Madame de Staël – Proust – Russia’s Rockets – CIA’s Hit Teams (upd.)

(Update 14.Aug.2019) *This morning early in the A.M. had a clairvoyant vision of meeting my niece in the courtyard of my (now deceased) uncle’s farm. Nothing out of the ordinary, of course, – except she was obviously quite dead!

In an earlier post I’ve commented on threats like that (Link 1, whence I quote):

* (23.7.2019) This AM in clairvoyant vision saw my niece hanging with her head down. Obviously the DeepState psychos plan to perhaps have her kidnapped?

> The DeepState power brokers are in fact Robots! (link 2) – and love to have their SecretService kill or torture the completely innocent! Why? Because it makes the Robots feel superior to humans. Humans have empathy and cannot kill or torture the innocent!

Like expanded upon in another post (link 3, quote):

The main provenance and venue for dissemination of amorality (evil) is now probably the worlds Secret Services. They’ve managed to assume supreme power all over the world as their evil masterminds have – without too much trouble – managed to convince gullible parliaments everywhere, that the world will go under if they are not allowed to operate in total darkness, without any oversight by parliament and constitution whatsoever.

These SecretServices are arguably behind nearly all acts of terrorism in the civilized world? They are generally controlled and led by left-brain dominated entities (‘Of the Left Path’), more correctly described as psychopaths – or robots – rather than humans.

They have no ‘human feelings’ (empathy) whatsoever; in this respect they are handicapped vis-a-vis less degenerate humans, and surely they feel this handicap intensely.

This keenly felt inferiority complex makes it important for them to kill, torture and harass as many as possible; and in particular killing, tortureing and harassing the innocent make them feel superior to humans. This is because humans have emphaty and thus cannot kill or torture the innocent.

It’s this type of entities that now are the supreme leaders of the (western) world and leading us directly into the abyss.

Due to their inferiority complex robotic types of men have an extraordinary urge to climb to any leading position whenever possible. But sadly – they are ofcourse without any compass at all to successfully be at the helm and take care of the most important duties as leaders; destitute of any moral compass they can only lead you into misery and ultimate destruction.

From the dustcover of whistleblowing Mossad-agent Victor Ostrowsky’s book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (N.Y.,1994)(note 1):

“Certainly it’s message is too chilling to be ignored: Should the world’s most famous intelligence agency continue to enjoy freedom from government oversight, it will ultimately threaten us all”.

Finally a few notes on why it’s so important just now to kill, kidnap or harass myself (or my extended family or friends).

Firstly: The US-SecretService/CIA want me on their plane back home (in a coffin) – but perhaps mostly by request of IL?

Second: Mossad is hardly amused by me elucidating on the possible, perhaps very successful attack on Russia’s missile program?

Third: Putin and his SecretService Directorate (or is it perchance the other way around?) is hardly amused by me pointing out their common predicament of allegiance? And there is such a thing as the Russian Mafia (often called the Kosher Nostra?) said to work closely together with Russian SecretPolice?

Fourth: We have already a few years ago seen how closely Mossad works with the Japanese Jakuza (link 4). Which part of the then Danish Government made the deal ‘with-the-devil’ (CIA/Mossad) alluded to in the linked post, ofcourse you don’t know. If it perchance should turn out to be one of the two leading entities in our new government, then the Danish Govt. might hypothetically feel an urgent need to have me silenced?

But which party of these may at present present the largest threat, of this ofcourse I know nil.

Here’s what I wrote yesterday (slightly expanded):

(13.Aug.2019) Today is Thursday and although it’s a bit on the soggy side in the streets here in downtown Copenhagen, ofcourse I had to take a quick look inside the HeiligGeist Church Community House.

This is because a new Dutch book sale just opened, and even though the price today is 80 DKr ($12.50) I didn’t resolutely enough resist the book-worm’s urge to buy a handful. Here’s a couple:

1. MISTRESS TO AN AGE. A Life Of Madame De Staël. By J. Christopher Herold. London 1958/1960. Readers Union. 486p., Hardcover and dustcover.

Here is what the publisher says on the dustcover flaps.

‘Germaine De Staël was the first woman of Europe during the cataclysmic eruptions of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars.

‘It is a rueful measure of her greatness that her own voice was heard above the roar.

‘Germaine demanded of life that it satisfy her virile thirst for glory and her feminine yearning for love. But love and glory became inextricably intertwined in her mind.

‘Her marriage to the Swedish Ambassador, de Staël, had the cognizance of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Gustavus III of Sweden and William Pitt, and made her a Baroness.

‘Of her five children only the first, with any certainty, could be considered de Staël’s.

‘Talleyrand was probably the first of her lovers, Narbonne, the Minister of War, another; Benjamin Constant she held captive the longest, but a complete list of those whom she loved (they were as often concurrent as successive) would include many of the most profound political, literary and philosophical minds of her time.

‘Passion and intellect, drama and, often, comedy are intermingled in Madame de Staël’s life. In this outstanding biography, Mr.Herold has succeeded in presenting all the contradictory facets of her personality, her thought, her behaviour and her impact on her time.’

There are ten, all highly positive, reviewer’s opinions on the back of the dustcover. Her the last one:

‘Mr. Herold is the ideal biographer, sympathetic but ironical, admirable in his descriptions and summings-up, equally at home with the politics, literature and personalities of the period.’

And finally, here the first paragraph of the authors preface:

‘This work is not offered as a ‘definitive biography’. In the first place, despite the impressive literature and documentation already published on Madame de Staël and her friends, a still larger mass of material remains unknown; in the second place, definitive biographies can be written only about people who are quite dead. Sometimes, to be sure, they still show some feeble signs of life, but the definitive biographer gives them the ‘coup de grâce’.’

From the text of the book, here a sample quote (p.286):

‘When the French invaded Switzerland in 1798, Bonstetten emigrated. He had begun a lifelong friendship with Frederika Brun, the Danish poetess, in 1791, and it was at her house in Copenhagen and at her country seat, Sophienholm, that he spent the years 1798-1800.

‘Married to a rich philistine of a merchant, Frederika cultivated her frustrated sensibilities by taking opium and writing poetry. Overwrought, sentimental, platonic, and three-quarters deaf, she regarded herself as a poet of genius.

‘Her house was a literary centre; Oehlenschläger, the future national poet of Denmark, made his debut there. Under Frederika’s influence Bonstetten began to write in German, which he had nearly forgotten. He returned to Switzerland in 1801, was nursed back from a near-fatal sickness under the care of Necker and Madame de Staël, and then proceeded, as Sainte-Beuve puts it, to rejuvenate.

‘Madame Brun appeared in Geneva at about the same time. On her first visit to Coppet she arrived at dawn, was overcome by the splendours of nature, burst into a quotation from Ariosto, and sent to bed by Germaine. She was a frequent guest from 1802 to 1810, bringing Oehlenschläger and the German poet Matthisson in her wake.’

I’m sure the book will be a valuable addition to my small collection of books on and by the French.

2. A PROUST SOUVENIR. By William Howard Adams. With Period Photographs by Paul Nadar. London, 1984. 128 p., hardcover with dustcover.

This is a beautiful book, with an interesting text and beautifully printed photographs by Nadar. Here is what they say on the dustcover flaps:

‘Like all novelists, Proust nourished his creative fancy with a rich diet of fact, and a variety of fact for which he had a voracious appetite was the photograph, especially portrait photographs.

‘Not only did photography have all the allure of newness, but from the outset it was seen to offer a startling potential for revealing previously undisclosed or unspoken qualities of character.

‘In his eagerness to redeem the past by reconstructing it imaginatively, Proust often rummaged through his vast collection of photographs as a stimulus to his memory.

‘You could see’, his housekeeper wrote, ‘that his thoughts were following a kind of underground track, as if he were organizing everything into images before putting them into words.’

‘Thanking the Marquise de Brantes for the photograph she had sent him, Proust declared that his own ‘imagination’ would retouch it ‘to the point of perfect resemblance.’ ((As an old photography buff I would say, that was funny!))

‘In Paris in the ‘belle epoque’, debate and speculation raged in society circles, and has continued to this day, as to the identity of the real people on whom Proust based his characters in ‘Remembrance of Things Past’.

‘Embarrassed outrage or delight on the part of those thought to be Proust’s models has been followed by intense professional interest on the part of scholarly researchers.

‘In ‘A Proust Souvenir’ Howard Adams pursues this fascinating search for Proustian sources. Sensitively and perceptively he juxtaposes the character studies of Proust with the images of Paul Nadar, the leading Parisian portrait photographer of the day, and the principal photographic influence underlying Remembrance of Things Past.

‘Nadar’s work gives us a rare insight into the milieu Proust satirized in his masterpiece: the fifty-four portrait photographs reproduced here depict key figures active in the worlds of the aristocracy, the bourgoisie and the arts who made up Proust’s circle – diplomats, doctors, salonistes and servants, duchesses and barons, actresses and models.

‘These portraits, together with Howard Adams’ analysis of their inspirational effect on Proust, provide a fresh understanding of Proust’s life and times, and of his novels, letters and criticism.’

An highly interesting addition to my books on the Frensh; only I fear I have to give it to my kid sister, who also read (and perhaps even lectures on?) his fiction.

Finally, lets take a quick look at a few recent tweets. As usual the asterix * indicates the tweet (that may not yet be tweetet!), while the chevron > indicates my comments.

Firstly let’s recap a few lines of what I wrote here
How To Shanghai Russia’s Space Age Future? (updated)

*(1.Aug.2019) Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw someone hijack a Russian ‘Buran’ spaceship and it’s giant booster rocket-ship. Is Russia’s ‘partners’ again planning to ‘Shanghai’ the space-age future of Russia?

‘In the vision, playing out like a movie, I was there as ‘an observer’. From a kind of escort vehicle I saw the beautifully crafted, finished and colored Buran space ship after it being successfully hijacked.

‘I then saw the hijack crew working on the giant (booster) rocket-ship, still on the ground. I saw someone overwriting a ‘blackboard’ or ‘blackbox’ (with new codes?). I then woke up.’

> In the week after I wrote this, Russia has successfully tested it’s first, very large military (bomber) drone. Ofcourse the drone is no ‘Buran’ – in fact the Buran spaceship is (as far as I know) moth-balled, and not scheduled to be rejuvenated?

What I saw in my vision was an advanced air- or space-craft successfully being flown; but someone mentioned ‘Buran’, and the ‘feeling’ was of something hijacked or stolen.

But wait – hasn’t there been (at least) gossip on the web about the Buran and the bomber-drone both being ‘hijacked’ – or stolen – designs? If this is so – perhaps it was in fact the drone I saw? (I just saw the air- or space-craft from behind, like you see the back of a car in front of you on the highway).

However the vision of a ‘hijack crew’ working on the large rocket is perhaps more likely still to have been the ‘secretive missile engine’ on a teststand?

I saw persons working underneath the vertically supported, large rocket; in fact I only saw the bottom part of the rocket relatively clearly. That means the crew were working directly beneath and near to the rocket-motor.

And someone was wiping clean a blackboard obviously to substitute text with something illegal, for example a virus code?

One reason a hacking (from afar or from a mole in the workforce or among the scientists) seems likely in this case of the highly secretive rocket motor that exploded on Aug.8th, is the fact that five scientists / engineers / designers reportedly were killed in the explosion.

The fact that adequate precautions were not taken to prevent this kind of major catastrophe – that may have set the highly trumpeted rocket technology back for a long time? – seems to indicate, that the technology was already regarded as mature.

Whence no strict security measures were taken: no one had expected the set up to be hacked by trojan horses (Mossad or CIA?).

One has to supose, that IL is not satisfied with their friend Putin, that has not accepted IL to Holocaust Iran? Is the hack possibly their revenge?

Ofcourse, one has to understand and sympathize with Putin being squeezed between a rock and a hard place: Being yewish he want to accomodate IL as far as possible; but he also need Iran to secure Russia’s southern flank.

Why did Putin’s SecretService not see this coming; no doubt they read (or at least they have read!) my blog. The Russians just have to hope that the General Directorate of their SecretService don’t have precisely the same problem as Mr. Putin: Wanting to accomodate IL as far as possible?

*The powerful explosion of a secretive missile engine (on August 8.?) with an “isotope power source” blew the device into pieces and threw workers off a sea platform, Russian nuclear agency Rosatom said. Searches for the missing went on all day.

*Russian scientists admit they were working on miniaturized sources of nuclear energy when a rocket engine exploded Thursday Aug.8, saying the accident occurred while testing an experimental cruise missile powered by a small reactor.

*The view among independent experts was that the explosion appeared to have been caused by the failure of an experimental nuclear-powered cruise missile known in Russia as the 9M730 Burevestnik and by Nato as the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.

*Putin had first unveiled the experimental technology during a 2018 speech showcasing Russian defense technology developments. The chief stunning claim behind the hypersonic missile is that it can traverse the globe indefinitely at “faster than Mach 5” based on its nuclear powered core.

*Deadly Explosions Aside, Kremlin Says Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Far Ahead Of US Technology.
“Russian developments in this area surpass the level achieved by other countries, and are quite unique.”

This morning I tweeted this:

*13Aug2019 Tonight had clairvoyant vision of being intercepted by two US-Am hit teams 1) Two ‘#death-like’ figures wholly cloaked in (dark brown) friars cowls 2) Three entities on Amagertorv, the middle being the white, US-Am Eagle
How To Shanghai Russia’s Space Age Future? (updated)

*13Aug2019 I Guess I have to be very careful especially if I want to visit the dutch book sale opening up today close to Amagertorv. Has CIA/Mossad instigated several recent bombings to justify Copenhagen now crawling with CIA wanting their President to have me on plane – in a coffin?

As I mentioned in the linked blog from Aug.1st (excerpts below), no doubt the US ‘SecretService/CIA would like a lot to take myself back with them – in a suitcase’?

Excerpt from what I wrote Aug.1st:

‘At the corner of a nearby building I saw a large man (abt. 6feet6 and 35 y.o.a?) standing vigil and smoking a cigarette. He was wearing a somwhat smallish(?), grey business suit and heavy black shoes, size 13?, that needed a shine.

‘By the look of his shoes he had probably been pounding a lot of pavement already, so as you almost felt sorry for him. Except he did NOT invite friendliness!

‘When he spotted me (wearing my usual summer (panama) hat) he turned his back. And as I went past him he was careful to concurrently turn his body so as to always have his back to me. He obviously didn’t want me to get a good look at his face?

‘Ofcourse I cannot tell if he was US-SecretService or CIA. But I’m not in the least surprised he knew me by sight. The instant I learned Mr. Trump was to visit Copenhagen I was ofcourse fully aware, that the SecretService/CIA would like a lot to take myself back with them – in a suitcase.

*Blast hits Copenhagen police station, second explosion in Danish capital in 4 days.
Published time: 10 Aug, 2019 06:07

> Has CIA/Mossad instigated the several recent bombings to justify Copenhagen is now crawling with CIA personnel – wanting their President to have me on plane – in a coffin?

Note 1.

From the dustcover of whistleblover Mossad-agent Victor Ostrovsky’s book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (Harper Collins, NY, 1994):

“The truth about the death of Robert Maxwell and the story behind the near assassnation of George Bush are just two of the revelations contained in this headline-making account of one man’s journey into the dark heart of Mossad.

“Never has there been so detailed a look at the hidden agenda of extremists within a major intelligence agency – nor one so worrisome in its implications.

“In 1990 Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, became an international celebrity when the state of Israel attemted to ban his first account of Mossad misdeeds, “By Way of Deception”. Few who watched that book soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list anticipated that an even more shocking story remained to be written.

“Ostrovsky reveals here for the first time that for several years following his termination from the Mossad, he worked clandestinely with agency moderates. Under the guise of “disaffected former agent”, Ostrovsky infiltrated the KGB, MI5, and French, Jordanian and Egyptian intelligency in an attempt to derail operations planned by Mossad extremists.

“Frighteningly, the activities pursued by right-wing factions within the agency constitute a massive abuse of power that has had global concequences. They include:

– undermining the Arab-Israeli peace process through counterfeiting, assasination, and support of religious radicals

– facilitating lethal biological experiments on Palestinians and Soweto blacks

– organizing smear campaigns against world leaders

– offering support for at Soviet hard-liner coup (targeting Gorbatchev)

– killing an Israeli general, a leading German politician (the Prime-Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Uwe Barschel), a Canadian scientist, and a Kuwaiti journalist

– using “disinformation” to trigger American combat strikes against Israel’s enemies

– and much, much more…

“With the gritty authenticity that only truth can provide and a narrative pace that rivals the very best thrillers, The Other Side of Deception stakes a powerful claim to being THE espionage read of the year. Certainly its message is too chilling to be ignored: Should the world’s most famous intelligence agency continue to enjoy freedom from government oversight, it will ultimately threaten us all”.

Link 1.

Mossad Safe Space & War on Iran? (updated)

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Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

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