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Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Today we’ll take a look at and analyze a bit on another tweet from October 15. Only this tweet was not posted.

(15.Oct.2018) Today was visited by my kid sister. After taking her to the train station I returned home after dark at about 8 p.m. At corner of Mariendalsvej, just outside the candy store, a fast, black Mercedes with Mossad hit-squad was waiting for me. Two men outside, one partly disguised as police officer with reflective stripes and some sort of a badge. Just as I went by the first man called out to the other that had started mowing my way, to lay off. Obviously because a biker just passed very close by me – just in the right/wrong seconds!

However I never intended to tweet about the following incidents, that’s necessary to have in mind when analyzing the above:

On October 11. I had been using the laundry in our basement since midday. At abt. 2.30 p.m. I happened to see this from my street window: A MC-Police Officer (MC-PO) had seemingly stopped a somewhat dilapidated small car with a somewhat dilapidated small, fat, dark-haired man directly in front of the street door to our appartment house.

The small man soon ‘took the air’ but the MC-PO kept vigil with his MC and the car for about an hour (more or less).

At abt. 3 p.m. I had to pass closely by this (friendly looking!) PO to fetch the last of my laundered clothes in the basement.

In the late a.m. on the day before, i.e. Wednesday October 10, I had tweeted about certain clairvoyant visions from the early hours in the a.m.

Also I blogged about these tweets later in the day, must have been roughly mid afternoon, from a downtown café:
As you can see I’m somewhat critical of Mossad and their friends in the tweets/blog entry.

After having posted the blog-update I was walking along Vesterbrogade in downtown Copenhagen when being overtaken by an enormous convoy of Police MC’s plus a couple of darkened cars.

I don’t remember to have ever seen such a giant MC-convoy and naturally wondered – but only slightly – what was going on.

Only a couple of days later – on Oct. 12. – I learned that the Head of State (HoS) of a certain M.E. nation was on official visit in Denmark. I usually skim several it-newssites, danish and international, daily and am sure I didn’t then see one word about this state visit.

So here is the mess – perhaps:

Said HoS hypothetically may have instantly taken affront by me tweeting something about a few of my many bad experiences with Mossad and their friends – on the exact(?) same (hour? and) morning said HoS touched down with his plane in the Copenhagen airport (But I have still no precise idea when that was).

Perhaps his embassy may then have asked their honourable Danish government to instantly pay me back for my gross misconduct and provocation?

It may thus – hypothetically – have been decided to place a PET/Mossad agent with a dilapidated car and a (sane, clever and honest, obviously) MC-PO directly in front of my street door?

That certainly should throw a scare into me – right? Yes, if I had just a wispy, tiny inkling about the whereabout of a certain touchy HoS from a certain touchy M.E. nation – then I certainly might well have felt a bit uneasy with being watched and surrounded by police?

But where do the hit-squad fit into the mess? Well, our honourable MC-PO ofcourse quickly became aware that his presence didn’t seem to bother me in the least. I guess that’s something PO’s soon learn to discern in their line of duty?

Hence that’s what he would report to his superiors, that would report to MOJ, that would report to his superiours here or on the embassy, that would report to their govt., that would report to their HoS?

Hypothetically, then, trying to turn a small mess to a grand success the embassy may perhaps have decided to get clever: If he’s so conficent with PO’s – why not just set up a hit-squad with agents at least partly disguised as Police Officers.

And as we through our full-spectrum surveillance of his daily routine and his flat know the plans for taking his sister to the station in detail – it should be easy to pick a stake out.

By the way, any hit-squad with agents disguised as PO’s is basically very dangerous. Their camouflage sort of put you off guard. If you are not sort of protected by a very strongly developed sixt-sense, you will normally be dead meat.

Summing up: I’m somewhat at a loss to fully understand the instant affront hypothetically taken by said HoS. As a matter of fact I can’t help wondering, if Mossad and their friends haven’t perhaps been pulling the leg of his excellency’s a bit; or at the very least the leg of our MOJ, perhaps?

The reason is one have to suppose that Mossad and their friends through their year-long full-spectrum surveillance of my flat most likely may have always been very well aware, that I probably hadn’t the faintest idea about this HoS’ planned visit to Denmark?

But then again Mossad and their friends always were spoiling for a fight – weren’t they?

Update 22.Okt.2018.

It seems the above blog entry from Sunday 21st (and together with my entry from Saturday 20th http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2018/10/20/75-cents-books-and-more/ ) has not been received particularly favourably by the The-Powers-That-Be.

At least I was already today, monday 22nd, starkly and very vividly warned by telepathy in two clairvoyant visions early in the a.m. I have also tweeted about it this morning, here are the tweets (only very slightly amended):

(22.10.2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw decadent score of people walking along nightly road. Appeared to be mostly assorted rogues, lunatics and traitors. Opposition traitors just cast their disguise and joined the gang. Someone said: Let’s deliver the package’ (i.e. myself to Mossad?)

It might thus perhaps be deducted that the Govt. and their loyal opposition, perhaps unsurprisingly has resolved to combine their hatred for myself – ‘the undaunted regime critic’? For instance this link may hypothetically pertain to the governments oppositions leader as MOJ, if I’m not entirely mistaken?

And ofcourse the SecretService/SecretPolice/Mossad are supposed to handle the particulars?

(22Okt2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw man in darkblue ‘uniform’ presenting himself as from Goldma (or something) wanting to inspect my flat. As I declined he wanted to use my WC. As again declined he tried to force his way in. Perhaps the Govt. dont like my blogs?

(Posted 21.Oct.2018/Updated 22.Oct.2018)

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CERN – DNA – Deepfake Videos – Ghost Town Manhattan – F35 – MORAL ANTIMATTER

“Make housing plentiful and cheap…
…and you’d have an angry mob with pitchforks and torches at the door”.

(20.Okt.2018) Ten days ago I pledged to report on a bag of 5-kr books acquired at the end of September in the permanent dutch book sale at the Coal Market Square here in downtown Copenhagen. So here we go – or almost. Because today I feel like firstly commenting on a few recent tweets on @gamleboeger.

So let’s take a quick look. I almost exclusively tweet with links to online news. These are all from October 15.

1. Genome Hackers Show No One’s DNA Is Anonymous Anymore

>Earthling’s governments obviously have no ability and/or intention of protecting their citizens from maliciously invasive troublemakers in all areas of privacy.

But your personal DNA is really your most private and valuable possession, don’t you think?

It’s obviously also valuable for someone else. And at some point this someone want to rob you of your possessions, all of them, everything you have. You can bet on that – and is what we see here.

2. Deepfake Videos Are Getting Real and That’s a Problem.
Seeing isn’t believing anymore. Deep-learning computer applications can now generate fake video and audio recordings that look strikingly real.

>In many ways the digital world is becoming downright demonic. Hasn’t digital imagery now almost become the direct opposite of classic, straight photography, valued for its honesty?

3. How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town.
New York’s empty storefronts are a dark omen for the future of cities.

Here we see another showcase of how the deranged money-printing frenzy has warped all asset valuations. Most metropolitan downtown areas are fastly becoming depopulated and cleared of real, living store-fronts. Almost no one running a honest, sane business can pay the outrageous rents demanded by billionaire real-estate owners.

Remember – these large investors have access to almost unlimited funds almost for free. Something that’s certainly not awailable to most large, medium or – heaven forbid – mom-and-pop stores.

4. World’s oldest woman, 129, who says her long life is a punishment from God remembers the one happy day in her life – when she returned home after surviving a Stalin purge in World War Two

Curious story, really: One happy day in 129 years! But undoubtly in many cases living conditions for ‘the plebs’ are balancing precariously on the edge.

5. It’s bizarre, really. You’d think that citizens would want good, livable housing to be readily available and dirt cheap. Food and clothing and heat they want to be plentiful and cheap, but not housing.

6. They’ve been trained to view housing as an “investment”, not as a basic necessity. Make housing plentiful and cheap and you’d have an angry mob with pitchforks and torches at the door.

7. Violence, Public Anger Erupts In China As Home Prices Slide.
“People are so used to rising prices that it never occurred to them that [prices] can fall too…”

>To 5, 6 & 7: Like touched upon above, real estate valuations are way, way off the chart of sanity.

Among the causes: Many governments sponsor home ownership with tax deduction benefits. That is, the poor people sponsor the rich, the poor-poor sponsor the rich-poor and the poor-rich sponsor the rich. Also governments sponsor the banks by making much larger loans possible.

But above all, the insane money printing is warping values, as I’ve expounded upon already

NINE-ELEVEN-EIGHTEEN or Ob Einem Manne Sey Zunemen Ein Eelichs Weyb Oder Nicht?

8. The Online Censors.
Facebook’s long history of closing down free speech.

The Online Censors

9. “I have said it before and I will say it again: in a corporatist system, wherein there is no clear line between corporate power and government power, corporate censorship is government censorship…”: We’re “Trapped In An Orwellian Oligarchy”

>To 8 & 9: These corporations are then clearly and blatantly operation in disregard of the Danish Constitution (Grundlov). I suppose this applies to most European and many overseas countries and their respective constitution as well.

10. Perpetual Taxes on Property.
Eric Peters on moral obnoxiousness.

Perpetual Taxes on Property

>It’s interesting to note, that most or all countries globally now in reality have abolished private ownership to agri-land and real estate. That is, if you are not able to pay the taxes on your land or lot, then the govt. takes possession – in quite short order!

11. The American Ruling Class: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution

The American Ruling Class

12. “My dog can recognize faces,” he says. “My teenage daughter speaks three languages. I would not entrust my savings to either of them.”

>To 12: Of course you shouldn’t entrust your savings to robots. But that’s what everyone now do every day as many or even most world leaders and top business executives are IN FACT ROBOTS: They are almost totally left-brain dominated ‘human’ (or rather inhuman) robots.

If you don’t have an effectively functioning right half-brain working smoothly together with your equally effectively functioning left half-brain – but only a functioning left-half – then you are in fact largely a robot!

Hence these leaders fascination with artificial intelligence (i.e. robots): The ‘human’ robots themselves ofcourse want to ‘breed and proliferate’…

More here
The Robots’ Cash Ban

13. And as he continues to expose one fraud after another, Griffin – unlike Goldman – is truly doing God’s work.
“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

>Read more about this real world hero in the Zerohedge article!

A little more about ‘gods workers’ here


14. Exorbitant cost, multiple failures, years overdue: A recap of the ongoing F-35 calamity (VIDEO)

>Inbelievable any responsible government dare to defend procuring this monster aircraft. The price is monstreous – and what about the umbilical cord that has to be live in real time via satellite between the Pentagon and any plane wanting to fly?

Can anyone outside the US but a rank traitor defend this? Please explain to me how, thanks?

15. The European Union believes that it is able to accommodate 3.8 billion more refugees and migrants!
Taken from an official EU Commission Home Affairs Committee document: https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/e-library/docs/pdf/final_report_relocation_of_refugees

16. According to the EU Commission, the EU member states can accomadate 3.8 billion – yes, BILLION – refugees/asylum seekers/economic migrants (a majority of whom are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East). The EU’s current total population is approximately 510 million.

SERIOUSLY? The European Union believes that it is able to accommodate 3.8 billion more refugees and migrants!

>More crazy, crazy, dangerous paper work?

17. China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”

>I’ve had a hard time grasping that no one from our top global leadership are able to understand the stark and imminent danger posed by monster machines like the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

They are in fact monstrously large bombs, ‘able to blow up stars and planets’.
The worst case scenario is supposed to be our Earth blowing up like a Nova or even Supernova. In which case the fireball may be typically 300 million km across, evaporating Earth and the inner planets AND POSSIBLY KICKING OUR SUN RIGHT OUT OF THE MILKY WAY GALAXY.

Please read these extracts from the home page of Luis Sancho, top of the world theoretical physicist:

LUIS SANCHO – On himself:

Top of the world of systems sciences and cybernetics. IQ 180. But now 80% of my papers have been erased from GoogleScholars.
See my best work, ‘Absolute relativity: the 5th dimension’, at kindle

And on CERN science and scientists:

Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot

They are very smart. So smart that they will die from it. Because the Universe is NOT SMART BUT INTELLIGENT.

Smart people (try and) ‘cheat’ the laws of the Universe.

Those people are nuts, evil children, and they don’t even know they are

‘those who pretend to impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’. (Einstein)

The two biggest infamous basterds of modern science, inventors of cybernetics and the H-bomb, were obsessed with extinction.

They knew they were the parents of the two sciences, nuclear physics and robots, that would kill us. They ONLY talked of THIS. It was their obsession

Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care.

They live off making weapons, they are nuclear scientists, they live with death

When CERN crosses the so-called ‘bag number’ (number of strange quarks needed to coalescence into a strangelet) we shall die.


CERN is cosmic bomb, able to blow up stars and planets, the 3rd evolution of nuclear bombs after the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb

(all from https://cerntruth.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/the-mayan-prophecy/ and
http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2017/04/trump-at-war-with-assad-and-putin.html?showComment=1492609463358#c5895090473984166129 )

However it seems the CERN/LHC has now been (or is to be) shut down for 10 years ‘to be upgraded’. Has somebody perhaps seen the light after all?

More here (pls. scroll down for english text)
STELLA NOVA – Menneskehedens farligste terroristvåben nogensinde?

18. BP: Sanktionen gegen Russland-Energie würden Europa lahmlegen

BP: Sanktionen gegen Russland-Energie würden Europa lahmlegen

>Obviously the US-sanctions on Russia are equally malicious to Europe…


19. 40% of the American middle class face poverty in retirement, study concludes

20. Datatilsynet truede med melde TDC’s masseovervågning til politiet

21. Efter knap 2 års ulovlig masseovervågning: Pape ser på lov for telelogning

22. Det er mere end på tide, at Søren Pape Poulsen reviderer de danske logningsregler

23. (Men er det ikke Grundlovsstridigt at give en fremmed Spiontjeneste den magt?) ‘Udgivelsen af »Syv år for PET« ville kræve godkendelse fra CIA’

24. ‘Scharf skulle have skadet PETs forhold til samarbejdspartnere og andre efterretningstjenester. For at han måtte nævne andre tjenester, ville det ifølge den daværende juridiske chef have krævet skriftlig godkendelse’ (med hvilken lovhjemmel?)

25. Angiveligt har Scharf brudt den saakaldte (Grundlovsstridige, og i saa fald forræderiske?) »tredjelandsregel«, der betyder, at hvis en tjeneste som PET får efterretninger fra et andet lands efterretningstjeneste kan de ikke videregives (til Tinget?) uden oprindelseslandets samtykke.

26. »Det (efterretningssamarbejde, red.) er en nedarvet tradition, som baserer sig på tillid, og hvis den tillid bliver brudt, mister man muligheden for at få informationer,« sagde Finn Borch Andersen i retten og uddybede, at det i sidste ende kunne betyde, at PET ikke længere ville modtage efterretninger gennem andre tjenester. (Note 1)

27.0. FBI Steals Treasure Hunters’ Civil War Gold Worth up to $250 million. Article by Mac Slavo.

FBI Steals Treasure Hunters’ Civil War Gold

> As I have touched upon already five years ago (link 1, below), the Global caste of ‘consolidated’ Secret Police/SecretServices may eventually have become an agressive entity, that is – quite simply – grasping for world power in their own right?

Some recent observations:

28.1. (10.Okt.2018) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of my book storeroom being burglarized. The front door kicked in. Saw 2 men, one with earphones and large green cap/beret (military men?). The gang left Denmark for Ukraine in 3 small aircraft + one fast driving car. Did Mossad panic on account of me telling abt. bugged photo shop?

28.2. (10.Okt.2018) Yesterday I told friendly photo-dealer I suspected his shop was being bugged (by PET/Mossad?). This summer I have noted a certain response to what being said in the shop. Reason for installing bugs is most likely the Secret Police (PET) wants to know if I sell recently acquired things with a profit?

>The reason for the embassy having ordered the bugging as indicated very probably is a burning desire from SKAT/PET/Mossad to catch me in buying an item in this generally customer friendly store and soon after perhaps sell it with a profit?

Why is this desire so burning at the rogue agencies? Because (like I’ve touched upon already – link 2.) they will then roll out some of their usual spiteful and reckless abuse of power and instantly

– ransack my home, accusing me of trading illegally
– steal my cash and valuables,
– steal my keys to my safe deposit box, and steal the content, and perhaps most importantly
– steal my computer files, some of which might well be quite compromising for TPTB if brought to the attention of a wider audience (link 3,4 and 5).

When the Secret Police is illegally and maliciously harassing law abiding citicens it’s always very important to cheat or rob the targets of any financial assets so as to prevent them from hiring a lawyer.
Hence a bug at my favourite photo dealer is deemed so very desirable by these rogue power abusers?

(See also http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2017/08/06/old-books-in-august/ and

https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/05/18/smaating-og-bagateller-2/ )

29. Most Americans Don’t Know that the Federal Reserve Banks Are Private Corporations

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

30. ‘Central and fractional-reserve banking has to be the greatest system of theft and plunder ever devised by mankind. It is evil to its very core’.

31. In order for the bankers to establish what they call their “New World Order,” they need chaos to tenderize the masses, but they also have to be seen as saviors that deserve to be in a position of authority over the global economy.

32. What mainstream economists don’t seem to grasp is that central banks and international banks are ALWAYS positioned to benefit from the crash of the bubbles they create. It is the reason why they inflated the bubbles from the very beginning

33. Central banks are not afraid to allow markets to plummet, they WANT markets to plummet. The banks simply want to be sure they are set up for optimum benefit when the system does crash.

Se also
NINE-ELEVEN-EIGHTEEN or Ob Einem Manne Sey Zunemen Ein Eelichs Weyb Oder Nicht?

34. High-Ranking Retired General Leonid Ivashov: The Pro-Israeli Lobby Permeates All The Administrative Structures Of The Russian Federation; Russia’s Sovereignty Is At Stake

>The power-structure of Russia often may appear rather hazy for outsiders?

35. Maskeret mand slæbte pige henad fortov
Mand med maske forsøgte angiveligt at bortføre pige fra 4. klasse på Lystrup Skole ved Aarhus – massive undersøgelser fra Østjyllands Politi har endnu ikke ledt til nogen spor af manden

>Kidnappings (of children) are perhaps much more ubiquitous than most people think. Here are a few impressions by myself (on twitter):

(27Feb2018) At abt. 3 AM had clairvoyant vision of small girl held captive in crate, and scared witless. I guess the SecretPolice/SecretServices would like to #kidnap my nephews kids? I wonder if to be locked-up in suspected Mossad-safe-house in the near vicinity?

(15.May.2018) Have just learned that suspected Mossad safe-house in our neighbourhood has recently had sound-proof room installed. Ideal for confining and torturing #kidnapped: A Mossad specialty?

36. Seven Ways Hackers Can Steal Your Keyless Car in Seconds.
And owners of high-risk vehicles could see insurance costs spiral

37. Department of Defense weapons systems can ‘easily be hacked’ with many using default passwords allowing testers to take complete control of them ‘within seconds’, shocking report warns

>Electronic locks are seriously problematic for their owners! They are not secure at all and may in fact be turned against you (as in locking you out from your car or house). More here

38. Pope Francis compares having abortion to ‘hiring a hit man’.
‘Is it right to ‘take out’ a human life to solve a problem? Pope asks

But now today’s ‘main dish’, – a few more 75-cent books:

1. POLITISKE AFHANDLINGER. Af D-d (D.G.Monrad), fra 1.December 1869 til 30. November 1870. København, 1870, A.F.Høst, 464 p. Bound in half calf.

Fra Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon (1920) (udtog):

Ditlev Gothard Monrad (1811-87), biskop, politiker. Mest helstatsmand og ‘er overhovedet Junigrundlovens fader’. Departementschef og direktør i Kultusministeriet. Minister, Konsejlspræsident.

‘Han gjorde i disse stillinger et enestående sagligt og parlamentarisk arbejde, hans veltalenhed, uhyre arbejdskraft og evne til personlig paavirkning stillede ham øverst blandt lederne.

‘Hans vaaben var en storslaaet, patetisk og ætsende veltalenhed, dybere og mørkere end Lehmanns, og en hensynsløs energi…’

Medarbejder/redaktør efterhånden ved Fædrelandet, Dansk Folkeblad og Berlingste Tidende. Det er artikler fra sidstnævnte blad, der er samlet i ovennævnte bog.

I think this small book is quite uncommon, as not to be found on http://www.antikvariat.net.

2. CARL GEORG ANDRÆ. En Biografisk Fremstilling – Med bidrag til belysning af hans samtidige. Af Poul Andræ. 3 vols. København 1897, 1909, 1911. Gyldendal, 319 + 196 + 263 p. Bound in half calf.

Fra Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon (1920) hidsættes (i udtog):

C.C.G.Andræ (1812-93), matematiker, politiker. Direktør for Gradmålingen (Geodætisk Institut) 1853-84. En ‘overordentlig klar og skarp matematisk begavelse.’ Hans værk ‘Den Danske Gradmaaling’ (4 bd, 1867-84) staar i den teoretiske Geodæsi som epokegørende.

Han kom ind i politik 1848 som kongevalgt medlem af den grundlovgivende rigsforsamling. Bondevennerne satte ham i Folketinget 1849, formand til 1852. Har stor fortjeneste af skabelsen af en parlamentarisk tradition. Finansminister, Konsejlspræsident, Helstatsmand. Opfandt det første forholdstalsvalgsystem (1855).

Andræ var en i mange henseender overlegen personlighed. Han dømte altid klart og nøgternt, og tiden har på mange punkter vist, at han dømte rigtigt. Men havde ‘teoretikerens ulyst til at tage ansvaret’.

I forordet til bind 3 hedder det: ‘Med det foreliggende tredie bind afslutter jeg min biografi om Andræ med dertil knyttede ‘Bidrag til belysning af hans samtidige… ‘
Men der synes dog at være kommet et bind 4 senere.

In a recent blog update
Kai Friis Moeller – H.G. Wells – Queen Christina – Madame de Pompadour
I touched upon the Nordic peoples’ apparent disdain for ancestry. Here is a curious statement of Mr. Andræ’s that seems to support this:

Fra bd. 1, s.7: ‘Men Andræ afviste altid saadanne spørgsmaal: “Nej, der har saamænd ikke været nogen af betydning blandt dem, det jeg veed af”; – “moi, je suis mon ancêtre”, kunde han spøgende tilføie og yttre sig ret tilfreds ved ikke at kjende nærmere til den fædrene familie.’

3. DET SYTTENDE OG ATTENDE AARHUNDREDE. Af J.A.Fridericia, København 1910-11, Erslevs Forlag, 590 p., half calf.

4. HISTOIRE DE LA RÉVOLUTION FRANCAISE. Par M. Louis Blanc. Vol. 1 + 2. Bruxelles 1847-48, Meline, Cans et Co., 516 + 426 p. Half calf.

5. OPTEGNELSER FRA ET OPHOLD I FRANKRIG FRA 1815-18. Af Feltpræst Kristoffer Nyholms efterladte papirer. Udg. af C.V.Nyholm. København, 1897, Gad, 172 p, half calf.

This slim volume is a seemingly quite rare specimen of memoires from the Danish military corps dispatched to France after the fall of Napoleon.

My great-great grandfather was there as a 24 year old soldier, confirmed by the following piece from a Danish local paper:

De første linjer af en lille nekrolog om min tipoldefar i Thisted Amts Avis fra 26. april 1875:

“Den 19de døde i Lund, Lild sogn, aftægtsmand Otte Andersen i en alder af 84 år. Den afdøde var med på toget til Frankrig i 1815, da Napoleon var styrtet og Frederik den 6te havde sluttet sig til de allierede….”

Se also
En minderune

6. FRANKRIG UNDER RESTAURATIONEN. Efter de interessanteste og bedste skrifter og andre hjælpekilder – af Fr. Klee. København, 1860, Berlingske Bogtr. – Stenderup. 459 p. Half calf.

7. GEORG BRANDES’ LÆREÅR. Læsning – Ideer – Smag – Kritik, 1857-1872. København, 1955, Gyldendal. 473 p. Soft cover.

8. THE BOOK OF INSULTS – ANCIENT & MODERN. By Nancy McPhee. NewYork/London, 1978, Paddington Press, 160 p, Soft cover.

Note 1.
Question is how much value these ‘informations’ really have? Comp. leading Moss.-agent in Denmark, Victor Ostrovsky, who in his book BY WAY OF DECEPTION (N.Y., 1990) tells about a Moss. doctrine of NEVER giving valuable informations to alien agencies while staunchly demanding this kind of information from the corresponding agencies.

Note 2.

Your Galactic Police

Link 1.
Danmark i kosmos?

Link 2.
Helsingborg’ske shenanigans? (updated)

Link 3.


Link 4.

Nullermand eller regimekritiker?

Link 5.

Swedbank – Lunar Lander Crash – NotreDame – Die Gnosis


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Indian Summer

(10.Okt.2018) On this wonderful early oktober indian summer day here in Copenhagen I had to post three personal tweets in the a.m.:

1. (10.Okt.2018) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of my book storeroom being burglarized. The front door kicked in. Saw 2 men, one with earphones and large green cap/beret (military men?). The gang left Denmark for Ukraine in 3 small aircraft + one fast car. Did Mossad panic on account of me telling abt. bugged photo shop?

2. (10.Okt.2018) Yesterday I told friendly photo-dealer that I suspected his shop was being bugged (by Mossad/PET?). This summer I have noted a certain response to what being said in the shop. Reason for installing bugs is most likely the SecretService/SecretPolice want to bait and harass me if I would sell recently acquired thing with a profit?

3. (10.Okt.2018) Directly opposite the photoshop is Danish MOD. Also this morn had clairvoyant vision of leaving the shop on dark day/evening and seeing hit-team set up just outside the MOD from personnel disguised as Danish military. Perhaps our MOD dont like my blog?
Sweet Dreams

Ad.1. Seems the Ukraine has taken a keen interest in my demeanor. Perhaps not surprising, as the reportedly ubiquitous and very active Ukrainian mafia is said to be very close to Mossad and their friends? (Link 4)

Ad.2. No doubth the store is being surveilled (perhaps by listening in on iphones or even by bugs placed in the shop?). I’ve learned this from noting certain effects to what was talked about in there.

The reason for the embassy having ordered the bugging as indicated very probably is a burning desire from SKAT/PET/Mossad to catch me in buying an item in this generally friendly store and soon after to sell it, perhaps even with a profit?

Why is this desire so burning at these (rogue?) agencies? Because (like I’ve touched upon already – link 1.) they then will roll out all of their most insolent and reckless abuse of power and instantly

– RANSACK my home, accusing me of trading illegally
– STEAL my cash and valuables,
– STEAL my keys to my safe deposit box, and steal the content, and perhaps most importantly
– STEAL my computer files, some of which might well be quite compromising for TPTB if brought to the attention of a wider audience (link 2 og 3).

So of course bugging of my favourite photo dealer is deemed desirable by these rogue power abusers.

Ad 3. The reason for a hit-squad set-up on a dark (everning or) morning might well be the upcoming yearly winter sale at said store. Normally is scheduled for every November 1st, and most often many of we photo nerds show up early enough for it still being dark.

A hit squad disguised as Danish military men would hardly seem suspicious even right outside the Ministry of Defence, where military men, cars, and small groups are seen all the time.


This week has two dutch book sales running here in downtown Copenhagen. One in the Heilig Geist church house and one on the Coal Market square. Prices yesterday were 20 kr ($3) and 45 kr ($7) respectively.

In the Church House – said to be the oldest house in Copenhagen – I bought these:

4. UDVALGTE AFHANDLINGER. By A.B.Drachmann, Copenhagen, 1911, Gyldendal, 261 p. hardcover.

This nicely bound volume by one of our leading experts in the classical languages (1860-1935) contains 16 essays, among which one may note

– Prometheus
– Historien og det Overnaturlige
– Søren Kirkegaards Papirer
– Johan Nicolai Madvig
– Georg Zoëga
– Hovedtræk of Græsk Religiøsitet
– U.v. Wilamowitz-Moellendorff

The last of these essays (originally published in the Copenhagen daily Politiken on Mar.6, 1910) begins thus:

‘I den uge, vi nu gaar ind i, vil den mand, hvis navn staar over disse linier, holde et par forelæsninger ved Kjøbenhavns Universitet.

‘Det er noget af en begivenhed – af flere grunde. Siden Schleiermacher – vistnok i 1833 – holdt en række forelæsninger i Kjøbenhavn, vides ingen tysk lærd at have talt fra vort universitets katheder.

‘Til gjendjæld er den, der nu vil gjøre det, en mand, der i anseelse og betydelighed meget vel kan sammenstilles med Schleiermacher: v. Wilamowitz er ubestridt nutidens berømteste philolog, som Schleiermacher var sin tids berømteste theolog.

‘Men ganske vist staar den klassiske philologi ikke saa nær ved midpunktet for vore dages interesser, som theologien gjorde i begyndelsen af forrige aarhundrede; et par ord om den tyske videnskabsmands personlighed og livsværk vil derfor maaske ikke være uden nytte for det danske publikum’.

> Quite astonishing – from 1833 to 1910 no german scholar has talked to an audience in the University of Copenhagen!

Later Mr. Drachmann continues:

‘Naar nu v. Wilamowitz om faa dage vil tale i Kjøbenhavn om et par emner af sin videnskab, saa er det ifølge sagens natur ikke netop den store fortolker af græske litteraturværker, man vil faa at høre; den art themaer egner sig ikke for det brede publikum og enkelte timer.

‘Det er kulturhistorikeren med den uhyre viden, der omfattende syn og den aandfulde opfattelse, der vil komme til orde.’

These last lines together with the penultimate essay above leads nicely to our next titel:

5. DER GLAUBE DER HELLENEN. By Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, 2.vols, Basel/Stuttgart, Benno Schwabe & Co, 1931/1959, 405+626 pages, bound in orig. cloth.

This title is the last major work by this author. As such perhaps also his most mature? Vol. 2 was issued posthumously. Here are a couple of quite arbitrarily found samples:

(Vol. 1, p.184) ‘Waldnymphen wohnen in einem Haine; dass ihnen ein einzelner Baum geweiht wäre, ist mir nicht erinnerlich. Wohl aber steht schon im Aproditehymnus, dass die Nymphe in einem Baume lebt, mit ihm geboren wird und stirbt.

‘Die komplementaere Zusammenstellung von Laubbaum und Nadelbaum stehr hier zuerst. Dann hat also jeder Baum eine Seele, eigentlich nur der gewachsene, nicht der gepflanzte. Es ist das also ein anderer Glaube als der gewohnte an die goettlichen Nymphen, die doch nicht sterben. Die Scheu der Menschen liegt in ihm, die das Leben der schoenen Baeume doch vernichten muss, aber einzelne darum verschont und heiligt.’

(Vol. 2, p.235) ‘Aber diese Zeit war nicht mehr. Der Glaube an die Goetter war erschuettert und bestimmte das Handeln der Menschen so wenig wie die alten Ehrbegriffe, jene Gesetze, die nicht aufgeschrieben zu werden brauchten, weil sie durch den himmlichen Aether herrschen, wie Sophokles glaubte…’

(And page 342) ‘Die verwuestenden Kriege und die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung, durch die das Landvolk immer mehr in die Staedte getrieben ward, so dass die Doerfer, soweit sich in ihnen noch ein freier und sesshafter Bauernstand hielt, ihre bedeutung verloren, haben sehr viele der alten Kulte ihre Heroen und Goetter untergehen lassen…’

>I have no hope to ever manage to read these two volumes from cover to cover, but they are small and compact and easy to travel with (perhaps together with an Erle Stanley Gardner detective novel – the only type of fiction I seem to occasionally read now) so as to maybe read a few pages once in a while. I’m sure one can have no nicer company.

6. THE JESUS CONSPIRACY. The Turin Shroud And The Truth About The Resurrection. By Holger Kersten and Elmar R. Gruber. Translated from German 1992/1994. Element Books. 373 p. Hardcover.

On the backside of dust cover you read:

‘This thrilling and sensational exposé of the faking of the dating evidence of the Turin Shroud is pure dynamite. Its extraordinary revelations put into question the most fundamental doctrines of the Christian Church.

‘Revelation: Jesus survived the crucifixion.
‘Revelation: He could not have risen from the dead.
‘Revelation: The Shroud is real, not a medieval fake.
‘Revelation: The radocarbon tests were a deliberate deceit.
‘Revelation: Powers in the Vatican conspired in the fraud.

‘In the face of determined resistance, Holger Kersten and Elmar Gruber embark on a breathtaking chase across Europe in the pursuit of the truth. Showing extraordinary determination and scholarship, they lay out clear evidence as proof of these revelations. As breathlessly exiting as a thriller, this controversial book will shock many in high places.’

>Sounds good – but talk is easy. Perchance time will show if it’s much hot air or not?

Quite a nice buy for $3 each volume at Forum Antiquariat in the Heilig Geist Church House, – me thinks.

At Vangsgaard’s at the Coal Market square I bought these two volumes yesterday at $7 each:

7. DAS RELIGIÔSE BEWUSSTSEIN DER MENSCHHEIT – Im Stufengang Seiner Entwicklung. Von Eduard von Hartmann. Berlin, 1882, Carl Duncker, 627p.

My ‘Lexicon der parapsychologie und ihrer Grenzgebiete’ (v. Werner F. Bonin, 1981) says this of E.v.Hartmann (1842-1906):

‘Deutscher Philosoph. In seinem Versuch einer Synthese der Lehren Hegels, Schellings und Schopenhauers erklaerte H. das Unbewusste als den letzten Grund der Welt: Das Absolute ist der einheitliche unbewusste Geist.

‘Seine ‘Philosophie des Unbewussten’ (1869) beeinflusste wesentlich die Tiefenpshchologie und deren Aufnahme beim Publikum. Das postulierte Unbewusste machte es H. nicht moeglich, an eine individuelle Unsterblichkeit zu glauben; folgerichtig wandte er sich in mehreren Arbeiten gegen den Spiritismus. Die psychokinetischen Phaenomene mancher spiritistischen Medien betrachtete er als Betrug oder Taeuschung.

‘Aussersinnliche Warnehmung hielt er jedoch als ‘Telefonanschluss im Absoluten’ (dem Unbewussten) fuer moeglich. Gegen H’s Kritik am Spiritismus schrieb Aksakow ein erfolgreiches Werk ‘Animismus und Spiritismus’ (1898).

>This massive, original edition of one of the major works of a pioneering thinker in his field is somewhat worn on the outside but still holding tidily together. It’s obviously another very fine and interesting buy for a very moderate price.

8. EFTERLADTE SKRIFTER. Af Poul M(artin) Møller. 3rd vol. Kjøbenhavn, 1843, C.A.Reitzel. 369 p. Contemporary paper hard cover.

This outwardly very well preserved volume – the inside is somwhat foxed throughout – from one of the great names in Danish litterature and philosophy is twice interesting. Firstly because it’s an original edition, issued a few years after the authors early death in 1838, 44 years old.

Secondly because this 3rd volume (of a 3 volume set) contains his ‘Strøtanker’ (aphorisms), which are particularly enticing and amusing and generally quite clever. Here are a few specimens:

‘Paa den vulgære tænknings standpunct bliver verden betragtet som summen af alle enkelte ting.’

‘En philosoph, der er meget nymodens, bliver snart meget gammeldags.’

‘Et philosophisk værk, hvori der slet ingen sætninger findes, som udrevne af deres sammenhæng, kunde gjøres latterlige for menigmand, kan ikke have nogen videnskabelig betydenhed.’

‘De bedste hoveder ere langtfra de, om hvem deres lærere sige, at de strax forstaae alt, hvad der foredrages for dem. De bedste hoveder ville tænke dem de mange muelige maader, hvorpaa en aphoristisk sætning kan integreres.’

‘Det er yderst mærkeligt, at kun de sande philosophiske genier holde sig i philosophiens annaler. Deres samtid, som forfølger dem, har ogsaa en hemmelig respect for dem.’

‘Selvbehaget yttrer sig undertiden deri, at man under sin tales pauser lade sin tunge slikke læben lidt om den røde rand, for ligesom at smage på sine egne honningsøde ord.’

‘Det gaar med det gode, som med det skjønne – det maa umiddelbart erkjendes, kan ei skildres ved farveløse begreber.’

‘Som enkeltvæsen opfylder mennesket sin bestemmelse ved at være borger; som den, i hvem noget universelt lever, er han et led af menneskehedens totalitet i alle tider og alle egne.’

That’s it for today. Next time I would like to tell a litte about a bag of 5 kr’s books (75cents books) I acquired one of the last days of September. (link 5)

Link 1. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/le-marechal-soult-and-other-fatalities/

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Link 4. http://aanirfan.blogspot.dk/2017/07/gert-pederson.html

Link 5.
75-Cents Books – And More


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