The Samson Option?


(12.Apr.2020) Today is Sunday, and it’s real nice and sunny out there.

However I have a story to tell, whence I’ve found a shadowy corner, which is necessary as my elderly laptop has a rather dim display.

But I’m all set, and here we go.

Some days ago I posted a comment to a well known critic blogging from Mexico. Several US-american bloggers seem to have found refuge in that country.

But a few days after having posted I learned that Mexico had now been shut down like many other countries.

Whence I sent a second comment to this gentleman (on Apr.9th). Below is an anonymized version – somewhat expanded and clarified.

(Apr. 9th)
Hello Dr. X.

I’ve noticed that ‘you & Mexico’ were shut down a few days after I posted my recent comment to you. Sorry about that!

Now, we’re not conspiracy-theorists, ofcourse, and hence we naturally don’t off-hand suspect these two events to be in any way, shape or form connected!

Newertheless I believe perhaps you won’t fully understand the worlds actual predicament, unless having first skimmed a few of my recent blog posts, like listed below.

Firstly – you should be informed the TPTB have had hit-teams attempting to assassianate me literally dozens of times during the last one or two decades. But as of now to no avail as I have a very well-developed sixt-sense and was often warned telepathically (note 3, below).

I’ve got a hunch, then, that the TPTB have now sort of panicked and started the World-Revolution at least half a year before originally planned? I believe it’s fair to assume they had wanted the Great Revolution in the US to coincide with the ‘magic’ month of October? Also that would have made the super-hype of the ‘pandemic’ perhaps coincide more with winter and darkness?

But for what reason, exactly, would they panic, you may ask.

To answer that, please consult the blog posts shortlisted below (be sure to skim rapidly past the superficial ‘book-reviews’ – put there in an perhaps vain effort to lure a few more readers).

After each of the links I’ve highlighted some important points.


Relates how an increasingly all-pervading dark force – Moral-Antimatter – has been unmasked.

I know for a fact that this unveiling was a shocking blow to the TPTB; there was for a few days a ‘deafening silence’ in the ether!

Hence the TPTB may now have resolved to apply the Samson Option to quell and exterminate all sane and intelligent life on earth, hoping to accomplice this before the discovery begins to eventuelley and inevitably infringe the mainstream?


The Alien link and the Samson Option. This post (with item 3 below) may have exposed an alien link in a sufficently powerful way so as to be disturbing or even highly unnerving for the TPTB?

Whence perhaps their panic to shortcut the NWO-itinerary and throw their weight around to show to all righteous and right-minded Earthlings (and Aliens?) that they won’t let go of their omnipotence over earth, lest they should resort to the SAMSON OPTION – i.e. the complete destruction of earthlings and their civilization?

Question: Is the global ‘Covid-19 power-hype’ really ‘the Samson Option’ dogs-of-war now unleashed?

Explains Isr. Lunar Lander crash on Apr.11, 2019 and the revenge(?): the torching of Notre Dame on Apr.15, 2019 and the terror assassinations in SriLanka on Apr.21, 2019.

Were the giant Isr. ‘ZUMA’ satellite as well as the Isr. Lunar Lander both shot down by ET?

And were the torching of Notre Dame in Paris as well as the terror shooting in SriLanka conceived as a sort of perverse revenge for these two humiliating shoot-downs?


In a nightly vision I may have seen the shoot-down of the giant Isr. ZUMA ‘communications’ satellite in 2018? (comp. item 2., above)


Our young and pretty P.M. had her photo all over the Drudge, even before having won the election last year. Obviously to show to everyone in the know that she is a choosen one, i.e. has been choosen by the Drudge/the TPTB? Within a few days of her having assumed office, Mossad launched yet another assassination attempt on myself, as related.

Note: Was she the danish MOJ that may have ‘aided and abettet'(?) the assassination attempt (with the Yakuza) on myself for having blown the whistle on the assassination attempt on the then acting danish Foreign Minister’s wife (by witchcraft – for good measure)? (see 11. & 12., below)

For some reason I had a hunch she was ‘a putsch in the making’ – turned out to possibly be quite accurate, I’m afraid? (Note 1, below & link 1 and 2).


I have to disagree with one of your correspondents that propounded the view that left-brainedness (like aspergers syndrome?) is basically benevolent.

And the unveiling of the TPTB as being basically ROBOTS is ofcourse disturbing to them. Hence this notion must be killed before going mainstream.


Explains CashBan as a potential holocaust or perhaps near-extinction event. When cash-ban is instituted – like it is certainly planned to be in the course of the NWO Covid-19 craze – then many – or even most? – intelligent and critical voices in politics, science, press and blogs may – eventually and inevitably? – be starved to death. (link 3).


Exposes the TPTB as being rather clueless in so far as they seemingly did not realize (or care about?) the mortal dangers for ALL of mankind lurking in the CERN/Large Hadron Collider?

Robots are ofcourse in many aspects clueless, however impressive their raw cpu-power may be.


Explains morality with it’s Cosmic component (like it reportedly was suspected by Kant, but never explained?) (link 4)


The callousnes of the mob that wants to govern earth is truely shocking.


A moral sore has possibly been festering in our parliament for a few years:
1) The assassination attempt (by CIA/Mossad and by witchcraft?) on the wife of then acting danish Foreign Minister?
2) The assassination attempt on myself (with the Yakuza?) for having blown the whistle on this?
3) The Charlie-Hebdo killings in Paris. A careful read of the blog post seems to indicate, I’m afraid, that rogue secret services most likely may be the culprits.


Explains the Charlie Hebdo assassinations as being most likely a red herring to remove focus from the feared imminent unveiling of (above mentioned) assassination attempt (by Witchcraft!) on the wife of the then acting danish foreign minister? (long read!)


Explains Counterfeit Money and Chaos as missions of TPTB. Ofcourse the notion of ‘counterfeit money’ spouting out from the FED is important to keep in disguise.


I seem to have got the upper Illuminati power structure just about right in this satire? (I’ve only heard about John Todd/Lance Collins et al within the last few weeks).

But once more – good luck and thank you very much again for your brave and tireless efforts to aid humanity!


Note 1.

When the first of the recent (unconstitutional!) emergency laws was introduced in the Danish Parliament last month, there were two crucial elements included.

A. The Danish Health Department would be invested with unqualified authority to forcefully access any person in his/her home ‘and other premises’ if a coronavirus infection was ‘suspected’.

No court order would be necessary and no rights for the ‘suspects’ to protest or defend themselves would be available.

In practice actions of this kind would perhaps play out something like in this video from the UK ((now banned by youtube?/29.Aug.2020))

I.e.: gangs of fully cloaked and masked ‘agents’ would access your home with- or without force and, flaunting some sort of a document, would take you away to be ‘hospitalized’?

If you ever made it to a hospital you would perhaps be declared mortally ill and soon die of ‘covid-complications’?

However, in some cases (like myself) you would perhaps never make it to a hospital, but end up in a secret service ‘safe-house’ or something like that – to be henceforth tortured for months or years?

The Health-Department would need assisting personnel, who would perhaps most likely be provided by the various Security Firms, reportedly often controlled by certain rogue Secret Services?

The proposal was to be voted into law in a midnight(!) emergency session in our Parliament. But for some unknown reason this crucial element of the law was discarded in the last hours or minutes before the vote.

(Personally I only discovered this mortal danger late in the afternoon before the vote, and managed to post a warning tweet just about 6 p.m.

The following a.m. I posted an email to the editors of several danish newspapers, being unaware of the fact that this crucial law element was discarded just before the vote.

I got feedback from only one of the editors, and am still unaware if the dangers of the proposed, monstrous police-state powers have eventually dawned on the rest?)

B. Another deadly dangerous part of the emergency laws, now fully instituted, is that our government henceforth has the unqualified authority to force-vaccinate any person fingered or flagged as ‘a risk’.

However if force is to be applied, the police has to provide the muscle in this case.

Newertheless the track is now clear for any vaccination to be forced on the whole populace or any part of it.

The expected ‘death-shot’ will if at all possible, be applied on any and all intelligent and critical voices among the political opposition as well as editors, journalist, bloggers and dissident doctors etc?

Note 2.

The Number 33. (from a comment on)

Recently I was browsing a danish book with extracts from The Goebbels Diaries (Goebbels Dagbøger, med noter af Louis P. Locher, 1958). On page 102 i found this (from the danish):

‘In 1933 Hindenburg demanded, that Hitler must keep Guertner as Minister of Justice. But Hitler successfully managed to bypass Guertner by making the SS independent of the Ministry of Justice and invest the SS with carte-blance to make arrests without a warrent and to make confinements into KZ-camps without a court-order’.

This situation almost came to pass last month here in Denmark…

When the first of the recent emergency laws was introduced in the Danish Parliament last month, there were two crucial elements included.

a. The govt. could henceforth order mandatory vaccinations (now instituted!)

b. The Danish Health Department would be invested with unqualified authority to forcefully access any person in his/her home ‘and other premises’ if a coronavirus infection was ‘suspected’.
No court order would be necessary and no rights for the ‘suspects’ to protest or defend themselves would be available.

This proposal (b.) was to be voted into law in a midnight(!) emergency session in Parliament. I managed to post a warning tweet in the evening before the wote, and for some (unknown) reason this crucial element of the law was discarded in the last hours or minutes before the vote.

If instituted wouldn’t this law have corresponded almost exactly to Hitlers coup-d’etat in 1933?

Wouldn’t the dictatorial police-state powers now as then have come around by devious manipulations?

Couldn’t the ‘Health-Agents’ be the new ‘SS-agents’?

Also possible confinement in shady or unknown ‘hospitals’ like in KZ-camps? (FEMA-camps?)

Perhaps it would not be too farfetched to imagine some warped minds in the NWO-cabal having found a perverse glee in super-secretly coding the actual world-wide putsch to that of Hitlers in 1933?

Note 3.

(update Jul.13.) Most recent set-ups were

1) May.10th.2020: New, black Mercedes 400 in aborted kidnap-setup when walking up to my kid-sisters house in Dragør, on her birthday;

2) May.18th: Car-Washer attenpting to block my exit from laundry room in basement with two cars; they obviously didn’t know I was only doing a one hour laundry as against the most often two hours?;

3) week 24 (forget to note the day): A 2-hit-men set-up just outside our local Aldi; the goon with the iPhone obviously didn’t get a green light?.

4) July 6.: In the early a.m. had several clairvoyant visions, among which:

a) Saw large desert-yellow/grey CIAO-4WD parked directly opposite our appartment house.

When leaving flat 11.00a.m. I saw big DESERT-YELLOW/GREY Mercedes parked directly opposite our house. When I reached the streetdoor, a man had magically popped up in the drivers seat. Don’t think I ever saw a passenger car in that odd color. (picture in link 6)

The man was looking textbook mozzard: swarthy, dark glasses, husky. If I had proceeded forthwith out into the steet or sidewalk I might have been run over, as he turned the big, newly painted car around directly in front of me. Great timing!

b) Saw Hit-man hiding in tall plants/flowers to eventually persue me (Botanical Gardens?).

Then at 9.15a.m. that same morning Pete N.Z. telephoned. However I didn’t answer the call on account I knew very well what he wanted: To take me to the Botanical Gardens. He NEVER calls me in the a.m.! Only worry: I don’t know if he’s mozzard or ciao? (link 7)


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