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A New World Order


(18.Sept.2020) Today is Friday and it’s real nice out there.

During the last month I’ve had several clairvoyant visions during the night or early a.m. Here is a cursory synopsis of some of the perhaps most intriguing.

1) Tuesday 18.Aug.2020 – In the early a.m. had a lengthy, no doubt clairvoyant vision, going approx. like this:

‘I and an associate (unknown) had been active in a very large, old house. When leaving it we looked back and discovered that our activities in the house had resulted in it being now engulfed in flames. Obviously – being very old and very combustible – it was going to burn to the ground.

‘The ‘dictator’ owning the house had just been erecting a giant platform intended for some sort of an important speech, seemingly to inaugurate something (the new world order?). But he had to abandon this as his base – his giant, old house – was on fire.

‘The ‘dictator’ was enraged and we both had to flee for our lives.’

2) Tuesday 1.Sept.2020 – That night I probably suffered yet another psychic attack while asleep:

‘I was walking in a wood close to our metropolis. I there met a woman who, when seeing me, gesticulated to one or more associates in the vicinity: ‘The Witch signaling her trolls’?

‘I then found myself first crossing and then walking along an old fence in the wood; but something tried to pull me back and down into the fence.

‘Then I found myself watching dead leaves in the forest floor close up, like if I was lieing prone on the ground; and only with an intense effort was I able to levitate myself out of the ground/the wood.’

The peculiar character of this dream vision makes me suspect that it was in fact a psychic attack. For instance, what would have happened if I had not been able to muster the force to levitate myself out of the forest floor?

Couldn’t it possibly be another assassination attempt by mentalists, like it has been attempted several times previous to this? Reportedly, if your ‘soul’ do not return to your body after traveling – be it in a dream-vision at night or an out-of-body experience in broad daylight – then your body necessarily dies.

3) Wednesday 2.Sept.2020 – Saw one or more giant spaceships close to earth. These spaceships no doubt belonged to ‘real ET’, whereas a couple of lesser ships seen a few years ago obviously were earthly.

4) Tuesday 15.Sept.2020 – ‘One (of two) super-giant ‘Samson’ cranes having been used for erecting a large, new structure (the new world order?) were being decommissioned before their mission was completed.

The largest of the cranes was just about to reach the ground when it literally exploded (‘with rage’?), throwing all sorts of missiles in all directions. The neighbourhood obviously became very dangerous for everyone present; I myself happened to notice one particular missile aimed directly my way, but nevertheless managed to evade it.’

(Note: Many Copenhageners will remember the giant moveable crane in the city port, called SAMSON. Is ‘The Samson-Option’ implied in the ‘missile rage’ within above vision?)(link 1)

5) Wednesday 17.Sept.2020 – Riding by train along the Oresund (Kystbanen) ‘we’ noticed a man sleeping out in the open on a field near the suburb of Rungsted (my home-turf as a teenager). The man was sheltered in a large, fancy sleeping-bag. The bag seemed to be covered by a coating of aluminum, thus perhaps reminding more of an aircraft / spacecraft than a sleeping bag.

This last item (5) made me remember what I had begun writing on Monday, 7.Sept.2020:

‘Last Monday (31.Aug.) was the last day before residents in our apartment house had to pay rent for September.

‘Talking to a friendly neighbour the day before, I almost got the impression that he – who incidentally is most certainly not a conspiracy-theorist (the mere mention of a cabal seems to make him almost completely confused) – had nonetheless become a bit worried that he might happen to end up in a situation making it impossible for him to pay his rent in due time; and thus perhaps enabling our landlord to have him/us evicted from his/our apartment?

‘His point obviously was, that (like last month?) he had not yet – i.e. one or two days before pay day – found his monthly pay form in the letter box, without which he thought he could not in any way, shape or form pay his rent. (I myself received the pay form in my email at some point around noon on that Monday).

‘I think I managed to calm down my nervous, rather timid neighbour by way of pointing out to him, that our landlord – to my knowledge – has always been scrupulously honest in her dealings with us.

So far, so good.

But to sum up the big picture as of now, referring to incidents like delineated in item 1) – 4) above, then I have to say it’s my belief that mob-rule over Earth and Earthlings will soon – with or without eviction! – be coming to an end.


Link 1.
The Samson Option?






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