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(8.Aug.2020) Today is Saturday, and it’s HOT out there.

Everyone seem to be power biking like mad to reach the beach or harbour-area before all premium space has been taken.

Luckily I’ve become too old for this sport. Not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of half-clad young women! But I don’t really endure the blazing sun now, and also am increasingly bored with just being idle.

But here, in a nice, air-conditioned McDonalds in downtown Copenhagen, is consequently plenty of ‘premium space’ today for me and my laptop. Hence – let’s take a look at a few ‘pictures’ from my small picture library.

We will – of necessity, I dare say – have to cover some recent politics. The danish Government has now – like most other Governments, I’m afraid? – gone completely rogue – aided and abettet by a clueless Parliament?

Yesterday I talked to one of my old photo-friends for the first time this summer, and obviously at some point we touched upon the covid-craze.

Now, this friend is a very clever engineer and I always thought he was generally rather on the clever side.

But lo and behold – he’s completely clueless in ‘covid-and-government-matters’.

For instance he had no idea, that our Constitution (‘Grundlov’ in danish) is now in reality null and void.

But it is, of course! Because Government and Parliament now rules like there was no Constitution. Simple as that.

I did mention a favourite example from my quiver – that of §79 of our Grundlov. Which says that there is (unconditional) freedom of meeting, gathering and congregation in Denmark.

That is: If you congregate indoor and the meeting is not public – then nothing can LEGALLY hinder the meeting.

Only if the meeting is public, the police has a right to be present (but not to hinder it); and if held outdoor police can stop or prevent the meeting, but only if it poses a danger to the public peace.

But this paragraph has been blatantly ignored – like every other paragraph deemed inconvenient to our young NWO tyrants.

Of course my friend had no idea what I was talking about and merely objected, that there now was a Covid Special Law – inplying that everything was then hunky-dory! Silly fool! But – ok, he may perhaps just be getting a little bit senile?

Here are a few observations, cut and pasted from more or less recent newspages.





(The masks from Jim Stones webpage)



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