The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (upd.)

Today is Friday ‘et il fait beau’ out there. Sunny with clouds, a bit windy and about 25 deg.C. Almost a perfect summer day for an elderly Danish body like myself.

This Wednesday I enjoyed one of the rare visits by my old friend and colleague Frank N., now retired and often living i Lisboa with his Patagonian girlfriend.

Frank is a thoughtful guy who likes his books. And as my living room is plastered with books everywhere this augurs for a bit of conflict.

How come, you ask, cannot you talk about your books in a civilized manner?

Yes and no. The thing is my room is and for at least a decade has been TIGHTLY surveilled and bugged by the SecretPolice/SecretService (Danish and/or alien – remember, please, that my blogs have been heard about or seen and perhaps even read by some of our top power brokers, the ‘Alien Masters of the Galaxy’!).

This means I have a certain reluctance and even aversion to discussing the books I’m presently reading and also occasionally some of the titles generally regarded as more outlandish.

And why is that, you may ask?

Well – you have to realize that the people listening in on what is said (and written on pc) in my flat are quite clever; not really as clever as they think they are, but quite clever nevertheless.

So when someone grabs a book off a table or shelf and starts asking or commenting on it, these eavesdroppers instantly think this book or title is just precisely what I’m preoccupied and working with just now.

This may ofcourse be the case, although often it’s not. But signals are sent and received and decoded by the SecretService(s) and that may have repercussions on my future life in an irritating, detrimental or even harmful way.

These freaks are just thirsting for ANY excuse and fig leaf to harass and hurt you.

Then you also have to know that most of my friends are from the world of photography.

This means they are almost exclusively left brain dominated types. What does this mean? (Link 1)

It means they mostly, or almost exclusively, see the world in two dimensions.

They see the surface but not what’s below.

Another of my old friends is a very giftet photographer but who has also manifest autistic qualities.

He’s a genius at photographing people, f.i. scantily clad women, exactly because he sees them as graphic, two dimensional art objects and not as humans. The result is often brilliant, two dimensional graphic art.

But if you try and explain that there is anything below the surface – be it of the outer world in general, or the face or the talk of a human, or the tv-screen, or newspaper print, or in politics or anywhere else – you hit a wall. It’s simply not possible – they don’t fathom one word of what you say, but suspect you have gone crazy.

And here’s the potential conflict, of course. Because I really can’t explain to my guests why I don’t want to discuss my books with them; that our signals sent, received and decoded may well be causing at the very least quite irritating harassments.

At about 9 p.m. I took Frank to the Metro. I basically don’t carry a cell- or smart-phone – It’s simply too dangerous. The SecretService-gangs know my usual hunts and if helped with just a few hints from GPS positioning etc. of my cellphone, they’ll in most cases be able to prefigure my route the next few hours and thus be able to stake out hit-squads one or more places. Like this evening!

I’m worrying too much, you say? All right, but what about this?

Frank of course carries a smart-phone at all times. I believe it’s never occured to him that he may be surveilled and eavesdropped on and it would be to no avail to try and explain to him that this might be important.

But when I walked home from the Frederiksberg Metro station this happened:

About half way home, on GodthaabsVej, I happened to suddenly turn around. I then saw I was followed by a young man (about twenty?) on an el-scooter.

It would be too longwinded to explain in detail why he raised my suspicion; but I instantly crossed the street to the North side. The young man on the scooter then stopped dead and used his smartphone.

About 150 yards west I reached a traffic-light regulated crossing where I had to go north, down Kpr.SofiesVej.

Normally I would at once cross to the west side of this steet. But today my sixth sense made me wary, whence I stayed on the east side.

This probably saved me. Because halfway down the street I oogled this astonishing spectacle:

On the opposite – West – side of K.S.Vej there were parked two newish, large cars. Both had their motor running and the rear one had a large, dark colored and anonymous box-trailer.

To the traffic side of, and leaning on the front mudguard of the first car two large, youngish men were standing close together, being busy fondling each other.

Quite spectacular – you can’t make this sh*t up – only Mossad can?

Had I, as I’m wont to, taken the west side of K.S.Vej I would have had to pass by very close to the large box trailer, large enough to easily hold two or three agents. And the two cosy gentlemen-agents at the first car were probably supposed to make me feel safe – and eventually block my escape?

Mossad hit-squads are always dangerous, and probably only my – luckyly well-developed – sixth sense once more saved the day.

What’s a bit annoying here is that I’m of course unable to tell off hand if this acute zeal of Mossad (and/or their friends) – except for a recent blog post (Link 2) that’s probably annoying for the DeepState underground – is by reason of wishing to provoke me into uncouth outbursts of anger at our new Govt. on my twitter- and blog-accounts?

Or are Mossad and their friends suddenly feeling very safe and cocky with Denmark having a brand new government?

This leads us to our next topic – Denmark’s new government.

In the café where I’m writing this there’s an issue of today’s EKSTRABLADET lieing around, one of the two large tabloids in Copenhagen.

Most of the front page and three whole pages inside are dealing with the new PM, or rather her chief spindoctor.

And yes, she wants one chief spindoctor and two more assisting Rasputins.

This chief spin doctor seems to be an interesting type. But what off hand is really most interesting about this newspaper report is the edit – really quite incredible.

All three inside pages are used to only tell this:

The chief spin doctor in question is a) power hungry (in the extreme?) and b) he’s a control freak.

That’s it, not a word – nay, not ONE word – about what this power grabber WANTS.

Like what does he think and believe and what does he want with all this power. In short – what’s his mission?

You also get to know he’s a doctor from Aarhus University, and that he began in politics working in the Social Democratic Youth organisation before being promoted to the main party organisation.

Also that he’s been persuing careers in large international corporations like TDC, Radius and Microsoft-Denmark.

Questions that might have been asked: Is he a big-tech man? Is he a CIA-man – US big-tech is often said to be CIA puppets, more or less.

Questions perhaps not without merit as he will now, as chief of staff for the PM, be at the controls of the Danish Secret Police and Secret Services.

One interesting, recent tidbit not noticed, I suspect, by anyone in the sleepy Danish newsworld:

One of the first days of June, before having actually won the general election, our (then) coming PM had her picture – slightly glamorized? – right smack in the middle of the major US-american newssite, the Drudge Report (link 3).

Mr. Drudge is, I believe, orthodox yewish, and of course a major supporter of Israel and US-american supremacy ideology?

Our coming, young Social Democratic PM being endorsed by the Drudge has to be quite unusual, even if she’s young and pretty – at least I don’t remember something like it, and I scan the Drudge practically daily.

Hypothetically the purpose of Mr.Drudge to put the likeness of our young and pretty PM on the frontpage would perhaps most likely be to make it possible for his readers to instantly recognize her as one of their own?


Link 1.

Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

The Robots’ Cash Ban

Link 2.

FLAT OR NOT – Dialogue With Photography – Madame Récamier

Link 3.
‘Mette Frederiksen: the anti-immigration left leader set to win power in Denmark.
Social Democrats are election frontrunners but critics say their leader has dragged the party sharply to the right’ (The Guardian via drudgereport dot com) (June.3rd?)


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