Old Books In August (Upd.)

(Update Aug.7) After having posted the following essay yesterday I have become aware that some people may feel

1. that I am driving around town with a long since dead body (the so called Tamil-Case)

2. that I certainly may have trespassed the limits for decent reporting about the civil services, and

3. thus perhaps made myself more or less culpable to the full wrath of the TPTB and their courts of law.

To these budding accusations I have this to say at this point:

Ad.1. The Tamil-Case body is only apparently dead, asphyxiated. Being one of these organisms that seemingly only can putrify after first being exposed to light and fresh air.

Ad.2. I’m afraid this is true in so far as I occasionally do some sloppy writing. Being severely handicapped by the fact, that everything I write on my PC at home is “snooped on” by keylogging (by rouge elements in the various secret services?).

I therefore have to write everything in public places, which may or may not cramp my style according to noise levels and other attendant conditions.

However I want to state in regard to the Ombudsmand of the Parliament the following. The then acting and now retired Ombudsmand is generally and deservedly regarded as thoroughly honest, and by some even as a paragon of virtue.

It thence obviously has to be ascribed to chance and some kind of bad luck, if it to certain observers might appear to be a possibility, that the “serving of the head of his arch-enemy on a silver platter” should in any way be a reward for services renderet.

For of course this is not and cannot be the case. Perhaps we again have to turn to explaining by the concept of seriality? I.e. the notion that occurrencies apparently tied together by cause in reality are not but only for some unknown reason happen together (se also http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2017/07/28/spooky-times-seriality-or-jakuza/ ).

Ad.3. This would indeed be very unfortunate, particularly as my available funds and general personal economy would make it difficult or impossible for me to effectively defend myself in a hostile court of law.

By the way, speaking of courts, I eventually presented the whole matter (as returned from the office of the Ombudsmand in 1990) with a special letter to the so called Tamil-Court, which was a special court appointed by Parliament to examine the Tamil-Case.

This special court worked dilligently for many months and eventually presented its findings in more than half a dozen massive volumes. The more or less pertinent documents I presented to the court were totally ignored.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that the two judges (Dr.H. and Dr.G.) presiding the court were and are both of them paragons of virtue.

As an aside it may be noted that the most prominent of the presiding judges, who however kept very much in the background (Dr.G.) was apparently justly rewarded with the special construction of a large jurisdiction, that curiously and by pure chance would be my personal venue if defendant in a case before the courts.

Off hand I certainly don’t think this state of things would in any way raise serious questions about my chances for just treatment before a court in this particular jurisdiction.

Particularly I do not ascribe any significance at all to the fact that my wast treasure of personal documents more or less pertaining to the Tamil-Case eventually was returned to me perhaps somewhat “underhandedly” from the Tamil-Court?

After about one month it was returned unacknowledged by the officers of the court with only a perfunctory note by a secretary on a slip of paper.

I have to admit, of course, that I never went to law school, and that my opinion in such matters may well be prone to various doubts and uncertainties.


(Aug.5.2017) Today is Saturday and a very nice summer day here in Copenhagen. So what could be more appropriate than visit a couple of book-markets in the vicinity?

Firstly I wanted to greet my old friend J.A. at a charitable book market nearby where I live.

He and his girlfriend was hovever (still) on vacation and the market stall tended by a stand in.

I thus had a pleasant opportunity to browse a few minutes in the shelves with books on esoterica, new age and occultism, which I don’t quite dare under Mr. J.A.’s vigilant watch.

Mr. J.A. is an university educated historian, now retired from a long life as public servant. His disdain for all sorts of esoterica and “alternative science” is, I believe, almost unconditional.

But He and I have other common interests between us, in particular that of photography. And as he is a definitely both friendly, helpful and cultured person I always try to evade discussions of “incommensurables”.

I found a curious little booklet titled:


It’s an early reprint of the original ed. from 1699. At issue is a well known persecusion of witches or “witches” in the northwestern town of Thisted in the 17th century.

On the inside of the back-cover someone many years ago wrote with pencil: Sjaelden (rare). 5,00 kr. (75 cents).

Indeed I suspect the booklet might well be uncommon, and the 15 kr (2 dollars) I paid for it to be “bon marché. I’m writing this on a PC without internet connection and haven’t yet had the opportunity to make a search on the web.

Personally I have no interest in this particular tale and have intended the booklet as a gift.

The editor Alfred Ipsen was a prominent critic who is perhaps best known for his massive, rather critical book on the life and work of Denmarks greatest litterary critic in the late 19th century, George Brandes.

Next stop was a small fleamarket at the long wall between Norrebrogade and Assistens Churchyard.

I hardly saw a book there, but spotted a nice looking Polaroid ImagePro camera. After some haggling i managed to buy it for 50 kr (7 dollars).

It’s apparantly in real nice condition and I hope you can still buy films from ImpossibleProject for it.

Finally I wanted to pick up a book at the permanent book-sale at Vangsgaards at Kultorvet, that I inspected yesterday without buying it. The price today is 15 kr (2 dollars).

The book I wanted is called DANSK FORFATTERLEKSIKON – VAERKER (Dictionary of Danish Authors – Their Vorks). Edited by John Chr. Joergensen, a well known reviewer at the leading Copenhagen daily POLITIKEN.

Published in 2001 it has 307 pages, bound in publishers hard cover. Before hitting the sale its second hand price seems to have been 250 kr (abt. 30 dollars).

Fortunately it was still there, which may or may not be a bit curious, as the book is quite like new and should be useful for both the avid and occasional readers of danish fiction?

(As an aside – I personally rarely read fiction, so this one also is intended as a gift).

I ended up, however, buying five additional books, namely:

1. THOMAS CARLYLE OG HANS HUSTRU (Thomas Carlyle and his wife). By Jens Kure. Copenhagen 1912. 308 pages. Hardbound.

It’s the authors thesis for a doctorate (do they call it a Ph.D. today?), and obviously is well researched and very thorough (the text notes make up more than one third of the large book).

2. FRAAN ERIK SEGERSAELL TILL GUSTAV VASA. (from Erik Segersaell to Gustav Vasa). By Gottfried Carlsson. Stockholm/Lund 1961.

Seven various tretises on Swedish history from the high middle ages to abt. the Reformation.

3. STUDIER I HANSEATISK-SVENSK HISTORIA I TIDEN TILL 1365. (Studies in Hanse-Swedish history until 1365). 2 parts bound in one volume. Stockholm 1884/1885. 98 + 120 pages.

This also is authors thesis for a doctorate, and evidently is not the slipshod work of an amateur. Might perhaps supplement the above work rather nicely.

4. WAR KARL DER KAHLE WIRKLICH KAHL? (Was Charles the Bald really bald?). By Reinhard Lebe. Wiesbaden 1981. 211 pages. Hardcover.

A small book, which seems however well worth consulting. And lastly

5. BARON DE BATZ – EN ROJALISTISK KONSPIRATOER UNDER SKRAECKVAELDET 1792 – 1795. (B. de B. – a royalist conspirator under the reign of terror 1792-95). By G.Lenotre. Transl. Karin Jensen Lidforss. Stockholm 1922, 336 pages, hardcover.

At present I own quite a few books on French (litterary) history, which this one might supplement nicely.

But – Alas – we must move on – nothing much to see here…

That is – we really need to move back almost exactly one years time – to August 24. 2016.

That day was an equally nice Danish summer day. With plenty of tourists loafing the Copenhagen downtown streets and swarming tourist hot-spots.

I thence likewise wanted to visit – for the umpteenth time I must ofcourse admit – one of the occasional Dutch book sales in the Heilig-Geist House, at the Heilig-Geist Church.

The Heilig-Geist House is the oldest house in Copenhagen, situated at the equally old Walkendorfs-Street.

To digress a bit: in 1980 I worked in the so called Kabel Ingeniør Tjeneste (Cable Enginering Unit) of the danish P&T, whose office address was in Walkendorfs-Street.

Although being newly trained to and recently employed in this job, I nevertheless had my own 3rd floor office – just around the corner to Niels Hemmingens Street. And with a south window to boot, with a magnificent view on the Heilig-Geist Church. Nice place.

But being something of a whiz-kid back then I soonly was lucky enough to cup a job in the Ministry of Public Works, whose General Directorate for P&T owned a nice building in Anker Heegaards Street, where the Director of Telecommunications was housed.

Again – very nice quarters with plenty of marble and other neat details.

But – alas – I was to find out, that whiz-kids can easily and soon enough raise plenty of envy. And being quite naive in many respects in those early years I was probably rather easily manipulated?

Eventually harassment became the name of the game and after 3 years in the Ministry I had to retreat to more humble abodes in the P&T group (to Tele Denmark – now TDC).

Those of my readers who may have read certain of my earlier blog-postings (in Danish) perhaps are able to apprehend that I would not give up without a fight?

At least such was the case so in abt. 2 years time I made an informal complaint to a vice-director followed by formal complaints to another vice-director, to 2 general directors and 2 ministers and, to boot, lastly to the parliamentary Ombudsmand.

Of course to no awail – after all that’s also the name of the game in the civil services.

Nevertheless my complaints (almost 1000 pages in total incl. documentation) may possibly have been quite hard hitting as it seems the Ombudsmand got the head of his arch enemy – an conservative Minister of Justice – served on a silver platter? But of course any- and everyone may guess at the possible rationales behind that.

The scandal is by us well known under the name Tamil-Case, but only very few people – almost nada – seem to realize the – more or less probable – possibility of “deep-state” machinations behind?

Suffice to day, that the “deep-state” have in all those years, i.e. more than 25 years hoped I would just drop dead? (and often enough perhaps been ready to give me a hand)?

On account of that the – hypothetical to be sure – shady dealings in the Tamil-Case are – again hypothetically – potentially VERY compromising for the TPTB (by the way perhaps almost in analogy with certain shady dealings hypothetizised in my blog essay “Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?) https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2017/07/28/spooky-times-seriality-or-jakuza/

Of course quite a few journalists and experts have taken the “honours” of initiating the Tamil-Scandal or even written books on it, perhaps without the faintest inkling of the said cabales behind? (see f.inst. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/nullermand-eller-regimekritiker/ ,last section).

But I’m again digressing, all right. So back to our main thread, the Dutch book sale.

Well, frankly the Dutch book sale is not really to be our main thread to-day, after all.

I did visit the sale and I did buy one book – TECHNIQUES OF THE WORLD’S GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS (by different reporters and with an introduction by Brian Coe). The price today is 70 kr (abt. $10).

But our main thread is to be found a few days earlier still. We will leave it open for now and hope to pick it up in a soon to come new posting. Keep posted – thank you!


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