Fleas On The Loose?

Today is Saturday and it’s quite nice out there. A bit on the windy side, perhaps – which I like a lot; makes everything seem a bit more living, the trees, the clouds, the flowers, – and even Earthlings seem slightly more alive?

Generally this is pleasently at variance with society at large: Because our western civilization is clearly dying, – and fast.

Nay, more specific and to the point, the whole Earthly civilization is obviously at this point of time just Dead Man Walking. Sad but true.

The culprit is, ofcourse, the death of morals; a deadly scourge of amorality now spreading with lightning speed over all of Earth from one or more ‘black holes’ in the old or new world.

The main provenance and venue for dissemination of amorality (evil) is now probably the worlds Secret Services. They’ve managed to assume supreme power all over the world as their evil masterminds have – without too much trouble – managed to convince gullible parliaments everywhere, that the world will go under if they are not allowed to operate in total darkness, without any oversight by parliament and constitutions whatsoever.

Ofcourse the exact opposite will be the case.

These SecretServices are arguably behind nearly all acts of terrorism in the civilized world? They are generally controlled and led by left-brain dominated entities (‘Of the Left Path’), more correctly described as psychopaths – or robots – rather than humans.

They have no ‘human feelings’ (empathy) whatsoever; in this respect they are handicapped vis-a-vis less degenerate humans, and surely they feel this handicap intensely.

This keenly felt inferiority complex makes it important for them to kill, torture and harass as much and as many as at all possible; and in particular killing, tortureing and harassing the innocent make them feel superior to humans. This is because humans have emphaty and thus cannot kill or torture the innocent.

Due to their inferiority complex the robotic type of man have an extraordinary urge to climb to any leading position whenever possible. But sadly – they are ofcourse without any compass at all to successfully be at the helm and take care of even the most basic duties as leaders; destitute of any moral compass they can only lead you into misery and ultimate destruction.

From the dustcover of whistleblowing Mossad-agent Victor Ostrowsky’s book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (N.Y.,1994)(note 1)

“Certainly it’s message is too chilling to be ignored: Should the world’s most famous intelligence agency continue to enjoy freedom from government oversight, it will ultimately threaten us all”.

Like I’ve said before, to have or feel morality means to have and feel responsibility for ‘our common Cosmic origin and heritage’. (link 1 & 2)

But everywhere you see – as they fittingly say in German ‘wohin man sieht’ – you see the exact opposite.

But – as likewise exposed before – destitute of a genuine moral compass Earthlings will be totally unable to navigate and cope with the extreme dangers of an unforgiving Universe: They are then in fact Dead Men Walking! (link 3)

This almost total absence of morals is certainly – and perhaps even notably? – ubiquitous in Danish society.

You can behold it f.i. in the Comic Opera just now playing out in the fight for power – note, not for ideas but just for the naked power, just like naughty children fight for power in the schoolyard – in the political party of the former PM. (And, tellingly, a large part of the mainstream press only has this struggle for power – not for ideas – in their telescope) (Link 6)

Or you can encounter this in your daily petty tasks and events – like the following incident for example – so childishly irresponsible that you have to cry but also roll on the floor laughting at the same time!

Yesterday I talked to the friendly manager of a large photo store near the Royal Theater in downtown Copenhagen.

Somehow we got to talk of this summers flea markets popping up all over the city. I mentioned I rarely visit these markets now from fear of hauling more old cameras home with me.

Instead, I said, perhaps I should consider taking some of my stuff, deemed not usable or desirable any more, to one of the flea markets and try to sell it.

My friend thought that was a great idea. He even wanted me to take some stuff from his shop with me to sell. Which I ofcourse had to decline.

Mainly because I am very well aware that the SecretService / SecretPolice will swoop down hard on me, if they could in any way, form or fashion prove I had taken stuff – however minute! – directly from a shop to the market stall.

And you can bet your bottom buck they’ll be there; after all the SecretService / SecretPolice has a staff of about 1000 persons. Who does what? They don’t do counter-espionage – like trying to block alien agents from harassing or killing Danish citizens or f.i. the family of acting (foreign) ministers; that would apparantly not interest them even remotely? (link 5)

Question: Do they always have available personnel if some alien agents want help with harassing, kidnapping or assassinating Danish citizens? Would they always have personnel available to harass any citizen on a flea market – because this is definitely very important for ‘national security’? Oh, and yes, I talk and I ask on the basis of about 25 years of harassment!

But back to our friendly photo store. I bought a few items on the cheap, stuff that I mostly wanted for my own use: F.i. a compact Tokina Zoom lens for the Pentax-A system – which makes it usefull for my digital Pentax. Personally I often prefer manual focus lenses even for my digital SLRs.

And a Canon 28mm f.2,0 wide angle lens for analog Canon. This one had a bad case of fungus growth on at least one inside lens surface; but as I own a good deal of special tools, I thought I could perhaps fix it (it turned out I couldn’t).

The 28mm f.2 lens is not very common; I saw only two specimens for sale on German ebay yesterday, priced at abt. $200.

Hence I thought I could risk paying 200 DKr (abt. $30) for the two items; in the bargain I got three more items – mostly without real value, though.

That evening I threw some of the stuff I don’t really want any more into a couple of small suitcases, planning to take them to one of this Saturday’s fleamarkets. But already my sixth sense had begun making me wary.

In the night I experienced this:

Firstly – in two clairvoyant dreams I was ‘sternly’ warned not to go to the market today. (I’ill be so kind and spare the esteemed reader for the dreary details).

Secondly – someone or something ‘banged a door’ the whole night – that is, from approx. the time I went to sleep (shortly before midnight) and until (almost) exactly 6 in the morning, when I rose (and normally would have risen to be on schedule for the market).

This apparent ‘banging of a door’ the whole night is ofcourse more than a little suspicious. Who on earth would bang a door throughout more than six hours of the night? The bangs, at least twice or trice each hour, were so loud that the walls of my appartment actually quivered.

Hence the bangs must have originated rather close by, either above or below (you cannot really tell if either). And even if it was a bit windy in the night, in the morning there didn’t seem to be large, open windows – with or without storm fasteners.

But luckily – we are not conspiracy theorists! On the contrary, – we are coincidence theorists! That’s why we can conclude with near absolute and positive certainty, that said ‘banging’ (obviously not just a sound but an actual physical banging on some fixture in a nearby flat) was certainly not caused by any sort of malign cabal of the SecretService and/or their friends.

Also that would have been preposterous, really, because it hypothetically might have had the hoped for consequense of making my sleep fitful and shallow so as to prevent me from telepathically receive clairvoyant warnings during the night.

In an earlier post I’ve – then perhaps somewhat outlandishly? – hypothetized, that said large photo store has been bugged by the SecretService and/or their friends. But now I’m afraid I have to necessarily regard this as affirmed, as I didn’t discuss my flea-market plans with anybody else.

But in the end I feel it’s safe to say we now know our Danish SecretService would never stoop to the unfathomable lows of aiding and abetting a rogue, foreign SecretService with kidnapping or assassinating one of their law-abiding citizens!

Even if said citizen occasionally had criticized the Ministry of Justice and their SecretService for their way of handling certain, minor matters – like f.i. the very minor matter of an attempted, but only NEARLY fatal, assassination plot targeting the wife of an acting Danish foreign minister (link 5).

But as it happened I didn’t feel like partaking in the fleamarket today, anyway. Perhaps another Saturday, who knows? By the way, the weather today turned out to be nearly perfect for the event.

Come to think of it: Day before yesterday (Thursday) in the morning at abt. 9.50 I chanced to meet a gentleman in front of our appartment house, that certainly did not ‘belong there’.

Said gentleman was just mounting or dismounting his bike on the sidewalk directly in front of our house. Ofcourse I can’t know, if he had been visiting or perhaps planned to visit our house.

He could be around 25-28 and about my size (6feet2) and perhaps weighing in at about 85 kg? His apparel was slightly uniform-like, – dark blue trousers, blue shirt and black rucksack. He was dark and unfriendly, and he had Mossad/CIA written all over him.

I believe it’s perhaps the first time in twentyfive years I’ve encountered someone directly in front of our building not returning my greeting.

He obviously did neither belong in our house, our city nor our country. Where did he belong then? Perhaps a Mossad or CIA facility somethere north of central Copenhagen, where he may have been heading?

That morning I had been down in our basement to attend to my laundry and any SecretService agent observing my activities would know, that when I tended the washing machine for the second time (to empty it) I would normally be busy in the basement for about 5 minutes.

Five minutes would be more than adequate for someone to leave (or enter) one of the flats nearby, and our building, without me observing him/her. But as it happened, the timer clock on the washing machine had reset.

Noting there was still 23 minutes till finished I just turned around on my heel and retraced my steps up and around to the street door. Question: Did I in fact surprise a foreign secret agent / assassin in front of our house?

No, ofcourse not. Like I’ve said repeatedly – our landlord family are honourable, honest, lawabiding people that would never, willingly, partake in the assassination of one or more of their tenants!

Likewise we now know with a high degree of certainty, that the Danish SecretService is mostly inhabited by a honourable, honest, lawabiding staff, that tries to always operate in strict conformity with our constitution. It goes without saying, really!

Note 1.

From the dustcover of whistleblover Mossad-agent Victor Ostrovsky’s book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (Harper Collins, NY, 1994):

“The truth about the death of Robert Maxwell and the story behind the near assassnation of George Bush are just two of the revelations contained in this headline-making account of one man’s journey into the dark heart of Mossad.

“Never has there been so detailed a look at the hidden agenda of extremists within a major intelligence agency – nor one so worrisome in its implications.

“In 1990 Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, became an international celebrity when the state of Israel attemted to ban his first account of Mossad misdeeds, “By Way of Deception”. Few who watched that book soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list anticipated that an even more shocking story remained to be written.

“Ostrovsky reveals here for the first time that for several years following his termination from the Mossad, he worked clandestinely with agency moderates. Under the guise of “disaffected former agent”, Ostrovsky infiltrated the KGB, MI5, and French, Jordanian and Egyptian intelligency in an attempt to derail operations planned by Mossad extremists.

“Frighteningly, the activities pursued by right-wing factions within the agency constitute a massive abuse of power that has had global concequences. They include:

– undermining the Arab-Israeli peace process through counterfeiting, assasination, and support of religious radicals

– facilitating lethal biological experiments on Palestinians and Soweto blacks

– organizing smear campaigns against world leaders

– offering support for at Soviet hard-liner coup (targeting Gorbatchev)

– killing an Israeli general, a leading German politician (the Prime-Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Uwe Barschel), a Canadian scientist, and a Kuwaiti journalist

– using “disinformation” to trigger American combat strikes against Israel’s enemies

– and much, much more…

“With the gritty authenticity that only truth can provide and a narrative pace that rivals the very best thrillers, The Other Side of Deception stakes a powerful claim to being THE espionage read of the year. Certainly its message is too chilling to be ignored: Should the world’s most famous intelligence agency continue to enjoy freedom from government oversight, it will ultimately threaten us all”.

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