Digital Money and The Large Hadron Collider.

(22.Oct.2020) Today is Thursday and its a bit grey out there.

Two months ago I posted this on my blogs

Satan’s Day?

The post starts like this

“(22.Aug.2020) This date has a lot of two’s, and according to the Illuminati numerology magic thus is a special day for Satanists – as the number 22 is supposed to be fraught with baleful purport.

“Also you should note, that August is the 8th month, and that 2+2+2+2 is 8.

“Furthermore at least some numerologists regard 8 as a very unlucky number. Incidentally 8 is two times 4, and some of you may know, that in Japan the number 4 is regarded as so unlucky, that it’s always(?) omitted as room or floor number.”

Fast forward two months; like the month of August, the month of October is really the 8th month – ‘octo’ just being Greek for ‘eight’.

The question is, then, – what does the global power-mob possibly have in store for us today?


Today I tweeted

“(22.Oct.2020) Early in the a.m. had clairvoyant vision of ruptured padlock on (one of) my street door(s); the implication clearly being that of a burglary. Someone planning to burglarize my flat or one of my two (book)-store rooms?”

Incidentally the clairvoyant vision of a burglary as pictured by the broken padlock may not necessarily mean a telepathic message about a burglary being planned for the near future.

The vision may alternatively emanate from one of the mentalists (psychics) employed by the ruling mob, be they disguised as ciao, mozzar or nassar operatives. Some of these gentlemen may possibly be able to plant a padlock-vision in my mind by mental projection?

In both cases a purpose would be to make me angry. Several recent incidents seem to support that suspicion.

The reason why the ruling mob want to make me angry of course is, as it most always was, to make me write uncouth posts on my blogs.

If, for instance, I would please write one or more pieces depicting the ’danish parliamentarians as being clueless like small babies’ – or that ’our government are racist tyrants’ – or that ’our high-courts judges are clueless about the constitution’ – or that ’the recent destruction of a political party leader and a lord-mayor has it’s cause in them not being of the right blood-line, contrary to the PM and her minister of illness and the coup-makers’ – if I would please elaborate about all this in detail on my blog – then the ruling mob might perhaps once more feel to have sufficient backing to again try and take me down by any means available?

Hence we won’t write anything of the sort! And, by the way, one or more burglaries of my premises are of course of trifling import in THE BIG PICTURE.

Which brings os to


THE BIG PICTURE this 22nd of October 2020 – just imagine all those two’s: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 or 22 – 22 – 22 – 22 – would certainly include the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER at CERN in Geneva.

Reportedly the powered up LHC is to be turned on today. However, as of now it’s unclear if they are high-balling from day one, or perhaps only doing a warm-up?

The powered up LHC is of course just a monstrous bomb – it having really no other rational or irrational purpose. Please familiarize yourself a little bit with this momentous matter either on my blogpost

Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

or directly from the horse’s mouth on Please! Mr. Louis Sancho may possibly have posted new items since I wrote my above post, but I haven’t as of yet had the leisure to peruse it closely.

The worst-case scenario outcome from the maniac-scientists tinkering at CERN/LHC is said to be Earth ending up as a black hole of about 3 cm in diameter!

But leaving these trifles for the insane scientists to tinker with, lets instead take a quick look at something really important: MONEY.

The reason being there is increasingly talk about DIGITAL MONEY on the news-sites. For instance on Zerohedge. com, like this

*Powell Lays Out The Key Reasons Why The Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars

Powell Lays Out the Key Reasons Why the Evil Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars

Very well, – except that you, with near absolute certainty, won’t learn anything about the ‘key reasons’ from the honourable Mr. Powell.

These ‘key reasons’ – aka the intent, purpose and gist of ‘Digital Money’, I take it – is:

There IS no such thing as digital money! You may of course talk about digital payment systems and the like – but not digital money.

(I here take ‘money’ to be equal to ‘currency’. I presume there has been published hundreds of papers and books on what the words Money / Currency (had better) mean? But we’re here just taking the common-sense approach).

Thus – digital money is not currency. Why is that?

Because any clever hacker or evil official or power-monger will be/is able to pick your pockets; i.e. destroying the economy of ANY particular individual – by just hitting a key on a computer. Either in broad daylight or underground by hacking your account. Piece of cake!

This is not possible in the case of real, genuine currency: To completely destroy a person, any person, financially, you would have to a) rob him/her in the street b) burglarize all their premises c) burglarize their safe-deposit boxes c) find all their hidden money (currency), f.i. if dug down in the garden or hidden in foreign places; and so on and so fort.

Summing up: Digital money is simply equal to NO MONEY. And that’s exactly what it’s all about: The ruling mob don’t accept that we, their slaves, can own or carry MONEY. Small kids and slaves and ‘useless eaters’ don’t need money to carry around with them!

They must be content with having our ‘trusted’ bankers making a few posts on their digital books and then digitally transmit their payments! If they so care, of course!

Welcome to a New World Order.



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