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The Robots’ Cash Ban

(14.Feb.2017) Having just bought a couple of interesting books at the permanent dutch booksale at Vangsgaards on Kultorvet here in Copenhagen, I would like to have told you a bit about them. The price today is 20 kr per book (abt. 3 dollars).

But, alas, our world is rapidly deteoriating towards chaos. And thus it might be about time to take a look at some crucial issues facing every human on Earth in our time – that is, right now.

Some readers may know that I have already discussed a few of the worlds potentiel “extinctions events”, and these are what we will be dealing with again today.

Fukushima, the seemingly ongoing and unstoppable extinction event was discussed here https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/fukushima/ ,

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, likewise an potential or even probable extinction event, here https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/stella-nova-menneskehedens-farligste-terroristvaben-nogensinde/ .

I’ve endeavoured to place human morals in its relation to our cosmic neighbourhood here
https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/fugleperspektiv/ and here https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/danmark-i-kosmos/ .

And finally I’ve looked a bit into some of the problems inherent in the just now massively promoted CASH BAN, here
https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/andre-gide-wales-napoleon-tempelherrer-kina/ .

I have to admit however, that two years ago I did not quite understand that CASH BAN is in fact a possible or even probable extinction event, and perhaps planned as such? I will try to look a bit more into this angle to-day.

And last but not least I will endeavour to deal with some problems inherent in Artificial Intelligence (AI). I’ill use the word ROBOTS instead throughout, ROBOT meaning simply “humanlike, programmable machine”.

Three salient questions: a) Is there such a thing as a “human Robot”, i.e. are some humans in fact born as Robots? b) How far have the Robots come towards replacing humans on Earth? and c) Have the Robots in fact already taken charge on Earth?

Let’s start out with questions a) and c), that may be dealt with really very concisely. Yes, there is such a thing as “humans” born as robots. And yes, the robots have already taken control on the Earth!

If you are born with only a (functioning) left brain, you are in fact a machine or robot! If you are born with only a (functioning) right brain, you are in fact an animal! But if you have – which is obviously becoming increasingly rare on this earth – both an efficiently functioning left and right brain that’s also working harmoniously together – you are something entirely different, namely that wonderful creation called a human.

The left-only-brainers, with what David Bowie calls “the wrong side of the brain”, may easily become Satanists and all sorts of evil beings. They have no human feelings whatsoever, and are in fact machines that can quite easily and efficiently be programmed by their masters.

David Bowie: “My overriding interest was in Kabbalah and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never-world of the wrong side of the brain.”

This programming is today omnipresent in nearly all earthly civilizations: Radio, TV, Main Street Medias (MSM), music, movies, government and so on and so forth. The human robots appear to be very intelligent as they pick up this programming willingly, easily and effectively. There is no such thing as inertia from conscience or any consideration for other humans or society at all. Most or all IQ-tests today are planned for this type of mind.

Concerning the question, if robots are perhaps already in control of Earth, personally I don’t think it’s difficult to see, that they definitely are. A few hints:

(16.feb.2017) END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT Tech billionaire issues stark warning saying artificial intellgence could DESTROY human race which is already ‘part cyborg’ because of its dependence on smartphones

Here Come The Robots – And They Are Going To Take Almost All Of Our Jobs

Click Here to Kill Everyone: With the Internet of Things, we’re building a world-size robot. How are we going to control it?

Kill Off 90 Percent Of The World Population To Save The Planet. A University of Texas professor says he is eager to see mass carnage on Planet Earth to help remediate what he sees as the problem of human overpopulation

Only robots could talk like that?

New World Technology; Scientists Plan To Alter Our MINDS – Delete History, Distort Morals, Plant Memories, Control Behavior

New CIA deputy director used to run ‘black site’ torture prisons

Only robots can torture innocent people, women or kids! Humans cannot.

And what about Facebook, Google, NSA’s surveillance grid (including ECHELON here in Copenhagen) etc. and their creators and owners, are they not (giant) robots to which people all over the world are tethered by wi-fi, cell phones or cable all the time?

You may rest assured, that their creators are almost solely left-brain-only creatures, – though one obvious and pleasent exception is well known John McAfee (see below).

But, what about our worlds top leaders. Both the leaders you see on TV and those more elusive and powerful that are hiding from the public. Are they not in fact robots?

Sure they are – although they probably don’t realize it themselves. Just observe how they are aiming to program everyone else through the media. It’s SOLELY programming for robots. And frankly – have you ever met a globalist top leader showing anything remotely looking like human feelings? No? – I thought so.

Robotic world rulers will eventually destroy themselves – and everyone else! – as they are not and cannot be religious: Only the religious can survive – but I here use the word “religious” solely in the meaning “with a feeling of respect and responsibility for Earth and Earthlings and for our cosmic neighbours and neighbourhood”.


One of the worlds most powerful and most elusive bankers have recently said, that CASH BAN will be “an interesting experiment” (if memory serves me). Which brings us to our second issue today.

Why is it I think CASH BAN may be an extinction event? Again, first a few hints:

PROPHET OF DOOM: John McAfee’s major cybersecurity predictions for 2017: Cyber security is a complex topic which the media is not equipped to knowledgeably discuss in public. It is a sorry state of affairs for a potential cyber strike on U.S. power grids

Kill Off 90 Percent Of The World Population To Save The Planet. A University of Texas professor says he is eager to see mass carnage on Planet Earth to help remediate what he sees as the problem of human overpopulation

Cash No Longer King: Europe Accelerates Move To Begin Elimination Of Paper Money

EU Steps Up The Pace For Cashless Society In 2017/18 :The EU’s war on cash and desire to control citizens through a cashless-society model is snowballing without a real open debate with its people.

What would happen when everyone is cash-less and then for some reason the power grids go down for a few weeks? Or the worlds internet got hacked and likewise went down? (If a massive solar flare knocks the US-power grid out, it could take months or even years to restore. Some power transformers would have to be custom built – perhaps in China?).

In that case almost no one would have cash to buy food, pay for housing, keep warm and so on. Millions would starve or freeze to death or kill each other in the inevitable lootings and robberies.

Coming Chaos: No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food and Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People

The war in Serbia taught the lesson that only heavily armed, tightly knit groups of people – most often large families – would have a chance of surviving the resulting chaos with lootings and killings galore.

And Europeans would be toast as the large, well-organized families are all aliens.

You can read in the link below, what the worlds supreme robots – the billionaires – have planned:

Apocalypse island: Billionaires building boltholes in NZ… Social collapse, nuclear war?

CASH BAN has really no other credible rationale than annihilation of 90% of earth’s population.


(Orig. Posted 14.febr.2017 / updated 20.febr.2017)

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Some additional links:

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg hints at SECRET plans to use artificial intelligence to censor and spy on users

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming ‘Human-Like’ — and That Might Be a Bad Thing – Getting ‘Greedy,’ ‘Aggressive’; THE SAME MIND THAT BUILDS AND DESIGNS WILL TRANSFER THEIR UNDERLYING NEGATIVE AND DEADLY TRAITS AND LUSTS!

Minister Brian Mikkelsen: Danmark skal være kontantløst


BILL GATES: Tax robots just like humans!


Danmark Og Ytringsfriheden


Kære D.

Mange tak for sidst! Jeg håber I kom godt hjem til fædreneøen og er tilfredse med turen?

Jeg glemte desværre at medbringe gryde og skåle fra Julemaden, som jeg endnu engang takker mange gange for. Super lækkert! Det var forresten også nogle lækre smørrebrøder, som de unge serverede for os. Jeg regner med du kan undvære køkkengrejet til vi ses igen?

Her er så lidt malurt i bægeret.

I nat drømte jeg en noget forvirret drøm, som jeg næppe kan huske nogen handling fra; men den sluttede med at jeg vågnede ved at nogen sagde: “Kast hende i fængsel”. Og hende – det var dig!

Således foranlediget nødes jeg til venligst at besvære dig med en advarsel: Pas endelig på at have dit hus iorden med hensyn til alle småting i forhold til told og skat og andre øvrigheder, som man nu kan være belemret med i et selvstændigt erhverv på landet.

Årsagen hertil er jo ikke at jeg eller nogen anden tror eller tænker, at du har alt i en syndig uorden. Men skyldes ene og alene, at jeg som regimekritiker med en skarp pen har mange små og store “misundere” som elsker at hade mig.

Og når man ikke kan -, eller idet mindste ikke har haft synderlig held med at ramme undertegnede ringhed med denne eller hin chikane eller det det er værre, – ja så kan man jo altid prøve at ramme uskyldige og intetanende venner og slægtninge.

Jeg har jo selv erfaret, at man som seriøs samfundskritiker absolut ingen mulighed har for selv at stifte familie; det ville ganske enkelt være alt for farligt for kone og børn. Det er ikke kun i agentfilm på TV det er sådan. Og alle, som tror de kan det hele, kan let blive skuffede.

Men mine venner og slægtninge iøvrigt står så i første række. To af mine bedste venner har fået deres huse brændt ned (sommerhus resp. helårshus). Det ene var vist iøvrigt et morbrandforsøg. Jeg har skrevet udførligt herom på min blog, så det kan ikke ret være nogen hemmelighed.

Og der er heller ingen tvivl om, at denne eller hin af mine slægtninge kan have været i fare og antageligt kun har klaret frisag på grund af mine clairvoyante advarsels-drømme.

Naturligvis har jeg også selv været udsat for alle slags trakasserier, nogle værre end andre. Og ingen tvivl om, at “man” meget gerne, ja vistnok synderlig gerne vil bruge bagateller som påskud til at ramme folk med drakoniske tiltag.

Jeg har f.eks., bare for at nævne et enkelt eksempel, været udsat for at en åbenbar politi/pet/skattemand uopfordret har ringet mig op for at høre, om jeg ikke havde noget af mit fotoudstyr til salg. Årsag: hvis man kunne lokke mig til at sælge et eller andet, som jeg nyligt havde købt – ja så ville man tiltale mig for “handel” og lave razzia (og fjerne alskens ting og sager som jeg evt. aldrig ville se igen), samt måske stille mig for en dubiøs dommer.

Så – endnu engang – pas venligst godt på at have styr på de små ting. Også de store ting naturligvis, men i særdeleshed alle bagateller!

Kærlig hilsen fra

Library Wise

(18./31.jan.2017) On this slightly dark mid-winter Wednesday I had an errand to do at the Frederiksberg Town Hall. Just a small technicality that was quickly settled with help from the, as I have learned, always very friendly and helpful staff.

It’s just a short walk from the City Hall to the Metro, and you happen to pass by the Frederiksberg Central Library. Although I have (from 10 to 20 years ago) visited this library very, very often, albeit perhaps not daily, I rarely use its facilities now. I was today reminded of some of the reasons why.

There is a somwhat gloomy atmosphere meeting you when you enter the entrance hall area as giant surveillance camera pods oogle you from everywhere. In the main, eastern, reading hall another giant camera pod is centrally placed to be able to cover almost all of the reading area.

I don’t remember to have ever read anyone, whether layman, politician, journalist or intellectual questioning the wisdom of having your public library reading habits pried into by … Yes by whom, really?

Question: Who have access to the surveillance camera “tapes” or recordings. 1. Are the recordings locally stored? 2. Can they only be accessed by the library staff? 3. Alternatively, who else can access the recordings? 4. Who gives permit and on which principles? 5. Are the cameras on-line? 6. If so, are they on-line in real time? 7. Who can legally access the records while online? 8. Who can illegally access records online?

Imagine you visited your library, any labrary, say in the 1960’ties or 70’ties and experienced appros. the following: a) Soon as you enters the library a photographer pops up and fires a flash in your face to register you entering the library. b) Every time you move from one area of the library to another a photographer pops up and “shoot” your whereabout. c) If you stop in front of a book-case you are likewise photographed. d) Every time you take down a book from a shelf you are photographed. e) Every daily or magazine you read are likewise photographed. f) Every time you turn a page reading, you are photographed. g) If you bring a computer, you and your computer make are photographed. h) Depending on your position in (one of) the reading rooms, your computer display may be photographed. g.) When you leave the library you are photographed (together with the library clock).

Anyone having used public libraries in the 60’ties or 70’ties should acknowledge that this would be a pretty scaring scenario. In fact it would be TOTALLY impossible as everyone in those days would instantly understand that some horrible entities were trying to abuse their power in a sick, insane and totally unacceptable way.

But it seems that most of us, slice by slice have lost most of our common sense?

To-day I wanted to find out if you could still read the main foreign papers; if there might possibly still be chair and table for you and your computer; and if you could still read f.i. New Scientist and Scientific American “on paper”.

Papers: The foreign dailies were quickly counted – Le Monde, The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Liberation and a Spanish paper. Then also two weeklies: The Observer and Die Zeit. That’s it!

So no International Herald Tribune (I belive they now call it The International New York Times?), no Times, no WallStreet Journal, no Financial Times, no Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, no Figaro, no Neue Zürcher Zeitung, no Svenske Dagbladet, no Sydsvenskan. Really – almost no nothing!

All these respected papers were there 20 years ago. In these days I read Intl. Herald Tribune almost daily, when I felt rich I bought it, else in the library; even a few cafe’s sported it.

I have to admit I miss it (and also the FAZ), but alas, it has become too expensive and time consuming to read printed dailies beside all the alternative news sites you HAVE to scan if you don’t want to be altogether too uninformed. It has of course to be mentioned that these papers, as far as I know, can be read via the library’s homepage.

There was also no New Scientist (I almost can’t believe this either), but Scientific American was standing – slightly aenemic I’m afraid? – on the shelf.

The friendly and as always very helpful staff informed me that Frederiksberg Municipality recently cut the librarys budget by abt 700.000 kr ($100,000) and so they had to cut their subscriptions to the bone.

Frederiksberg is one of the wealthiest communities in Denmark, has about 80.000 inhabitants, but off hand one almost get the inpression of visiting a village library. The reading room has 12 small tables for individual use. They were all occupied.

Only four of these tables have access to a power plug in for your computer. This is a stark reduction from f.i. 5 years ago. I seem to remember there were plug-ins hanging from the lamp-post by all individual tables

In the west end of the reading room there are half a dozen (or slightly more?) round tables large enough to accomodate 3 or 4 readers. Most of these tables still have one plug-in hanging from the lamp post.

Above and around the main hall is a gallery with individual tables for readers. I believe a few of these tables formerly had plug ins for computers. I made it a point to look carefully to-day and can state with confidence that not one plug in is left.

Keep in mind, that the library wi-fi facilities may not least be used by those with small budgets making it difficult for them to pay for individual wi-fi links; that might f.i. be students and pensioners. And remember that you have to pay the rather stiff DR-TV license fee (abt. 2500 kr p.a.) if you subscibe to a wi-fi link, even if you don’t own a TV-set or even a radio.

Summing up: Here we may reasonably often deal with rather poor people with no wi-fi or with cramped space at home. People who don’t necessarily sport the latest Mac with fresh batteries (even new computer batteries may have a surprisingly short life-span). The Library may say they have laptops for rent (about twenty at present?) – but that of course is only a makeshift solution for many. You won’t necessarily be able to easily bring all the data you need. And if you basically work with Mac or Linux you’re sunk!

So how come it’s so important to remove plug ins for use with visitors computers? I can hardly believe this idea has been hatched in the Frederiksberg City Hall. They must be inspired by someone else? Perhaps the Secret Police? Or even Microsoft?

Without power plug ins poor people with old computers may be severely handicapped. And the TPTB usually dont want to have to deal with “old” computers with old software that is usually not nearly as snoopy as f.i. Windows10. Also an old computer might have been bought second hand and hence much more difficult for the Secret Police to follow illegally?

And by now I guess we should all have learnt: that we are in fact already living in a Police State where the interests of the Police and in particular the Secret Police is valued above all else?

Obviously almost no one has learned anything at all from the stark warnings from former Chief (director) of P.E.T. (danish Secret Service and Secret Police) Ole Stig Andersen, who some years ago wrote that P.E.T. was in fact now becoming (both a Secret Service and) a Secret Police and as such could become a dangerous “State within the State”? (discussed here https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/dark-energy/ ).


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One Dollar Books

(15.jan.2016/upd.17.jan.2016) On this clear, cold january Sunday I managed to make my downtown city stroll end at the Heilig-Geist church (on the Copenhagen “Stroeget”) where today is a sale of old books at 5 kr per book (i.e. less than one dollar).

After about an hour of busy browsing I made my way out with two bags shock-full of books – 23 in all, at a cost of 115 kr (less than twenty dollars).

So what have we got?

1. Firstly there is a nice Penguin pocket book edition of Raymond Chandlers FAREWELL MY LOVELY.

As a matter of fact I have owned more than one copy of this classic detective novel for really many years. I have probably read it for the first time in my twenties, which of course is at least forty years ago.

But a large part of my books are still boxed and stored after the modernizing chaos in our building a couple of years ago, and my more than one hundred american detective novels have not surfaced yet.

I seem to remember having reread Farewell My Lovely only a few years ago. But I’am not sure exactly when and although Chandlers masterpiece of course hasn’t changed a bit, I may have. So although I may perhaps not enjoy it more, or even as much as during my first read, I may still find new pleasures in following this brilliant, honest gentleman that is Raymond Chandler.

About one week ago I bought its sister THE HIGH WINDOW (at a price of 30 kr / abt. 4.50 dollars). This novel is, I think, perhaps Chandlers most brilliant, although of course also very depressing, giving as it does a particularly piercing view on the American moneyed elites sick, depraved morals before the war.

2. JONATHAN SWIFT – ESSAYS ON HIS SATIRE AND OTHER STUDIES. By Herbert Davis. Oxford University Press, 1964, 292 p. Paperback.

Well, the subject seems all right. But beeing a collection of partly or even mostly university lectures these essays may still be a tad too formal to my taste. But as I have of course only bought the book a couple hours ago, I have to defer jugement to later.

3. Two volumes of Danish/Jutish author and poet JEPPE AAKJAER, with poems. They are both 1st editions from 1920, rather nicely bound in contemporary half calf. They should make a nice gift to my niece in Jutland who has a keen interest in local authors and their work. And imagine: two quite nice first editions of a well known Danish author and poet for less than two dollars!

4. JYDER. NY SAMLING. By Jakob Knudsen. Gyldendal, Copenhagen, 1917. 276 p. Nicely bound in private, contemporary half calf. 1st edition.

Again, this is a first edition of a well known Danish/Jutish author – for less than one dollar! And to boot it came with four other titles of the same author, of which three are also 1st editions. The fourth is in a 2nd printing, I bought this one also because it carries the signature of a previous owner, E. Kold.

The friendly lady at the pay-desk remarked that the books happened to have been hers, the author Jakob Knudsen being a distant relative of hers. And the signature E. Kold was that of her grandmother.

I asked her if Ms. Kold perchance was a relative of the well known Danish school-man Kristian Kold, but she didn’t know. My niece is a distant relative of Kristian Kold, and I fancy she might ofcourse have found it interesting to know.

5. SOMMERGLÆDER. By Herman Bang. Copenhagen, 1902, NNF, 169 pages. Privately bound in contemp. half-calf.

I believe this may also be a first edition (which in fact it is). I don’t normally read fiction – only exceptions are the classic american detective novels – like the above mentioned by Chandler – and perhaps a few historical novels.

Herman Bang is ofcourse one of the most prominent Danish authors from just around 1900. He had a jewish grandmother and fancied (correctly, I believe) that through his father he descended from some of the oldest known, high middle age Danish aristocracy.

He was thus, perhaps, a somewhat split personality – another split author-personality comes to mind, that of Johan August Strindberg (they both died in 1912) – he was also not physically strong and died rather young. But for all that I believe he was a honest genius, whose best work is well worth knowing, and this book should make a nice gift.

6. THE CONCISE OXFORD CHRONOLOGY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. Ed. by Michael Cox. Oxford University Press, 2004. 830 p. Hardcover, nice copy.

This is an unusual and, I think, very interesting type of manual, and a steal for one dollar. For instance you may look under 1767 and see (among many others) that James Boswell in that year published DORANDO: A SPANISH TALE (fiction) or that Joseph Priestley published THE HISTORY AND PRESENT STATE OF ELECTRICITY.

7. BIDRAG TIL FOLKESYGDOMMENES OG SUNDHEDSPLEJENS HISTORIE I DANMARK – fra de ældste tider til begyndelsen af det attende aarhundrede. By Dr. F.V. Mansa. Copenhagen, Gyldendal, 1872. 369 p., hard cover, bound in paper.

I can’t believe I found this nicely kept, very unusual and hugely interesting book for less than one dollar. As a matter of fact i have it already, but as paperback in a very poor state, with loose spine and pages.

What makes this book so interesting is that the author takes the words Sygdom og Sundhed (sickness and health) in a very general meaning. That is, he gives detailed accounts of the “health” of the whole country or rather – much of the then known world.

For instance he gives acounts of catastrophies (“natural occurrencies”) of all sorts – floods, biting colds (walking from Lübeck to Norway over the frozen high seas!), plagues, comets etc. Here a couple of samples (sorry, but I have to cite in danish):

(s. 201) “Vinteren 1566 var særdeles streng. Frosten indfandt sig allerede ved Juletider 1565 og vedblev med en saadan styrke, at man i 9 uger kunde kjøre over vandene med belæssede vogne.

“Nytaarsaften brød havet ind i Limfjorden imellem Agger og Vestervig i Thy, en miil fra Harboøre Kirke, og gjorde et stort gab eller munding, 14 eller 16 alen (9 meter) dyb, hvorved stor skade på korn, foder og kvæg foraarsagedes. Vandet gik over hele sletten og selve Aalborg skal have lidt af høivande. Sommeren var regnfuld med hyppig torden og lynild og efteraaret meget stormfuldt”.

(s. 112) “1460 træffe vi i Danmark igjen paa en af de strenge vintre, hvori ikke alene Østersøen men og havet imellem Danmark og Norge lagde til med is, saa at man kunde gaa fra Lybek til Norge.

“Ogsaa i syden af Europa var kulden haard. Donau var ganske tilfrossen fra den 13. januar til den 11. marts. Sommeren i samme aar var hed og tør og fordærvelig for markernes afgrøde; hvorpaa der i Italien begyndte en pestsot, som i de følgende aar udbedte sig over det øvrige Europa.”

(s. 101) “Overalt herskede i aaret 1450 en forfærdelig smitsot. I Ditmarsken varede den i 3 aar. Alene i kirkesognet Lunden døde 2600 mennesker i løbet af halvandet aar. I aaret 1451 skal Sverig have været hjemsøgt af en af de mest dræbende farsoter, som have hersket i dette land og derfor ogsaa sammenlignes med det forrige aarhundredes digerdød. Alene i Stockholm døde af den ikke mindre end 9000 mennesker, blandt også Kong Carl Knutsons gemalinde Catharina.”

“1456 den 5te og 30te decbr. sporedes to forfærdelige jordskjælv, hvorved huse nedstyrtede og mange tusinde mennesker omkom. Aaret efter viste sig en komet. I de tre aar fra 1455 til 1457 herskede stor hungersnød i Sverig og paa enkelte steder endog pest.

“Vinteren 1458 var saa streng, at man kunde kjøre fra Lybek til Danmark.”


I have to leave it at that for to-day. Thanks for reading, and have a nice sunday evening!


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