(30.Oct.2020) The Earthern World is right now about to be strangled by the globally ruling mobs – if they get their way, that is.

This is a fact that now only the blind cannot see. Of course most people are blind to the big picture, though.

The only open questions, really, are now these two:

Is the planet-wide destruction already now programmed to be a full-blown Samson-Option – i.e. total destruction of all earthly civilization – including self-destruction of the TPTB? (link 1)
Or do The Powers That Be perhaps still anticipate to save their own a**?

Will they get their way?
Realistically only Heavenly (extra-terrestrial?) interference might now perhaps hinder the demonic destruction of everything human to be commensumated? (link 2)

The most important tools of destruction as of now are:

a) Moral Antimatter ubiquitously at large – i.e. the philosophy of Total Amorality – often named SATANISM? – that has been promoted for ages by ruling mobs and that now is permeating almost every part of (at least Western) civilization?

b) The ‘printing’ (creation) of crypto (counterfeit!) money to the tune of trillions of dollars/euro/yen by the Fed, the BoJ and the ECB (and most other central banks). F.i. the Fed is privately owned and the owners will ultimately – if unchecked – own every real assets.

This is blatantly inevitable if someone are allowed to create their own – but universally accepted (i.e. crypto or COUNTERFEIT) – money in unlimited amounts. And the destruction of everyone else be damned!

The holders of crypto money get their buying power from robbing all other holders/savers of large parts – and ultimately perhaps most – of THEIR buying power.

Of course this is highly amoral – i.e. unsustainable and destructive.

c)The Covid-19 HOAX.

Like suspected by many almost from the beginning (including myself, see f.i. my post from 19.March
– and later postings), very likely there is no Covid-19 virus at all?

But please read the following quotes (if not the articles itself) by some honest experts. Presented here without further comment, as I believe we’re now in a phase of evil and destruction so conspicious, that either you get it now or you’re oblivious to evil.

In which case you’re either evil yourself or about to be swallowed up by darkness and evil: the moral antimatter of the Universe – the destroyer of worlds:

*The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick
By Jon Rappoport

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

*Recently, I’ve written a series of articles revealing that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is unproven.
I’ve quoted key CDC and study documents that confess “the virus is unavailable.”

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

*The Missing Coronavirus: Why I’m Not Surprised
By Jon Rappoport
As my readers know, I’ve been exposing the fact that no one has proved the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists. I’ve been exposing the fact in a number of articles, coming at the issue from multiple angles.

The Missing Coronavirus: Why I’m Not Surprised









I’ve published quotes from Dr. Tom Cowan’s major article exposing how CDC journal authors “assemble” the idea of a virus from cobbled sequences they ASSUME are parts of SARS-CoV-2.

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

“For their research involving the allegedly new virus SARS-CoV-2, they only used 37 base pairs from actual sample tissue and filled in the rest (around 30,000 base pairs) with computer generated sequences, i.e. they made it up!

In June Study CDC Scientists Make 2 COVID Admissions that Destroy Official Narrative

Of course, the virus doesn’t have to exist at all. We are talking about an illusion. Stage magic.
Now, I want to make overall comments on the con, the game, the hustle.

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

The public, and most medical professionals, are awed by the whole concept of genetic sequencing. They accept the process as a holy of holies.

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

If researchers in their lab claim they’ve “sequenced the virus,” the virus must exist. How else could its genetic structure have been discovered?

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

“The whole purpose of the trick is to inspire awe. In the lab, the same principle applies. The researchers SEEM to find one long genetic sequence of the whole virus. Astonishing.”
“But that’s not what happened. Not by a long shot.”

The Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick

…so many positive test results, since they are testing people’s DNA and matching the results against a standard which already includes human DNA. There is a false positive pandemic, not a viral pandemic. Here are Kaufman’s words verbatim:
“The PCR test … doesn’t for a virus at all. What that tests for is a sequence of RNA, which is genetic material. And the way they obtain that, is also they take the impure sample, basically like the lung fluid in this case from some people who are sick, or possibly a throat swab, and they amplify short little sequences, and sequences that they are specifically looking for mostly because they have this library of gene sequences of viruses. But the thing is if you go back, they’ve always characterized them this way. So they’ve never once had an intact virus particle, and then sliced it open, and taken the RNA out, and done a sequence from end to end. That’s never been done. What they do instead is they take this impure sample, and they look for specific sequences that they’ve pre-identified as being viral in nature, from this database. And then what they’re doing is amplifying these short little sequences, maybe 150-250 base pairs, and they’re splicing them together into this one long strand of 30,000, which they say is the viral genome, but it’s actually just this Frankenstein type of assembly of all these little pieces, that we don’t even have any proof [are] related. They could even come from different types of cells or different creatures. And when there’s gaps, they’re basically using sequences that they get from that database of other viruses that are also put together in this Frankenstein-type way, and they sew all those together and say that this is the genome sequence of this virus. And that’s the procedure. They’re testing for something from that but we don’t really know what it is, except it’s most likely our own sequences. So that’s why there’s so many positive results, because they are essentially testing our own genetic sequences.”

SARS-CoV-2: The Stitched Together, Frankenstein Virus

Lest we forget, Fauci was the doctor who told us a husband could pass on AIDS to his wife just by being in the same room. This was 1983.

An Actual Plague Wouldn’t Have Required a Government Response

Ohio Governor Calls Out Fauci Lies, Lifts HCQ Ban: Among our most fundamental and sacred rights is the right to medical freedom.It could mean the difference between life and death for high-risk patients.

Ohio Governor Calls Out Fauci Lies, Lifts HCQ Ban

H.R.6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

Face Masks Delete Individuality – They Break Human Will Without A ‘Face’ We Don’t Exist As Independent Beings

‘COVID-19 FEMA Camps’ Popping Up From Sea To Shining Sea As ‘Forced Isolation Facilities’ Become ‘The New Norm’ In America – ‘This is the battle we have been waiting for; the battle is not of flesh and blood’

China “Parties Like It Is 2019” As Patrons Pack Pool Parties, Nightcubs & Bars From Wuhan To Beijing.
It’s almost as if they’ve all already been vaccinated…

The UK State knew that COVID 19 was unlikely to kill sufficient numbers to justify the massive re-engineering of society and economic destruction required to bring about the Great Reset. Therefore, it resorted to coercion, statistical manipulation and propaganda to convince the people be terrified of the relatively low level COVID 19 risks?

The mandatory vaccine mafia: 70% of elderly people had FLU SHOTS in December 2019 >Today, just a few months later, 70% of CoronaVirus deaths are people aged 70 or over
>Is it the SAME PEOPLE who got the 2019-2020 winter flu shot all developed CV 19 symptoms and died?

How’s your Latin?

“Dead” Virus Cells Frequently Trigger “False Positives” In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds.
The team’s research involved analyzing 25 studies on the widely used polymerase chain reaction test…

What a great man! Italian mayor suggests imposing penalties for WEARING a face mask when ‘unnecessary’

An Actual Plague Wouldn’t Have Required a Government Response? If you’re having to force folks to take plague precautions with violence you probably don’t have a plague?

An Actual Plague Wouldn’t Have Required a Government Response

Australia is famous – for being evil?

A new polio outbreak in Sudan has been linked to the oral polio vaccine.

The WHO said initial outbreak investigations showed the cases were linked to a continuing vaccine-derived outbreak in Chad that was first detected last year and is now spreading in Chad and Cameroon.

“We are living through a coup d’état based on the oldest of ploys: declaring emergencies, suspending law and rights, and issuing arbitrary rules of behavior to excuse taking ‘full powers’.”

“The rule of law is being so emasculated … our rights are being pulled away by stealth. If we don’t have a strong legal framework (or rather – a strong backbone) then we will move towards law by government and not law through parliament, and the heart of democracy will be gone. We must be alert to that.”

COVID Admissions: CDC Scientists –
“The other of the COVID admissions is equally as stunning: after testing they found that SARS-CoV-2 could not infect human tissue.”

In June Study CDC Scientists Make 2 COVID Admissions that Destroy Official Narrative

World Doctors Alliance: “We Do Not Have A Medical Pandemic.” Fake News?
By Arjun Walia
Many expert have been emphasizing that we are dealing with something no more dangerous than the flu.

For example, approximately 40,000 scientists, doctors and more than half a million concerned citizens have now signed The Great Barrington Declaration. The declaration explains that “Covid-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza.”

“Influenza cases have nosedived by 98% across the globe.
“There are those who claim flu cases haven’t vanished at all, but are instead being recorded as Covid-19.
“Sceptics say Covid tests are unable to distinguish between coronavirus and flu.”

Italy-US Academic Virologist: “Stop to Pandemic’s Terrorism. Covid-19 now less Lethal”.
Another lockdown may destroy Italian economy

«The lethality of SARS-Cov-2 fluctuates between 0.3 and 0.6% while for SARS (2003 – ed) it was 10% and MERS of 36%, two Coronaviruses that became extinct within one year.

This should reassure us a bit, instead, this “Infodemic”, that is, this information that has become pandemic, this fear of contagion, fear of death: this has become virulent and contagious.

Common sense, reasonableness, critical ability to evaluate data for what they are has been lost. We are in the autumn of reason».

…while COVID may be the catalyzer for the oncoming financial blowout, it is the height of stupidity to believe that it is the cause, as the seeds of the crisis goes deeper and originated much earlier than most people are prepared to admit.


Spørgsmålet er så, hvad den nye virkelighed betyder for regeringens styrke rent politisk. Vi fik det første fingerpeg for et par dage siden i form af en dramatisk Megafon-måling, som spåede dødt løb mellem rød og blå blok samt en markant tilbagegang for Socialdemokratiet – sammenlignet med de højeste målinger i forsommeren et minus på hele syv procentpoint.

789 er smittet med corona det seneste døgn.
789 er registreret smittet med corona det seneste døgn, viser tal fra SSI. Antallet af indlagte falder med fem til 120. Der er tre nye dødsfald

Vred V-formand efter nye corona-stramninger: Vi vil gerne have genindført demokratiet i Danmark

Finally, CDC Admits Just 9,210 Americans Died From covid19 CDC Has Lied From the Beginning: But this week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid. 9,210 deaths

Finally, CDC Admits Just 9,210 Americans Died From covid19 — CDC Has Lied From

There Is no Covid and There Is no Pandemic: There Is Only Deception and Tyranny
“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”
~ George Orwell

There Is No Covid and There Is No Pandemic

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Rigged to Pass Efficacy Test
As noted by Haseltine, prevention of infection would typically be a critical endpoint of any vaccine trial. In other words, you want to ensure that when you take the vaccine, your risk of infection is significantly reduced.

How Covid -19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

However, when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, shockingly, preventing infection is not a criterion for success in any of these trials. The only criterion for a successful COVID-19 vaccine is a reduction of COVID-19 symptoms, and even then, the reduction required is minimal.

How Covid -19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

To ‘Save’ People From COVID, Puerto Rico Shuts Down 911 Call-Centers.
That’s the COVID craze for you– if shutting down 911 ‘saves’ just one life, it’s worth it…

To Save The Stock Market, The Fed Threatens Destruction Of Trillions In Middle-Class Retirement

Boris Johnson: PCR tests only 7% accurate

Sandy McFadzean, a vice president at Credit Suisse, is married to Chloe Smith, the UK’s Minister of State for the Cabinet Office.

McFadzean joined the thousands of anti-lockdown activists at the recent London rally.
He retweeted posts calling the government ‘globalist puppets’

He is a former officer in the Parachute Regiment.
He denies the existence of Covid-19.
He wrote that ‘Covid-19 is most likely an outbreak of mental illness.’

Yesterday, UK MPs passed a law by 333 to 1 to allow police to use reasonable force to detain and imprison people for not isolating.

New York Times:
“A wave of new research suggests social separation is bad for us. Individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, more inflammation and higher levels of stress hormones.

One recent study found that isolation increases the risk of heart disease by 29 percent and stroke by 32 percent.

Another analysis that pooled data from 70 studies and 3.4 million people found that socially isolated individuals had a 30 percent higher risk of dying in the next seven years, and that this effect was largest in middle age.

Loneliness can accelerate cognitive decline in older adults, and isolated individuals are twice as likely to die prematurely as those with more robust social interactions.

These effects start early, : Socially isolated children have significantly poorer health 20 years later even after controlling for other factors. All told, loneliness is as important a risk factor for early death as obesity and smoking.”

Spanish Doctors Stage First Walkout In 25 Years To Protest Government’s New COVID-19 Order.
Doctors across Spain have walked out on Tuesday in what media outlets have called the first medical strike to rock the country in 25 years.

A recently published paper has found –
a positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide.

According to former UK Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption –
Lockdowns and other Government-imposed Covid curbs contain all the ingredients of totalitarianism

According to former UK Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption –
Orders to remain at home and rafts of new laws to restrict what people can do amount to a ‘breathtaking’ infringement of democratic rights.

(link 3)

“Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths
Dr. Martha Stout, clinical psychologist and former instructor at Harvard Medical School.
By John W. Whitehead

Don’t Vote for a Psychopath: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government

Ministers have been using the police to suppress opposition to their policies, creating new criminal offences without the legal right to do so, and grabbing unconstitutional powers by issuing misleading guidance.

(link 3)




The Samson Option?


Swedbank – Lunar Lander Crash – NotreDame – Die Gnosis


Constitution Day (Satire)

More links:

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(30.10.2020: It seems my wordpress blog ( may have been hacked as I’m unable to add new posts as of now. Reminds me that on 18.June.2014 I was permanently blocked from accessing my then 6 years old blog – Of course I’ve been shadow-banned by Goggle and Tweeter for years). (Update 5.Nov. – Eventually was able to access my WP-blog in the p.m. on Nov.1st).

Digital Money and The Large Hadron Collider.

(22.Oct.2020) Today is Thursday and its a bit grey out there.

Two months ago I posted this on my blogs

Satan’s Day?

The post starts like this

“(22.Aug.2020) This date has a lot of two’s, and according to the Illuminati numerology magic thus is a special day for Satanists – as the number 22 is supposed to be fraught with baleful purport.

“Also you should note, that August is the 8th month, and that 2+2+2+2 is 8.

“Furthermore at least some numerologists regard 8 as a very unlucky number. Incidentally 8 is two times 4, and some of you may know, that in Japan the number 4 is regarded as so unlucky, that it’s always(?) omitted as room or floor number.”

Fast forward two months; like the month of August, the month of October is really the 8th month – ‘octo’ just being Greek for ‘eight’.

The question is, then, – what does the global power-mob possibly have in store for us today?


Today I tweeted

“(22.Oct.2020) Early in the a.m. had clairvoyant vision of ruptured padlock on (one of) my street door(s); the implication clearly being that of a burglary. Someone planning to burglarize my flat or one of my two (book)-store rooms?”

Incidentally the clairvoyant vision of a burglary as pictured by the broken padlock may not necessarily mean a telepathic message about a burglary being planned for the near future.

The vision may alternatively emanate from one of the mentalists (psychics) employed by the ruling mob, be they disguised as ciao, mozzar or nassar operatives. Some of these gentlemen may possibly be able to plant a padlock-vision in my mind by mental projection?

In both cases a purpose would be to make me angry. Several recent incidents seem to support that suspicion.

The reason why the ruling mob want to make me angry of course is, as it most always was, to make me write uncouth posts on my blogs.

If, for instance, I would please write one or more pieces depicting the ’danish parliamentarians as being clueless like small babies’ – or that ’our government are racist tyrants’ – or that ’our high-courts judges are clueless about the constitution’ – or that ’the recent destruction of a political party leader and a lord-mayor has it’s cause in them not being of the right blood-line, contrary to the PM and her minister of illness and the coup-makers’ – if I would please elaborate about all this in detail on my blog – then the ruling mob might perhaps once more feel to have sufficient backing to again try and take me down by any means available?

Hence we won’t write anything of the sort! And, by the way, one or more burglaries of my premises are of course of trifling import in THE BIG PICTURE.

Which brings os to


THE BIG PICTURE this 22nd of October 2020 – just imagine all those two’s: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 or 22 – 22 – 22 – 22 – would certainly include the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER at CERN in Geneva.

Reportedly the powered up LHC is to be turned on today. However, as of now it’s unclear if they are high-balling from day one, or perhaps only doing a warm-up?

The powered up LHC is of course just a monstrous bomb – it having really no other rational or irrational purpose. Please familiarize yourself a little bit with this momentous matter either on my blogpost

Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

or directly from the horse’s mouth on Please! Mr. Louis Sancho may possibly have posted new items since I wrote my above post, but I haven’t as of yet had the leisure to peruse it closely.

The worst-case scenario outcome from the maniac-scientists tinkering at CERN/LHC is said to be Earth ending up as a black hole of about 3 cm in diameter!

But leaving these trifles for the insane scientists to tinker with, lets instead take a quick look at something really important: MONEY.

The reason being there is increasingly talk about DIGITAL MONEY on the news-sites. For instance on Zerohedge. com, like this

*Powell Lays Out The Key Reasons Why The Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars

Powell Lays Out the Key Reasons Why the Evil Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars

Very well, – except that you, with near absolute certainty, won’t learn anything about the ‘key reasons’ from the honourable Mr. Powell.

These ‘key reasons’ – aka the intent, purpose and gist of ‘Digital Money’, I take it – is:

There IS no such thing as digital money! You may of course talk about digital payment systems and the like – but not digital money.

(I here take ‘money’ to be equal to ‘currency’. I presume there has been published hundreds of papers and books on what the words Money / Currency (had better) mean? But we’re here just taking the common-sense approach).

Thus – digital money is not currency. Why is that?

Because any clever hacker or evil official or power-monger will be/is able to pick your pockets; i.e. destroying the economy of ANY particular individual – by just hitting a key on a computer. Either in broad daylight or underground by hacking your account. Piece of cake!

This is not possible in the case of real, genuine currency: To completely destroy a person, any person, financially, you would have to a) rob him/her in the street b) burglarize all their premises c) burglarize their safe-deposit boxes c) find all their hidden money (currency), f.i. if dug down in the garden or hidden in foreign places; and so on and so fort.

Summing up: Digital money is simply equal to NO MONEY. And that’s exactly what it’s all about: The ruling mob don’t accept that we, their slaves, can own or carry MONEY. Small kids and slaves and ‘useless eaters’ don’t need money to carry around with them!

They must be content with having our ‘trusted’ bankers making a few posts on their digital books and then digitally transmit their payments! If they so care, of course!

Welcome to a New World Order.



A New World Order

Satan’s Day?

Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

The Robots’ Cash Ban

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A New World Order


(18.Sept.2020) Today is Friday and it’s real nice out there.

During the last month I’ve had several clairvoyant visions during the night or early a.m. Here is a cursory synopsis of some of the perhaps most intriguing.

1) Tuesday 18.Aug.2020 – In the early a.m. had a lengthy, no doubt clairvoyant vision, going approx. like this:

‘I and an associate (unknown) had been active in a very large, old house. When leaving it we looked back and discovered that our activities in the house had resulted in it being now engulfed in flames. Obviously – being very old and very combustible – it was going to burn to the ground.

‘The ‘dictator’ owning the house had just been erecting a giant platform intended for some sort of an important speech, seemingly to inaugurate something (the new world order?). But he had to abandon this as his base – his giant, old house – was on fire.

‘The ‘dictator’ was enraged and we both had to flee for our lives.’

2) Tuesday 1.Sept.2020 – That night I probably suffered yet another psychic attack while asleep:

‘I was walking in a wood close to our metropolis. I there met a woman who, when seeing me, gesticulated to one or more associates in the vicinity: ‘The Witch signaling her trolls’?

‘I then found myself first crossing and then walking along an old fence in the wood; but something tried to pull me back and down into the fence.

‘Then I found myself watching dead leaves in the forest floor close up, like if I was lieing prone on the ground; and only with an intense effort was I able to levitate myself out of the ground/the wood.’

The peculiar character of this dream vision makes me suspect that it was in fact a psychic attack. For instance, what would have happened if I had not been able to muster the force to levitate myself out of the forest floor?

Couldn’t it possibly be another assassination attempt by mentalists, like it has been attempted several times previous to this? Reportedly, if your ‘soul’ do not return to your body after traveling – be it in a dream-vision at night or an out-of-body experience in broad daylight – then your body necessarily dies.

3) Wednesday 2.Sept.2020 – Saw one or more giant spaceships close to earth. These spaceships no doubt belonged to ‘real ET’, whereas a couple of lesser ships seen a few years ago obviously were earthly.

4) Tuesday 15.Sept.2020 – ‘One (of two) super-giant ‘Samson’ cranes having been used for erecting a large, new structure (the new world order?) were being decommissioned before their mission was completed.

The largest of the cranes was just about to reach the ground when it literally exploded (‘with rage’?), throwing all sorts of missiles in all directions. The neighbourhood obviously became very dangerous for everyone present; I myself happened to notice one particular missile aimed directly my way, but nevertheless managed to evade it.’

(Note: Many Copenhageners will remember the giant moveable crane in the city port, called SAMSON. Is ‘The Samson-Option’ implied in the ‘missile rage’ within above vision?)(link 1)

5) Wednesday 17.Sept.2020 – Riding by train along the Oresund (Kystbanen) ‘we’ noticed a man sleeping out in the open on a field near the suburb of Rungsted (my home-turf as a teenager). The man was sheltered in a large, fancy sleeping-bag. The bag seemed to be covered by a coating of aluminum, thus perhaps reminding more of an aircraft / spacecraft than a sleeping bag.

This last item (5) made me remember what I had begun writing on Monday, 7.Sept.2020:

‘Last Monday (31.Aug.) was the last day before residents in our apartment house had to pay rent for September.

‘Talking to a friendly neighbour the day before, I almost got the impression that he – who incidentally is most certainly not a conspiracy-theorist (the mere mention of a cabal seems to make him almost completely confused) – had nonetheless become a bit worried that he might happen to end up in a situation making it impossible for him to pay his rent in due time; and thus perhaps enabling our landlord to have him/us evicted from his/our apartment?

‘His point obviously was, that (like last month?) he had not yet – i.e. one or two days before pay day – found his monthly pay form in the letter box, without which he thought he could not in any way, shape or form pay his rent. (I myself received the pay form in my email at some point around noon on that Monday).

‘I think I managed to calm down my nervous, rather timid neighbour by way of pointing out to him, that our landlord – to my knowledge – has always been scrupulously honest in her dealings with us.

So far, so good.

But to sum up the big picture as of now, referring to incidents like delineated in item 1) – 4) above, then I have to say it’s my belief that mob-rule over Earth and Earthlings will soon – with or without eviction! – be coming to an end.


Link 1.
The Samson Option?


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Satan’s Day?


(22.Aug.2020) This date has a lot of two’s, and according to the Illuminati numerology magic thus is a special day for Satanists – as the number 22 (and 2zero2?) is supposed to be fraught with baleful purport.

Also you should note, that August is the 8th month, and that 2+2+2+2 is 8.

Furthermore at least some numerologists regard 8 as a very unlucky number. Incidentally 8 is two times 4, and some of you may know, that 4 is regarded in Japan as so unlucky, that it’s always(?) omitted as room or floor number.

Of course other numerologists are preaching the exact opposite.

But then also today is Saturday, Saturn’s – or Satan’s – Day.

All these ominous connotations may or may not be the reason why I had the following clairvoyant vision during the night – repeatedly in fact:

I saw a woman being present and observing while a man assassinated a young girl with a ‘totenschläger’ – i.e. by knocking her on her head with some heavy instrument.

That’s it – and I cannot tell you who the three persons were from the vision alone.

But since I was the receiver of this telepathic vision, someone must have had me in mind while thinking about, conceiving or planning such a dreadful act. The victim might then be one of my young relatives; and the observing (planning and arranging?) woman would obviously be someone who hates me a lot. That is, most likely from ciao and their friends or perhaps even from our own (Satanist?) government?

Our government is not Satanist – you say? Well, maybe and maybe not.

But our young and pretty P.M. still managed – accidentally, perhaps? – to choose this ‘Satans Day’ of the 22.8.2020 as being the day from whence all Danes travelling on public transportation must mandatorily wear that Satanic invention – the Face Mask.

I managed to procure a nice, new city-bike yesterday, and am today ‘city-biking’ for the first time in half a dozen years. Feels good, by the way.

But already yesterday about half of travellers on public transportation were wearing face-masks. And for me this was an scary experience.

Why is that – you may ask?

Well, the gist of the matter is, that beings wearing face-masks obviously are no longer (regarded as) humans; they are (regarded as) animals (no offence intended, I’m solely talking principles, not personals).

Only animals will accept wearing muzzles (dogs), or bridles (sheep, cattles and horses). Humans would never accept that.

But why is this – travelling with bridled beings – so scary? Simply because – being from the country side – I know, that bridled beings will – sooner or later, but with absolute certainty – end up in an abattoir. That’s why!

Incidentally animals are stupid, and would never understand that face-masks are generally useless (that is, except in very, very special cases); and that they are in fact much more likely to be detrimental to the health?

Humans (like animals) need to have their ‘anti-virus programs’ (immunity defence) updated EVERY DAY to stay healthy; just like your PC!

The actual purpose of the globally ruling mob with masking you with absurd contrivances, that are almost certainly detrimental to your health is of course to make you ill. Ain’t it?

Because when everyone have had their immunity-defence ruined (remember – your’s MUST BE UPDATED EVERY DAY!) – then many more people will get ill by the common cold and the flu come this autumn and winter. And these infections by the common cold and flu will with ‘deadly’ certainty be ascribed to the so-called corona-19, don’t you think?

This, then, will give the mob an excuse to order our govt. to close-down Denmark once more. An act that with a high degree of certainty will entail the bankruptcy of many or even most privatly owned small- and medium sized businesses and companies.

But no worry, dear fellow citizens! The international ‘billionaires mafia’ will be glad to pick up what’s usable or even valuable of the wreckage. For one cent on the dollar or much less.

Like my friend Goldschmidt, the tailor, used to say: ‘They cannot get enough; I know them!’



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The Clueless


(8.Aug.2020) Today is Saturday, and it’s HOT out there.

Everyone seem to be power biking like mad to reach the beach or harbour-area before all premium space has been taken.

Luckily I’ve become too old for this sport. Not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of half-clad young women! But I don’t really endure the blazing sun now, and also am increasingly bored with just being idle.

But here, in a nice, air-conditioned McDonalds in downtown Copenhagen, is consequently plenty of ‘premium space’ today for me and my laptop. Hence – let’s take a look at a few ‘pictures’ from my small picture library.

We will – of necessity, I dare say – have to cover some recent politics. The danish Government has now – like most other Governments, I’m afraid? – gone completely rogue – aided and abettet by a clueless Parliament?

Yesterday I talked to one of my old photo-friends for the first time this summer, and obviously at some point we touched upon the covid-craze.

Now, this friend is a very clever engineer and I always thought he was generally rather on the clever side.

But lo and behold – he’s completely clueless in ‘covid-and-government-matters’.

For instance he had no idea, that our Constitution (‘Grundlov’ in danish) is now in reality null and void.

But it is, of course! Because Government and Parliament now rules like there was no Constitution. Simple as that.

I did mention a favourite example from my quiver – that of §79 of our Grundlov. Which says that there is (unconditional) freedom of meeting, gathering and congregation in Denmark.

That is: If you congregate indoor and the meeting is not public – then nothing can LEGALLY hinder the meeting.

Only if the meeting is public, the police has a right to be present (but not to hinder it); and if held outdoor police can stop or prevent the meeting, but only if it poses a danger to the public peace.

But this paragraph has been blatantly ignored – like every other paragraph deemed inconvenient to our young NWO tyrants.

Of course my friend had no idea what I was talking about and merely objected, that there now was a Covid Special Law – inplying that everything was then hunky-dory! Silly fool! But – ok, he may perhaps just be getting a little bit senile?

Here are a few observations, cut and pasted from more or less recent newspages.





(The masks from Jim Stones webpage)



Constitution Day (Satire)

Tweets on


The Witch and the Mask

(3.Aug.2020)  On 16.July.2020 I posted this (recaps/quotes are preceeded by an *asterix, my comments by an >arrow):

*Yesterday I learned, that the US-american Minister of State (‘Foreign Minister’), the honourable Mr. Pompeo, has scheduled a visit to Copenhagen for Thursday next – the 22nd July (reportedly the nbrs. 11, 22 and 33 are important for NWO cabalists?)….

*As an aside: There is hardly no doubt – I beg to assure you – that it would be a great boon to the future career of Mr. P. if he would be able to take me with him back to the ciao and their new, charming director?

>Question: Did the new ciao director resent to be referred to as ‘charming’?
Because on Friday the 24.July.2020 at 9 a.m. I tweeted:

*(24.Jul.2020) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of female, knife-wielding psychopath going after small girls. What does that mean? Did some of the supreme US-hit-‘men’ have their feelings hurt?

>After this tweet things happened fast:

>Item 1.

>One of the danish, royal Princes reportedly suffered a serious cerebral haemorrhage that same Friday, to be operated on a hospital the following night before Saturday in France (where staying with his wife).

>It is well known, that a cerebral haemorrhage may be caused by heart trouble. And that heart trouble may be induced by a malicious psychic attack, ref. my post from 2014:

*Was acting danish Sec. of State’s wife almost killed from attack by criminal ciao- or mozzar-psychics in 2014?

Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?


*How rich can you really get by bending spoons and stopping “pigs hearts” by hypnosis?

*Uri Geller is a ‘psychic spy’ for Mossad.

CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

>Whence the question: Was the danish Prince possibly hit by a malicious psychic attack (by ciao?), and why?

>To attempt an answer let’s go back to 2019 when I wrote about the LunarLander crash, the assassination of three (of four) children of (one of) the (reportedly) best friends of our Crown-Prince, and the arsoning of the NotreDame Cathedral in Paris. In April/September 2019 i posted this (excerpts, link 1):

*This tentative decoding attempt necessarily presupposes 1) that aliens were feared by mission control to plan to make – and in fact eventually made – the Lunar lander crash and 2) that (someone in) IL mission control consider myself to be (more or less) ‘an alien’; or at least, perhaps, as communicating with aliens?

*But how on earth is that mindset possible?

*Firstly – ((omitted as not relevant here))

*Secondly – I’ve repeatedly designated humans as ‘earthlings’. Just attempting to obtain the birds eye perspective, I’m afraid, but may look suspicious to some people?

*Thirdly – Once I had – and have in fact reported about – a dream vision, that to some inquisitive minds just might imply a telepathic message from (real) aliens? (link 2)

*By the way one has to remember that the IL Lunar lander crash was the second catastrophe in the recent IL space program. The first was the giant ZUMA ‘communication’ (or space-war?) satellite, that crashed more than one year ago. Hence the IL space program direction may naturally have become somewhat paranoid?

*Sadly both the terrorism in SriLanka on 21.April 2019 as well as the destruction of NotreDame in Paris on 15.April ((by arson)) tend to support the above tentative interpretation. That is if the two terror attacks should be interpreted as revenge terrorism?

*Why is that? Simply because all three events – the Lunar Lander crash, the SriLanka terrorism and the torching of NotreDame – are connected by my person, albeit very, very indirectly. Here’s how.

*In another blog post I’ve probably established beyond resonable doubt, that I have one or more Danish seventeen-century kings among my ancestry. Just possibly as many as half a dozen ancestry lines to Danish 17. and 18.-century Royalty, which would most likely make it a more or less special case for anyone born a peasant.

*Obviously I have no idea if the danish Royal House is aware of this ((not ENTIRELY true, if one adds my small faculty of clairvoyance to the equation)). They may be, ofcourse, and if so it’s a given, that the international SecretService community will know. That’s because the telephones (and perhaps the rooms?) of the Royals are certainly tapped or bugged by rouge CIA/Mossad factions.

*Should the Royals have ever taken a certain interest in my person as a blogger, it would be tantamount to painting themselves as a target for revenge by said rouge agents.

*Now, the hit in SriLanka targeted the (reportedly) very best friends of our Crown Prince; three of the friendly family’s four children were assassinated.

*The torching of NotreDame in Paris occured on the day before our Queens birthday; as close as you could reasonable go – if the birthday itself had been choosen, it would have been too obvious!

*The Prince Consort (now deceased) of the Queen was french, of course; and the wife of his younger son is french.

>Now – if the ciao leadership wanted to take revenge on myself for the unexcusable brashness of perhaps accidentally revealing something about the character of the ciao leadership; somthing they might prefer at all costs to keep hidden? – then they of course have many options, among which to hit myself and/or my friends.

>But – you may rightly say – you don’t mean to insinuate that a Royal Prince is your friend? No, of course not. Only there still is the chance, that the Royal family hasn’t yet fully understood, that everything they say with a smartphone lieing around is most certainly tapped and taped by the mob.

>It doesn’t even always matter if the phone is shut down, as it’s often possible to tap even an ostensibly shut down phone.

>So, if the french wife of the danish Prince has taken any interest, however small, in my blogging about the NotreDame and other frensh issues – then the ciao & their friends will certainly have noted. Whence the hypothesy of her husband, the Prince, being a possible target for revenge terrorism.

>Item 2.

>On that same Friday (24.Aug.) one of my old acquaintances, the owner of a large photo-store in downtown Copenhagen, may possibly have been hit by ‘something evil’?

>The details are very sketchy and hypothetical, however, as it’s been impossible for me to get any sort of first hand confirmation or information, not to speak of hard facts.

>But anecdotal evidence indicates that all employees are now fired and that the store has been wholly or partly closed since that friday.

>Hence circumstances might point in the direction of concerted foul play (perhaps by a Trojan-Horse?); as you may know, circumstantial evidence is in fact often the most dependable type of evidence.

>What’s especially intrigueing, however, is the fact, that this gentleman (as far as I remember off hand) is the only person I know who has instantly understood, that there never was a pandemic in Denmark – but that there certainly is a putsch, a coup-d’état ongoing – when I told them. Most everyone else are completely clueless!

>As we have known each other for several decades he might of course have visited my blog; and may likewise easily have mentioned my name in one or more telephone conversation.

>But just ONE mention of my name on the internet/phone-net, will instantly, i.e. in real time, have a lamp flashing red in the ciao (or nssa or mozzar) headquater!

>Considering how rare it is to find anyone having brains enough to see through the covid-craze, one can understand how important it is for the mob to neutralize those individuals.

>After all ‘Destroy the best and the brightest’ (if not of ‘our own crowd’, that is) has obviously ever been an important mantra for ‘moral antimatter’ in the Universe – the destroyer of Worlds! (links 3 & 4).

>Item 3.

On the 25.July I blogged this (concerning the day before, i.e. our Friday, the 24.July):

*On my way back ((from Helsingborg, Sweden)) with a real heavy handbag with glass-and-brass for my collection of old platecameras I was obviously oogled by a fingerman on the FUGLEBAKKEN S-station, about 500 yards from where I live. He was busy both oogling and using his iPhone, and stuck out like a sore thumb (they mostly do, by the way. If on account of they want to be seen (as a threat) or because of incompetence, I donot know).

*But luckily today a bus just happened to be ready outside the S-station; otherwise I might easily have been mugged while walking the 500 yards to my flat on a comparatively sparsely trafficed sidewalk. I was also carrying a bundle of old family letters and negatives, hence a mugging would have been quite unfortunate.

*But nothing to see here, just move on. The mob are mostly RAUBMOERDER, of course. They always were and always will be.

>Today (3.Aug.2020) I tweeted:

*3.Aug.2020 This morning had clairvoyant vision of being targeted by dangerous, professional hit-man. He/she had face totally covered by mask, like satanist witch or african medicine man, and was armed with bow and arrows. No doubt poisened as our domistic dogs appeared to be dieing from poison.

>The reason for that hit plan probably is this: The evening before I had begun to suspect a malicious psychic attact behind the two cases delineated above.

>Hence I rummaged around on my twitter account to establish the exact time of posting the tweet about my vision of the insane, female ‘girl-killer’. It turned out to be a few minuted past 9.a.m.

>From their ubiquitous surveillance of my flat, of course ciao and their friends would have understood the possible ramifications of this find. Hence their planning of an assassination by poison darts by satanic witch?


Note 1. (6.Aug.2020)
There seem to have been a nuclear(?) explosion in the harbour of Beyrout, Lebanon. Here’s a retired lebanese general’s take on the calamity:

”First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti ship missile. The second explosion was caused by Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.”

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm (continually updating)

You could speculate, of course, that one or more top power-brokers may possibly have felt an urge to have someone throw a real big red herring unto the stage?

Link 1.
Swedbank – Lunar Lander Crash – NotreDame – Die Gnosis

Link 2.

Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

Link 3.

The Samson Option?

Link 4.
Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC


CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

Tweets on

Madame de Pompadour – Uspenskij – Julie Sødring – Kaalund

(17.July.2020. Updated) Today is Friday, and its VERY nice out there.

Yesterday I made an appointment with an old photo-friend for today at elleven a.m. in the Magasin du Nord department store at Kgs.Nytorv in downtown Copenhagen.

But as it transpired, the ciao had already – cordially and dutifully – read my blogpost from yesterday (below).

Why else would you explain a highly professional hit-man and martial-arts master occupying one of the chairs nearest to our usual café meeting spot and who was obviously spoiling for a fight?

Thats right – you wouldn’t.

Yesterday I wrote:

(16.Jul.2020) Today is Thursday and initially I had planned to make yet another trip to my bank in Helsingborg/Sweden. But snoozing this morning in my very comfortable bed I had a fleeting premonition of danger.

But, what – you’ill surely ask – what could be so very dangerous about just visiting your bank and safe-deposit box in Helsingborg?

The thing is – the bank has made certain changes to the access protocol a couple of years ago.

Formerly you could access the vault by scanning your card in the electronic card reader and entering your private access code.

But this procedure has been completely abolished. Now you have to apply at the reception with your personal credentials (id/passport), upon which a bank-assistant will lead you to the gates and open to the vault.

Of course this not necessarily gives added security for yourself – quite the contrary. A passport is very easy to fake or procure for the mob, as everyone seemingly want to make highquality, colour scans of it, be it in Hotels or Banks; while it should be much more difficult to both fake your electronic access card and personal pin code.

To a certain degree, however, the ‘amended’ access protocol makes perfect sense. Formerly you could occasionally find whole families lounging in the (very large, to be sure) wault room; which of course made for a certain feeling of insecurity.

The problem with the updated access protocol is this: The bank can now control – and if they wish even micro-control – how many people is allowed into the vault at any one time. Sounds good, you say?

Yes and no. The ‘no’ refers to the interesting fact, that the vault has now become an absolutely perfect place for a (security-service- or mob-related) hit-team set-up!

If for instance I myself am planning to visit the bank in Helsingborg, then the security-services (mozzard/ciao/pest) WILL know this at least the day/evening before. This is because my flat is totally and very closely surveilled by the consolidated (mob-related?) agencies, by sound at least, and has been for many years. Thus the mob may know my daily routine down to the very last detail and will know with absolute certainty when a trip is planned.

Likewise they will then know very approximately when I’ill be showing up at the reception of the bank, and they and their possible stooges at the bank will know this from the very opening of the bank in the morning.

Thus they will be able to control the number of visitors to the vault so as to make sure there’s no one there, when I show up at the reception.

The ‘security services’ then just have to hide in the vast, two-storey vault (with many separate closets and nooks and crannies) or simply enter while I’m there – to hit me.

Probably I would then be seduced and taken out into an (false?) ambulance on a stretcher, ostensibly suffering a stroke – and voila: Fait accompli!

This spectable could hardly have been possible with access by electronic cards and pin-code, as it would be much more difficult – or even impossible? – to inconspicuously micro control attendance with respect to time and number (note 2).

Yesterday I learned, that the US-american Minister of state (‘foreign minister’), the honourable Mr. Pompeo, has scheduled a visit to Copenhagen for Thursday next – the 22nd July (reportedly the nbrs. 11, 22 and 33 are important for NWO cabalists?).

Presumeably there will be at least two items on the agenda. a) The future of Greenland (as a US colony?) and b) To entice our our own charming government to – if at all possible – try and harass the NordStream-2, Russia’s pipeline-under-construction from Leningrad to Germany?

As an aside: There is hardly no doubt – I beg to assure you – that it would be an enormous boon to the future career of Mr. P. if he would be able to take me with him back to the ciao and their new, charming director? (note 1)

Whence a possible mutual item no. 3 on the agenda: How to impart to our danish p.m. – and visa-versa to the US-govt. – the urgency of ‘eliminating’ the undersigned dissident. (would hardly be a hard sell either way around? – link 1)

So ‘please be extra careful’ – is the motto for the next several days. Especially, of course, for those of us who routinely wander ‘where Angels fear to thread’.

(I won’t here comment further on the nice young lady at Holms and the gentleman at Aldi a few days ago, or their business).

But today I once more visited the dutch book sale in the HeiligGeist Church Community House. I found yet another couple of books, like yesterday at 10 Dkr ($1,50) per item.

1. OPTIKO – Analogue Photography Journal. Self-published by Steve King/Adam King,, 2018, 275 p. Softcover.

This interesting yearbook is – like so many photo-books, by the way – published in a highly awkward format. The format is ca. 13×18 cm (abt. half-plate), which size cannot, however, reasonable be faulted; I once have read, that the 13×18 cm format normally is the most pleasing to the eyes, if regarded from normal reading distance.

But the 275 pages are printed on rather thick, stiff paper that are – ostensibly solidly – clued together in the back.

Only I feel conficent, that the glue will crack if you try to open the rather small, stiff book sufficiently to be able to easily view the whole page. Time will show, though.

Until now, the book has hardly been read. What’s especially interesing for nerds like myself is the fact, that many or even most of the photographs has information as to which analogue camera and film has been used for each picture.

2. SKIVEBOGEN – Historisk Aarbog for Skive og Omegn. 27.bind, Skive, 1935, 113 p. Softcover.

What caught my eye in this small yearbook was an article titled:

‘Fruen Paa Bjeresjöholm’. by M.Brandt.

I know nothing of Mr/Ms Brandt. But I superficially know about the South-Swedish estate Bjeresjöholm from reading up on my own family history.

According to the most renowned genealogist working with families in my childhoods North-Jutland, my mothers maternal family tree has an ancestral branch from the Rotfeld family; a family that for centuries lived on the Bratskov estate directly north of the Limfjord.

At some point in the late middle ages this family married into the owner-family on ‘Bersholm’; and for a couple of centuries there remained a certain personal connection between the two estates.

The present issue of SKIVEBOGEN surprisingly features a 35 pages long article on the matter. But I have to scrutinize it more closely to learn if it’s more or less relevant for our family history.

Day before yesterday I wrote:

(15.Jul.2020) Today is the opening day the books at the antiquarian dutch book sale in the HeiligGeist Church community house here in central Copenhagen will cost only 10 Kr (1,50 dollars), and of course I had to take a quick look.

I eventually managed to make my escape with merely 11 books (plus 5 for gifts, not to be detailed here).

1. ERINDRINGER. Af Julie Weber Sødring – født Rosenkilde. Edited by M.F.Sødring. 2 volumes, Copenhagen 1894-95. 236, 358 pages, nicely bound in contemporary calf.

Ms. Sødring was a leading actress at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen from the mid 19. century. I have to admit, however, that I have no – nil – interest in acting and the theatre. So how come I’ve bought these two volumes anyway?

Firstly my nephew, who is trained as an opera singer, has his birthday shortly; and initially I saw an opportunity for a small birthday present. But after having browsed a bit in the two books I’ve decided to ask him firstly.

For one thing my nephew is not really a book lover – even if he has a law-degree in addition to his education at the Royal Music Acadami.

For another a few minutes of browsing the two volumes convinced me they are quite interesing, and should not be given away vainly.

Incidentally I often prefer to read female history authors, and especially memoirs. The somewhat ‘oblique’ perspective is often highly refreshing.

Here’s a small specimen quote from page 213-4 (vol.2):

‘Det var i de aar, at nye strømninger i aandslivet brød igennem herhjemme. Uagtet Kaalund i adskillige, væsentlige punkter var uenig med de fremstormende unge, havde han dog ifølge hele sit naturel en stor sympati for deres trang til bevægelse og kamp, hvortil kom, at han ved personligt venskab var knyttet til adskillige af dem.

‘Vi havde mange debatter om de dengang rejste stridsspørgsmaal. Jeg stred for hjemmets betydning og frygtede den løshed i anskuelser og moral, som tidsstrømmen førte med sig.

‘Kaalund tog det mere overlegent. Han mente, at det hele var en overgang, man maatte lade ungdommen rase, og med hensyn til den tilbøjelighed til at leve et tøjlesløst liv, der viste sig hos adskillige kunstnere og forfattere, ytrede han, at man maatte holde kunstnernaturen noget til gode.

‘Navnlig dette sidste bestred jeg og udtalte, at de med særlige evner benaadede mennesker netop burde optræde vejledende og opdragende for de øvrige.’

2. MADAME DE POMPADOUR. By Nancy Mitford. London, 1954, 275 p. Original cloth.

Another female historian very much worth reading. Frankly I fear I own this volume already; only I couldn’t find it last evening when I wanted to check it out; but at $1,50 no big deal.

There are two epitaphs put on the titel page:

‘High rouged, unfortunate female of whom it is not proper to speak without necessity’ (Thomas Carlyle)

‘Sincère et tendre Pompadour.’ (Voltaire)

There are 20 chapters – of which the first is titled ‘Versailles and Louis XV’ and of course places Mme Pompadour in the timeframe as mistress of the french King Louis XV, who ruled 1715-74. (i.e. almost as long as Louis XIV (1643-1715)).

It eventually transpires, that I already own a specimen of this work; only it’s a danish translation, and ofcourse I want to read the book in the original language. (link 2)

3. LE BÉHARISTAN by DJAMI. Traduit pour la permiere fois du Persan en Francais par HENRI MASSÉ, professeur a la faculté des lettres d’Alger. Paris, 1925, 233 p., privately bound in calf.

Frankly I’m unsure if this book is worth keeping. At any rate it’s uncommon, as I’ve only found five specimens for sale in Europe/USA, and they’re all softcover. They are priced between $44 and $82.

Here’s a small specimen quote from page 201:

‘On dit a un renard: “Peux-tu gagner cent pieces d’or et faire parvenir un message aux chiens du village?”

‘Il repondit: “Par Dieu! c’est un salaire magnifique; mais en cette affaire il y a danger de mort.”

‘Esperer un trait de generosite de la part d’un etre vil, c’est lancer un vaisseau sur les flots de l’ocean de la deception. Se mettre a la merci d’un ennemi pour l’amour de l’angent et des dignites, c’est se precipiter dans le gouffre du peril’.

4. STREJFTOG I MODERNE FILOSOFI – II. Af Johannes Witt-Hansen. Kh, 1963, Folkeuniversitet. Rhodos, 115 p. Softcover.

This thin and outwardly rather drab, even unattractive volume seems nevertheless to perhaps augur for interesting reading.

One of the three chapter is dealing with the mystic/occultist Uspenskijs philosophy; while another is dealing with the ‘mystic/occultist’ Niels Bohr.

Here’s a small sample quote from p.29:

‘Medens tiden i den newtonske mekanik og hos Kant opfattes som noget, der er ganske uafhængig af rummet og dets tre dimensioner, så er pointen hos Uspenskij imidlertid netop den, at tiden for de mennesker, hvis bevidsthed udvider eller udvikler sig til ‘kosmisk bevidsthed’, opfattes som noget, der tilhører rummet som dets fjerde dimension.’

Yes – TIME (like GOD) is a word difficult to handle.

It seems to me, off hand, that Uspenskij may perhaps be treating of TIME as a word designating a RECORDING (in ‘the fourth dimention’?) of successive changes (movements) in our universe. However I don’t expect this to be said in so many words anywhere; but time will show, if I get the leisure to peruse the book, which I certainly hope for.

5. ORDENES LIV. By Kristoffer Nyrop. Copenhagen 1924-34. 6 volumes (complete set), Gyldendal. Beautifully bound in brown goat-skin.

These 6 handsome volumes are in fact bound so exquisitely pretty that they would obviously have passed for bibliophile items if it wasn’t for one small blemish; the uppermost part of the back is rather worn on abt. half of the volumes.

Nevertheless a complete set is by no means common; at present I’ve found only one complete set for sale in Scandinavia (at a price of 550 Kr (nearly $90)).

Most of the volumes are first editions, only vol. one is in 2nd ed. (1925).

As an example here’s the table of content from vol. III:
1. Lydharmoni. 2. Lydlige Lygtemænd. 3. Ord og Overtro. 4. Ordet og Tingen. 5. Elliptiske Ord. 6. Bil. 7. Et Smædeords Historie. 8. Italienske Ord i Dansk.

Vol. 6 has a general register for all six volumes.

It’s a pleasure to handle this set, but perhaps it won’t be quite as pleasurable to try and find a place for the books at home?

However it now transpires, that I (as suspected) already own the complete set. Only this new set is much more handsome than the previous, that has now been replaced.

I’ve briefly presentet Mr. Nyrop in a previous post – see


On the 22nd of July I tweeted:

(22.Jul.2020) Had planned to visit the BILKA supermarket to buy new laserprinter on sale today. But tonite had clairvoyant vision of being kidnapped by 3 hitmen. I guess the US-hitman very much wants to make our PM happy?

On the 24th July I tweeted (approx.):

(24.Jul.2020) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of female, knife-wielding psychopath going after small girls. What does that mean? Did some of the supreme US-hit-‘men’ have their feelings hurt?


In the previous post
Elsinore – Helsingborg
I touched upon the possibility that my swedish bank would like to terminate my lease of the safedeposit box.

And lo and beold – when I visited the bank in Helsingborg on the 23nd July I was informed that the bank WOULD IN FACT TERMINATE MY LEASE!

The very nice lady that managed the dept. that day gracefully gave me to the end of August to wind up my affairs with them.

Ostensibly they are planning to liquidate the entire (giant) safedepot box department! Sounds almost incredible, although I wouldn’t rule out the possibly of it being (partly) true.

This is for two main reasons: Firstly any european safe-deposit-box department catering to the general public has most likely become much more difficult to manage in parallel with the european countries being inundated by aliens from civilizations that typically have quite another culture for conducting their relationship to any government’s tax-department?

And secondly: In future this kind of service will certainly only be available to the élite! The general public will in future (i.e. in fact now?) be encuraged to keep away from the banks, at least as much as possible; their saving accounts are not desired by the banks any more, as the big banks now print their own money (not de-jure but de-facto counterfeit!). And unless you have borrowed A LOT of money in your bank, and consequently is their serf, you are definately NOT welcome!

Incidentally this philosophy is in stark contrast to the philosophy of the now defunct SPARBANKEN that built the vast vault (1960-1970?). They specifically aimed at giving the general public a chance to store their valuables conveniently and cheaply: A philosophy of the FOLKHEMMET, that made Sweden famous in those years.

The FOLKHEMMET philosophy has now, however, gone into the rubbish bin, I’m afraid? Sweden seems to have been taken over by the alien bankers and their philosophy of rapacious hubris, materialism and greed?

(Update: Turned out their vast safe-deposit vault is hardly set to be abolished; at least no other visitors seemed to be about to terminate their lease while I visited there. In the contrary, one of them asked me about the rent for my size of box.)

But to terminate my business with the bank in Helsingborg as fast as possible I again visited there yesterday (24.July).

On my way back with a real heavy handbag with glass-and-brass for my collection of old platecameras I was obviously oogled by a fingerman on the FUGLEBAKKEN S-station, about 500 yards from where I live. He was busy both oogling and using his iPhone, and stuck out like a sore thumb (they mostly do, by the way. If on account of they want to be seen (as a threat) or because of incompetence, I donot know).

But luckily today a bus just happened to be ready outside the S-station; otherwise I might easily have been mugged while walking the 500 yards to my flat on a comparatively sparsely trafficed sidewalk. I was also carrying a bundle of old family letters and negatives, hence a mugging would have been quite unfortunate.

But nothing to see here, just move on. The mob are nothing but RAUBMOERDER, ofcourse. They never were and they never will be.



The Samson Option?

Kai Friis Moeller – H.G. Wells – Queen Christina – Madame de Pompadour
på dansk

Tweets on

Elsinore – Helsingborg

(7.July.2020) Last Thursday (July 3.) was one of the finest danish summer-days in recent memory. Sunny with some clouds and not too hot, making it just about perfect for outdoor activity.

Hence I threw my old and trusty Hasselblad 500C/M into a large shoulder bag, together with the 160mm Tessar lens and some b/w film. Also a couple of books and my smal laptop for good measure.

My plan was to try if you could now again visit Helsingborg on the Swedish side of the ØreSund. By studying the newspapers I hadn’t got any the wiser on this particular corona-problem: What about the usual one-day trips from Denmark to Sweden and back again?

Taking the commuter train from Copenhagen/Hellerup to Elsinore (22 miles) I got the days first surprise, as the courteous ticket-collector informed me I needed a place-reservation!

Yes, that’s right, they want a place reservation for a commuter train! Ostensibly on account of the covid-craze!

(Of course you may insist the so called Coastal-Train (Kystbane) running from Copenhagen to Helsingborg is not a commuter train? However, in my youth I’ve worked hundreds of days on the mid-way station RungstedKyst, and I would say off-hand that 80-90% of traffic was commuting in those days. May have changed through the years, of course). (link 9)

But let’s put things in perspective right from the beginning: A place reservation for a communter train of course makes no sense! But as with most covid-crazed concoctions the absurdity in itself is an important part of the agenda!

What’s you saying – you will surely ask? But yes – exactly: One of the absolutely most important intentions of the various covid-contraptions is to accustome and familiarize us – the ‘deplorables and expendables’ – with accepting and assenting to totally senseless, ridiculous or even harmful regulations, contrivances and arrangements (like 6 feet apart, facemasks (gags! – like if we’re kidnapped, kept captive and gagged by gangsters! – Note 3) and so on and so fort). (Link 6 & 7)

In short – We must understand and accept, and better sooner than later! – that we are soon to be wasted ‘deplorables’ and ‘expendables’!

But back to the ferry-terminal in Elsinore. Upon entering, you find the ticket-office closed. There are, however, automated ticket-terminals for your convenience – that is if you happen to have a Visa-card (or the like).

Only I haven’t had a Visa-card for more than 6 months.

This is a predicament, incidentally, that will be ubiquituous – and especially so for dissidents and any kind of critical voices – when cash-ban is ultimately instituted. I fear that nary a single (danish) newspaper editor understands, that when he has no recourse to cash he is no longer a human being: He is then but an animal, completely at the mercy of our self-appointed elite power-abusers.

At the flick of a switch or a key on a keyboard his Visa-card no longer works! And for good measure they (i.e. ciao/mozzard in close cooperation with pest, politicians and the bankers?) may arrange things in such a way that it will look like he’s abused his card and overdrawn his credit line. You are thus basically ‘wasted’!

But luckily the two young and courteous police officers present on the Danish side advised me I could buy a ticket with cash in the adjacent Train-station. Only there, for some strange reason, you couldn’t get a senior-ticket, whence I had to pay 90 Dkr ($14) instead of 54 Dkr for a two-way ticket.

From the ferry-terminal on the Swedish side there’s only a short walk to ‘bankers-street’, where most of the large banks have their main-office.

On the sidewalk outside my bank i found a queue of half a dozen people. A middle-aged banker walked from person to person and – with traditional swedish courteousy – asked about their business with the bank that day.

Inside there was a whole new team of staff tending to the safe-deposit customers – as compared to my last wisit about five months ago. And frankly I got the impression they had a real good time trying to harass me as much as possible? Without directly asking me to leave, though.

The ostensibly courteous gentleman fetched his superior and smirkingly pointed his fingers in the general direction where I was standing: Strange behaviour indeed?

The pretty lady inspecting my credentials made some rather silly objections and demands (f.i. she initially denied that my box-number was valid). But went short of demanding to inspect my socks and teeth, to be fair.

All this in stark contract to the courteous and helpful staff serving me last time! Eventually, however, I gained access to the vault. (link 8)

However – weather-wise it was a wonderful day and trip; even if I hardly got around to taking any photographs.

The next couple of days I did some thinking to try and get a handle on what makes those swedish bankers tick. Eventually I tentatively made up my mind like this:

1. If they could provoke me to be angry and uncouth in talk and manner – they might feel they could throw me out and cancel my contract. This might be quite inconvenient for me, as it’s difficult to empty a large safe-depot-box with old plate-camera lenses (heavy!) in a hurry if you have no car.

2. If they could scare me to stay away for some time – this might happen: In perhaps one years time – or something like that – there may be laws instituted in Sweden and Denmark (and the EU), that you can only cross borders if you have been covid-vaccinated and can show a ‘vaccination-pass’ at the border. (link 10)

That is, you should then carry a – digital or otherwise – proof of a covid vaccination. And if you decline to be vaccinated, you will be prohibited in crossing borders.

I would then have these two alternatives: Either accept to be vaccinated – or basically allow them to steal my collection in store?

What transpires from all this, I suppose, is perhaps first and foremost that COVID-VACCINATION OF CRITICS AND DISSIDENTS (like myself) IS DEEMED EXTREMELY IMPORTANT BY THE GLOBALLY REIGNING MAFIAS?

And why is that – you may ask: Why is it so extremely important to have critics of the power abusers covid-vaccinated? The answer to that, I think, is that the covid-vaccination may easily turn out to be extremely harmful?

I guess this answer tends to emerge from two paragraphs of my most recent satire ‘CONSTITUTION DAY’ (link 2 and note 1):

“As an aside: my beloved fiancée has expresses some hesitation as to him being strong enough to suffer being forcefully injected with a shot containing one or more real live versions of our Virus in addition to nanoparticles of aluminium, zirkonium, hafnium, strontium, chromium, bismuth, cerium, lead and iron. But isn’t that wonderful?

“Most shots will certainly also contain retrovira and RNA. Plus – last but not least – almost molecule-sized nanochips (programmable) and nanowires (antenna) – thus making it possible for government to always be informed about the whereabout of all dissidents and other teorrists; and likewise enabling government to – via 5G – communicate with- and program and reprogram every single living cell in your body! Isn’t that wonderful?'” (note 1)

However, not to be outdone by ‘les agents-provocateurs’ I posted this yesterday (July 5., link 1), and likewise tweeted:

‘Has China finally decided it may be inauspicious to associate too closely with nations (like US-IL?) that have their giant SpaceWar satellites & LunarLanders shot right out of the sky by unknown parties (like Aliens?).’ (link 4)

Whence came a prompt reaction; and this Sunday (6.July.2020) i tweeted:

(6.July.2020) ‘Today early in the a.m. had several clairvoyant visions, among which 1) Saw large desert-yellow/grey CIAO-4WD parked directly opposite our appartment house. 2) Small boychild nearly run over by truck 3) Hit-man hiding in tall plants/flowers to eventually persue me (Botanical Gardens?).’


(6.July.2020) ‘At 9.15a.m. today Pete N.Z. telephoned. However I didn’t answer the call on account I knew very well what he wanted: To take me to the Botanical Gardens. He NEVER calls me in the a.m.! Only worry: I don’t know if he’s mozzard or ciao? (link 11)


(6.July.2020) ‘When leaving flat 11.00a.m. saw big DESERT-YELLOW/GREY Mercedes parked directly opposite our house. When I reached the streetdoor, a man had magically popped up in the drivers seat. Don’t think I ever saw a passenger car in that odd color. (Note 2)

‘The man was looking textbook mozzard: swarthy, dark glasses, husky. If I had proceeded forthwith out into the steet or sidewalk I might have been run over, as he turned the big, newly painted car around directly in front of me. Great timing!’

(Colors somwhat subdued due to straylight from window pane)



Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study by Jon Rappoport (link 3)

A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines, manufactured by leading global companies, has uncovered a very troubling and previously unreported fact

The vaccines are heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles.
Many of the particles are metals.
We’re talking about traditional vaccines, such as HPV, flu, Swine Flu, Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, tetanus, etc.

“Some metallic particles made of Tungsten or stainless steel were also identified. Other particles containing Zirconium, Hafnium, Strontium and Aluminum (Vivotif, Meningetec); Tungsten, Nickel, Iron (Priorix, Meningetec); Antimony (Menjugate kit); Chromium (Meningetec); Gold or Gold, Zinc (Infarix Hexa, Repevax), or Platinum, Silver, Bismuth, Iron, Chromium (MMRvaxPro) or Lead,Bismuth (Gardasil) or Cerium (Agrippal S1) were also found. The only Tungsten appears in 8/44 vaccines, while Chromium (alone or in alloy with Iron and Nickel) in 25/44. The investigations revealed that some particles are embedded in a biological substrate, probably proteins, endo-toxins and residues of bacteria. As soon as a particle comes in contact with proteic fluids, a nano-bio-interaction…occurs and a ‘protein corona’ is formed…The nano-bio-interaction generates a bigger-sized compound that is not biodegradable and can induce adverse effects, since it is not recognized as self by the body.”

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study

Flu vaccines have spread a host of dangerous viruses around the world, which can then interact with SARS COV-2.
Blood products and vaccines are contaminated with XMRVs that can damage your immune system and cause CFS, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Put another way, COVID-19 may be initiated by SARS-CoV-2 but dependent upon a preexisting infection with and awakening of other viruses such as XMRV, gamma retroviruses, possibly Lyme and other coinfections, including parasites, and this is why anti-parasitic medications like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin help.

Could Retroviruses Play a Role in COVID-19?

You can bet that this is the precursor for mandatory vaccinations.
And if you don’t think vaccinations may be dangerous, read this in-depth study that shows vaccinated children have a 470% higher rate of autism than non-vaccinated children.

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

But you can bet your life that the corona vaccine will be the most dangerous and destructive drug ever injected into the human body by a physician. Only the drugs that are used to murder unborn babies could be categorized as more destructive (and the drugs administered to death row inmates, of course)?

The Biggest Global Hoax in History


If there had been a hit and witnesses, they would CERTAINLY have remembered the weird colour of the newly painted car (and the drivers bright red t-shirt!). Of course the car would have been repainted within hours of any hit-and-run or shooting.

NOTE 3. (10.July.2020)

It seems I’ve beaten Jim Stone, the well known dissident observer, blogging from Mexico (, by one day, as he yesterday (July 9.) posted a piece with pictures of different (slave/torture)gags.

I even flatter myself with the possibility he may have read my blog; if only because he will almost certainly know and perhaps be befriended with another wellknown (and likewise yewish) north-american critic blogging from Mexico, and that I’ve emailed a couple of times (see The Samson Option, link 4).

Incidentally, I seem to maybe have beaten the last-named gentleman by two days with respect to linking/referring to
how Mask Wearing, Hand Washing,’Social Separation’ and Lockdowns Are age-old occult/satanist rituals? (link 7)


Link 1.

Link 2.

Constitution Day (Satire)

Link 3.

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study

Link 4.

The Samson Option?

Link 6.
Masks are a joke. Social distancing is a joke. Business closures are a joke. Church closures are a joke. Theater closures are a joke. Sporting event cancellations are a joke. All of the corona-based television commercials are a joke. All of the fearmongering by radio disc jockeys and television news broadcasters is a joke. All of the theatrical grandstanding by politicians on Capitol Hill is a joke.

Of course, by joke, I don’t mean funny (it would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious). I mean stupid, idiotic, moronic, asinine, senseless, imbecilic, dumb, etc. Then again, what it really shows is the pure evil and wickedness of the people fomenting all of this fear and the crass gullibility and slavish spirit of a sizable percentage of the American population.

The Biggest Global Hoax in History

Link 7.
I’ll say it straight out: The propaganda about COVID-1984 is the biggest global hoax in history. Corona poses zero threat to 99.9% of the population.

Wearing Masks – A Sledgehammer to Health

“We destroyed our entire country and suspended democracy all for a lie.” – Daniel Horowitz.

Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing,’Social Separation’ and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order

Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order

The scamdemic was planned many years in advance:
The Denver Airport Mural painted in 1994: Tell me this is not weird, how long do they plan this in advance?

Link 8.

Osbert Sitwell – Helsingborg and the Swedes

Link 9.
Huxley – L’Auto – Van Gogh – The Universe – Piet Hein

Link 10.
2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents
Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Germany: According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the federal government plans to introduce a coronavirus “immunity card” as part of its “Infection Protection Law,” which will grant the authorities the power to round up anyone “suspected to be contagious” and “forbid them from entering certain public places”

Link 11.

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(25.Jun.2020) Today is Thursday, and it’s hot out there. It is in fact too hot for photography and much walking around. Whence I decided to take a quick look inside the HeiligGeist Church Community House where there’s presently a dutch sale of antiquarian books going on.

The price today is 70 DKR (11 dollars), but I decided against buying anything today. Yesterday, however, I bought a couple, namely:

1. THE INVISIBLE WRITING. By Arthur Koestler. The Second Volume Of An Autobiography: 1932-40. London, 1954/1969, Hutchinson, 526 p, hardcover.

It may seem strange to some that I saw fit to pay 75 DKK (12,50 dollars) for this stray volume; after all I’m certainly no revolutionary, and the price is probably very nearly normal store price.

But when picking up the book and opening it I chanced to open on page 191 first rattle out of the box – where I read:

‘The Talmudic legend of the thirty-six just men’:

‘When I was a child, our Rabbis taught me that if the thirty-six men did not exist, mankind couldn’t last a day, it would drown in its own wrongs.

‘The thirty-six are not marked out by any rank or office. They cannot be recognised, they never yield their secret, perhaps they are not even aware of it themselves; and yet it is they who, in every successive generation justify our existence and who every day save the world anew’.

At bit further on, Koestler elaborates:

‘They are neither heroes nor saints, and their civic virtues all go against the grain of the régime they serve. They are motivated by a grave sense of responsibility in a country where everybody fears and evades responsibility; they exercise initiative and independent judgement where blind obedience is the norm; they are loyal and devoted to their fellow-beings in a world where loyalty is only expected towards one’s superiors and devotion only towards the State. They have personal honour and an unconscious dignity of comportment, where these words are objects of ridicule.’

Here’s another presently completely relevant observation (p.79):

‘It had also been hammered into my head, and into the heads of two hundred million Russians, that to pay undue attention to relics and monuments of the past was a sign of a morbid sentimental, romantic and escapist attitude.

‘The old folk songs were forbidden all over Russia, they would have evoked an unhealthy yearning for bygone days. Some classics which expressed a ‘socially progressive attitude’ – for instance, War and Peace, Oblomov and Dead Souls – were read in school and reprinted in cheap editions by the State Publishing Trust; the rest, including most of Dostoievsky, were, if not exactly banned, condemned to oblivion by the simple means of not reprinting them. (The State monopoly in publishing is in the long run a more decisive feature of the Communist régime than the concentration camps and even the one-Party system).

‘The Communist’s duty was not to observe the world but to change it; his eyes were to focus on the present and the future, not on the past. The history of mankind would start with the World Revolution; all that went before was merely a chaotic, barbaric overture.’

I suppose some of my readers are sufficiently well-informed to recognise that these reflections are probably as valid today in relation to the USA (and perhaps a somewhat lesser degree Europe) as they were in the USSR in 1920-1930?

Many of the particulars delineated certainly applies to the now ongoing revolution in the USA (and the budding, general World Revolution?) for which the conjured-up Covid-craze may just be the false-flag impetus?

Perhaps there IS no ‘virus’ at all? However there certainly IS a Coup-d’Etat (in Denmark at least).

I mean – if government (with or without Parliament) rules like there is no Constitution (Grundlov) – isn’t this then the definition of a Putsch? (link 1)

2. FRA HERMAN BANGS JOURNALISTAAR VED ‘NATIONALTIDENDE’ 1879-84. Minder, samlede omkring breve til mine forældre. Af Anna Levin, f. Ferslev. København 1932, Gyldendal, 209 p, nicely bound in calf.

Anna Levin was a daughter of the great newspaper publisher Ferslev. They lived in the former Hotel Royal, opposite Parliament.

From page 75:

‘Den 8. Marts (1881) var der souper og bal i den nystiftede Journalistforening. Jeg havde efter megen modstand og parlamentering faaet lov til at følges derhen med redaktør Hiort-Lorenen og hans familie.

‘Festen stod i Seekamps lokaler ved Holmens Kanal og var meget stilfuld under formanden Vilhelm Topsøes ægide. Bang var en del sammen med mig den aften, maaske generede det mig lidt, jeg følte vel, at det kun gav sladderen vind i sejlene.

‘Hiort-Lorenzen, som vi populært kaldte: ‘Hjorten’, fortalte dagen efter oppe paa redaktionen, at kammerherre Fallesen, der var blandt æresgæsterne, havde sagt til ham, at han maatte sørge for, at frøken Ferslew gav den fyr løbepas, og han desuden var kommet med forskellige bemærkninger om Bang og mig.’

The editor (of the leading Copenhagen daily, ‘Nationaltidende’, Hans Rudolph) Hiort-Lorenzen was the great-grandfather of my old friend Dorrit Lergaard, now in a nursing-home. (link 2)

Incidentally her features are strikingly like his and I suspect their characters are also much alike; H.R.Hiort-Lorenzen is delineated as ‘Nobel and full of ideas and initiatives’ (‘En fin og fornem mand, rig på temperament og idér’ – Poul Engelstoft in Dansk Biografisk Haandlexikon).

But with this I have to call it a day. I need to get home and have a nap as I didn’t sleep too well last night. The reason was that the yearly readout of our heat-meters had been scheduled for today at 9 a.m.

This includes a personal visit by a technician in my flat, a visit you can only cancel with difficulty. Of course this makes the occasion almost perfect for a hit-team set-up.

And a couple of incidents had made me suspicious.

1. Yesterday in the p.m. one of my neighbours asked me to take a key to his flat and handle the visit of the technicial for his flat also (like last year). Of course this gentleman knows very well that I’m not too happy with being slated for being alone in my flat with someone I don’t know anything about. And as the neighbour looked almost scared to death when I talked to him yesterday I figured he might have been asked by ‘the services’. (he’s a typical left-brainer and as such certainly no hero).

2. Day before yesterday (i.e. 24.June) we tenants got letter from the landlord’s new representative, a law-office, that from 1. July we had to pay our rent onto a new account. The (far too) short notice is of course likewise suspicious.

Why is that, you may ask? Because normally the letter would have been at least one more day underway; i.e. I would perhaps have received the letter on the 25.June in the late a.m. at the earliest.

This means – if I had been kidnapped/assassinated on 25.June in the a.m. my rent would not have been paid on the 1st of July and all my stuff might have ended up in the street.

And as I have a rather large collection of old plate cameras and associated paraphernalia this would have been unfortunate for my poor relatives (slated to inherit my stuff).

In fact I’m well aware, that one of the well-known photoshops in a large metropolitan city has been opened solely with the aim of selling my stuff, if I (as expected) would be assassinated sooner than later.

You think I’m kidding? Oh, but I’m not – and the CD with a complete listing of my collection is still missing – probably stolen from a law office.

3. This morning a newish, black Mercedes van, totally unmarked!, backed into the gateway to our courtyard. It appeared a carpenter had some work to do in the courtyard. But it’s quite unusual for a firm to use a completely unmarked van, I’m sure.
(Whereas I’ve noted mozzard apparently has a propensity for using new, black Mercedes cars?).

So, why didn’t I get scared and subsequently block the technician from entering my flat?

Because while sleeping in the early a.m. I had a fleeting vision: I saw a large slab of concrete, like the 6 feet slabs used to block traffic, being lowered onto a road directly in front of me. But the block was only about 15 inches high and badly worn and chipped so as to make it easy to jump.

Exposition: Someone placed an obstacle on my way, but it would be no problem for me to jump over it.

Hence I stayed calm and nothing adversely happened during the morning. But didn’t my neighbour perhaps seem slightly surprised to encounter my living body when I returned his key later in the day?

Of course you hardly ever know, if a set-up is planned as a ‘wet job’ or just as a false-flag – to make you feel harassed and become angry? That is – if you have no sixt-sense.

Update 26.Jun.2020.

This morning I tweeted:

“Early this morning in a vision saw my nephew’s little boychild had been stolen from his craddle. Of course mozzard don’t accept your right to sefdefence, but abide by the Samson Option philosophy: ‘If we cannot have it all, we’ill kill everyone’.”


Link 1.

Constitution Day (Satire)

Link 2.

The Country House

More links:

The Samson Option?

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(21.Jun.2020) Today is Sunday and it’s a bit grey out there. Nice weather, incidentally, for taking a walk in the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens looking for pretty flowers to picture in subdued light.

In fact I’ve plans in this general direction if the weather stays dry. I’ve even made an appointment with an old photo-friend, an elderly gentleman that’s been living in Copenhagen for many years although being a native of NewZealand. He’s really an artist but likes to do street-photography and flowers.

As he’s never learned to speak danish effectively I have to practice my english on him. This is quite appropriate, as I happen to speak english very poorly. I fancy this is due, mostly, to lack of practice, I really never had a chance to practice my english to any appreciable degree. I speak (or spoke) german almost like a native (or rather like someone from Holland, they say), but certainly not english.

Only problem is, that my friend – like all photographers I know – is heavily left-brain dominated. Hence with a very poor situation-avareness, and actually quite difficult to converse for me.

But today I’ve brought a camera as a gift. As he has a very small pension and, sadly, a deteoriating eyesight I’ve finally managed to grasp that he needs an auto-focus camera. He mostly fetish mechanical cameras from the sixties, I believe, but he seemingly only rarely focus them accurately with this poor eyesight.

Incidentally I’ve chanced to find an old issue of the british magazine ‘Photography’ from the late sixties among my books, featuring a coloured photograph of a London Lord Mayor and that I hope to remember at some point to present to him, as he’s – ostensibly – a great-grandson of a London Lord Mayor. But he lives on a very modest pension and of course has to be frugal.

But as it happens I’ve had a Minolta Maxxum 5000 laying around for some time. Bought several years ago at fleamarket for all of 50 Kr (7,50 dollars), although being in a condition like new and with a lens.

The Minolta Maxxum’s in my view are greatly underrated analog cameras. They are of superp build quality and user convenience and it’s a bit strange that no one want them. Perhaps they just look a bit too much like the digitals?

For my own photography today I’ve brought a newly acquired analog classic from about 1980 (I believe), the Minolta SRT-100x. This is a late and slightly spartan version of the widely sold SRT line. They are generally solidly built and dependable, perhaps slightly unsophisticated work-horses for the committed amateur.

This one I bought yesterday at one of my favourite dealers for the princely sum of 100 Kr (15 dollars). The reason the dealer wanted to get rid of it cheaply probably is that the former owner had engraved his initials in it; these rather common cameras probably only are selleable in pristine condition.

The camera came with a standard 50mm f.1,7 lens, and everything is in nice working condition. One problem with the SRT-line is they are designed to use mercury power-cells (formerly named PX.13) rated at 1.35 volts. But this size of cells now are rated 1.50 volts and I believe the SRT-cameras are not fancy enought to compensate for the added voltage.

At any rate the light-meter on this sample is off by just about one stop; i.e. it underexposes one stop if not compensated when adjusting the ASA/ISO setting.

But I’m all set and will shortly by headed for the Botanical Gardens with the Minoltas.


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