Stormy March

(6.Mar.2021) Today is Saturday, and it’s quite nice out there, albeit a bit on the windy side.

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Today I had this clairvoyant vision in the early a.m.:

‘I was visiting a frankfurter street kitchen (like a large hot-dog stand) and noticed that the male sales assistant was having a telephone conversation’.

That’s it. So – what does this short vision tells you?

This: I have no links whatsoever to that type of contraption – the hot-dog stand, or its brethren.

However, the gentleman – the photographic acquaintance – dealt with in my most recent blogpost has close, personal links to one or more of the kind.

What the vision tells is then obviously relating to this (quote):

‘Said shop-keeper will call my friend in a few days time and tell him that one of his assistants has just been tested positive for covid. And that he (my friend) thus has to be tested to try to trace the covid carrier.

‘My friend then will go to be tested, and will certainly be found positive! He will then of course be closely interrogated as to his recent contacts; and no doubt he will indicate myself (although our contact was more than a little airy).

‘As I’ve already laid out for my honourable readers (pls see the penultimate blogpost on ‘The Chimney Sweeps Hat’), for me to be tested will almost certainly give a covid-positive result.’

However I’m afraid I’ve been sort of overlooking a bet yesterday (Friday 5.Mar.).

On that day I likewise had a short, obviously clairvoyant vision in the early a.m.:

‘I saw a yellow police-MC parked in the left side of a small street, adjacent to the street where I live.

‘The MC (and its driver) was parked less than a stone throw from the gate to our local Covid test-center, that happens to be housed in an industrial building directly adjacent to our apartment house.

‘The police officer would thus be able to clearly discern those accessing the test center, without himself being easily spotted, as he would be mostly hidden behind parked cars.’

So, what would appear to be the plan? Answer: There would probably be both a plan A and plan B.

Plan A: The P.O. would be ordered to report to his handler when I, as expected, would soon be entering the gate to the test center for a ‘test’.

This would give the carefully chosen and prepared team time to perhaps find a few carefully prepared nose-test swabs; could they conceivably be meticulously prepared so as to be VERY harmful?

Those of you who may have studied the links provided in the blog-post ‘Tests?’ may perhaps remember this quote from an article about the very knowledgeable former FEMA associate Celeste Solum:

Did you hear the video from COVID bioweapon exposer Celeste Solum? She said –once tagged by the COVID Test or Vaccine, this COVID Bio weapon slowly destroys people and they do not get well. Solum said probably not all COVID Test are tainted –only some.

Note that she states that probably only some of the swabs may be very harmful?

Plan B: This plan perhaps really is the master plan, and thus perhaps should be called plan A:

The P.O. still has to report my presence. But the team inside the test-center might now perhaps be a real hit-team?

How is that, you may surely ask. It’s like this:

Might there conceivably be a dedicated hit-team present on the test premises? If so, the plan could be to administer a sedative or the like to make me pass out? There might then be a fake ambulance in readiness to take my unconscious body to a ‘hospital’.

Only I would never make it to the hospital, but end up in some (probably underground?) facility to be tortured ad libitum?

This outcome would be literally a wet dream for the satanist underworld now ruling most of Earth, incl. DK?

Perhaps I may be able to update on the above at some point. But as this post as of now is somewhat brief, I’ill add a few tidbits from the rumour mill in ‘the outlandish’.

Firstly – there is a gentleman on YouTube (and elsewhere) named Anthony Patch, who certainly is a curious fellow indeed.

He’s a (retired) layman (i.e. not university educated), but has nevertheless dedicated a couple of decades to studying scientific journals and in particular those pertaining to quantum-computers, blockchain, CERN, mythology and AI. Here’s a few detached tidbits (note: I’ve only discovered him and his videos etc a few days ago, and thus have only scratched the surface of his enormous knowledge):

Quantum computers are now many, many times more powerful than the human brain.

Google, Amazon and others now own at least 2024-Q-bit computers from D-wave, put on the market more than 5 years ago.

I believe to have grasped (some videos are not clearly dated), that there are now D-wave computers way beyond 2024 Q-bits; at some point he mentions, that the 2024 q-bit quantum-computer may now have the raw computing power of 7 billion human brains!

The mission of these high-q-bit computers is allegedly primarily to facilitate inter-dimensional communication (whatever that means?).

(The honourable readers may remember from my two satires


Constitution Day (Satire)

that I predicted human zombies (nano-tech vaccinated humans?) are supposed to end up in the underworld (‘the Abyss’ as mr. Patch calls it). Only I missed this important part:

Human zombies are not supposed to enter the underworld/abyss. On the contrary the Abyss is supposed to be opened up for the evil ones (also called ‘The Old Ones’ as according to mr. Lovecraft) to enter and conquer our Earthly world). This according to mr. Patch.

The opening of portals to other dimensions is official CERN parlance.

The reason why Satanists desire to open up portals to the Abyss is said to be that Satanists hate ‘God and his creation’ – i.e. Earth, nature, humans etc. etc.

Digital Money and The Large Hadron Collider.

Furthermore, blockchain technology is really based in quantum computers.

The mission of Blockchain is to chain all humans together digitally, including all their personal data. This again is to create an all-including artificial intelligence (matrix?).

CERN is (reportedly) also a giant 3-D printer, capable of printing entire DNA-genomes from digital files. In this way it’s said to be possible to recreate (resurrect or ‘raise from the dead’) ancient DNA (like that of Nimrod!).

Mr. Patch maintains that this WILL happen, and that a portal WILL be opened.

But please take a look yourself. Even if one discards every fact (mostly well documented from scientific papers!) that he presents – he’s a treat to his audience, as he’s a totally brilliant teacher.

Anthony Patch / Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Computer And CERN (2048 = 7 billion hum. brains)

Anthony Patch CERN, DNA, The Vatican and What to Expect

Anthony Patch “A.I.: Life Was Given To the Image of the Beast”

Deadly Shots And Third Strand DNA/Interview from N68’s The Great Work (w. Anthony Patch)
for 6 år siden

Secondly: There’s another gentleman – Mike Stone – who’s a constant source for original and oblique insights. He’s is a canadian of jewish extraction living and working in Mexico.

A few days ago he posted some pictures from the Mars Perseverence rover, maintaining they are faked – created by artificial intelligence. Only the handlers made a coding error, according to Jim:

There is no way for Nasa to back out of this, Perseverence is fake.
I have proof Perseverence is fake. And that proof is coming straight from NASA.
The images from Perseverence are being generated in an AI that was not programmed right

This conundrum brings to mind one of my own blog-post, in which I revealed a suspicion, that the most recent Isr. Lunar lander may in fact have been shot down just before touch-down on the Moon.

Explains Isr. Lunar Lander crash on Apr.11, 2019 and the revenge(?): the torching of Notre Dame on Apr.15, 2019 and the terror assassinations in SriLanka on Apr.21, 2019.

Swedbank – Lunar Lander Crash – NotreDame – Die Gnosis

Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence.
by Space busters



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