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Is There An Indirect Link From The Danish Government To The Charlie Hebdo Assassinations In Paris Jan.7.2015?

(27.Aug.2017) On Dec.11.2014 I wrote and posted the letter below to (among others) the Copenhagen Metropolitan Police and the Danish Ministry of Justice.

January 6, I found in my mail-box a receipt from the Police (below) which said they would endeavor to deal with my letter within 90 days from receipt.

Here, first, is my letter from Dec.11. (my own translation from Danish incl. a few trivial amendments for clarity; larger amendments are between double brackets):

“Frederiksberg, December 11, 2014.

“To The Copenhagen Police.

“As I have felt myself acutely exposed to danger lately I believe I need to communicate to you the followinmg occurrence.

“I have to premise the remark that I have learned I’m sometimes clair-voyant while sleeping (comp. several postings on my two blogs gamleboeger.dk and blocnotesimma.wordpress.com, also twitter.com/gamleboeger).

“The night or early morning to Friday the 8th the same month in late 2014 in which the then acting Danish Foreign Minister W.S.’s wife was reportedly exposed to an extremely serious stroke or the like (the exact time or exact character of her sufferings have not, to my knowledge, been published), I had the following no doubt clair-voyant dream:

“I saw a female patient lieing in bed under her bedclothes. I saw the bed from the foot.

“To the left of the bed a person was squatting and to my right and slightly behind me one or more persons were trying to lasso the squatting person with some lasso-like circles.

“Next the space immediately around the patients head became crimson colored, like from a pulsating, neon-like illumination.

“It appeared the patient perceived the pulsating red light meant grave, imminent danger.

“Coincidently she looked at the squatting person to her right and it appeared she understood there was some form of a link between her predicament and the squatter.

“Next the patient was exposed to some form of a apparently savage, barbarous assault that I, however, cannot describe in detail ((except, perhaps, it almost seemed her heart was to be pulled living out of her body)).

“My interpretations:

“- The patient could be the wife of the then acting Foreign Minister W.S.

“- The squatting person to the left of the bed could be myself

“- The person/persons to my right could be the “assassins”

“- The lasso’ing would indicate that (part of) the purpose of the mission was to “trap and catch” the undersigned

“- To be explained thus: The sufferings of the then F.M.’s wife was perhaps meant to be blamed on myself on account of a satire of mine on my blog imma.smartlog.dk (Link 1)

((imma.smartlog.dk by the way was blocked/shut-down by the TPTB on June.18.2014 while just about to publish another political satire, Link 2)).

((This brief satire may have been rather hard-hitting? Some inside observers may perhaps have blamed it as a contributing or even main cause for the subsequent stroke to W.S. himself and eventual (almost) disintegration of his in-government party? I believe, however, this to be wholly unfounded.

((But why, you may ask, would “they” want to blame me for this horrible assassination(?) attempt. And why go to such extreme lenghts to raise public disgust towards me?

((Firstly, CIA/Mossad and their friends (hereinafter named TPTB) have harassed, and apparently also occasionally planned to assassinate me during several years. In fact going right back to the socalled Tamil-Case around 1990. (Links 3 and 4)

((Secondly, the TPTB detest and abhor me solely for they not having succeded with assassinating / kidnapping me on account I’ve often been warned clair-voyantly or else excaped by dint of my extreme situation awareness or just pure luck.))

“Sadly for the TPTB their above mission (on me) was disrupted quite by accident, because a rather young politician from a well known Danish political dynasty (Haekkerup) died rather suddently (I believe also from a stroke), and thus completely diverted the newspapers focus from the F.M. family’s predicament.

“(I myself have been targeted with several powerful psycic attacks in the last several years, always in my sleep.

“(But being from nature of healthy and very strong psyche the TPTB have been unable to hurt me in this way.

“(No doubt humans less endowed with psychic strength might be seriously, even fatally hurt. You can read more about this in, f.i., a book by Dion Fortune ((Violet Mary Firth, 1890-1946)) called Psychic Self-Defence (1930), often regarded as a work of authority). (Link 5)

“Detailed knowledge about the above, at least concerning some of the psychic attacs on myself, may be found in the “occult world” in Copenhagen, among whose insiders may be P.S.M. and E.A., also a downtown antiquarian.

“Lastly I have to excuse my poor handwriting.

“Sincerely Yours – Gert Pedersen (adrs.)”


The above letter from Dec.11.2014 was, as said, summarily acknowledged by the Copenhagen Metropolitan Police (CMP) and by the Danish Ministry Of Justice (MOJ) (below), but the Parliament and the half dozen Danish newspapers addressed have not responded.

I presume most of the latter have in fact not received the letter.

However, before receiving on Jan.6.2015 the receipt (dated Jan.2.) acknowledging my letter, I posted the following update on my two blogs (Link 6)

(Danish version origiginally posted Dec.17.2014. This much later English version is very slightly amended)



Last night (betw. Tuesday Dec.16 and Wednesday Dec.17.2014) I dreamt being hosted by a Japanese family – father and son.

The son served me a cup of tea, apparantly with traditional japanese hospitality. But despite that with a certain air of arrogant unfriendliness.

In the far end of the room his father rummaged around; his back was abnormally voluminous and powerful, almost as if he had a backpack permanently built-in.

My interpretation *): Obviously the “back-pack” might indicate

a) that his back and body and whole person was very strong and powerful, but

b) that this great might was hidden on his back-side, where you don’t normally see it

c) and, perhaps, that he had someone very powerful on his back, someone able to dominate and control him

So I had to admit they can operate fastly, all right.

Whaat – You may well ask?

Well – to elaborate a bit I have to go back to thursday last week (Dec.11, 2014). That day I sent a letter to the Copenhagen Police, the Government, the Presidency of Parliament and a few papers.

In the letter I told about certain recent clair-voyant experiences of mine which I believe might strongly indicate that the very serious “stroke” the wife of then Danish Secretary of State, W.S., reportedly suffered rather likely might in fact be a malicious (psychic?) attack – i.e. terrorism.

Whether all letters posted really arrived (doubtful) or what eventuelly happened with them is not clear. At least I had become no feedback at the time writing (Dec.17,2014).

Thus I again have had to depend merely on my own faculties – observations, thoughts and considerations in addition, ofcourse, to my modest clair-voyant skills (by telepathy while sleeping). So what did I experience?

The first two nights after Thursday (Dec.11), i.e. the nights before Friday (Dec.12) and Saturday (Dec.13) my sleep was restless and my dreams somewhat chaotic.

Except in the night to Saturday i had a vision, albeit just in a flash, of what may have been a well known US-american political person looking “scared witless”.

The next night (before Sunday Dec.14) I saw a grey downtown house w. about 4 og 5 floors, with the two upper floors illuminated with pallid, “spooky” white light.

Especially the top floor with one window only was very brightly illuminated with this spooky-white light, perhaps somewhat like very strong Moon-light.

I have interpreted this vision like this: In a grey downtown business building someone on a top level were “wheeling and dealing” after hours – whence the spooky, “non-electric” illumination. Thus “after hours” perhaps most likely means hidden, “below board”, secret in the dark or twilight?

The following night (bef. Monday Dec.15) I saw a big, hard fist with the four fingers parted two and two by a big V.

My interpretation: V would probably mean Victory. I.e. the big, hard fist had won the battle.

Next I saw the light-cone from a distant lighthouse dimming until extinction. The evening sky above was dark red and black.

Lastly I saw a sea-bird flying peacefully over the ocean.

Interpretation: The light I have (tried to) throw ower the darkness is to be dimmed and put out. A seabird usually symbolizes the soul travelling to the afterworld. I.e. the TPTB’s “deal with the Devil” perhaps might imply I was to be assassinated?

So when I woke up Monday morning (Dec.15) I was clearly somewhat exasperated and nervous and started shuffling some of my notes and papers to refresh my memory as to the exact content and addressees of the Dec.11 letter.

As my flat has for years been closely surveilled accustically (as well as electronically, by certain rouge secret services) “they” know my daily routines in the minutest details. “They” were therefore obviously at once alarmed by said deviation (the paper shuffling) and consequently probably feared I was planning to post more letters. In which case the already negotiated “damage-control” might not be sufficient to close the case.

And the night bef. wednesday, Dec.17. I had the above, seemingly clair-voyant dream with the two Japanese men. One perhaps has to presume that the “rouge intelligence” had decided to hire “Les Japonais” – the Jakuza – to do some dirty work? (Reportedly the Jakuza has a very close relationship to a.o. Mossad).

We are now closing in on the question: Sereality or Jakuza? For after having visited the Frederiksberg Post Office (then in Frederiksberg Center) this Wednesday (Dec.17) i wanted to also visit the Frederiksberg Central Library nearby.

And whom do I spot as the wery first person in the Library hall?

A japanese gentleman close by the entrance. Comfortably and leisurely seated at a small table with coffee, tea and cookies (free at Christmas). He studied with great interest the home made Christmas decorations while serving tea – albeit for himself only.

I dont remember to have ever seen a Japanese gentleman in the Central Library, although having been a user for abt. twenty years.

The Japanese had no books with him, but a paper bag with a well-used paper case for his “artwork” (or “tools”)?

I secretly watched the gentleman in question a few minutes (without photographing him), then silently left the library again.

Probabilities are really quite difficult to understand subjects. But as both concepts – seriality and Jakuza – may well be caracterized as slightly “spooky”, I guess the headline covers our recent incidents quite adequately?

(*)These were my initial interpretations. Only later I became aware of the Jakuza’s totally tatoo’ed backs).


As told above, on Jan.6.2015 I found in my letter box a receipt from the CMP for my letter from Dec.11.2014.

The receipt is dated (friday) Jan.2.2015 but partly due to weekend holidays I only found the letter on Jan.6. It runs like this (in my own translation).

“Case nr. 0100-00170-00003-15. Date Jan.2.2015. Case officer MNK.

“The Copenhagen Police, Legal Section, herewith acknowledge the receipt of your letter from Dec.11.2014.

“The letter was received here on Dec.12.2014.

“I shall inform you the General Office of the Superintendance has a large number of cases to deal with. We will, however, endeavor to respond to your letter within 90 days from receipt.

“Best regards – AK – Kfm.”

With a letter from Febr.23.2015 the Danish Ministry of Justice acknowledege receipt of my letter from Dec.11. Their letter runs like this:

“Case nr. 2014-1910-1488. Dok.nr. 1500758. Case officer RHNO. Office: Police Office. Date Febr.23.2015.

“The Ministry of Justice has received your letter from Dec.11.2014.

“It appears the letter is intended for the Copenhagen Met. Police, with a copy to the Ministry of Justice.

“The Ministry thus will not do anything further regarding your letter.

“Best regards – RHNO, Slotsholmsgade 10, DK-1216 Cph. K.”


As may be obvious from my Dec.11. letter I decided to write it not least because I felt acutely exposed to danger. And as can be seen from the above, this predicament is something that REALLY bothers the Ministry of Justice et al a lot.

After all, the arrogant reply from the Ministry is dated almost 2,5 months after my letter from Dec.11.

But as a matter of fact I did feel acutely threatened in the morning of December 11.2014:

In the early AM that same morning I had a clair-voyant dream, in which I saw a hit-squad set-up just outside our appartment house in alarming detail.

Especially it transpired “they” could remotely control the electronic street-door locks in the appartment house, so as to bar me from reentering the house once outside.

Also, while walking home after dark from the nearby Metro stop (Lindevang) a few days earlier I noticed a half dozen young (CIA/Mossad?) men seemingly tactically placed in key spots as if running an exercise before a hit?

After the early morning vision I was really quite upset, and consequently hardly got a wink of sleep untill turning out at daybreak. I remember being in and out of bed several times until daybreak and obviously showing many signs of alarm.

One has to keep in mind that the TPTB have kept my flat under close surveillance (electronically, acoustically) for several years. They thus know my daily routines in the minutest details and any deviation, even the slightest, will be frowned upon and possibly raise alarms.

Somehow (possibly from one or more detatched remarks of mine, that I don’t now recall) the TPTB presumably have got wind of or become suspicious of a knowledge of mine about the (suspected) hit on the F.M.’s wife?

That may be why they planned a hit for Dec.11 (by the way the 11th and the 22nd day in any given month reportedly seem to be preferred by TPTB for a hit).

And when I reacted strongly with obvious alarm early in the AM of Dec.11 they instantly suspected their plot for Dec.11 had also been unveiled.

In the morning of Dec.11 I obviously tried – as best I could in my upset state of mind – to obfuscate my alarm and intent of writing a letter.

I did not, for instance, write it on my laptop but by hand. But shuffling my papers and foolishly using an ordinary BIC-pen, whose clicks are very tell-tale, I was ofcourse not fooling anybody, and they would likely expect me to (try to) mail one or more letters from one or more nearby letter boxes that same day.

Thus the TPTB had plenty of time to organize their helpers (sajans and/or other helpers? – Link 7) to keep vigil at several letter boxes in the general vicinity of the Frederiksberg Central Library (where I copied the letters). (In fact i believe I spotted several vigils; one seemed to escape into FalkonerAlle nr. 13 as I closed in on him?).

Apparently much less than half of the posted letters was delivered, although some letters may perhaps have been diverted by TPTB-loyal people in secretariats and editorial offices?

It is perhaps on this general background one has to see the “successful” haggling between the (two) parties with the “total victory” for the TPTB (see “Spooky Times…”, above) being a product of their ability to convince the counterparty, that

– they had managed to suppress all other letters than those two mentioned above (to CMP and MOJ)

– they would certainly handle the “suppression” of myself in the near future (Link 3) thus making sure no further letters could come forth.

As related above the receipt from the Copenhagen Met. Police was dated Jan.2.2015 (Friday – perhaps a bit curious as the Ministry would, I think, normally be closed down betw. NewYear’s holiday Thursday and the weekend?), but only received or rather found by me in my letter box on Tuesday Jan.6.2015. But probably the TPTB surmised I already had seen the letter on Sat. Jan.3.?

However in the AM of Jan.6 after having read the letter I remember shuffling some papers to again recap exactly what I wrote in my letter from Dec.11 and also to whom excatly I had posted it.

Like detailed above (for Dec.11.) the TPTB would then, due to their close surveillance of my flat, most likely be alarmed, fearing another barrage of letters to the newspapers, perhaps expecting me to be very angry from the high-handed, arrogant response from the CMP/MOJ, with their seemingly total disregard for my personal safety?

Thus one wonders if perhaps a stark desire to divert focus from an expected, nearby calamity might naturally be suspected to be one of the preeminent objects of the inhuman assassinations of the Charlie Hebdo journalists/artists on January 7.2015?


Link 1. http://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/satire-1/
(in Danish only, I regret having been unable to translate it’s many allusions to local topics)

Link 2. http://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/krig-krig-krig/

Link 3. This summer/fall of 2015 escaped 6 Mossad(?) hit-squad set-ups: Weeks 21, 40, 41, 43, 44 and 45.

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 21/2015: Perhaps most dagerous? Visiting Foto-C Going from Foto/C to RoyalTheatre, stocky man with shoulder case loafing so slowly I had to overtake him. Having passed him, he instantly starting following and closing in on me. My friend ClausN saved me by accosting me midway, so that hit-man couldn’t follow me in the dark alley under the theater-house.

Mossad hit-squad set-up sept.20.2015, goon waiting at Strøget v. Nytorv; when passing him, he took something from inner pocket while starting following me.

Why did the Mossad-commander, often seen loafing at Paludans fridays, ogle me fiercely sept.25.2015.?
Did he hope I would turn down Krystalgade toward the library to get shot by his Mossad-goons on his command?

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 40/2015?: A black closed van on corner opposite Foto/C. Two men in car, one waiting on steps to HHH-building.

Mossad hit-squad set-up week 41/2015: A DHL closed van plus another on corner opposite Foto/C plus finger man with bicycle opposite N.Juel.

Mossad hit-squad set-up sept.28.2015, dangerous man waiting just inside Mag. du Nord main entrance to Kgs.Nytorv.
The pounchy man in a green windbreaker followed me through the street level stores, confronting me a couple of times. But didn’t get a green light on his smartphone. Close call?

Nov.4.2015 again saw sunburned Mossad commander loafing at Paludans, doing his best not to ogle me; but killers usually bad actors beeing left-brainers.
Down at end of street, corner Nygade hit-squad waiting in black BMW. 4-5 young men hooded to look like muslims? Shooting planned?
When I choose not to overtake the car but diverted down a street to ogle them, they instantly departed.

Link 4. Links about or touching on the Tamil-Case:



(This link in Danish only – http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2016/11/06/nullermand-eller-regimekritiker/ )

Link 5. Here is one tweet and three links touching on black-magicians/assassins working for government:

“How rich can you really get by bending spoons and stopping “pigs hearts” by hypnosis?”




Link 6. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2017/07/28/spooky-times-seriality-or-jakuza/


Link 7. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/ved-hjaelp-af-bedrag/ (in Danish)

The one-time Mossad chief agent in Denmark, Victor Ostrovsky, has penned two books about his life as an agent, particularly in Denmark (BY WAY OF DECEPTION, 1990, topped the New York Times bestseller list), and more generally (THE OTHER SIDE OF DECEPTION, Harper Collins, 1994). From the dust jacket of the latter I quote:

“The truth about the death of Robert Maxwell and the story behind the near assassnation of George Bush are just two of the revelations contained in this headline-making account of one man’s journey into the dark heart of Mossad.

“Never has there been so detailed a look at the hidden agenda of extremists within a major intelligence agency – nor one so worrisome in its implications.

“In 1990 Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, became an international celebrity when the state of Israel attemted to ban his first account of Mossad misdeeds, “By Way of Deception”. Few who watched that book soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list anticipated that an even more shocking story remained to be written.

“Ostrovsky reveals here for the first time that for several years following his termination from the Mossad, he worked clandestinely with agency moderates. Under the guise of “disaffected former agent”, Ostrovsky infiltrated the KGB, MI5, and French, Jordanian and Egyptian intelligency in an attempt to derail operations planned by Mossad extremists.

“Frighteningly, the activities pursued by right-wing factions within the agency constitute a massive abuse of power that has had global concequences. They include:

– undermining the Arab-Israeli peace process through counterfeiting, assasination, and support of religious radicals

– facilitating lethal biological experiments on Palestinians and Soweto blacks

– organizing smear campaigns against world leaders

– offering support for at Soviet hard-liner coup (mod Gorbatchev)

– killing an Israeli general, a leading German politician (The Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Uwe Barschel!), a Canadian scientist, and a Kuwaiti journalist

– using “disinformation” to trigger American combat strikes against Israel’s enemies

– and much, much more…

“With the gritty authenticity that only truth can provide and a narrative pace that rivals the very best thrillers, The Other Side of Ceception stakes a powerful claim to being THE espionage read of the year. Certainly its message is too chilling to be ignored: Should the world’s most famous intelligence agency continue to enjoy freedom from government oversight, it will ultimately threaten us all”.


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Old Books In August (Upd.)

(Update Aug.7) After having posted the following essay yesterday I have become aware that some people may feel

1. that I am driving around town with a long since dead body (the so called Tamil-Case)

2. that I certainly may have trespassed the limits for decent reporting about the civil services, and

3. thus perhaps made myself more or less culpable to the full wrath of the TPTB and their courts of law.

To these budding accusations I have this to say at this point:

Ad.1. The Tamil-Case body is only apparently dead, asphyxiated. Being one of these organisms that seemingly only can putrify after first being exposed to light and fresh air.

Ad.2. I’m afraid this is true in so far as I occasionally do some sloppy writing. Being severely handicapped by the fact, that everything I write on my PC at home is “snooped on” by keylogging (by rouge elements in the various secret services?).

I therefore have to write everything in public places, which may or may not cramp my style according to noise levels and other attendant conditions.

However I want to state in regard to the Ombudsmand of the Parliament the following. The then acting and now retired Ombudsmand is generally and deservedly regarded as thoroughly honest, and by some even as a paragon of virtue.

It thence obviously has to be ascribed to chance and some kind of bad luck, if it to certain observers might appear to be a possibility, that the “serving of the head of his arch-enemy on a silver platter” should in any way be a reward for services renderet.

For of course this is not and cannot be the case. Perhaps we again have to turn to explaining by the concept of seriality? I.e. the notion that occurrencies apparently tied together by cause in reality are not but only for some unknown reason happen together (se also http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2017/07/28/spooky-times-seriality-or-jakuza/ ).

Ad.3. This would indeed be very unfortunate, particularly as my available funds and general personal economy would make it difficult or impossible for me to effectively defend myself in a hostile court of law.

By the way, speaking of courts, I eventually presented the whole matter (as returned from the office of the Ombudsmand in 1990) with a special letter to the so called Tamil-Court, which was a special court appointed by Parliament to examine the Tamil-Case.

This special court worked dilligently for many months and eventually presented its findings in more than half a dozen massive volumes. The more or less pertinent documents I presented to the court were totally ignored.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that the two judges (Dr.H. and Dr.G.) presiding the court were and are both of them paragons of virtue.

As an aside it may be noted that the most prominent of the presiding judges, who however kept very much in the background (Dr.G.) was apparently justly rewarded with the special construction of a large jurisdiction, that curiously and by pure chance would be my personal venue if defendant in a case before the courts.

Off hand I certainly don’t think this state of things would in any way raise serious questions about my chances for just treatment before a court in this particular jurisdiction.

Particularly I do not ascribe any significance at all to the fact that my wast treasure of personal documents more or less pertaining to the Tamil-Case eventually was returned to me perhaps somewhat “underhandedly” from the Tamil-Court?

After about one month it was returned unacknowledged by the officers of the court with only a perfunctory note by a secretary on a slip of paper.

I have to admit, of course, that I never went to law school, and that my opinion in such matters may well be prone to various doubts and uncertainties.


(Aug.5.2017) Today is Saturday and a very nice summer day here in Copenhagen. So what could be more appropriate than visit a couple of book-markets in the vicinity?

Firstly I wanted to greet my old friend J.A. at a charitable book market nearby where I live.

He and his girlfriend was hovever (still) on vacation and the market stall tended by a stand in.

I thus had a pleasant opportunity to browse a few minutes in the shelves with books on esoterica, new age and occultism, which I don’t quite dare under Mr. J.A.’s vigilant watch.

Mr. J.A. is an university educated historian, now retired from a long life as public servant. His disdain for all sorts of esoterica and “alternative science” is, I believe, almost unconditional.

But He and I have other common interests between us, in particular that of photography. And as he is a definitely both friendly, helpful and cultured person I always try to evade discussions of “incommensurables”.

I found a curious little booklet titled:


It’s an early reprint of the original ed. from 1699. At issue is a well known persecusion of witches or “witches” in the northwestern town of Thisted in the 17th century.

On the inside of the back-cover someone many years ago wrote with pencil: Sjaelden (rare). 5,00 kr. (75 cents).

Indeed I suspect the booklet might well be uncommon, and the 15 kr (2 dollars) I paid for it to be “bon marché. I’m writing this on a PC without internet connection and haven’t yet had the opportunity to make a search on the web.

Personally I have no interest in this particular tale and have intended the booklet as a gift.

The editor Alfred Ipsen was a prominent critic who is perhaps best known for his massive, rather critical book on the life and work of Denmarks greatest litterary critic in the late 19th century, George Brandes.

Next stop was a small fleamarket at the long wall between Norrebrogade and Assistens Churchyard.

I hardly saw a book there, but spotted a nice looking Polaroid ImagePro camera. After some haggling i managed to buy it for 50 kr (7 dollars).

It’s apparantly in real nice condition and I hope you can still buy films from ImpossibleProject for it.

Finally I wanted to pick up a book at the permanent book-sale at Vangsgaards at Kultorvet, that I inspected yesterday without buying it. The price today is 15 kr (2 dollars).

The book I wanted is called DANSK FORFATTERLEKSIKON – VAERKER (Dictionary of Danish Authors – Their Vorks). Edited by John Chr. Joergensen, a well known reviewer at the leading Copenhagen daily POLITIKEN.

Published in 2001 it has 307 pages, bound in publishers hard cover. Before hitting the sale its second hand price seems to have been 250 kr (abt. 30 dollars).

Fortunately it was still there, which may or may not be a bit curious, as the book is quite like new and should be useful for both the avid and occasional readers of danish fiction?

(As an aside – I personally rarely read fiction, so this one also is intended as a gift).

I ended up, however, buying five additional books, namely:

1. THOMAS CARLYLE OG HANS HUSTRU (Thomas Carlyle and his wife). By Jens Kure. Copenhagen 1912. 308 pages. Hardbound.

It’s the authors thesis for a doctorate (do they call it a Ph.D. today?), and obviously is well researched and very thorough (the text notes make up more than one third of the large book).

2. FRAAN ERIK SEGERSAELL TILL GUSTAV VASA. (from Erik Segersaell to Gustav Vasa). By Gottfried Carlsson. Stockholm/Lund 1961.

Seven various tretises on Swedish history from the high middle ages to abt. the Reformation.

3. STUDIER I HANSEATISK-SVENSK HISTORIA I TIDEN TILL 1365. (Studies in Hanse-Swedish history until 1365). 2 parts bound in one volume. Stockholm 1884/1885. 98 + 120 pages.

This also is authors thesis for a doctorate, and evidently is not the slipshod work of an amateur. Might perhaps supplement the above work rather nicely.

4. WAR KARL DER KAHLE WIRKLICH KAHL? (Was Charles the Bald really bald?). By Reinhard Lebe. Wiesbaden 1981. 211 pages. Hardcover.

A small book, which seems however well worth consulting. And lastly

5. BARON DE BATZ – EN ROJALISTISK KONSPIRATOER UNDER SKRAECKVAELDET 1792 – 1795. (B. de B. – a royalist conspirator under the reign of terror 1792-95). By G.Lenotre. Transl. Karin Jensen Lidforss. Stockholm 1922, 336 pages, hardcover.

At present I own quite a few books on French (litterary) history, which this one might supplement nicely.

But – Alas – we must move on – nothing much to see here…

That is – we really need to move back almost exactly one years time – to August 24. 2016.

That day was an equally nice Danish summer day. With plenty of tourists loafing the Copenhagen downtown streets and swarming tourist hot-spots.

I thence likewise wanted to visit – for the umpteenth time I must ofcourse admit – one of the occasional Dutch book sales in the Heilig-Geist House, at the Heilig-Geist Church.

The Heilig-Geist House is the oldest house in Copenhagen, situated at the equally old Walkendorfs-Street.

To digress a bit: in 1980 I worked in the so called Kabel Ingeniør Tjeneste (Cable Enginering Unit) of the danish P&T, whose office address was in Walkendorfs-Street.

Although being newly trained to and recently employed in this job, I nevertheless had my own 3rd floor office – just around the corner to Niels Hemmingens Street. And with a south window to boot, with a magnificent view on the Heilig-Geist Church. Nice place.

But being something of a whiz-kid back then I soonly was lucky enough to cup a job in the Ministry of Public Works, whose General Directorate for P&T owned a nice building in Anker Heegaards Street, where the Director of Telecommunications was housed.

Again – very nice quarters with plenty of marble and other neat details.

But – alas – I was to find out, that whiz-kids can easily and soon enough raise plenty of envy. And being quite naive in many respects in those early years I was probably rather easily manipulated?

Eventually harassment became the name of the game and after 3 years in the Ministry I had to retreat to more humble abodes in the P&T group (to Tele Denmark – now TDC).

Those of my readers who may have read certain of my earlier blog-postings (in Danish) perhaps are able to apprehend that I would not give up without a fight?

At least such was the case so in abt. 2 years time I made an informal complaint to a vice-director followed by formal complaints to another vice-director, to 2 general directors and 2 ministers and, to boot, lastly to the parliamentary Ombudsmand.

Of course to no awail – after all that’s also the name of the game in the civil services.

Nevertheless my complaints (almost 1000 pages in total incl. documentation) may possibly have been quite hard hitting as it seems the Ombudsmand got the head of his arch enemy – an conservative Minister of Justice – served on a silver platter? But of course any- and everyone may guess at the possible rationales behind that.

The scandal is by us well known under the name Tamil-Case, but only very few people – almost nada – seem to realize the – more or less probable – possibility of “deep-state” machinations behind?

Suffice to day, that the “deep-state” have in all those years, i.e. more than 25 years hoped I would just drop dead? (and often enough perhaps been ready to give me a hand)?

On account of that the – hypothetical to be sure – shady dealings in the Tamil-Case are – again hypothetically – potentially VERY compromising for the TPTB (by the way perhaps almost in analogy with certain shady dealings hypothetizised in my blog essay “Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?) https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2017/07/28/spooky-times-seriality-or-jakuza/

Of course quite a few journalists and experts have taken the “honours” of initiating the Tamil-Scandal or even written books on it, perhaps without the faintest inkling of the said cabales behind? (see f.inst. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/nullermand-eller-regimekritiker/ ,last section).

But I’m again digressing, all right. So back to our main thread, the Dutch book sale.

Well, frankly the Dutch book sale is not really to be our main thread to-day, after all.

I did visit the sale and I did buy one book – TECHNIQUES OF THE WORLD’S GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS (by different reporters and with an introduction by Brian Coe). The price today is 70 kr (abt. $10).

But our main thread is to be found a few days earlier still. We will leave it open for now and hope to pick it up in a soon to come new posting. Keep posted – thank you!


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