How To Shanghai Russia’s Space Age Future? (updated)

(Aug.1.) Today is a real nice summer day here in downtown Copenhagen. Crossing the City Hall Square a short way from the café where I’m writing this, I noticed the first signs of the impending visit in Copenhagen by US-President, Mr. Trump.

At the corner of a nearby building I saw a large man (abt. 6feet6 and 35 y.o.a?) standing vigil and smoking a cigarette. He was wearing a somwhat smallish(?), grey business suit and heavy black shoes, size 13?, that needed a shine.

By the look of his shoes he had probably been pounding a lot of pavement already, so as you almost felt sorry for him. Except he did NOT invite friendlyness!

When he spotted me (wearing my usual summer (panama) hat) he turned his back. And as I went past him he was careful to concurrently turn his body so as to always have his back to me. He obviously didn’t want me to get a good look at his face?

Ofcourse I cannot tell if he was US-SecretService or CIA. But I’m not in the least surprised he knew me by sight. The instant I learned Mr. Trump was to visit Copenhagen I was ofcourse fully aware, that the SecretService/CIA would like a lot to take myself back with them – in a suitcase.

Twenty minutes later I spotted three gentlemen walking together past the Café. They were all well fed, middle aged men and looking well pleased with themselves and their job. They all wore identical, blue business suits and likewise all wore a badge on their lapel with the colours of the Stars and Stripes. It seems like the presidential ‘security details’ are not wasting much time?

Below is what I wrote last Thursday, Aug.1.

Today is Thursday and it’s wet out there. Why not, then, spend a few minutes taking a quick look at a few of my recent tweets? (As usual the asterix * indicates the tweet while a chevron > indicates my comment; some tweets may not yet be tweeted).

* 1. (1.Aug.2019) Today in early AM had clairvoyant vision of young teenage girl held captive, crying. Are Mossad and/or their friends once again planning to kidnap my nephew’s young girl? Ofcourse we now know the Global power-brokers may often have a penchant for young teen-age girls? (link 1)

* 2. (1.Aug.2019) Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw someone hijack a Russian ‘Buran’ spaceship and it’s giant booster rocket-ship. Is Russia’s ‘partners’ again planning to ‘Shanghai’ the space-age future of Russia? (link 2)

> In the vision, playing out like a movie, I was there as an observer. From a kind of escort vehicle I saw the beautifully crafted, finished and colored Buran space ship after it being successfully hijacked.

I then saw the hijack crew working on the giant (booster) rocket-ship, still on the ground. I saw someone overwriting a ‘blackboard’ or ‘blackbox’ (with new codes?). I then woke up.

(Update Aug.19.) “In the week after I wrote this, Russia has successfully tested it’s first, very large military (bomber) drone. Ofcourse the drone is no ‘Buran’ – in fact the Buran spaceship is (as far as I know) moth-balled, and not scheduled to be rejuvenated?

“What I saw in my vision was an advanced air- or space-craft successfully being flown; but someone mentioned ‘Buran’, and the ‘feeling’ was of something hijacked or stolen.

“But wait – hasn’t there been (at least) gossip on the web about the Buran and the bomber-drone both being ‘hijacked’ – or stolen – designs? If this is so – perhaps it was in fact the drone I saw? (I just saw the air- or space-craft from behind, like you see the back of a car in front of you on the highway).

“However the vision of a ‘hijack crew’ working on the large rocket is perhaps more likely still to have been the ‘secretive missile engine’ on a teststand?

“I saw persons working underneath the vertically supported, large rocket; in fact I only saw the bottom part of the rocket relatively clearly. That means the crew were working directly beneath and near to the rocket-motor.

“And someone was wiping clean a blackboard obviously to substitute text with something illegal, for example a virus code?

“One reason a hacking (from afar or from a mole in the workforce or among the scientists) seems likely in this case of the highly secretive rocket motor that exploded on Aug.8th, is the fact that five scientists / engineers / designers reportedly were killed in the explosion.

“The fact that adequate precautions were not taken to prevent this kind of major catastrophe – that may have set the highly trumpeted rocket technology back for a long time? – seems to indicate, that the technology was already regarded as mature.

“Whence no strict security measures were taken: no one had expected the set up to be hacked by trojan horses (Mossad or CIA?).

“One has to supose, that IL is not satisfied with their friend Putin, that has not accepted IL to Holocaust Iran? Is the hack possibly their revenge?

“Ofcourse, one has to understand and sympathize with Putin being squeezed between a rock and a hard place: Being yewish he want to accomodate IL as far as possible; but he also need Iran to secure Russia’s southern flank.

“Why did Putin’s SecretService not see this coming; no doubt they read (or at least they have read!) my blog. The Russians just have to hope that the General Directorate of their SecretService don’t have precisely the same predicament as Mr. Putin: Wanting to accomodate IL as far as possible?” (Link 5a)

As the recent Shanghai trade talks between China and the US was concluded yesterday after only a few hours of meetings (a ‘working dinner’ tuesday and talks in the AM yesterday, wednesday), perhaps we should consider what was REALLY discussed in Shanghai?

Because, for a small army of important, high-power US-Government officials to travel all the way from Washington to Shanghai just to enjoy a dinner and talk for a few hours, there would have been some VERY important issues on the agenda. (link 6)

Personally I’ve had a hard time believing these important gentlemen would travel that long just to talk a few hours about issues that perchance could have been settled as well or better over the internet or by phone. At the very least the talks must have been very poorly prepared?

But I tend to rather believe, that at least one strategically much more important issue was discussed. Something far too sensitive to be discussed over any kind of internet- or satellite-link.

What issue might that be? Perhaps the same phantom that seems to have visited at the most recent G.20 conference?

Please compare my blog post from last December 28., whence I here repeat the highlights:

*In early a.m. of Wednesday Nov.28.2018 had vision of US-President donning his new, green Chinese generals uniform. The Uniform was however in Russian Style. That’s why I tweeted that same wednesday that Xi and US are going to embrace in #G20 and split up #Russia.

*(28.Nov.2018) In early a.m. there were rumours in the ether that US & Xi are going to embrace at G20. The split: US to have Europe to Urals, Xi to have Siberia to Urals and IL gets MiddleEast?

> The above two tweets seem to have made quite an impact. You can follow a bit of the resulting panic reaction here (link 2).

Perhaps the most recent Shanghai talks are much more likely to have been – once again – about robbing Russia blind and how to split the spoils? In other words – how to ‘shanghai’ Russia’s space age future? (link 3)

Among the most important particulars coming up would be – and above all others, perhaps – the question of Iran. Putin’s Israeli friends reportedly want to holocaust Iran – and badly?

But how could the US-IL Government go about making this happen without China getting into a frenzy? After all – China needs oil, and the US has recently been harassing and threatening suppliers from Syria, Venezuela and now Iran.

Perhaps by handing Taiwan (and HongKong?) to the Chinese. Also, perhaps, by making Russia desperate to sell oil to the Chinese? (NordStream2!)

Without Iran securing Russia’s underbelly and with China perhaps secretly being treacherous, Russia may be sunk? I.e. – no space-age future?

One important nail in Russia’s coffin would be the US threatening or convincing Poland and especially Denmark to continue to openly sabotage the NordStream2 undersea oil pipeline from Russia to Germany.

It’s no doubt mainly in this perspective you have to see the recently announced visit by US-President Trump to Poland (Sept.1st) and Denmark (Sept.2-3.): It will not just be a cosy get-together with a young and pretty, US-IL-friendly (remember the Drudgereport endorsement – link 4) Danish PM. It’s much more likely to be hardball about Global agression and domination.

In fact the visit to Denmark happened to be announced yesterday – i.e. more or less concurrently with the Shanghai team returning to Washington.

To break Putin’s Russia – so important for Israel and the US – the disruption of the NordStream2 pipeline is still deemed to be of paramount importance (link 5).

The Russian economy is already stagnating, partly on account of US-american sanctions, and partly, perhaps, because of the wast billionaire riches hidden in off-shore accounts – said to amount to upward of 60% of the Russian GNP.

Link 1.

“Rise and Kill First.” – The Secret Israeli Worldwide Assassination Program. Book Review

The Nice Crowd

Link 2.

Malebranche, Carlyle, Stefan Zweig And Your Pet

SWEDBANK – Kirstjen Nielsen – IS WAR COMING

Link 3.
Paul Craig Roberts Exposes An Economy Based On Plunder
…the long history of American capitalism fed by plunder seems to be coming to an end simultaneously with the ability of the US central bank to protect existing financial wealth…


Link 4.
The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (updated)

‘Forvandlingskuglen er rullet ind i Statsministeriet: Hvem er det præcist, som har magten?
Hvordan ser det socialdemokrati, vi har fået til magten, ud, og hvad vil det? Sandheden er, at ingen aner det’.

Den nye, ‘socialdemokratiske’ kompas-ross’?
»Vi vil lade det socialdemokratiske kompas lede og styre os,« sagde Mette Frederiksen, da hun for en måneds tid siden stod med sit nye ministerhold foran Amalienborg.

Men alle adspurgte eksperter har tilsyneladende haft kollektivt hukommelses-østersø-iltsvind – NordStream2 er glemt! (Ofcourse, the new Danish Govt. doesn’t want to be exposed as just another US-puppet, like the previous; and the so-called ‘experts’ most often just broadcast what the Govt. want: It’s easier!):

‘Fem grunde til, at Donald Trump vil besøge Danmark’

Link 5.


“Now hardly anyone can say when the first gas will flow, because everyone is waiting for an answer from the Danes. They are openly delaying the approval process. They are openly pressured by the United States. The Danes have been reviewing Gazprom’s applications for more than two years now, while having authorized the rival Baltic Pipe gas pipeline from Norway to Poland [without delay],” said Igor Yushkov, leading analyst with the Russian National Energy Security Fund, as cited by Sputnik

Tehran Urges China To Buy More Iranian Oil As It Feasts On Saudi Crude

Link 5a.
Madame de Staël – Proust – Russia’s Rockets – CIA’s Hit Teams (upd.)

Link 6.
…We look forward to continuing our positive dialogue with China on a comprehensive Trade Deal, and feel that the future between our two countries will be a very bright one!
— Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2019
(posted on rt. at 17.30, but unclear if Moscow or London time)

But shortly after, the honeymoon seemed over? Was this blog-post – i.e. the 1st edition of the post you are reading right now and that was published on Aug.1. at abt. 3.30.PM.MET – actually resulting in a new panic? (Note: Very difficult to ascertain precise timeline as newsreports (as well as blog-hosts) almost always are omitting time of day):

The US on Thursday (Aug.1.) unexpectedly announced on Twitter that starting September 1 it would impose a 10-percent tariff on an additional $300 billion in Chinese goods…
‘It’s astonishing and inexplicable that the White House changed its tune overnight and is wielding the tariff stick once again.’

Like in Washington, the comments in Beijing were initially positive:

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of China’s state-run Global Times tabloid, wrote on Twitter that the negotiators had “efficient and constructive” exchanges.

“The two sides discussed increasing purchase of U.S. farm products and the U.S. side agreed to create favorable conditions for it. They will hold future talks,” Hu said, without elaborating.


If Iran is Destroyed, Can the Human Race Survive?

NEO: If Iran is Destroyed, Can the Human Race Survive?


(Published Aug.1. at abt. 3.30.PM.MET – last updated Aug.19.)

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