Sunny November?

Today is Nov.11, and two days before my grandfathers birthday: He was kid no.13 and born on Nov.13 and they had my mother in 1913.

A little bit more on numbers: 11.11 together is 22 which is considered a very lucky or unlucky number depending on your viewpoint.

It’s supposed to be lucky on account there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. And as everybody ‘know’, that has read Zecharia Sitchin’s bookseries on aliens on Earth throughout history, the Hebrew alphabet is the source of all knowledge and wisdom on Earth. And that’s the naked truth!

If you are not yet a firm believer you might ponder why the Google parent company now is called Alphabet.

On this nice and sunny but rather cold Saturday I’m seated here in McDonalds on Kgs.Nytorv in central Copenhagen. Someone left a specimen of today’s BT – the largest tabloid in our capital.

So let’s take a look at todays news while I’m devouring my ChickenSalza and coffee.

The first item, i.e. in the upper lefthand corner where you usually start scanning, is our very nice crown princess Mary.

Born and bred in Tasmania – that’s far, all right! – she seems to have been quite successful in providing back-up for our crown prince Frederik. You can’t help having the impression they supplement each other rather admirably.

The large item on the front page is a well known danish comedian called Amin Jensen running scared.

This stocky, robustly looking gentleman has decided to enter local politics, and – ofcourse, why else ‘Amin’? – join a party seemingly dominated by immigrants.

Which has tempted someone to call him treacherous – or worse – imply high-treason and reportedly threaten him more or less directly.

That’s bad ofcourse, small wonder this admirable gentleman is running a bit scared.

I myself have been threatened more or less directly on life and welfare through many years on account of my sharp – even sometimes satirical – writings against the national and international power-brokers.

And by the way I don’t seem to remember ever having been named in a single sentence in any danish news-outlet whatsoever – not to say sprawled on the frontpage of a large national tabloid (although recently being headlined in a very successfull, Scottish-based critital blog ).

I have nonetheless managed – or been lucky enough – to prevail until this day without help from danish journalists and police. In fact, I’m afraid, I have perhaps prevailed in spite of all the unhelpfulness from said agencies (see more f.i. in ).

No doubt mr. Amin is in good hands now being warded by our large tabloids and their vigilant, helpfull staff.

You should remember, though, mr. Amin, that if you really want to be fighting for truth and justice, I mean you being so big and strong! – then you can have no family. On account the power-brokering mob will go after them to hurt them and you and to blackmail you. Just telling.

On page 5 is a paragraph abt. a well known danish movie company manager having seemingly had a few problems with his behaviour towards the fair sex.

But I always thought he was behaving much like a kid, which I, by the way, fear may be rather common in the movie industry?

On a double spread pages 10-11 you can read about a somewhat mysterious gentleman from a small regional town in Jutland.

Being until recently a member of the local city council he seems to have been rather ingenious with ways to create money; what, you might almost imagine he has relatives in WallStreet?

The stunt in question in this article is abt. possibly having had a history of being an industrious arranger of group sex happenings. 400 cases was insinuated (reportedly by himself?), but being ofcourse unknown to his voters and all other good cityfolks.

Incidentally this gentleman was also one of the items discussed in yesterdays installment of Det-Man-Taler-Om (VIP-gossip) in Radio24syv (Radio24seven).

Their totally charming female host – which by the way has sometimes introduced herself as ‘having formerly worked for the Israely security service’ (which means Mossad, I guess?) – implied the above gentleman seemed to have economic problems, as he reportedly had a history of not paying his bills willingly.

But sure, – economic problems or perhaps a bad caracter?

As told, said female studio host is absolutely, stunningly charming. Except when talk is about the Danish Royal House, which is somewhat hard to avoid in a VIP-program in little Denmark.

Her ‘royalty expert’ is literally spitting venom, and I almost think the word ‘hateful’ might be adequate here?

Perhaps you shouldn’t be too surprised, really. After all Mossad, the Super-Globalists, WallStreet and their friends are firm believers in subversion and destruction of national, European values and institutions – aren’t they?

On page 14 ‘The worlds greatest comedian’ has been felled – on account, I believe, something with the fair sex – being all the rage today?

His name is Louis C.K., and I’m again reminded I’m watching TV far too rarely, as I don’t recall to have ever heard his name, although I’m definitely much for the comical.

On page 18 the papers daily op-ed tries to milk the frontpage item on the scared mr. Amin to the outmost:

Parliamentary politicians are certainly not traitors but are nonetheless often feeling unsecure or even threatened.

Which means: free talk should be reduced or even totally abolished. And more, much more money and staff to the Secret Police?

A double spread on page 20-21 tells the gullible reader something abt. the upheavels in the royal house in Saudi Arabia. But sadly you don’t get under the skin of anything.

We are seemingly just skimming Government Press Releases, with no trace whatever of independent thinking.

On page 31 you are informed of some of the problems in deciding if you should buy an electric or more classic car. Personally I don’t believe the time is ripe for electric cars, and I doubt they ever will be?

My friendly photographic dealer recently told me he has already lost dkk300.000 on his one million dkk Tesla. And sadly i just today had to finally say no-thank-you to buying his wonderful, old Saab 900S.

It is simply far too dangerous and would generally be a waste of time and energy for me to try and keep a car with the Mossad-mob running amok in our increasingly lawless country?


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