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NSA Social Network Mapping

(29.May.2020) Today is Friday and it’s very nice out there; hence we’ill just take a quick look at a few recent headlines.

(As usual an *asterix indicates the quote, while an >arrow indicates my comment)

*1. Retail Store Closures Have Huge Impact On Communities.
Retail closures come with a hidden cost to society that the average person fails to internalize…

> But certainly – it’s an ongoing death struggle, but critically aggravated by two or three months of insane, covid-crazed lock-down.

The playing field is hardly level, as the brick-and-mortar stores have huge overheads and complicated regulations that the internet-stores elegantly evade to a large degree.

*2. Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY – Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits.
“…this huge drop would indicate buyers forfeiting the deposit and walking away as they think the loss on the purchase would be higher than the deposit itself!!!

> Real-estate deflation is now also beginning to show its ‘ugly face’ here in Denmark. Ofcourse there’s a long way to go to the doomsday scenario I initially outlined on March.19 (link 1).

On the other hand the 8% drop in prices now expected here in Copenhagen probably won’t do by a rather wide margin.

*3. China Proposes A Law Allowing Citizens To Sue US For Starting Coronavirus Pandemic.
“Many believe that U.S. soldiers brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Others believe that the U.S. has hidden key information, which led to the global health crisis. Why can’t Chinese citizens and companies sue the U.S. government?”

> Obviously China has now resolved that after all they don’t want to just be slaves toiling for the US – or perhaps rather the US-IL? It’s not more than roughly one year ago there was cosiness all around the three of them?

So what happened? Hard to tell if you’re not an insider, but you might start by looking here (link 2).

Synopsis: Has China finally decided it may probably be very inpropitious to associate too closely with nations (like US-IL?) that have their giant SpaceWar satellites and Lunar Landers shot right out of the sky by unknown parties (like Aliens?).

*4. 98.1% Of ‘COVID-19 Deaths’ In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition.
New data continues to paint the picture that liberal groupthink and media panic about the virus prompted a massive overreaction…

> Sounds good; but you might alternatively try if your eyesight is keen enough to discern a NWO cabal? Not for the short-sighted and faint-of-heart, of course.

*5. Even bank accounts that are left dormant for some period of time – usually a few years – can be confiscated by the government.

* In many jurisdictions, for example, simply having some savings stashed away in a bank account that doesn’t have any other activity can put your funds at risk of being seized.

* This is a practice that literally dates back to the feudal system. And it reinforces a simple truth: you don’t really own anything if the government has the authority to take it.

> Governments just want to take care of their children. Remember “We’re from the Government, and we’re here to help you. Trust us – read our lips!”

*6. EU Extends ‘Harsh’ Sanctions On Syria Amid Pandemic, Citing ‘Chemical Weapons Use’.
Extreme food insecurity, crashing Syrian currency & pandemic fears has made life worse than at height of the war in some places…

> If this is not evil-incarnate – what is?

*7. Von Greyerz: US Gold Confiscation Would Be Folly.
…it is possible that some governments attempt to confiscate gold. But in my view, it is an extremely difficult exercise both legally and logistically… Also, the gold market is today global..

> Personally I think gold confiscation is more likely than not to happen, even if not everywhere. Why? Like my old friend Goldschmidt, the tailor, used to say: They can never get enough – I know them!

Only it would be Main-street that have their gold confiscated; certainly not Wall-Street!

Ofcourse it could eventually make me feel sorry for my favourite ‘economy-coach’, Mr. Peter Schiff. This gentleman-billionaire is a gold investor and appears to generally be a very smart and completely honest man. In fact he appears to be a rare specimen of a very bright and doubtless also very honest entrepreneur, and whose podcasts many follow with great interest on Youtube (even if many of us of course cannot agree to all his plans).

*8. Departementschef bad Brostrøm om at tilsidesætte faglighed
Det skriver flere medier, der er i besiddelse af mailen, herunder Politiken.

> But it’s now more than one month ago the danish Minister of Health conceded, that the close-down of Denmark’s borders was a political decision that had not even been recommended by his own experts at the Directorate of Health.

*9. »Folk skal ikke have udbetalt over 100.000 kroner for så at forsvinde op i den blå luft, uden at vi ved, hvor personen er blevet af,« siger Mattias Tesfaye frustreret.

> That certainly is a pity; because I myself would like to have an extra 100.000 handed out, and I would gladly assure the giver to make the money disappear up in thin air?

*10. Fyrer 210 medarbejdere efter værste uge nogensinde.
Billund Lufthavn nedlægger de mange stillinger efter en rædsels-uge, oplyser administrerende direktør

> I wonder what that entails for real-estate prices over there?

*11. Antallet af coronadødsfald i Skåne er 167, og det svarer til 121 døde pr. million indbyggere i regionen. Til sammenligning har Stockholm og omegn 828 døde pr. million indbyggere, mens Danmark har 97 døde pr. million indbyggere

> Interesting puzzle. Are the doctors in rural Skaane (Scania in Southern Sweden, directly east of Copenhagen) perhaps more honest than those in the big city? Or is it a larger component of black/brown people with less D-vitamin in Stockholm; or something else entirely?

You might perhaps – adhering to the adage ‘nothing venture, nothing win’ – hazard to put forward a slightly more outlandish explanation: What if the Health Authorities in the Stockholm region – perhaps underhandedly? – uses entirely different criteria for claiming a Covid-death than authorities in the Copenhagen-Malmo-Lund region?

It certainly would play right down NWO-lane to ‘prove’ that a draconian shut-down of a living society would ‘save lives’ (which of course is probably pure rubbish: Nothing is ‘proven’ and perhaps no lives will be saved ultimately?).

Incidentally some international observers (like on www.lewrockwell.com) have wondered why it is that a few nations apparently have been ‘shielded’ from any Covid epidemic: Denmark, Taiwan and Japan?

*12. NSA’s Social Network Mapping is More Vast, Omnipresent, & Horrifying Than Snowden Revealed.
What he found shocked him and, he says, represents an ongoing existential threat to American citizens.

* The main thoroughfare of data collection, Stellarwind, was a domestic surveillance program launched by Vice President Dick Cheney only weeks after 9/11. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/nsas-social-network-mapping-more-vast-omnipresent-horrifying-snowden-revealed

* He mandated that all operatives and subordinates conceal the program from FISA Court judges and Congress, stamping it with the most covert of government classifications, ECI, “exceptionally controlled information.”

* …identify, track, store, manipulate and update relationships”
to create a global graph, an integrated graphical map, representing the “movements and communications” of virtually everyone on Earth.

* He maintains that only 22 top officials had the authority to order a so-called contact chain. However, the dangers of such power abound.

* Gellman observes that “nearly anyone in the developed world can be linked to at least one fact in a computer database that an adversary could use for blackmail, discrimination, harassment, or financial or identity theft.”

> If Constitution-abiding, sane people were at the wheel, they wouldn’t want all those data on their citizens. Conversely if would-be tyrants are at the rudder, then these wast collections of data certainly represent an ongoing existential threat to all citizens.

I occasionally tease friends by telling them that everything they say in their smartphone is tapped and stored somewhere. Ofcourse they don’t believe me.

But have you ever considered how much computer-power it takes for Google to be able to provide the answer to even the most complicated search question at the very moment you lift your finger from the ‘enter’ key?

*13. “Remaining in a state of lockdown is extremely dangerous from the point of view of the vulnerability of the entire population to new pathogens,”
Leading UK Epidemiologist: “Pubs, Nightclubs, Restaurants Could Reopen Without Serious Risk”

> Exactly. You have to constantly update your antivirus program! For govvernments to prohibit and prevent contact among people is definitely detrimental to your health! And remember: There certainly never was a ‘pandemic’ in Denmark!

*14. MRNA Moderna using unethical and untested animal and human genes in vaccine – social media bans info.
Any information that doesn’t follow the Gates narrative is being banned from social media.

> The vaccine horror-story. This is just a tidbit, I’ill be back with more info soon. Keep posted. Just this: What some of the more shady big players want to put into these ‘vaccines’ is pure evil! (link 3)

*15. Pentagon Releases Photos Of Russian Jets In Libya, Slams ‘Syria-Style’ Interference.
“Russia is clearly trying to tip the scales in its favor in Libya. Just like I saw them doing in Syria…” — US AFRICOM Commander

> The two-faced hypocrisy is so thick you can literally cut it like an appale-pie!

Link 1.


Link 2.

The Samson Option?

Link 3.

Constitution Day (Satire)

Forced-Injections and Masquerades / Volds-Injektioner og Maskepi


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Forced-Injections and Masquerades / Volds-Injektioner og Maskepi

(19.May.2020) Today is Tuesday and it’s a bit windy out there.

Many of the usual Café’s are now again open after the two-month shutdown. Whence I’ve found a seat in one of them.

There are lots of empty seats as yet, hope they’ll fill up again soon so as to make business recover from the sniffles.

Off hand the large billionaire-owned international chains not surprisingly seem mostly to be doing all-right, while the small cafés and restaurant appear to have a long and perhaps hopeless struggle-for-life in front of them? (link 5)

What happened, by the way? What on Earth, in Heaven or Hell made most small (and many large) businesses close down everywhere?

Because Governments – or perhaps rather Parliaments – ‘ordered’ them to; that’s why. Orders backed up by brute force and not much else (links 3, 6, 9).

Was this a legal, constitutional order – or was it perchance an – even rather blatant – power-abuse?

Yes and no. To firstly take the easy one: The banning of meetings and gatherings is clearly and blatantly illegal; i.e. not only illegal, but unconstitutional (the danish ‘constitution’ is called the ‘Grund Lov’ (i.e. ‘Fundamental Law’).

Our constitution’s par.79 clearly states, that citizens have the right to meet and assemble when unarmed; no qualifications – this is basically an unconditional right.

Only if the gathering is public the police has a right to be present; and if held in the open, police can prohibit the meeting if a danger for public order is to be feared.

But – you see – unarmed gatherings indoors cannot be lawfully prohibited by any danish government agency nor under any circumstances whatsoever.

Nevertheless our shady Government and their apparently easy to dupe parliamentarian support and/or Opposition has abused brute (police) force to illegally ban any gatherings of more than 10 persons, – even if congregating for a funeral!

Perhaps Governments is afraid that someone will rise again as dangerous Zombies and hence become a danger for the ruling Zombies and public peace and order? (Link 1, below)

Only a few days ago police broke up a party of 20 adult school pupils, meeting in a tent on campus; they were each fined 2500 DKR (abt. $400!) – a blatantly illegal – and certainly evil! – power-abuse by danish police.

It’s quite curious that no public person or news-editor has spoken out against this – to my knowledge at least. You almost get the inpression that Government, Parliament and public Denmark now regard the Constitution as just a quaint fairy-tale from afar, that nobody would dream of observing?

All the other bans and prohibitions during the Corona lock-down may not be quite as clear-cut with respect to their possible illegality. That is, if you only look at the letter of the quaint wording of our constitution, that knows nothing about WHO, AI, Internet and surveillance etc.

But any law has a letter as well as a spirit to be observed, and clearly the spirit of our constitution does not accept any law-observing citizen to be forcefully prohibitet from persuing his work or business, just because a shadowy (in the extreme!) multinational body happen to think otherwise.

Because clearly no emergency provisions, hastily voted into law in a midnight(!) sitting of parliament can overrule the constitution; if our High-Courts allow this, then we’re simply living in a gangster-state, arent we? (link 4)

But let’s cut the crap and get right down to brass tacks:
There OBVIOUSLY newer was a (Corona) ‘pandemic’ here in Denmark! This is now so manifestly clear, that it seems impossible to honestly deny?

Why this is so, may perhaps be somewhat of a mystery? Apparently white Europeans are generally not hit hard, if hit at all? (you may rightly observe that this years flu-epidemic has been usually mild here in Denmark – and that includes the covid-craze!)(link 2).

While black and brown people (less vitamin-D?) and Asiatics (certain proteins in their lungs?) are reportedly hit harder?

Also reportedly people with blood-type O (common in Europe) are only between one half and one third as susceptible to become ill as blood-types AB (common i Asia/Africa) (link 10).

Question is, then, if our crafty Government, or rather their leading ‘Troika’ – the PM and her Commissar plus their common ‘NWO-handler’? – knew about the ‘No pandemic’ riddle, before the lock-down on 3.11.?

Yesterday I tweeted this (updated):

(18.May.2020) This morning had clairvoyant vision of 6 men planning to burglarize me.
I guess our government don’t like my tweets?

(Satire) Our danish, fiercely globalist Government has now created a new Government Department (directorate) for managing Pandemics. To handle ongoing and future Coup-d’Etats and Revolutions, Masquarades and Forced-Injections?
To be placed under the Police-Minister.

(Satire) It’s the Danish Government’s explicitly stated wish to coordinate all Pandemic-Management with it’s new partners-in-Pandemonium, i.e. Israel, Australia and Singapore (and perhaps a few other minor states)?, and the Police-Minister is expected by some to perhaps soon order the Pandemic-Directorate to travel to Israel, Australia or Singapore to be trained in Forced Vaccinations and Lock Downs and other effective citizen-subduing techniques?

(Satire) Den danske regering har nu oprettet en Pandemi-Styrelse. Forventes at skulle varetage alt vedrørende stedsevarende Statskup & Revolution, samt Volds-Vaccinationer og Maskepi.
Styrelsen bliver underlagt Politiministeren.
@berlingske @drnyheder @EkstraBladet (link 7 & 8)

(Satire) Det er regeringens udtalte ønske at Styrelsen skal samarbejde og coordinere med regeringens nye partnere i Pandemi-Styring, herunder især Israel, Australien og Singapore. Politiministeren forventes at beordre den nye styrelse til uddannelse i Pandemi-Styring i Israel, Australien og Singapore med særlig henblik på Volds-Vaccinationer og Lock-Downs m.m.?


Link 1.

Constitution Day (Satire)


Link 2.
I Ishøj er forekomsten af smitte blandt indvandrere tre gange så høj som hos etniske danskere. I Hvidovre og Albertslund er den det dobbelte.

Link 3.
»Min holdning har hele tiden været, at det var alt for voldsomt at lukke hele samfundet ned. Tænk bare på, hvor mange der hvert år dør af en almindelig influenza. Skulle vi så lukke samfundet ned, fordi der kommer en influenzaepidemi? Det gør vi jo ikke, og det kan vi heller ikke.«

“Just Like There Were No WMDs, There’s No ‘Virus Of Mass Destruction’…”

A doctor takes a stand against the Corona-craze with thousands of fellow doctors

Why lockdowns are the wrong policy – Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke

»Alle vil blive smittet. Vi får den her sygdom før eller siden. Den kan ikke bremses, og den vil omtrent tage livet af lige mange mennesker i alle lande målt per capita. Og vi skal derfor vente med at sammenligne dødstal mellem landene,« siger Johan Giesecke til Dagens Nyheter.

Giesecke answered,
“There has not been a single proven case of anyone getting a second infection from the virus….so far there have been no reinfections….If you have it once you don’t get it again….There will be herd immunity, that’s clear, and it will last over the period of this outbreak.”

“Because it’s a coronavirus,” Giesecke said, “and we know about 6 other coronaviruses, so why would this one be special? ….At present, 30% of the population of Stockholm is immune or has already had the infection. We do not have herd immunity today, but to go from 30% to 50% will only take weeks.“

SARS-CoV-2- Interview with Judy Mikovits
May 9, 2020

Kennedy wrote a brilliant foreword to Judy Mikovits’ book “Plague of Corruption,” in which he quotes his father saying, “Moral courage is the rarest species of bravery … rarer than the physical courage of soldiers in battle or great intelligence.”

The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines

Flu Vaccination Increases Risk of Coronavirus Infection.
Mikovits has strong beliefs on this issue, as she doesn’t believe COVID-19 is due to SARS-CoV-2 alone but, rather, that the virus may serve to activate latent XMRV retroviral infection.

The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines

She points out that retroviruses, not coronaviruses, are what cause the characteristic cytokine storm signature observed in COVID-19. Mikovits suspects that in people who do not have retroviral infections, SARS-CoV-2 causes no or only mild symptoms.

The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines

Study Finds Those Who Recover From COVID-19 Make Coronavirus Antibodies

Those Who Recover From COVID-19 Make Coronavirus Antibodies

Well-known Italian writer, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, states: “Italians are still trying to understand why Bergamo, of all the cities of Italy, is the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic…”
“One factor may be that the city was vaccinated en mass not once, but twice, in the 2 months preceding the Coronavirus outbreak in the city.”

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

In the fall [2019], according to records 141,000 doses of vaccine against the winter flu were administered by the local health board. Of those, 129,000 were Italians over 65 years of age. Of those, 129,000, 70% had grave heart problems.”

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

“Then, again, in December, from the 24th through to January, there was a mass vaccination program against Hepatitis-C of 21,331 citizens of Bergamo. And in the surrounding province, another 12,000 citizens.”

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

ANY vaccines given to people whose immune systems are already weakened—such as the elderly and infirm—are automatically dangerous and life-threatening at a high level. Two vaccines within the space of a few months, one of which has added new viral material and/or a variety of new cellular and genetic debris—plus the usual toxic chemicals—and you have a potential recipe for disaster.

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

The Spanish Flu Didn’t Kill 50 Million – The Vaccine Did!

Must See – Molecular Geneticist & Science Advisor, Professor Dolores Cahill,
Debunks COVID-19 Narrative.
The lockdown is not about the flu.
Doctors and scientists are saying that COVID-19 has a .1 or .2 mortality rate comparing it to regular seasonal flu.

SARS has been around since 2003 and reappears every 3 to 4 years and nearly everyone in the world has antibodies to coronavirus and COVID-19.

CDC studies found CV-19 peaked on March 22 and people had the virus 10 days earlier on 10th of March, cleared virus and the virus is gone. Results were presented on the 12th and 17th of April.
The lock down is totally unnecessary.

Healthy people have never been put in quarantine in all of history.
Social distancing and isolation for healthy people is preventing herd immunity.

People who are showing symptoms should stay home for a week and create immunity to virus
Governments can’t prevent the spread of flu which come and go within 3 weeks and actually help boost immune system.
If you boost your immune system there will be no second spike.

There is no vaccine for coronavirus virus which makes up COVID-19 because when test animals received vaccines they were fine but when they came across the coronavirus they were severely affected and many died due to viral interference,

Viruses don’t spread from person to person except for TB, small pox and Ebola but from surfaces like door handles – social distancing is not necessary

There are hundreds of thousands of viruses circulating in our bodies all the time, no need for government immunity passports. We need the viruses to keep immune system healthy.
We need to call out the hoax.

Deshowitz just did a video saying that if you don’t “get vaccinated” you’ll be on permanent house arrest and that the state has the right to shut down every business every park, EVERYTHING over a “pandemic” and forcibly inject everyone

In New Zealand, covid-19 has supposedly contributed to the deaths of 20 people… out of a national population of 4.9 million.

Link 4.
Why Didn’t The Constitution Stop This?
Now, let a politician say that we must give up the Constitution to save one life. I dare him or her!

Why draconian lockdown rules have not yet been deemed unconstitutional I still do not know, but the fact that a former federal judge who teaches at Harvard apparently does not know the difference between a quarantine and a lockdown might provide a clue.

Police Officers Beginning to Speak Out Now!

Sheriff refusing to enforce lockdown:

In the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic millions of cows and other livestock were killed and burned based on his models. But Professor Michael Thrusfield, an expert in animal diseases, said Ferguson’s models were ‘not fit for purpose’ (2006) and ‘seriously flawed’ (2012)

The so-called new normal is anything but normal. On March 23rd, when Boris Johnson declared a lockdown in the UK, it was a beyond surreal moment for me. With no debate, our freedoms, social life and jobs were gone.

Link 5.
52% Of Small Businesses “Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months”; Shocking New Survey.
Anyone that was hoping for a “quick recovery” for the U.S. economy can forget about that right now.

Link 6.
Regeringen vil indføre et egentligt forbud mod at åbne for aktiviteter, der ikke er omfattet af genåbningens fase 2 efter coronakrisen.
Det oplyser justitsminister Nick Hækkerup (S) i en mail.
Reglerne vil træde i kraft fra mandag, skriver justitsministeren.

Og de forbud, der kommer til at gælde, vil blive håndhævet af politiet, skriver Nick Hækkerup.
Hvad den konkrete straf vil være, skriver ministeren ikke nærmere om.
Men sikkert er det, at lovovertrædere vil blive straffet.

Virus Free Zones
Sam’s Club
Any Box Store
Any large Business
Any religious place of worship except Christian churches
Any place the government does business

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down ‘Stay At Home’ Order; Maryland To Lift Lockdown Friday: Live Updates

In one particularly incomprehensible act, the government of India, a poor country of 1.3 billion people, locked down its people. As Quartz India reported on April 22, “Coronavirus has killed only around 700 Indians … a small number still compared to the 450,000 TB and 10,000-odd malaria deaths recorded every year.”

Prager: The Worldwide Lockdown May Be The Greatest Policy Mistake In History.
The forcible prevention of Americans from doing anything except what politicians deem “essential” has led to the worst economy in American history since the Great Depression of the 1930s…


Link 7.
Den nye styrelse skal tage sig af det praktiske, logistikken og det samfundsmæssige beredskab. Det vi kan se nu, at en virus starter som et sundhedsmæssig udfordring, men ender med at være et problem for hele samfundet, fortsætter statsministeren, som siger, at den nye coronastyrelse skal være klar i august.

Men corona-virus er lige så smitsom og farlig. I takt med genåbningen skal vi for alvor til at håndtere, at smitten er i mellem os, siger statsministeren, som erkender, at landet skal være bedre forberedt i tilfælde af en ny pandemi:



VI HAR FÅET en ny styrelse til smittebekæmpelse. Den skal ligge under Justitsministeriet. Ikke i Sundhedsministeriet. Og vi skal ikke spørge hvorfor. Eller vi må gerne spørge, men der kommer ikke noget logisk svar.

Link 8.
“Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to The Healthy”:
“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Link 9.
And more and more, people are recognizing that the thing we really need to fear is an entity that can shut down our entire society at its pleasure. People are catching on

Will the Grinch Steal Christmas?

Link 10.
People who have blood type A are more vulnerable to infection from the coronavirus, according to the report from the South China Morning Post.
The study said their research suggested people with blood type O may have a “significantly lower risk” of infection than other blood types.

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The Samson Option?