Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

(10.Jan.2018) On this somewhat sombre January afternoon here in Copenhagen I would like to take a quick look on a few of this weeks local and/or global headlines and bylines.

First a purely Danish issue:

– Ombudsmand overvejer at gaa ind i ny Stoejberg-sag.
Folketingets ombudsmand holder oeje med sagen om udvisninger af alvorligt syge udlaendinge.

That is – our parlamentarian Ombudsmand (FO) will once again focus on alien’s rights in Denmark (refugee, migrant or immigrants).

Of-course I can’t offhand say if this is representative of the daily work and prioritiy of the office of the FO. But it certainly seems to me he’s mostly cited in the papers for his interests in aliens.

It may basically be a good thing, of course, to have emphaty with aliens. But based on statistics from press releases one might perhaps muse if his interest is equally as dilligent when justice for etnic Danes is at issue?

Our next topic is likewise purely local – although perhaps quite a bombshell? The Danish Government is establishing an Office for Promotion of Chaos! No kidding! – although they call it ‘Disruption Task Force’ resp. ‘Disruption Chief’. A few links:

– ’Disruption-chef med udfordringsret!’

– Nogle husker maaske, at Lars Loekke nedsatte et disruptionraad i 2017. Erindringen herom er nok mest forbundet med, at skuespiller Hella Joof blev medlem og sagde, at vi danskere burde goere ligesom indianerne og braende alt ned til grunden hvert syvende år

– ’Med baggrund i Erhvervsministeriets Strategi 2025 etablerer vi nu en ‘Disruption Task Force’ i Erhvervsministeriet. I strategien ser vi teknologi, digitalisering og globalisering som helt centrale globale udviklingstendenser’

From whence one may perhaps peruse or even conclude that ‘Disruption and chaos’ is to be held roughly synonymous with ‘Globalism’?

The danish translation of the words disrupt/disruption includes: skabe kaos, faa til at gaa i oploesning/bryde sammen, spraenge, splitte.

The Oxford English Dict. (2.vols) defines: to burst or break asunder, to shatter; rending or bursting asunder, forcible severance.

My Dict. of Synonymes adds: breach, rupture, breaking or tearing asunder, schism, fission.

The Council was established last year, and I suppose almost no one noticed. At least I did not, although I have prefixed some of my tweets by the mantra ‘No worry – Chaos is the mission’, beginning at some point of time in 2017. A couple of samples

– No worry – chaos is the mission: $21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor

– No worry – Chaos is the mission! Antallet af hjemloese i Tyskland stiger – og det rammer ogsaa middelklassen

The Copenhagen tabloid Ekstrabladet quotes one of the appointees of the Council of Disruption, one Hella Joof, as stating (approx.) that ‘we ought to burn everything down every 7 years’.

Again I have to say – No kidding! As it’s obviously hard to keep a straight face when a government appointed council member propounds things like that.

Or to put it more bluntly, don’t we have to ask: Is this lady really insane?

And thus perhaps: Has our Government gone momentarily stark and staring crazy?

I don’t question the notion that our Governments hypothetical global masters basically desire to create chaos everywhere (exept for their own cult, tribe or extended family, of course)?

The obvious purpose would be to enrich themselves and their friends in the ensuing ‘disruption and chaotic waters’. That’s really old hat as it has reportedly been like that for centuries.

Still I think this new Copenhagen initiative may well be somewhat of a quantum leap in brazen, rapacious cheekiness? Question: Has the super-globalists gone nuclear on little Denmark?

Our last topic today is no less curious.

Today, Jan.10., Zerohedge reports the US Govt. has officially acknowledged that the much reported super-secret so called ‘Zuma’ satellite is a total loss.

– (10.Jan.2018) Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms

– (09.Jan.2018)Highly classified US spy satellite appears to be a total loss after SpaceX launch. Dow Jones reported Monday evening that lawmakers had been briefed about the apparent destruction of the secretive payload — code-named Zuma — citing industry and government officials

– Top SECRET US satellite launched by SpaceX aims to send ‘unknown group’ MYSTERY messages

– (08.Jan.2018) It is also interesting to read what Benjamin Fulford writes Januar 18, 2018 : https:// benjaminfulford. net – He indicates that the recently launched SpaceX has an EMP-capability…

But before this most recent SpaceX rocket launch there was a likewise much reported one Dec.22.2017:

– SpaceX launches 10 more satellites for Iridium. Some of the #satellites are designed to help track ships and aircraft in real time.

– IS something going on? Four nations, five (or possibly six, depending on how you count Japan’s) rocket/missile launches in four days, two (or perhaps all) very secretive.

– Spaceflight Now reported that the Japanese launch occurred just 72 seconds before the SpaceX liftoff – the shortest interval between two successful launches in history. Coincidence or intentional?

– Credit for noticing the four launches in four days goes to the folks at UFO Sightings Hotspot, who think the satellite payloads means that ““Something” Is Being Monitored In Space!”

The reason for the vivid interest among bloggers, tweeters and other social media participants seems to have been twofold: partly the strikingly pittoresque exhaust trail over the Van den Berg launch site in California.

And partly the curious observation, that 5 or 6 satellite launches globally took place at essentially the same time.

Personally I woke up in the night of the launch (which reportedly took place Dec.22, 5.27 a.m. Cal.local time, 01.27 Gmt or 02.27 Copenhagen time). And although I didn’t look at my watch it must have been at some point of time betw. 02.00 and 05.00 Cph. time.

The reason I woke up of my slumber was I had a clearvoyant vision, approx. like this:

I saw a contrail or rocket exhaus trail high up in air/space. From the bottom of the trail and within the trail ‘something’ (a craft or vehicle) was working its way up through the trail. This ‘something’ had the same white colour as the trail, or was perhaps hidden within the trail.

The ‘something’ moved up very fast and reached the upper end of the trail in perhaps a couple of seconds. At this point everything disappeared completely, except a few wispy trails appearing in front of the disappeared ‘something’.

These wisps (of exhaust?) looked somewhat like a few strands of one half part of a birds feather.

I then woke up, with the feeling that something important had just disappeared.

Later that same day I learned of the SpaceX Iridium launch from Vandenberg, and saw the photos of the impressive exhaust trail from the 2nd stage of the rocket.

This somewhat odd-looking trail might perhaps be said to look somewhat like a birds feather, wherefore I thought that was what I had seen (by telepathy) ‘through someone others mind’.

That’s why I tweeted this (on Jan.01 and Jan.04):

– (01./04.Jan.2018) Can anyone suggest to me why I – while sleeping fastly here in Copenhagen – saw this particular SpaceX launch in a clairvoyant dream vision? As I later learned approx at the time of launch

Of course, when reconsidering the vision I have to admit it may perhaps more closely correspond to the latest SpaceX ‘Zuma’ launch and its disappeared payload. But in this case two questions arise:

l. Who planned this ‘disappearence’ already in the night of Dec.22./23.? Because as far as I know I only see ‘clairvoyant’ by telepathy.

2. Which relation did this ‘disappearence’ have to me (or perhaps someone like me or perhaps to Denmark)? Because as far as I know I can only ‘read’ the minds telepathically of someone that concurrently have me in mind.


Here are links to two similarly ‘disappeared’ Falcon-9 payloads (one or two years ago):

– ‘Did a UFO destroy it, like last time? Last year after NASA SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket disintegrated on cape Canaveral, billionaire CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk Twitted “We have not ruled that a UFO hitting the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket”.’

– ‘In This never before seen Kryan channel exclusive high definition video you can clearly see SpaceX rocket ((in 2015?)) ‘disintegrates’ shortly after the launch from Cape Canaveral NASA platform after UFO hitting it’

It’s interesting to note, that the cargo hold of the giant Falcon-9 rocket is large enough to contain an entire Grayhound Bus – lock, stock and barrel. Hence plenty of room for all sorts of fancy space-weapons?


Posted Jan.10./Upd.Jan.22.2018.

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