Osbert Sitwell – Helsingborg and the Swedes

(16.Nov.2019) Today is Saturday, and it’s wet out there! And gloomy and almost dark, although it’s only mid afternoon.

Thus quite suitable to my mood today.

Early in the a.m. in the night between last Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov.13.) I had this vision.

I saw a man busying himself with (trying to) break into a safe deposit box in a bank.

He was standing outside the outer door of steel bars and endeavouring to open the safe deposit box with very long and large screwdrivers.

He was a rather youngish, small mand in a light brown or greyish trench coat.

Exposition: Obviously ‘the mob’ has again taken offense from one of my recent blog posts. Especially, perhaps, the rather fitting characteristic of ‘the mob’ as not really human but more like robots, and without any moral holds whatsoever.

And perhaps ‘particularly especial’ the additional and, I fear, perfectly apt and proper characteristic of the mob as being essentially MORAL ANTIMATTER among earthlings. (link 1)

Moral Antimatter that you have to evade at all costs lest you all are completely destroyed (link 2).

The safe deposit box in question, that someone is perhaps planning or even looking forward to breaking into, no doubt is a box in my old bank in Helsingborg, Sweden (link 3, danish).

Even if the banks obviously try their very best, no lock or box is or can be one hundred percent safe from breaking into; either by brute force or (more likely) by the sly and devious ways of hacking and faking of passports etc. (note 1 and 2, below).

As the saying goes – ‘what you cannot hold in your hands, you don’t own’.

The international mob most likely has almost unlimited technical and financial ressources and also conceiveably have their stooges in every imagineable large firm or organisation?

Thus I decided Wednesday morning to visit the bank in Helsingborg that same day to ‘check up on security’.

This may perhaps have been fortunate, as the customer base and access systems seemed just then in the process of being reviewed and/or upgraded.

Fortunately, with the assistance of the banks very helpful staff – and the local govt. tax dept.s (Skatteverket’s) equally helpful staff – things were soon on track again, I believe.

Incidentally – even if I’m only one eighth a Swede by heritage, in some respects I often feel almost half swedish. Curiously this is an impression seemingly shared by many Swedes I’ve met.

One case in point (among many) – when I approached the boarding gate to the ferries on the swedish side the swedish gentleman checking tickets greeted me profusely, almost like an old friend; that is – until he heard I wasn’t swedish as he had surmised by my looks, but danish, which made him attenuate his friendly ways markedly.

The Swedes living in the region bordering on the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan area can spot a danish ‘big-city-slicker’ in any crowd with absolutely unerring certainty. Most likely from the Danes’ – relatively to the pastoral Swedes’ – somewhat untidy or slipshod bearing? Hence it always tended to visibly chock them when realizing they just met an exception.

But the mutual respect between Swedes and Danes in the border region around the Oresund isn’t that great. Ofcourse one has to understand that the archetypical city-slickers of the Copenhagen side meet some of the most pastoral people in all of (at least southern) Sweden, being situated abt. 400 miles south west of the swedish capital.

But this background of mine is perhaps why I always had a feeling of being in a city and country of great strength and vigour when walking the streets of Helsingborg.

Perhaps the many Danes (and others) critical of modern Sweden are not really able to ‘tune in’ on this powerful dynamism in the swedish people and lands?

Then in the early a.m. in the night before yesterday (Friday 15th) I had a very sad, vivid dream of being present at the funeral of an old friend.

I really felt bad about it all, perhaps because in my age there is inevitably growing longer between friends.

But now back to base once more. Today is the penultimate day of the ongoing dutch book sale in the HeiligGeist Church community house in central Copenhagen. The price today is 10 Kr ($1,50), tomorrow it will be 5 Kr.

I found three books today, of which two are for gifts. The third is this

1. RAT WEEK – An Essay on the Abdication. By Osbert SITWELL. With an introduction by John Pearson. London, M.Joseph, 1986, 79 p. Hardcover, with dustcover.

The abdication in question is that of King Edward 8. when he had found the love of his life – a pretty american society lady.

Here is a sample quote from the introduction by one John Pearson, who has written a ‘composite biography’ of the Sitwells (p.14):

‘One of Osbert Sitwell’s more unexpected qualities was the amount of passion which he kept bottled up within that infinitely courteous, somewhat bland, ex-Guards officer’s exterior.

‘With all his self-restraint and breeding, he had become a sort of human pressure-cooker. Like many self-proclaimed pacifists, he was extraordinarily aggressive and always ready for a fight. (Somewhat typically, he ascribed this to the inherited influence of his Norman forebears). And like many over-sensitive souls, he could be quite savage when touched upon the raw.

‘Indeed, his feuds and literary vendettas had reached a high creative level in the past, and still form part of the socio-artistic history of the twenties.

‘Apart from his long war of attrition with the Georgian poets and the ‘accursed Philistine’, the roll-call of his incidental enemies is most impressive, ranging from Churchill, Beaverbrook and Edward Marsh to Aldous Huxley, D.H.Lawrence and his two prize enemies, Noel Coward and Wyndham Lewis.

‘No ridicule and no vituperation had been too bad to hurl at them and now, with this Royal crisis, Osbert reacted much as he had at the height of some literary feud.

‘It was all extraordinarily emotional. The prospect of his King’s infatuation with this cool adventuress from Baltimore seems to have genuinely enraged him. At the same time he was suffering appallingly from gout: ‘devils with prongs’, as he described this sad affliction to a friend.

‘His literary muse was fickle, his private life was worrying. Then at the beginning of December came the news of the Abdication, and everything erupted as it often did with Osbert Sitwell.

‘As a young man he had learned to assuage his temper by hurling dinner-plates at his doorstep. Now in a burst of anger he retired to bed and wrote a poem which was the equivalent of breaking dinner-plates in verse. He called the poem, ‘Rat Week’.’

Here’s a sample quote from Osbert’s text, talking about the Queen:

‘The truth, and nothing but the truth, is that in any station of life the Duchess of York, now Queen Elizabeth, would have been a remarkable and fascinating woman.

‘Her tact and her charm – she possessed more of this quality than anyone I have ever met – induced the feeling that she could not put a foot wrong, that she would always instinctively and with grace find the right thing to do at the right moment.

‘In addition, she is kind, wise, witty, good – above all, good – full of humour, comprehension, and heart; and a compassionate understanding of men and women, which, always valuable and rare, is never more needed than at a court.

‘Further, as if these gifts she brought were not enough, her appearance and her voice, musical and appealing, are totally captivating, and she is highly appreciative of the arts and literature.

‘On many occasions I was amazed at the number of modern books which, I observed from talking to her, she had found time to read in her so crowded existence as Queen: consequently, when at a press conference in Hollywood in January 1951, I was asked whether it was true, as had sometimes been stated, that I advised Queen Elizabeth on what to read, I was able truthfully to reply that, if anything, it was the other way round, and that the Queen, a singularly well-read lady, advised me….

‘But I am writing of earlier days, of how she looked, and of her charm and personality. No photograph ever did justice to her grace and beauty, which depended on colouring, on expression and inner light.

‘And they could not render, of course, the peculiarly emotional quality of her voice – which made her few broadcasts speeches so memorable – or the natural beauty of her walk and carriage.

‘Just as in a crowd waiting to greet her, every single man in it was convinced that he was the one person she had looked at, whose cheering she had acknowledged, so Her Majesty’s entrance into a room, in palace, private house or city hall, at once imparted a notable liveliness to her gathering and heightened its temperature: to every occasion she added sympathy or laughter, and made it interesting or amusing’.


But it’s getting late and quite dark, and I would like to be on my way homebound.

Thanks for joining, and be safe!

Note 1.
Remember that all your personal ID-data is now stored digitally and thus a cake walk to procure and fake for the globally operating mob (with their practically unlimited ressources!).

Note 2. (update 23.Nov.)
In this case it has turned out there may conceiveably also have been the aspect of an ‘inside rogue job’?

Because on Nov.20. I found a (postal) letter from the bank hiding in my letter box. The letter informed me, that if I didn’t provide certain informations to the bank no later than (next day) the 21st of Nov. my account would be cancelled.

Most likely I’ve missed this letter that was lurking among advertising mail (even if I cannot know for sure, as the letter is undated!).

But perhaps it was this potentially dire predicament that roused the warning dream-vision in the morning of Nov.13.? You might for instance imagine (a rogue) someone in or outside the bank gleefully looking forward to emptying my safe deposit box – whence his thoughts getting through to me by telephaty?

Because – if I had been unresponsive to letter(s) and also not showing up in person, then the bank may conceiveably – and in conformity with normal proceedures? – have felt justified to break open and empty my safe deposit box and auction off its contents?

Just for the record: As explained above the bank’s staff was very, very helpful in resolving the situation when I applied in person on Nov.13.

Lesson: Don’t be careless with your letter-boxes!

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