Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Today we’ll take a look at and analyze a bit on another tweet from October 15. Only this tweet was not posted.

(15.Oct.2018) Today was visited by my kid sister. After taking her to the train station I returned home after dark at about 8 p.m. At corner of Mariendalsvej, just outside the candy store, a fast, black Mercedes with Mossad hit-squad was waiting for me. Two men outside, one partly disguised as police officer with reflective stripes and some sort of a badge. Just as I went by the first man called out to the other that had started mowing my way, to lay off. Obviously because a biker just passed very close by me – just in the right/wrong seconds!

However I never intended to tweet about the following incidents, that’s necessary to have in mind when analyzing the above:

On October 11. I had been using the laundry in our basement since midday. At abt. 2.30 p.m. I happened to see this from my street window: A MC-Police Officer (MC-PO) had seemingly stopped a somewhat dilapidated small car with a somewhat dilapidated small, fat, dark-haired man directly in front of the street door to our appartment house.

The small man soon ‘took the air’ but the MC-PO kept vigil with his MC and the car for about an hour (more or less).

At abt. 3 p.m. I had to pass closely by this (friendly looking!) PO to fetch the last of my laundered clothes in the basement.

In the late a.m. on the day before, i.e. Wednesday October 10, I had tweeted about certain clairvoyant visions from the early hours in the a.m.

Also I blogged about these tweets later in the day, must have been roughly mid afternoon, from a downtown café:
As you can see I’m somewhat critical of Mossad and their friends in the tweets/blog entry.

After having posted the blog-update I was walking along Vesterbrogade in downtown Copenhagen when being overtaken by an enormous convoy of Police MC’s plus a couple of darkened cars.

I don’t remember to have ever seen such a giant MC-convoy and naturally wondered – but only slightly – what was going on.

Only a couple of days later – on Oct. 12. – I learned that the Head of State (HoS) of a certain M.E. nation was on official visit in Denmark. I usually skim several it-newssites, danish and international, daily and am sure I didn’t then see one word about this state visit.

So here is the mess – perhaps:

Said HoS hypothetically may have instantly taken affront by me tweeting something about a few of my many bad experiences with Mossad and their friends – on the exact(?) same (hour? and) morning said HoS touched down with his plane in the Copenhagen airport (But I have still no precise idea when that was).

Perhaps his embassy may then have asked their honourable Danish government to instantly pay me back for my gross misconduct and provocation?

It may thus – hypothetically – have been decided to place a PET/Mossad agent with a dilapidated car and a (sane, clever and honest, obviously) MC-PO directly in front of my street door?

That certainly should throw a scare into me – right? Yes, if I had just a wispy, tiny inkling about the whereabout of a certain touchy HoS from a certain touchy M.E. nation – then I certainly might well have felt a bit uneasy with being watched and surrounded by police?

But where do the hit-squad fit into the mess? Well, our honourable MC-PO ofcourse quickly became aware that his presence didn’t seem to bother me in the least. I guess that’s something PO’s soon learn to discern in their line of duty?

Hence that’s what he would report to his superiors, that would report to MOJ, that would report to his superiours here or on the embassy, that would report to their govt., that would report to their HoS?

Hypothetically, then, trying to turn a small mess to a grand success the embassy may perhaps have decided to get clever: If he’s so conficent with PO’s – why not just set up a hit-squad with agents at least partly disguised as Police Officers.

And as we through our full-spectrum surveillance of his daily routine and his flat know the plans for taking his sister to the station in detail – it should be easy to pick a stake out.

By the way, any hit-squad with agents disguised as PO’s is basically very dangerous. Their camouflage sort of put you off guard. If you are not sort of protected by a very strongly developed sixt-sense, you will normally be dead meat.

Summing up: I’m somewhat at a loss to fully understand the instant affront hypothetically taken by said HoS. As a matter of fact I can’t help wondering, if Mossad and their friends haven’t perhaps been pulling the leg of his excellency’s a bit; or at the very least the leg of our MOJ, perhaps?

The reason is one have to suppose that Mossad and their friends through their year-long full-spectrum surveillance of my flat most likely may have always been very well aware, that I probably hadn’t the faintest idea about this HoS’ planned visit to Denmark?

But then again Mossad and their friends always were spoiling for a fight – weren’t they?

Update 22.Okt.2018.

It seems the above blog entry from Sunday 21st (and together with my entry from Saturday 20th ) has not been received particularly favourably by the The-Powers-That-Be.

At least I was already today, monday 22nd, starkly and very vividly warned by telepathy in two clairvoyant visions early in the a.m. I have also tweeted about it this morning, here are the tweets (only very slightly amended):

(22.10.2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw decadent score of people walking along nightly road. Appeared to be mostly assorted rogues, lunatics and traitors. Opposition traitors just cast their disguise and joined the gang. Someone said: Let’s deliver the package’ (i.e. myself to Mossad?)

It might thus perhaps be deducted that the Govt. and their loyal opposition, perhaps unsurprisingly has resolved to combine their hatred for myself – ‘the undaunted regime critic’? For instance this link may hypothetically pertain to the governments oppositions leader as MOJ, if I’m not entirely mistaken?

And ofcourse the SecretService/SecretPolice/Mossad are supposed to handle the particulars?

(22Okt2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw man in darkblue ‘uniform’ presenting himself as from Goldma (or something) wanting to inspect my flat. As I declined he wanted to use my WC. As again declined he tried to force his way in. Perhaps the Govt. dont like my blogs?

(Posted 21.Oct.2018/Updated 22.Oct.2018)

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