of the books below, if only to once more illustrate what you may chance to buy for $1,50 in one of the Dutch book-sales in our town. (However the friendly folks from the Forum Booksellers running the current sale informed me that their next sale is not planned until late December).

But firstly a few notes on something much less important – namely the ongoing campaign for the general election to the Danish parliament, called out earlier this week. (Note 1)

That, ofcourse, is about one week later than I suggested as perhaps most likely in a post from February 26th (link 1):

26th of April: War on Iran and Danish General Election?

But otherwise the timetable I proposed SEEMS to be PERHAPS running as scheduled:

1. The attack on Iran SEEMS to be very much an option and/or even planned and/or actually folding out right now?

2. The servicing- and read-out of the heat-meters in our appartment house may still very likely turn out to become scheduled concurrently with the possible denouement of the Iran-crisis.

(Update 13.May: Has today been scheduled for 22.May – Note 1).

3. A concurrent assassination- and/or kidnap-attempt on myself would perhaps still be very desirable for the global illuminati-cabbalist deep-state and their Danish puppets? (Note 3)

I’ve put SEEMS in upper-case as it is in fact very difficult to learn what part may be just a playact to intimidate and/or confuse Iran, the World and myself. But time will show.

Incidentally, there is nothing much to say about the ongoing election campaign itself: There seem to be really only two PM-candidates – one from the so-called liberal/conservative (blue) parties (i.e. our present PM) and another from the (red) shadow cabinet (i.e. the present leader of the Social Democratic Party).

But there seems nary the slightest whiff of genuine difference between the two – not to speak of differences worthy of mention?

They may both – as far as I can see – perchance be real hard-core New World Order Globalists puppets?

If so, they would possibly go to any length to uphold the Global deep-state play script: International treaties are always more important than the interests of Denmark – the Danish people and the Danish nation?

Remember – if you don’t stay with the NWO Globalist’s grand plan, you will have no – NO! – future in international fat-cat jobs.

By the way, hasn’t our present PM been incredibly successful with respect to dismantling the Danish nation as a separate entity? Think of the almost total disruption of our regional democracy, something that’s extremely important for our deep-state masters: The depopulation of the countryside will eventually make it possible for WallStreet and their billionaire investor friends to ultimately acquire all Danish (and European) agriculture land?

The worlds fertile agri land is in the eyes of these investors the most desirable asset class at all – even more so than f.i. real estate on Manhattan!

But it’s a long story so please instead enjoy my satire from last year (link 2):


But now a few of the books I acquired today in the Heilig Geist Church House sale:

1. SIGMUND FREUDS PRIVATLEKTÜRE. By Peter Brückner. Verlag Neue Kritik, Köln, 1975, 156 p. paperback.

This book is in condition like new and is apparently unread.

Here is a small sample from page 46f:

‘J.P.Jacobsens Buecher gelangten mit jenem Strom Skadinavischer (und Russischer) Literatur nach Deutschland und Oesterreich, fuer den sich der Westen, fuer den sich Mitteleuropa in der 2. Haelfte des 19. Jahrhunderts oeffnete, nicht ohne tatkraeftige Mithilfe des Literaturhistorikers GEORG BRANDES (dessen Vortraege in Wien Freud uebrigens besucht hat).

‘Der NIELS LYHNE, von dem STEFAN ZWEIG schrieb, er sei der ‘Werther unserer Generation’ gewesen, freilich ein ‘Werther des unglaubens’ (Rehm), erschien im Jahre 1880, im gleichen Jahre wie FR.NIETZSCHES ‘Antichrist’.

‘Er gehoert zu den schoensten Dokumentationen des tragischen, verzweifelten Atheismus der zweiten Haelfte des 19. Jahrhunderts – einen Atheismus, der weder Auswege aus der Trostlosigkeit individueller lebenslagen noch Licht in eine rash sinnlos gewordenen Welt brachte; mit dem Gott war der Sinn zugleich verschwunden.’…..

‘Der Dichter Jacobsen und der Forscher Freud, obwohl beide von Darwin stimuliert, haben auch ihren milden Lamarckismus gemeinsam’

‘Man glaubt uebrigens, um einige anmerkungen zu Jacobsen nachzutragen, die Beobachtungskunst des Botanikers seinem Stil anzusehen. Jacobsen ist aber vor allem ein grossartiger Psychologe, nicht zuletzt durch die ganz souveraen gefasste und beobachtete Verbindung von Psychischem und Physischem in der Verhaltensgeschichte seiner Helden.

‘Die fuer unsere Freud-Betrachtung thematische Bruecke vom Niels Lyhne zum Vater der Psychoanalyse mag an noch anderer Stelle zu suchen sein (…hat mir tiefer ins Herz geschnitten als irgendeine Lektuere der letzten neun Jahre’). (Note 2)

2. HENRIK HARPENSTRÆNG – LIBER HERBARUM. Udg. af Poul Hauberg. København, 1936, Bogtrykkeriet Hafnia, 167 p. paperback.

From the editors short introduction:

‘Den her for første gang trykte latinske urtebog fandt jeg i 1922 under en gannemgang af de haandskrevne danske lægebøger, som findes herhjemme og i udenlandske biblioteker, men først nu er det lykkedes mig med understøttelse af Løvens Kemiske Fabrik at faa dette middelalderlige arbejde udgivet, og for denne hjælp bringer jeg herved min bedste tak.’

Here is a couple of specimens:

(From page 89) ‘Bynke har navn efter arte(mis), fordi urternes egenskaber og dyder er opfundne af hende, og har den dyd, at hvis et menneske (faar) hovedpine, bør han grave den op og vaske den godt og skære den i stykker og afkoge den med vin eller eddike i en god dagtime med roden og derefter si den gennem en klud og dermed vaske hovedet saa varmt, han kan taale det.

‘Herefter bør han binde om hovedet med en klud og lægge sig til sengs en time indtil sveden gaar ud af ham, og dette skal han gøre tre eller fire dage, og saa vil han være rask.’

(page 91) ‘Malurt kogt med gedemælk eller valle og drukket om morgenen renser paa forunderlig maade maven og uddriver al raaddenskab og onde vædsker. Ligeledes kogt med vin og stødt og draget gennem næsen renser den hovedet godt og bevirker, at cholera forsvinder. Ligeledes bynke kogt og siet gennem en klud og afkølet og drukket om morgenen fjerner lystens begær’.

(page 93) ‘Nælde, som kaldes den lille, kogt med eddike og spist uden salt renser al mavens vædske og dræber orme sammesteds, hvilke orme er maven meget skadelige, hvis de vokser i mængde, hvilket sker ved at spise umoden frugt.’

‘Ligeledes hvis nælde bliver stødt med salt og æggeblomme og hønsefedt og menneskets legeme bliver indgnedet dermed i badet, bevirker den at al skab fortrænges, hvis det bliver fortsat i tre dage.’

3. ET HERREGAARDSSPØGELSES ERINDRINGER. Af Gorm Benzon. 1999, Askholms Forlag, 264 p. Hardcover.

Here is a sample from p.156:

‘Næste dag, da jeg var over mine embedspligter og godsets administration, lod jeg hende kalde op i min stue. Hun var ren og sirlig og havde sat sit hår ganske net. Det var ikke meget af den forhutlede taterkvinde fra byens arrest tilbage i hende. Hun udstrålede en vis naturlig værdighed og svarede klart og præcist på alt, hvad jeg spurgte hende om.

‘Synskhed er ikke noget, man selv beder om’, sagde hun. ‘Det er en byrde, som lægges på enkelte mennesker, der så må leve med den så godt, som de nu engang kan.

‘Jeg har fået min synskhed som en arv fra min mor, som den også nær havde bragt i ulykke, fordi hun gerne ville hjælpe trængte folk med den. Hun havde imidlertid det held, at en herremand, som var blevet berøvet alle sine kostbarheder, henvendte sig til hende for at få hende til at genfinde dem for ham.

‘Det gjorde hun virkelig, og herremanden blev så lykkelig for at få herlighederne tilbage, at han gav hende fast station i et hus under hans gods og lovede hende, at der skulle hun have lov til at bo i fred til sin sidste stund.

‘Hun tog ham på ordet, og han holdt sit. Skønt hun gentagne gange blev anmeldt til øvrigheden for hekseri, blev der aldrig krummet et hår på hendes hoved.’

‘Mange taler ellers om synskhedens gave, og som en sådan kan den vel også betragtes,’ foreslog jeg.

‘Hun var målløs: ‘Det er nu ellers en køn gave at få: For mig har det næsten udelukkende været en forbandelse. Jeg har set mine børn og min mand dø år førend det skulle ske. Når man har haft et sådant syn, ved man med sig selv, at det også bliver til virkelighed, og man kan så gå dag ud og dag ind og bare vente på, at den af skæbnen afsagte dom bliver eksekveret.

‘Jeg har set krigen med dens gru, dens skændende, plyndrende og myrdende horder, medens freden endnu rådede, og alle andre troede den sikker. Jeg har set kirker, byer og gårde stå i luer, set skibe gå ned med mand og mus. Jeg kan opleve sunde og raske mennesker, jeg møder på vejen, som var de halvt opløste lig, og jeg er på det rene med, at om nogle uger eller måneder er de døde’.

‘Min mor sagde altid til mig, at jeg lige så godt kunne spare mig bruge mine synske evner på folk, for selv om de kom til mig for at høre om deres fremtid, så var det ganske usandsynligt, at de ville rette sig efter det, hvis jeg prøvede at advare dem imod et eller andet.’

>It should be noted, ofcourse, that the above is fiction and not the authors own reminiscences.

Still three nice buys for $1.50 each, methinks.

But have to call it a day for now, will present a few more of todays finds in a new post coming soon.

Until then – thanks for joining – and be safe!

Note 1.

Now let’s recapitulate some of above dates with respect to illuminati/cabalist numerology.

Our PM called for General Election on 7. May at 13.00 oclock. And today – the 13. May – the heat-meter inspection in my flat has been scheduled for 22. May, to start at 13. oclock (sticker on our street door). There are also 13 days between 22. May and election day, the 5th of June.

The numbers/dates 7, 13 and 22 are reportedly all very significant for deep-state illuminati cabalist. For instance terrorist attacs seem to be preferably carried out on the 11. or 22. day of the month (11 being important as half of 22. – like f.i. 911).

Update 20.May: Incidentally the PM Book title ‘SET FREE’ (‘Frigørelsens Øjeblik’) might as well have been copied directly from the CIA Mind-Control program called Monarch (like the butterfly). All butterflies experience their ‘moment of release’ and ‘to be set free’ when they break out and fold out their wings.

The symbolism reportedly being that you have finally cast away all moral checks and restraints like the Monarch butterfly its confinement.

Just for the record: Of course our honourable Prime Ministers are not in any way, shape or form Satanist Illuminati Globalist puppets? Hence above notes are merely to point out the unusual and curious coincidence!

Note 2.
As an aside and for friends and family, mostly: J.P.Jacobsen’s home was situated near to and with a wiev of the Thisted Harbour. In the same block a cousin of my maternal grandfather, Jens Roed Ottesen, owned the eastern corner-house.

He was an exporter of fish, but I don’t know when the family acquired the house. He was born around 1870 and may ofcourse have seen the author, perhaps being neighbours. His son, Anton Ottesen, likewise was an exporter of fish in Thisted (and Copenhagen) and became famous as an inventor. (link 3).

Note 3. (Update 24.May.2019)

Here’s what happened in my flat on May 22nd, more or less apropos the heat-meter inspection.

1) In the early A.M. I had a clairvoyant vision like this:
I saw a bright read van turning up and parking in front of me.

The van was of the type used by terrorists and often, I believe, called ‘a Toyota’ or ‘a Technical’.

It had an open cargo hold with some sort of large, manned gun mounted on it.

However the gun seemed to not be a firearm but more like a water cannon or perhaps a dispenser for poisoneous chemicals, like used by fruit growers.

2) I then had a vision of someone handling capsules, tins or glasses with poisoneous gas in them (but this part was evanescent and short-lived and only remember it faintly).

3) Next I found myself with several friends on the extreme edge of a precipice. Everyone wondered if the edge was solid enough to prevent us from falling into the abyss. But is was.

4) Finally I was driving in a car being piloted by an old acquaintance (now deceased). I thought he was driving the car wildly fast on a very slippery and unsecure road. I tried to point this out to him. But to no avail, and the trip ended ok.

After the two first dream-visions I woke up and was quite upset. Thus I didn’t go to sleep again for a couple of hours while contemplating my options.

Later in the morning I had the two visions 3) and 4), that made me calm down somewhat.

Thus when I rose at about 9.a.m. I felt reasonably cool and relaxed. This, however, only lasted until abt. 11.a.m. when one of my neighbours called and asked if I would please show the heat-meter inspector into his flat. If so, he would drop in with the key shortly.

I dare say that if I hadn’t felt rather relaxed that a.m. I might perhaps have ‘blown a gasket’. Because off hand I felt this unexpected task would perhaps more or less prevent me from ignoring the inspector (i.e. not open my door for him) in case anything made me nervous.

However I decided to accept the task asked for, but with the caveat that if something made me nervous, I might chose to ignore the inspector, which was accepted.

Two notes here: Firstly, I’ve talked more or less regularly with this neighbour for abt. a decade; but has never been asked to look after his flat, although he’s often been away.

Secondly I’ve often wondered if he in fact was a stooge or at least an occasional errand-boy for the (Danish?) SecretService?

Still this unexpected duty made me again feel a little bit uneasy, whence I telephoned one of my amateur-photographer- friends and asked him to drop in for a cup of coffee at 1.p.m., which he accepted (although extremely peaceful he weighs-in at abt. 250 pounds, I suspect!).

The heat-meter inspector arrived about 1.15 p.m.


It wasn’t a van, however. But he had his tools and ‘chemical-vials’ (and what not) in the back of the car.

Incidentally, he’s a veteran workman and has been around here for at least a decade.

Although one might perhaps describe him as a slightly weird looking, middle aged gentleman, I remember him as having always been courteous, fast and professional.

Likewise this time, although I thought I felt a certain coldness when thanking goodbye. Frankly I believe I felt something more like hate emanating from him. No hateful gestures, certainly, except he was very fast to turn his back before saying bye-bye.

If I’m not entirely mistaken here the question is – why is that? Why would he have trouble hiding a (hypothetical, to be sure) hatefulness towards me?

Has someone been asking him about the dates/hours: 13. and 22. May and 13 oclock (i.e. 1.p.m.)?

It’s a theory of mine, that movers and all kind of house- and home-inspectors are particularly exposed to the wishes and endeavours of the Security Services to always try and get clandestine ways of gaining access to and information about the homes and lives of most everyone.

Ofcourse I have no idea if the gentleman in question has been compromised by a rouge Security Service in this way?

Link 1.
General Election & Kill The Canary?

Link 2.


Link 3.
En minderune


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Huxley – L’Auto – Van Gogh – The Universe – Piet Hein

Today is Sunday and for an early Summer day in Copenhagen it’s a bit chilly.

It’s also one of the last days of the ongoing Dutch book sale in the Heilig Geist Church Community House in the old part of Copenhagen.

I’m writing this from a Café near the City Hall Square and plan to once more reveal what you may chance to acquire for 10 Kr ($1.50), if you happen to visit one of the Dutch book sales.

As usual I will do this by briefly presenting some of the day’s finds. And like before quotes from the books are always given in their own language.

1. THE NEW SCIENCE OF GIAMBATTISTA VICO. Abridged Translation of the Third Edition (1744). By Thomas Goddard Bergin and Max Harold Fisch. Cornell University Press, 1948/1961/1970, Paperback, 384 p. Very good condition, appears to be unread.

I never heard of Mr. Vico, but here’s what the translaters state on the back cover: “one of the few works of original genius in the entire history of social theory”. Furthermore “it is the most impressive attempt before Comte at a comprehensive science of human society and the most complete class-struggle analysis prior to Marx.”

From the authors introduction (p.5) I quote:

“We find that the principle of these origins both of languages and of letters lies in the fact that the early gentile peoples, by a demonstrated necessity of nature, were poets who spoke in poetic characters.

“This discovery, which is the master key of this science, has cost us the persistent research of almost all our literary life, because with our civilized natures we (moderns) cannot at all imagine and can understand only by great toil the poetic nature of these first men.”

Sounds interesing enough.

And from p.97:

“Now from the theology of the poets, or poetic metaphysics, by way of the poetic logic sprung from it, we go on to discover the origin of languages and letters. Concerning these there are as many opinions as there are scholars who have written on the subject…”

>Concerning the ‘origin of languages…’ compare what I wrote in an earlier post (Link 1): It’s really as foolish to search for the origin of language as it is to search for the origin of the Universe!

You have actually no REASON to believe either have a beginning – unless you – quite foolishly – believe the Fate of the Universe is to be compared to the Fate of for example your garden cottage or a WallStreet bank.

Anyway – I hope to get around to making myself a bit more familiar with Mr. Vico and his book.

2. THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY. By Aldous Huxley. 1945, Harper & Brothers, NewYork and London, 312 p. 4. ed. Hardcover, with (whats left of) the original dust cover.

From the front inside flap of the dust cover:

‘Knowledge is a function of being. Only the pure in heart can see God. Those who have the necessary modifications of their all too human nature, the illuminated Saints and sages who alone are in a position to know what they are talking about – all, whatever their religion, make fundamentally the same report about the nature of Ultimate Reality.’

>All right – from an amateur philosopher’s and -linguist’s point of view the first couple of sentences don’t bode too well: The words ‘knowledge’, ‘being’ and ‘God’ all being basically undefined.

(I guess that’s why I never finished an University Study – one semester of Mathematics was all. Generally my impression was, that university textbooks are literally bursting with words often undefined (although this may not apply to textbooks of mathematics – but mathematics at University level was really not for me!).

Apart from that, however, this book has an interesting plan. The author has collected hundreds of quotes from some of the most important thinkers in their field throughout history and arranged them after their subject matter – 27 in all, and together with his own comments.

For example: God in the World – Charity – Truth – Self-Knowledge – Good and Evil – Time and Eternity – Immortality and Survival – Suffering – Faith – The Miraculous – Spiritual Exercises, and more.

Seems a nice buy for one-and-a-half dollar!

3. L’AUTO. Par Pierre Benoit. Paris, 1929, La Nouvelle societe D’Edition. 83 p. Booklet.

From page 15 (sorry – no diacritics, too cumbersome to hunt for when writing Braille on a Danish keyboard!):

‘PROFESSION DE FOI. Je n’ai pas d’auto. Je n’en ai jamais eu. Je suis decide – autant qu’on peut etre decide a quelque chose ici-bas – a n’en avoir jamais. Je sais pas conduire.

‘Le plus etrange, c’est que je n’eprouve aucune honte a mettre ces redoutable aveux en tete d’un ouvrage resolument technique. Seuls les esprits superficiels se facheront et ne poursuivront pas plus avant leur lecture.

‘Les autres comprendront que le temoignage du spectateur vaut autant, si ce n’est plus, que celui de l’acteur. Un medecin n’a pas besoin d’etre un malade, et il n’est pas d’usage que les criminalistes se recrutent parmi les assassins.

‘En ce qui me concerne, j’estime que la centaine de milliers de kilometres que j’ai pu parcourir, dans des automobiles de formats les plus divers, sur les routes du vaste monde, rend ma competence egale, sinon superieure, a celle du champion qui, rive a son volant, tourne comme un ecureuil a l’interieur du maelstrom en ciment arme d’un autodrome.

‘Sa pensee est enchainee. La mienne demeure libre. Ceux qui placent avec raison la liberte audessus de tout auront vite fait de saisir la superiorite de mon point de vue.’

>A curious, even – perhaps – slightly weird little book?

4. VINCENT VAN GOGH – BRIEFE. 2.ed. Verlag von Bruno Cassirer (without year – perhaps abt. 1920?). 160 p. Nicely bound in leather. Ill.

From p. 52f I quote this sample:

‘Ich habe den ‘Sämann’ gemalt. Ach, die schoenen Kalenderillustrationen, in alten Landkalendern, wo der Hagel, der Regen, der Schnee und das schoene Wetter in ganz primitiver weise dargestellt sind, wie sie Anquetin so gut fuer seine ‘Ernte’ gefunden hatte.

‘Ich will Dir nicht verhelen, dass ich das Landleben nicht hasse – ich bin eben darin aufgewachsen. Ploetzliche Erinnerungen von frueher, das Sehnen nach jenem Unendlichen, wovon der ‘Sämann’, ‘die Garbe’ Zeugen sind, entzuecken mich noch wie ehedem.

‘Wann aber werde ich den Sternenhimmel malen – jenes Bild, das mich immer beschaeftigt? Ach, ach, es ist wirklich so, wie der brave Cyprian in ‘En Menage’ von J.K.Huysmans sagt: ‘Die schoensten Bilder sind die, die man traeumt, wenn man im Bett seine Pfeife raucht, die man aber nie malt.’

‘Und doch muss man an sie herangehen, wenn man sich auch noch so inkompetent fuehlt gegenueber der unsaeglichen Vollendung, dem siegreichen glanz der Natur.’

>Quite right, Mr. Gogh, the Universe (‘der Sternenhimmel’) is quite another dimension than anything else and quite impossible to ‘explain’ either as an artist with brush, colors and canvas or a natural philosopher with pen, ink and paper.

5. FRANCOIS Ier ET SA COUR. Portraits, Jugements et Anecdotes (1515-1547). 1853, Paris, Hachette, 215 p, paperback. No author mentioned.

There are ten chapters: Amboise et Fontainebleau – Le champ du drap d’or – Les reines – Les princesses et les princes – Les dames – Les hommes d’epee – Les hommes d’eglise – Les savants et les poetes – Les fous et les astrologues – Conclusion.

Seems to augur for an interesting read.

6. SIG DET MED BLOMSTER. En Nytaarsgave. Af Steen Eiler Rasmussen. Gyldendal, 1976. 191 p. Nicely kept with org. dustcover and -capsule.

There are nine essays: Sig det med blomster – Huset i haven – Regnvandstønden – Om at være sammen – Et socialt eksperiment – Drømmen om de smaa samfund – Hovedstadens jorder – Fristaden Cristiania – Magt og afmagt.

I happen to have often ‘met’ the author when in my teens. He was a communter by train from the upper-class northern suburb of Copenhagen – Rungsted, where my father managed the newsstand at the Railway Station.

Mr. Rasmussen was already then an elderly gentleman, whence this small book could be his last, perhaps? He seemed nice enough then and never supercilious. Generally the ‘old-upper-class’ people then living in Rungsted were nice and friendly and as a rule never snobbish.

7. EGELYKKE. (A Play) By Kaj Munk. 1940, Kjøbenhavn, Nyt Nordisk Forlag – Arnold Busck. Softcover booklet.

I don’t think I’m going to read this play as I rarely (that is – practically never) read fiction.

But I thought I ought to buy it sometime as I’ve often been a guest at Egeløkke (normal spelling), an old country house on the island Langeland in southern Denmark.

Being friendly with the owner (now retired), an avid amateur photographer, I’ve got the impression that the plot behind the play is mostly – more or less free – fantasy.

This specimen is nice enough outwardly, though, and the pages are not yet cut open.

8. THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE. By John D. Barrow. 1964, London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 150 p. Hardcover w. original dust cover.

There are 8 chapters: The Universe in a Nutshell – The Great Universal Catalog – The Singularity and Other Problems – Inflation and the Particle Physicists – Inflation and the COBE Search – Time – An Even Briefer History – Into the Labyrinth – New Dimensions.

Obviously I’m not going to peruse this volume very closely as I don’t believe in the BigBang-religion.

Because – surely The Big Bang is a matter of faith, and increasingly so, as time go by and still more ‘shocking’ discoveries about the Cosmos are made.

‘Shocking’ in so far as they tend to almost univocally contradict the BigBang mantra.

As I’ve said before: The Universe was not ‘created’ or ‘born’ or anything of the sort.

That is: You have NO REASON TO CLAIM it was. But obviously you can only understand this, if you are very clear-headed (the dissident astronomer Halton Arp comes to mind!). And I doubt any Earthlings are or can be clever enough to EXPLAIN this to anyone else. Certainly I’m not.

Generally you may safely assume that Earthlings are not able to really understand the ‘state of the Universe’.

9. GROOKS IV. By Piet Hein. With the assistance of Jens Arup (for translation?). 1972/1981, Borgens Billigbøger, Copenhagen, 53 p. Booklet.

The author Piet Hein is another of the gentlemen I’ve often served at my fathers newsstand in Rungsted in my teens. Mr. Hein lived just opposite the railway station.

My impression is of a rather small man with a large head. He was not really a kind mand, seemed to me rather cold hearted, like so many mathematicians and poets – being mostly leftbrainers.

Here is a sample from p. 36:


‘A grook for vultures

‘Culture’s the cultures
of what’s left behind
‘after a culture’s
‘Yet there’s a problem
that troubles my mind:
‘back in the innocent
dawn of mankind,
‘how did it ever
get started?’

The author is clever, all right. He hits the bulls eye unerringly: How did (mankind and/or) culture get started?

Whether he also knew the answer, I do not know.

The answer is: It didn’t.

That is: Don’t look for ‘the start of the Universe’, ‘the start of humanity’ (or of man) or ‘the start of culture’.

Because you won’t find it: There was no start – except of course if Earth and Earthlings are your Universe.

There may, however, be an end to man and humanity in different locations of the Universe. Namely where they’re allowed to be disrupted and degenerate too much – like what’s probably just now happening on our Earth? (link 2)

Link 1.

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Link 2.

Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC


The Robots’ Cash Ban


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André Gide’s Congo – Freud – Brandes – Jysk Digtning – Caroline Amalie – Lerchenborg – Johannes Poulsen

Today is Thursday, it’s the 2nd day of May and it’s windy out there!.

From the McDonalds where I’m writing this I have a view of the Copenhagen City Square, today under a partly overcast sky.

The weather is nice enough for stolling and – almost – for photography. But in addition to my combined camera and pc-bag I’m today hauling two bags with books just acquired from the friendly folks from the Forum Antiquarian Bookselllers now selling at the dutch book sale in the Heilig Geist Church Community House a short walk from here.

Which definitely makes my luggage too heavy for me to be stolling around a lot. Hence I want to instead do a couple of micro-micro-reviews of a few of the books. The price today is 25 Kr. (3.75$).

1. VOYAGE AU CONGO. CARNETS DE ROUTE. By André Gide. 7.ed. Paris, Gallimard, 1927. 249 p. ill. with maps. Paperback, slightly shabby though still keeping neatly together.

From browsing the book I have seen no indication of the year of the voyage, only day and month. From p. 204f. (sorry, but have to omit the ‘diacritics’, really too time-consuming to hunt for when writing Braille on a Danish keyboard):

’28 Janvier. Abandonnant Marcel de Coppet a ses nouvelles fonctions, nous decidons de descendre le Chari jusqu’au lac Tchad. En partant demain sur le ‘d’Uzes’, nous pourrons etre de retour a Fort-Lamy dans quinze jours.

’30 Janvier. Paysage sans grandeur. Je m’attendais a trouver des rives sablonneuses et deja la desolation du desert. Mais non. Quantite d’arbres de taille moyenne agrementent mediocrement les bords du fleuve, de leurs masses arrondies.

‘Apres m’etre etonne de ne pas voir plus de crocodiles, en voici tout a coup des quantites incroyables. J’en compte un groupe de 37 sur un petit banc de sable de cinquante metres de long.

‘Il y en a de toutes les tailles; certains a peine longs comme une canne; d’autres enormes, monstreux. Certains sont zebres, d’autres uniformement gris. La plupart, a l’approche du navire, se laissent choir dans l’eau lourdement, s’ils sont sur une arene en pente.

‘S’ils sont un peu loin du fleuve, on les voit se dresser sur leurs pattes et courir. Leur entree dans l’eau a quelque chose de voluptueux. Parfois, trop paresseux ou endormis, ils ne se deplacent meme pas. Depuis une heure nous en avons vu certainement plus d’une centaine.’

2. CONVERSATIONS FRANCAISES ET DANOISES. Suivies D’un Choix De Proverbes Et De Gallicismes, Et D’un Recueil D’homonymes Francais. De L.-S.Borring, 4.ed., Copenhague, Chez L’auteur, 1850, 236 p. A small neatly kept volume in hardcover.

From the part ‘Choix de Proverbes et de Gallicismes’ I quote a few specimens:

– Qui n’entend qu’une partie, n’entend rien (Man bør høre begge parter)

– Nul n’est prophete en son pays (En profet er ikke agtet i sit eget land)

– Il a bien mis du foin dans ses bottes (Han har gjort sig megen utilladelig profit)

– On a beau parler a qui n’a cure de bien faire (Det kan ikke nytte at raade den, der ikke vil høre)

– Qui se sent morveux, se mouche (Den man rammer, den piber).

– Qui a bon voisin, a beau matin (En god nabo er det halve liv)

– Tete de fou ne blanchit jamais (En nars hoved bliver aldrig graat)

– A beau mentir qui vient de loin (Den som kommer langtfra, kan sagtens lyve.

– Qui se ressemble, s’assemble / Dis-moi qui tu hantes, je te dirai qui tu es (Krage søger mage)

– L’aurore est amie des muses (Morgenstund har guld i mund)

>I already own a handful of parallel text parleurs somewhat like this and all from the 19. century. This one should make a nice addition.

3. THUNDER AT TWILIGHT. VIENNA 1913/1914. By Frederic Morton. 1990, Collier Books, Macmillans, NewYork. 385 p., paperback.

This nicely kept volume seems to be perhaps unread. There is a full index and source references in the back.

On the back cover you read:

“In 1913, Vienna was a crossroads for world history. Stalin collided here with Trotsky, the start of a blood feud that lasted for four decades. Adolf Hitler was here, railing against the powers that he believed prevented him from achieving his destiny as a painter.

“The auto mechanic Josip Broz, not yet known as Marshal Tito, took dancing and fencing lessons. It was during Vienna’s 1913 carnival that Sigmund Freud wrote an essay he would use in his imminent duel with Carl Jung.

“He titled it ‘Totem and Taboo’, and discussed the myth of the slaying of the leader by a horde, the once and future murder of a prince, soon to be borne out in the 1914 assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which led to the deaths of ten million more souls in World War I.”

>From leafing through parts of the book it might seem to be mainly concerned with the political cabals leading up to WWI. Perhaps the following sample (from p.49f) concerned with the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and his friends and colleagues could more readily have a broader interest?

(It should perhaps initially be noted that the author is most likely of jewish extract and hence allowed a rather more candid language when relating about his confederates than otherwise accepted?)

“In 1913 the chief problem of psychoanalysis, and therefore of its founder, continued to be its own internal rifts. The one between Sigmund Freud and alfred Adler kept Freud away from Adler’s Café Central, and therefore Trotsky (himself predestined to become one of the century’s great schismatics) never met Freud.

“Yet the two had a good deal in common. Both Trotsky and Freud were full-blooded subverters of burgher pieties, both liked to play chess, and both relaxed by reading novels not in their mother tongue (Freud’s English, as against Trotsky’s French).

“Trotsky’s love-hate relationship with Russia matched Freud’s with Austria. Furthermore, the Trotsky of the year 1913 was no less than Freud an autocrat in command of an embattled sect, one that did not hesitate to lacerate its own allies.

“For example, Trotsky’s Vienna Pravda often attacked the Pravda of St. Petersburg for its “disruptive ‘egocentralism'”, which undercut all original and independent Socialist initiatives.

“At the same time Freud started a purge within his own movement. Two years earlier he had gotten rid of Alfred Adler, until then one of his principal disciples among psychiatrists; Adler and his coterie had become un-Freudian by tracing neuroses not to sexual maladjustment but to general inferiority feelings.

“Now in 1914, a Swiss group of psycoanalysts led by Dr. Carl Jung was straying toward heresy; they no longer viewed the libido as Freud’s erotically centered concept; to them it was the vehicle of a more multi-faceted psychic energy. In other words, they were undermining an article of faith.

“On occasion the master of the Berggasse seemed capable of tolerating dissent. But this patience was a stratagem. His instinct was to show no mercy to antagonists in his fold – a trait he openly discussed.

“Only someone seeing so deeply into others could, when he wished, unmask himself so well. “I am by temperament nothing but a conquistador,” he wrote to a friend, “…with all the inquisitiveness, daring and tenacity of such a man.”

“And with just such a man’s ruthlessness he referred to Adler as “a loathesome individual…that Jew-boy out of a Viennese backwater.” This was contempt as stinging as any in Trotsky’s polemics. Trotsky would have understood why Freud never patronized the Jew Boy’s favorite establishment, the Café Central.

“In 1913 Freud had his own favorite coffee house, the Café Landtmann, a fifteen-minute walk from his house. Though close to the University, it was of an upper bourgeois, not of a literary persuasion.

“The Landtmann featured softer upholstery, cleaner spittoons, more financial journals and fewer avangt-garde magazines than the Central: a pleasant place for Freud, who had come to accept, almost with a gloat, his insulation from the city’s mainstream intellectuals.

“He visited the Landtmann most often on Wednesday nights, after the weekly meeting of his Psycho-Analytical Society (from which Alfred Adler had been forced to resign two years earlier in 1911).

“Here he would pick a table at the café’s Ringstrasse terrace overlooking the Gothic tracery of City Hall and the Renaissance loggias of the Court Theater; he would order einen kleinen Braunen, light a cigar, exchange Jewish jokes with favorite followers, and exhale smoke rings into the mellowness of the evening air.

“In May of 1913 they were leisured hedonist’s smoke rings: He had just finished ‘Totem and Taboo’. “When my work is over”, he had conmfessed in a letter, “I live like a pleasure-loving philistine.”

4. GEORG BRANDES OG EUROPA. Forelæsninger fra 1. internationale Georg Brandes Konference, Firenze, 7-9 november 2002. Red. Olav Harsløf. Det Kongelige Bibliotek / Museum Tusculanums Forlag, 2004. 428 p. Paperback. With DVD.

Denmarks greatest literary critic (1849-1927) is treated in 32 essays by nearly as many Danish and foreign experts. All texts are in (or translated into) Danish (or Swedish).

From an essay ‘Georg Brandes, Herman Bang, Johannes Jørgensen og Goethe’ by professor Peer E. Sørensen I quote this sample(p.183):

“Men var Brandes da naturalist? Det bind af Hovedstrøminger, hvori begrebet anvendes som titelord, bindet om Naturalismen i England, handler ikke om det, vi forstår ved naturalisme efter Zolas opskrifter. Det handler om den engelske romantik og først og fremmest om Byron og Shelley med Byron som cheffigur.

“Brandes var nemlig ikke særlig begejstret for den franske naturalisme og satte ikke for alvor pris på Zolas ideer i f.eks. ‘Le Roman Expérimental’. Med naturalismen mener han noget andet end Zola.

“Det kan man overraskende nok læse i Jørgensens programartikel, hvor Georg Brandes citeres for at bestemme ordet således: ‘Naturalismen er et ord, som kun udtrykker den Begrænsning, at grundlaget er naturhengivelse eller naturstudium, at standpunktet er taget indenfor alnaturen.’

“Den bestemmelse har intet med fransk naturalisme at gøre. Den er i ordvalg romantisk. Når Johannes Jørgensen derfor indholdsmæssigt glider fra Brandes’ romantiske ‘Alnatur’ til den Zolaske naturalisme i sin bestemmelse af begrebet naturalisme, er der tale om en bevidst og traditionsrig polemisk forvanskning.

“Rigtigere ville det være at koble Brandes’ naturalismebestemmelse sammen med hans dyrkelse af Byron, for det er dér, den hører hjemme. Men det ville ødelægge Johannes Jørgensens polemik. Byrons radikale individualisme er nemlig en vigtig del af fundamentet under Brandes’ såkaldte naturalisme.

“Hans opgør med de hjemlige autoriteter – de nationalliberale først og fremmest – og hans forkastelse af de lokale traditioner og biedermeierkulturens hegemoni er en Byronsk gestus.

“Naturalisme i den Zolaske betydning af ordet har vi med undtagelse af en lille smule Herman Bang og så Amalie Skram aldrig haft i Danmark. Brandes er Europæer, men romantisk Europæer i fodsporet af bl.a. den Byronske individualisme.”

5. JYSK DIGTNING AF ST.ST.BLICHER. Udvalgt og indledet af Vilh. Andersen. 1902, Foreningen Fremtiden, Kjøbenhavn. 297 p., nicely bound in contemporary calf.

From the introduction by the Danish literary historian Vilhelm Andersen (himself a Jute, see below) I quote:

‘En dag i julen 1794 sad præsten til Vium og Lysgaard, Hr. Niels Blicher, og skrev forord til sin ‘Topografi over Vium Præstekald’.

‘Han vidste vel hvad hans ærlige arbejde var værd, og vilde ikke fordølge, hvor uretfærdigt han fandt det, at den subskription paa bogen, hvortil han havde indbudt, havde haft saa ringe afgang, at der ‘i det læselystne København kun fandtes een eneste subskribent, og den en parykmager.’

‘I dagligstuen sad hans tolvaars søn Steen og holdt ferie med en historiebog. Før den gamle lukkede sine øjne, havde sønnen med mere held end sin fader lært det modvillige København at læse jysk ‘Topografi’.

‘Hundrede aar efter Niels Blichers bog kendte man over hele landet baade Torning og Tjele og Bindestuen i Lysgaard By og Pinsefesten i Avnsborgs Hestehave og bondesproget i Vium bedre, end om man havde subskriberet paa dem.

‘Men præsten i Vium havde grund til at klage, Jylland var virkelig for hundrede aar siden et ukendt land i Litteraturen.

‘Man dyrkede paa den tid meget den poetiske naturbeskrivelse; men i den mængde af naturbeskrivende digte, som fremkom i den sidste halvdel af det attende aarhundrede, er det bestandig sjællandsk eller norsk, men aldrig jysk natur, der beskrives.

‘Og hvad der er vigtigere, ogsaa folkepræget, Jyskheden, som nu synes saa let at kende, er meget lidt fremtrædende hos den ældre litteraturs jyskfødte eller i Jylland virkende forfattere.

‘For vorherre, d.v.s. naar de var for sig selv, var de Jyder helt ud i mælet – som den professor (Kr. Longberg) der ved sin kones død udbrød: ‘Nu vil a raade, Dorthe raadde før.’ ((eller på bedre jysk: No wel a raa’e, Dorthe raa’e fa’er)). Men i humaniora taaltes ingen Jyder, ingen Lomborger eller Skagboer, men Longomontanuser og Scaveniuser.

‘Ribe var to gange, i sidste halvdel af det 16. aarhundrede (med Hans Thommessen og Hans Svaning, Anders Vedel og Peder Hegelund) og i første halvdel af det attende (med Chr. Falster, Brorson og Ambr. Stub) hjemstedet for et udpræget dansk aandsliv, men uden jysk særpræg – det er lige det, man kan kende Martssneen paa Ribe Landevej i Brorsons Vintersalme.

‘Uden for de for kuriositetens skyld paa jysk dialekt skrevne smaasager (Pater Volle Pæirsens Muncke-Prædicken og visen Hans og Karen fra o. 1700) er det kun i den gamle komedie, man træffer en digterisk opfattelse af den jyske type, men da naturligvis ikke for det gode (Titelfiguren i Hieronymus Justesen Ranchs ‘Karrig Niding’ og Studstrup i Holbergs ‘Den ellevte Juni’).

‘Det er den berygtede jyske nærighed, der her maa holde for; En anden ubehagelig egenskab ved folkekarakteren, storskryderiet, var senere Nordmændene – Holberg, hvis Jakob von Tybo er ment som en Jyde, og Wessel – til megen morksab.

‘For at finde positivt poetiske aftryk af jysk race maa man helt tilbage til vor poesis første naive begyndelse, Folkeviser og Eventyr, hvor man stundom træffer billeder, der, naturligvis ubevidst, har antaget en hel jysk lokalfarve (f.eks. viserne om ‘Ebbe Skammelsøn’ og ‘Torbens Datter’, sagn og viser om den kolossale Jydekarl ‘Svend Felding’).

‘Man kan ((iøvrigt)) læse hele den gamle danske litteratur og en stor del af den nyere med igennem og dog være ganske uvidende om, at Jylland er Hovedlandet og Jyden stærk og sej.

‘Oehlenschläger har aldrig sat sin fod i Jylland; Grundtvig havde tilbragt nogle drengeaar der, paa grænsen af heden, og faaet indtryk deraf for hele livet og havde allerede kunnet sige noget derom (‘Jyllands Pris’ i ‘Et Blad af Jyllands Rimkrønike’ fra 1815). Men det var dog som bekendt Steen Blicher, der sang den vise igennem.’

6. SKRIFTE- OG KOMMUNION-BOG. Af Johan Philip Fresenius. Bd. 1. Kjøbenhavn, 1852, 202 p., contemporary black cloth with gilt edges, somewhat worn. ‘Udgivet af Foreningen til Christelige Opbyggelsesskrifters Udbredelse i Folket’.

What makes this small volume stand out is obviously not the subject matter, but the gold printed Royal Crown on the front of the book. And lo and behold – on the flyleaf opposite the titel page is an inscription from a Danish Queen, Caroline Amalie.

From Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon (1920) I quote:

‘Dronning Caroline Amalie (1796-1881) født I København. Forældre: Hertug Frederik Christian af Augustenborg og Prinsesse Louise Augusta. Hun voksede fra sit 11. aar op på Augustenborg Slot og traf her 1813 første gang sin senere ægtefælle, Prins Christian Frederik.

‘Han forelskede sig i den smukke og fint dannede Prinsesse, og 1814 blev de forlovet, 1815 gift. Ægteskabet var barnløst, men lykkeligt.

‘1839 besteg C.A. tronen sammen med sin mand (Christian 8.); hun holdt sig fjernt fra politik, men følte sig trods sit Augustenborgske slægtskab afgjort som Dansk og var fra 1838 nær knyttet til Grundvig og hans kreds.

‘Hun nærede megen interesse for dansk aandsliv og historie; en anden hovedinteresse var børnesagen, i hvis tjeneste hun oprettede en asylskole i Kbh. 1841 og ‘Den kvindelige Plejeforening’ sst. 1843. Som enke (1848) levede hun stille. D. i Kbh.’

The inscription reads like this:

‘Jeg har selv saa megen opbyggelse af denne bog og jeg føler til hvilken gavn den vil blive mig. Derfor kan jeg kuns ønske at den saa meget som mulig maa blive bekjendt iblandt os!

‘Til hvem hellere end til Dem kjære Rørdam giver jeg den og haaber vist at De vil have samme glæde deraf som jeg. Modtag den derfor med sandt venskab udaf Deres Venindes Haand.
‘D. 6 Mai 1854. Caroline Amalie.’

The ‘dear Rørdam’ mentioned is obviously the theologian Peter Rørdam (1806-1883) about whom you can read the following in D.B.H.(extract):

‘Blev student 1823, cand. theol. 1829, var et par aar huslærer og underviste i københavnske skoler, fra 1835 ved Asylskolen, hvor han 1838 blev forstander.

‘Han kom her i forbindelse med daværende Kronprinsesse Caroline Amalie, i hvem han fandt en velynder; ved hendes hjælp kom han saaledes 1837-38 paa en rejse til Madeira.

‘Allerede som ganske ung var han kommet i forbindelse med grundvigske kredse og følte sig i aarenes løb stedse nøjere knyttet til denne retning; han forsøgte at virkeliggøre Grundtvigs tanke om en forening af det kristelige og det folkelige, idet han bestræbte sig for at komme i et saa nært forhold som muligt til sine sognebørn og ikke alene forkynde evangeliet for dem men ogsaa meddele dem god og sund oplysning.’

7. MINDER FRA VALDEMAR DEN STORES TID – Især i Ringsted- og Sorö-Egnen. Af J.J.A. Worsaae. (Aftrykt af Oversigt over det Kgl. Danske Vidensk. Selskabs Forhandlinger 1855 Nr. 7 og 8. 1856, Kjöbenhavn, 52 p. booklet. Covers loose, inside in nice condition.

The titel page has stamped ‘Det Lerchenborgske Bibliothek’ – hence the booklet is from the library of the well known country house in Western Sealand. (Incidentally I was friendly for a short while with one of the nice daughters from there. Must be between 15 and 20 years ago. She was into archeology at the time and she had a very charming penchant for making small and very pretty gift parcels – a habit acquired from in Japan, I believe).

The front cover has an annotation from the author that’s almost unreadable due to exposure to sun and age:

‘Til Højvelbaaren (…?) Lerchenborg, som en Erindring om Ringsted Touren. Med højagtelse fra J.J.A.Worsaae’

There are four items in the table of contents:

I. Om den i Kong Valdemar den Stores Grav i Ringsted fundne Blyplade med Indskrift.
II. Om forskjellige andre, i Grave fra den ældre Middelalder fundne Blyplader med Indskrifter.
III. Om ‘de to Kirketaarne’ i Fjenneslövlille.
IV. Om Helligkilderne og ‘Kongshuset’ i Haraldsted.

The twelfth century Danish King Valdemar (Vladimir) den Store (the Great)(1131-82) was son of a Russian Princess and may have his name from his great-grandfather, the Grand-Duke Vladislav Monomachos of Kiew (1050-1125).
Valdemar was married to a Russian/Polish Princess, Sophie.

I suppose no Dane gives it a second thought, that the present Russian ‘Zar’, Mr. Putin, is named Vladimir Putin (but not Rasputin, ofcourse!)?

8. HISTORISK CALENDER. Udgiven af L. Engelstoft og J. Møller, Professorer ved Kiøbenhavns Universitet. 3rd vol. Med twende Kobbere. Kjøbenhavn, 1817, Gyldendal. 440 p. Softcover. Very nice condition, especially the inside is quite like new, and the pages are basically not cut open.

This volume likewise has an owners stamp from the library of Lerchenborg by Kalundborg.

There are 6 items in the table of content:

I. Historisk Calender for Danske, eller mærkelige begivenheder af Fædrelandets historie til alle dage i aaret.

II. Til Saga (i aaret 1814) af J.Møller.

III. Udkast til den danske literaturs historie fra begyndelsen af det 19de aarhundrede, af J. Møller

IV. Bemærkninger over Statistikens begreb, væsen, værd og hielpekundskaber, især ogsaa over dens forhold til Statseconomien, af L.Engelstoft.

V. Biskop Jesper Brochmands Levnet, beskrevet af J. Møller.

VI. Wiens beleiring af Tyrkerne 1683, ved L. Engelstoft.

9. GENNEM DE FAGRE RIGER. Af Johannes Poulsen. 3.tusinde. 1916, V.Pio – Povl Branner. København. 181 p. Beautifully bound in wine-red leather together with original art-nouveau cover and with gilt edges. Illustrated with the authors photographs.

Mr Poulsen is perhaps the most renowned male actor from the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen – ever?

From the preface I quote:

‘Kære Læser! Når du tager denne bog i din hånd for at læse om en rejse rundt om Jorden, så vent ikke en skøn og digterisk og farverig fremstilling af Østens og Vestens fagre riger. Hvis du vil det, så må jeg anbefale dig at ty til de rigtige og store digtere Johannes V.Jensen, Jack London og Kipling.

‘Jeg er nemlig ikke forfatter og endnu mindre digter, og skønt jeg til daglig bestrider en ligeså trang og bitter profession som en digters, så er den dog meget vidt forskellig fra hans.

‘Det du vil finde i denne bog er ligesom de billeder der følger hvert tekstblad: en række grå amatørfotografier, som i deres tørhed og gråhed har meget lidt tilfælles med den strålende, farverige, glødende, fantastiske, Orientalske eventyrpragt.’

The photographs nevertheless reveal the author to have been an accomplished amateur photographer and they are certainly worthy of attention in their own right.


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Today is Friday and it’s the 22nd of March. According to the ‘Illuminati’ this makes it a ‘magic date’ – as 322 is supposed to be a ‘magic number’. Please don’t ask me why, as I don’t know or at least don’t seem to remember.

But to stay in that vein a little – yesterday reportedly was Purim. And if you occasionally have been critical towards Mozzard abuse, like you probably have been towards abuse more or less everywhere else, then you might want to tread carefully today? (link 1).

My kitchen i my small flat has a double function as photographic dark room. This is possible on account my old frind K.N. at some point graciously offered to make a light tight, easily removable screen for the one window.

An old, wooden table, both light and sturdy, discarded by some nice person a few years ago fits perfectly i the corner beside the fridge.

The table, presumably almost century-old, has one shallow drawer and round legs turned in a lathe. A plan that makes plenty of room for stuff and things under the table, ofcourse.

This morning I wanted to check on my enlarger, standing tall on that wonderful old table. It’s a professional model LPL 4×5″ variable contrast enlarger, still quite sought after, by the way, even in our digital age.

Only problem – I don’t use it often enough. This particular model use a electro-mechanical switch to turn on the halogen lamp and its cooling ventilator. If this switch isn’t activated more or less regularly it becomes unreliable.

Hence I wanted to check it out today. And sure enough – it turned out to be somewhat erratic.

Wanting to check the power outlet and cables under the table I was reminded of a couple of bags with books more or less hiding in the shadows and obviously unattended for a few months.

One of the bags turned out to hold about a dozen books from a ’75-cents-books-sale’ last year, mostly unreported in these pages until now. Here is yet another handful of micro-(micro)-reviews, then:

I believe the only exception from being unreported is this amusing little book

1. ROTTEN REJECTIONS – A Literary Companion. Edited by André Bernard. 1990, Pushcart Press, Wainscott, NY. 101 p. Bound in whole cloth with orig. dustjacket.

But just to make sure, here is a couple of samples:

‘It would be extremely rotten taste, to say nothing of being horribly cruel, should we want to publish it’. (THE TORRENTS OF SPRING, by Ernest Hemingway, 1926).

‘I haven’t the foggiest idea about what the man is trying to say. It is about a group of American Army officers stationed in Italy, sleeping (but not interestingly) with each others’ wives and Italian prostitutes, and talking unintelligibly to one another. Apparently the author intends it to be funny – possibly even satire – but it is really not funny on any intellectual level. He has two devices, both bad, which he works constantly … This, as you may imagine, contitutes a continual and unmitigated bore’. (CATCH-22, By Joseph Heller, 1961).

‘It is impossible that it could be true and therefore it is without real value’. (TYPEE, By Herman Melville, 1846)

‘Retired curry colonels writing their reminiscences of India are two a penny’. (BRUTAL AND LICENTIOUS, By John Masters, 1958)

‘Not desirable. I do not find the thing good of its kind and few people like that kind … Some of the talk is clever and some of the characters interesting, but much of the long discussion of the author’s philosophy of life is tedious and the author’s view pessimistic and hopeless … I do not think that the book would have a large sale here, and while I would not say that it is impossible, I think i is distateful’. (THE RAZOR’S EDGE, By W. Somerset Maugham,1944)

‘The idea of men adrift on a raft does have a certain appeal, but for the most part this is a long, solemn and tedious Pacific voyage.’. (KON-TIKI, By Thor Heyerdahl, 1952).

>What’s seems especially interesting about these ‘rotten rejections’ is the editors/readers all seem to ‘speak their mind’. Perhaps you may often find the unmitigated ‘hidden truth’ lurking in or between the lines of these outspoken literary arbiters?

For instance I have owned the last title KON-TIKI for about sixty years, as it was presented to me in school for ‘dilligence and good behaviour’ – I believe while attending Thisted Borgerskole in the North-West of Jutland 1956-57.

(Just for the record – I’m not absolutely sure which of the four schools I have consecutively attended that presented this particular book, as I received book presents from all four: Thisted Borgerskole, Bjerringbro Realskole, Hoersholm Kommuneskole and Rungsted Statsskole. The books should still be lurking on the bottom of a box somewhere).

But this is neither here nor there. The thing is I newer until this day read the book. I have a habit of leafing loosely through any book I pick up, and fancy I have a knack of spotting anything unusual or unsually interesting. And frankly, as a teenager the KON-TIKI book just looked boring to me. Whence I have to join the above verdict ‘long, solemn and tedious’ – if not plainly boring?

2. COMMON SENSE ABOUT DRAMA. By L.A.G. Strong. London, Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1937, 131 p. Whole cloth.

A few samples:

(From page 9)

‘In the early days of the Elizabethan stage there was no scenery. The audience was shown a placard, telling them what the next scene was.

‘The Chinese play, Lady Precious Stream, drew large London audiences who laughed at its ‘quaintness’, its conventions, or, if you prefer it, its absence of conventions. It seemed to these audiences funny that an actor, to express a journey on horseback, should jog once or twice around the stage as if he were riding a hobby-horse.

‘The whole thing depends on the point of interest. The Chinese audience was not primarily interested in the journey. They were interested in what happened after it, and therefore accepted any means of conveying the otherwise unimportant information that the journey had been made…

‘The Elizabethan audience was not interested in the scene, but in what happened upon it; and so they accepted without difficulty the crude, non-realistic method of the placard…

‘The Elizabethan dramatist was interested in character rather than in apparatus. Even when scenery was used, it was of the simplest kind: just so much as was necessary to convey to the audience the sort of place in which the action lay. And the audience, impatient for what was to happen next, accepted the hint at once.’

(From page 35)

‘The earliest and simplest form of drama is the dance. Self-expression through rhytmic muscular action must have preceded speech: We find it in the courtship of birds.

‘In primitive religion, ceremonial dancing was the chief expression of worship (note 1). The gesture was supplemented by the spoken word, and the two forms for a long time grew together.

‘It is only in comparatively recent times that dancing has come to be a separate art, lingering on as ballet in opera – its one surviving association within another form of drama – and subsisting triumphantly by itself.

‘Though we are here concerned chiefly with spoken drama, we must not for a moment forget that mimed drama and sung drama have equal rights. In one, the actor uses speech and gesture; in another, song and gesture; in the third, gesture alone.

‘Nor is it reasonable to regard one as more or less ‘real’ than the others. Each expresses emotional truth in terms of an agreed convention.

‘The general preference for spoken drama is due to the fact that most people find it easier to understand, and to the number of masterpieces available, a far greater repertory than that possessed by opera or by the ballet.’

(From page 36)

‘From the beginnings of history, drama has been closely associated with religion. The ritual dances of East and West, the religious and mythological themes of Greek tragedy, the sacred drama which is the chief expression of Christian worship, the old English Morality and Miracle plays, all attest that the art of the theatre has noble origins, and should not exist to stupefy men’s minds.

‘The Morality and Mystery plays are worth attention too, for they show us something we are in danger of forgetting; that those whose religion is firmly rooted need not fear to mingle laughter with worship.

‘The writers of those plays did not hesitate to introduce scenes of broad comedy, and to treat Biblical characters with a contemporary vigour.

‘Indeed, when we look at the drama’s origins, and consider the nobility of thought and force of criticism of which it has been the vehicle: when we remember that Aristophanes in his Lysistrata dared to make fun of the war in which his countrymen were engaged, and had an audience who could receive it (whereas, early in the Great War ((1914-19)), newspapers reported with dignified approval that a number of officers had walked out of a performance of Shaw’s ‘Arm and the Man’); when we see what an instrument of human enlightenment the theatre can and should be, we cannot help lamenting the degradation and timidity which have almost overcome it to-day.’

(From page 59)

‘Chapter I. ended with the assertion that drama was an inescapable condition of our lives. I should like to go back to that idea for a few minutes, and consider the dramatist that resides in each one of us, whether we want him or not: the dramatist in our subconscious mind.

‘This is a subtle craftsman, of great skill and great integrity. Even though we very often do not realize, or will not acknowledge, what he is at, nothing we consciously say or do will deter him from representing in character and parable what comes before him.

‘Since he is an honest artist, and represents what he sees, he is frequently in conflict with our conscious mind, which acts as a censor, and is often shocked by the dramas he presents. They represent a view of life of which we altogether disapprove. They suggest things we are afraid of; consequently, we often attempt to forbid them altogether.

‘He works best at the time when our conscious mind is least able to interfere with him, and, while we are asleep, produces the shows we call our dreams.

‘Dream life is as complex as waking life, and no one explanation will cover every type of dream. There is, as common sense has always insisted, the dream that is due to objective causes, such as a striking clock or too much lobster salad.

‘The point is that we need necessarily go no further than this universally admitted type of dream in order to accept the existence of the dramatisk in our subconscious midst. Realization of his existence commits us to belief in no modern school of thought on the subject. We can admit him without ever mentioning psycho-analysis of the names of Freud, Jung, and Adler.’

3. BREVE OM ITALIEN. Af Christian Elling. København, Boghallen, 1945, 90 p., softcover booklet.

From page 27ff: ‘Om Maskefrihed’.

‘I det 18. aarhundredes Venedig kunde man hyppigt møde en mand, der bar en miniatyrmaske i haanden eller hængende ved en knap i sin kjole. Denne lille maske betød en hel del, mere end et ridderbaand.

‘Thi mens det sidste blot angiver, at dets bærer er større end han synes, oplyste masken, at manden i det øjeblik var noget helt andet end det, han saa ud til.

‘Masken var en signatur, der kort og godt forkyndte, at den paagældende person optraadte som maskeret og ikke vilde kendes. Han figurerede i rollen som incognito.

‘Den lille stump legetøj traadte i stedet for den store, den rigtige maske for ansigtet, der almindeligvis blev benyttet. Og den gjorde god fyldest.

‘I Danmark stikker vi en hvid pind i munden og forsvinder – det er eventyr, billedtale for en begivenhed, der havde hverdagens realitet i Venedig.

‘Fænomenet er ret beset meget mærkeligt. Mest forbavsende er det, at det lille signal altid blev respekteret. Som et magisk tegn gjorde det sin indehaver usynlig, indspandt hans borgerlige person i en tryllekappe.

‘Den hornformede tingest, der ofte hang ved Italiernes urkæde lige op til vor tid (jeg har flere gange set den), beskyttede manden mod folk med onde øjne.

‘Maskebilledet værnede ham mod alles øjne, tilsikrede ham en fuldkommen integritet som et væsen hinsides den trivielle verden.

‘Det er vanskeligt, ja vel egentlig umuligt at finde en haandgribelig analogi i nutidens liv til denne sælsomme foreteelse. Den venezianske skik er et kulturfænomen, der har opnaaet en abstraktions rene skønhed. Saadanne symboler har altid ladet et langt stykke historie bag sig i støvet, før de foldede sig ud. Saaledes ogsaa i Venedig…’

‘Karnevalet i Venedig varede længere end i nogen anden italiensk by – flere maaneder. Her havde maskeringen ogsaa en anden karakter, thi den var overvejende uniform og ens for begge køn: en lang kappe og en hvid, grotesk fremspringende ansigtsmaske fæstnet under den trekantede hat.

‘Alle kunde bære den, fra skoledrengen til patriarken, og de fleste gjorde det. Synet af alle disse spøgelser har været fantastisk. I theatrene herskede endogsaa masketvang. En person kaldtes blot ‘Hr. Maske’.

‘Maaske halvdelen af den store bys indbyggere gled omkring som figurer i et elegant spil, tilsyneladende irreelt som en drøm, i virkeligheden spejlklart, udkrystalliseret af et samfund, hvis adelige mennesker elskede uafhængighed. De var stærke nok til at sætte det i system og saa meget artister, at systemet blev skønt som en Isblomst…’

‘Men den levende digter med masken vil vedblive med at mystificere os. Ogsaa derfor er han til. Det er hans ret, det er en part af hans kunst. Han leger med sine kammerater; Du og jeg staar udenfor kredsen. Maaske faar vi lov til at være med i en tur, hvis vi vil lære reglerne.’

>Finally, let’s take a quick look at a few recent tweets (may not yet be tweeted):

*Trump’s Mideast Bombshell: US Must Back Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights.
Syria recently threatened war if Israel didn’t end its occupation.

*US Duplicity Over Golan Demolishes posturing on Crimea, says Finian Cunningham.

US Duplicity Over Golan

>Would that be a ‘tit-for-‘tat for Russia’s accepting Crimea’s desire to reconnect with Russia? I wonder if the Golan’s want to ‘reconnect’ with IL?

*Gucci Is Selling $870 Sneakers That Look Dirty Poor
“Looking Poor Is In Fashion”

>Is it now smart mocking the thousands of homeless in the US and the world? Off-hand seems callous and very distasteful.

*Governments have lost control of the narrative that they are in control of events… and they are scared to death…
Censorship Tightens As Governments Lose Control

*America’s Generals Have Learned Nothing From Our Failed Wars.
The senior officials responsible for our military failures are guiding us to more of the same.

*It’s like the reverse Marshall Plan. Wage a war on a foreign country. But this time lose and block rebuilding by declaring anyone that does so to be an ‘enemy of peace.’

>If the Illuminati-Globalists secret agenda is disruption, chaos and destruction, they will ultimately loose control, of course; As they seem totally unable to put something healthy in place of destruction and chaos. Say Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria (and the U.S.?). Chaos everywhere.

*The Fed’s constant intervention in the market has created a moral hazard on a scale that has never been experienced before by humanity.

>Obviously the Fed’s constant printing of ‘counterfeit’ money to the tune of trillions for the benefit of a select few (billionaires) is a deadly poison to the economic organism at large. Destruction and chaos will certainly ensue.

*With facial recognition, shoplifting may get you banned in places you’ve never been.
There are hundreds of stores using facial recognition — none that have any rules or standards to prevent abuse.

*Supermarkets in the UK are using it to determine whether customers are old enough to buy beer. Millions of photos uploaded onto social media are being used to train facial recognition without people’s consent.

*Accuracy rates matter — it’s the difference between facial recognition determining you’re a threat or an innocent bystander, but there’s no standard on how precise the technology needs to be. The time is now to regulate this technology before it becomes embedded in our everyday lives.

*Without any legal restrictions, companies can use facial recognition without limits. That means being able to log people’s faces without telling customers their data is being collected.

*People don’t have to be convicted of a crime to be placed on a private business’ watch list. There aren’t any rules or standards governing how companies use facial recognition technology.

*Facial recognition:
One mistake could mean never being able to shop again.
Privacy advocates fear that regulations can’t keep up with the technology — found everywhere from your phone to selfie stations — leading to devastating consequences.

>Facial recognition: Obviously a monster awakening. But not really surprising – the Illuminati-Globalists want to disrupt and destroy all sane, sound and healthy social life (above).

Wonder how many F.R. spots are now up and running in Denmark? Probably no-one knows for sure, except perhaps the Secret Police – except they may not want to know? Surely there is F.R. at the main entrance to the Copenhagen Central Library? How about the Metro-trains and stations? One has to remember, that with constant real time video-surveillance any alien Secret Service (say CIA, NSA, Mossad & etc) will be able to run F.R., if necessary via hacking.

*Har Pia tabt sutten?

>’Pia’ is the president of the Danish Parliament. Everyone loves to mob her, probably mostly because she don’t have a university degree.

The above link relates to her asking a foolish member of parliament to not bring her toddler into a parliament sitting. This has raised outrage among a lot of likewise quite foolish observers, – although should really be a non-issue.

*Aktie von Bayer bricht nach Gerichtsverfahren in den USA ein

Aktie von Bayer bricht nach Gerichtsverfahren in den USA ein

>Incredible that Bayer has learned nothing from the Mercedes-Chrysler debacle, that cost Mercedes billions.

*While The Nation Fragments Socially, The Financial Aristocracy Rules Unimpeded
America’s aristocracy is not formalized, and that’s the secret of its success.

>Interesting observation; the modern (plutocratic) Royalties are much more intangible and shady than the old, European Royal Houses. Of course this plan makes it much more difficult for ‘the man in the street’ to recognize patterns, i.e. he knows not who’s pulling the strings.

*Senators Stunned By Air Force Plan For More Boeing F-15X Fighters, F-35 Cuts

>The F-35 has already been a farce for some time and now seems slated for failure? Some weeks ago Germany cancelled orders for the F-35 (I believe this news has been totally suppressed in the Danish press – Denmark has obviously decided to remain a total, blind US-puppet – willingly seconded by our press?). But now also the US-AirForce make cuts in their orders.

Note 1.
This brings to mind what the Danish historian Rosenberg has told somewhere about the Summerian priests, that had to ‘dance’ around the altar ON ONE LEG, presumeably in a certain plan or pattern. Whence ‘modern’ childrens play or game with hopping on one leg from space to space in a certain plan or pattern.

Link 1.
Operation eller mission?


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