Are You Quantum Entangled?

(9.Mar.2021) Today is Tuesday, and it’s quite nice out there, albeit a bit on the chilly side.

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The information and views presented below are extracts from Anthony Patch’s Livestream titled “The Final Solution (Part 2) dated 29.Sep.2020:
The big take away: Humans quantum entangled with the Antichrist.Humans that take the mark of the beast will be quantum entangled with the mind of the Antichrist.

Now, lets begin with a few tidbits (extracts from below):

“Here’s the punchline. The entangled electrons inside the human body, in every cell with ‘modified DNA’, are also quantum entangled with the quantum computer – of which there are numerous quantum computers, all daisy-chained, all networked together, functioning, operating, controlling the Sentient World Simulation, which is the hive mind.

You do not need a 5G signal for communication of the data from the biosensors, from the nanoscale silicon quantum dots, which are nanoscale quantum computers with entangled electrons. Those entangled electrons in the human body are instantaneously entangled with the qubits of the quantum computers that are daisy-chained and networked together, operating the entire global system.

Because now within the human mind, within the neurons, within every cell in the body, are quantum-entangled electrons. Yes, those quantum-entangled electrons within the body are also concurrently entangled with larger quantum computers (nuts and bolts computers), D-Wave, IBM, Righetti, Google, etc. All networks together, all functioning for the purpose of simulating the planet.

It’s because of this quantum entanglement of electrons in their body that are entangled with the quantum computers, and the quantum computers are generating a simulated virtual reality known as Sentient World Simulation. That’s the hive mind that those humans are then connected to. They lose all awareness that they ever had a previous existence. They don’t even know that they’ve been changed at that point of entanglement.

This Digital Twin Earth is the virtual reality they are trapping humans in that take the mark of the beast. That they are now brain-computer interfaced, quantum entangled, connected into, and cannot escape.”

The honourable reader has to please understand that the author, Mr. Anthony Patch, is an american researcher, whose philosophical framework is very much based in the bible.

Also bear in mind the extracts below are from a live streamed talk, targeting the general public; i.e. there are inevitably quite a few reduncancies.

With these reservations in mind, I believe his insights are newertheless sufficiently important, or perhaps even crucially important enough to merit to be presented even to a danish audience. So here we go:

“Satan’s version of a person being born again is their taking the mark of the beast, which signifies their allegiance, their pledge of allegiance, their worship of the Antichrist, as opposed to worshiping Jesus Christ and God. Satan’s version of being born again is taking the mark that changes the DNA of the person.

It has reached the point, and this was back in 2018. This was clearly in the literature, that through artificial intelligence man created this plandemic scenario, and the timing of the beginning of that scenario, the launching of it, was established through artificial intelligence. What we are immersed in right now is a scenario and a narrative created through artificial intelligence. The source of artificial intelligence is Satan himself.

(compare about cybernetics / artificial intelligence)

This is the final solution that Satan has been seeking for centuries. His solution is the destruction of God’s creation. His solution is changing the DNA so as to steal the souls. Why is the DNA being changed? It is to steal souls. All of this was planned through Satan’s inspiration for the creation of artificial intelligence and the false prophets behind artificial intelligence-driven by quantum computing. The development of quantum computing runs parallel in the timelines that move in lock-step in the development of quantum computing and artificial intelligence

Quantum computing was designed specifically for the mark of the beast, specifically for the development of AI. Those false prophets within the scientific community developing quantum computing and AI together, they claim, they profess that artificially intelligent humans, through modification of the DNA through their brain-computer interfaces (through the transhumanist agenda), that those humans equipped with that artificial intelligence will be able to do everything that a human can do – and do it better. Those are the lies put forth by Satan in the development of quantum computing and thereby the development of artificial intelligence.

Know them by their fruits. The fruits coalesce to the focal point of the mark of the beast changing a person’s DNA to steal their souls, condemning their souls to hell for all eternity, separating them permanently from God. This is what Satan has been seeking for thousands of years.

The revealing of the identity of the Antichrist is very near. We can use it as a guide to the timelines of the development of the vaccines and the timelines of the distribution of the vaccines.

The title of this is “The US Advisory Group lays out detailed recommendations on how to prioritize the COVID-19 vaccine.” This comes to us by way of, dated September 1st of this year (2020).

The 4th Phase will be the microneedle array delivery system of the vaccine. I said yesterday the vaccine they’re going to deliver, is not a cure for COVID-19. They’re not trying to cure what essentially is no worse than aseasonal flu. They’re not trying to vaccinate people against it. They’re not trying to treat the signs and symptoms of those that are exhibiting those.

All they are going to deliver, as I said yesterday, in Phase 4 is a placebo: Sterile water (sterile normal saline). All they want to deliver is messenger RNA. That’s all they want to do. They want to get that into everyone’s bloodstream, so it is delivered into the brain and into every cell in the body

What is all this theater about drug companies developing and testing vaccines? It’s all for profit in the short term. In the near term, it is all a scenario to benefit financially those that are involved with drug companies. In the end, it is just a placebo that will be delivered.

How do I know that this vaccine will be nothing more than a placebo to deliver messenger RNA into every nucleus of every cell to then reproduce the DNA that is not recognized by God. That’s phase 4.

Why am I jumping to Phase 4? Problem-reaction-solution. You have the two groups opposing one another but both in agreement that they want a solution. Their anger will quickly push the population and the distribution from Phase 1, which will be a hypodermicneedle delivery of the vaccine like Phase 2 and Phase 3.

The elite are pushing this AI-designed and AI-timed plandemic. They know they’re just going to inject people with a placebo delivering the messenger RNA. They have to get people so angry, so fearful. The fear factor generates the anger, and the anger generates the demand for the solution

This same 4-phase process of distribution applies to every country. This just happens to be presented by the CDC in the National Institutes of Health here in this country. But it is the same 4 Phases that will be applied to the entire global population.

Why is this being accelerated? Why are they pushing Operation Warp Speed?

It’s moving so quickly because Satan wants to bring on his kingdom as quickly as possible. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll repeat it again. He is trying to conduct an end-run maneuver, borrowing from football. He’s trying to circumvent God’s timeline, his plan. Given his hubris, Satan doesn’t even have the self-awareness that he is the instrument of judgment of God himself. Therefore, he cannot violate the timeline, but, in his hubris, he thinks he can.

He’s pushing humanity, his slaves, to achieve his goal, which is to establish his kingdom through the Antichrist. It is Satan’s spirit that indwells the human who is the Antichrist and that revealing of the identity is coming very quickly because of Operation Warp Speed.

If you look at it logically, the logistics cannot be maintained in the maintenance of a cold chain delivery system to the point of injection.

Humanity will be so pent up for a savior that when the Antichrist is revealed, his identity is revealed,and the economy has collapsed around the world. The reset that we’ve been talking about for months and months that the World Economic Forum has openly published (and we put it in Entangled Magazine months ago) when all of this is happening and coalescing together, the Antichrist will be revealed to the world.

They are so angry that they will say finally we have a leader with the answers, with the solution. All the Antichrist has to do, which is the spirit of Satanis say, here’s the solution that you’re demanding to COVID-19, take my mark. Take my mark signifying your worship of me, whom you’re applauding, whom you’re welcoming. Take this willingly; Take my mark as a sign of your pledge of allegiance to me, the Antichrist.

Do you see how easy this is? Yes, the mark of the beast. The microneedle array delivery system of the mark of the beast will be clearly labeled as such. People who have turned their back on God will want to present to others, like the mask, signifying their willingness to comply. That’s what that is. It’s a seal. The mask is a seal, it’s a mark. It shows people that they’re compliant.

The mark of the beast on the forehead or on the hand is something that people will be proud to display. Yeah, hey, I have the mark. It’s the beast; it’s the Antichrist. We want the Antichrist. We worship the Antichrist because he’s bringing all the solutions so that there’s no more lockdown, so that we don’t have to wear masks, so that we don’t suffer and die.

Yet, as we’ve presented again, those that take the mark of the beast suffer the sores on their bodies for five months. Those sores on their body are the result of the DNA modification.

It’s an outward sign that their DNA has changed by taking the mark delivered by the microneedle array patch containing the hydrogels with the micromagnetic, the nanoscale magnetic particles embedded in the hydrogel. Its only function is the delivery mechanism of the messenger RNA through the cell membrane through the cytoplasm through the membrane of the nucleus, and within the nucleus, the RNA beginning the replication process resulting in the new artificially coded DNA sequence that God does not recognize.

Do you see how that’s a solution? It’s an easy answer. You don’t have to have health care professionals injecting people, which logically, you can see that the logistics of using the needle on 7.8 billion people just cannot be achieved. But you can mail patches out. You can send out through FedEx, UPS, all the delivery systems, including Amazon. You can deliver and mail patches that are band-aids that people can put on themselves.

Do you see how that’s already a solution that people will welcome; people will applaud?

I want to talk about quantum dots for a moment because this is part of the microneedle array system in delivering the quantum dots, which are embedded with lucerifase, that luminous material that is detectable as near-infrared light. Quantum dots and quantum computing; artificial atoms in silicon quantum dots create stable qubits for quantum computing.

This is dated February 11th of 2020. It is being presented by “Quantum engineers from the University of the New South Wales in Sydney have created artificial atoms in silicon chips that offer improved stability for quantum computing. In a paper published today in Nature Communications, quantum computing researchers describe how they created artificial atoms in silicon, a quantum dot, a tiny space in a quantum circuit where electrons are used as qubits or quantum bits, the basic units of quantum information. Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak explains that unlike a real atom, an artificial atom has no nucleus, but it still has shells of electrons whizzing around the center of the device rather than around the atom’s nucleus.”

It is the direction up or down that the electron is pointing that allows it to function as either a “0” or a “1” for the purpose of binary computing. In a quantum state, it can point up or down; up, let’s say, is “1” and down is “0”. But in the transition, changing from pointing up to down, in that transitional state it can operate in superposition.

That transitional state is what gives that acceleration to quantum computing the speed at which it can compute, because it’s simultaneously using “1” and “0”. In a classic computer, it is using logic gates that move in a linear fashion. The electrons flow through the gates of the transistor. A transistor is nothing more than a gate that opens and closes. It opens and allows an electron to pass through thetransistor. Then it closes, preventing another electron from going through. One electron will be a “1”, while another electron that’s prevented from moving through the gate is a “0”. That’s a very slow process, a linear process.

If you can have your electrons moved from just being a “1” or just being a “0” if you can move them to a state where the electron can be both a “1” and a “0”, you have a significant speedup in the computational process.

What does all this mean, when they’re talking about quantum dots? Providing the ability to create an artificial atom is defined as an atom that does not have a nucleus but is comprised of electrons and electrons that can be moved into a position of superposition existing as both a “1” and a “0” simultaneously. What does this mean to you and me? Why is this relevant to the mark of the beast? Why is this relevant to the quantum dots delivered through the hypodermic needles of the microneedle array patch essentially delivered painlessly into the skin, into the body?

I’ll give you a hint. Remember, these quantum dots function as biosensors embedded in the body, that monitor every bodily function, including your behavior, including your emotional state,including your thoughts.

A biosensor, the quantum dots functioning as a biosensor, and because it is a sensor, it is transmitting information (digital information) by way of 5G signals transmitting from the biosensors in the body. These quantum dots are in every cell in the body, transmitting sensor data (digital information) and likewise functioning as an antenna they receive through 5G. They receive information that alters the way that people think.

This is the final solution. The quantum dots that we’re talking about here in this article specific to quantum computing, are exactly the same quantum dots delivered by the microneedle array that are then embedded in every single cell in the body

These quantum dots embedded in a person function as a biosensor. Do you remember when I presented to you a couple of years ago the whole discussion on the Internet of all Things? We talked about the Sentient World Simulation (SWS of Purdue University) that everyone would be connected to in this quantum computer-driven computer simulation. That everyone would be connected to the hivemind of the Sentient World Simulation. The quantum dots function as the brain-computer interface, the interface of the human brain, which contains the quantum dots delivered by the microneedle array. These quantum dots, which are artificial; they’re silicon.

I presented this in January of 2013, the 3rd stranded DNA composed of silicon-the 3rd strand! Please pay attention. The 3rd strand of DNA scenario of silicon that I talked about in January of 2013, those silicon third strands are the quantum dots. The quantum dots are the 3rd strand of DNA. Please write that down. Nobody else is going to tell you this. The 3rd strand of DNA is composed of silicon.

I said it in January of 2013 that the silicon is the artificial atom that I just presented to you in this article. The 3rd strand of DNA are the quantum dots composed of silicon delivered by the microneedle array patch. Those artificial atoms are the 3rd strand of DNA. Those artificial atoms arecomposed of artificially placed electrons, not just a single, but multiple electronsforming a shell.

Now, why are those electrons important to understand? Because humans that take the mark now have qubits in their body, dormant nanoparticles. Qubits are nanoscale; they are, on average, 10 nanometers in diameter. 2013, I described them as dormant nanoparticles until they’re triggered by an electromagnetic signal. We didn’t have 5G in 2013 in the public papers. But the electromagnetic signal that I described in 2013, which is today the 5G electromagnetic signal, will trigger the nanoparticles to begin to replicate.

That is the 3rd strand of DNA that is replicating. That is the manipulation of those electrons from up spin to down spin or down spin to up spin depending on their original state, and all of these electrons are quantum entangled. This is the essence of how quantum computers operate; It’s through quantum entanglement.

Now the environment is within the human body. We have now moved from the D-Wave black cube quantum computer, a 10(ft.) by 10 (ft.) by 10(ft.), roughly speaking, to the black cube which is emblematic of the black cube within Saturn itself, Saturnalia. You’ve heard me talk about all this stuff for years.

We are now moving from a physical computer in a room, cryogenically cold. Qubits that are in a state of superconductivity, colder than outer space, cryogenically cooled environment in a computer – to (what I talked about in 2013) qubits in silico DNA, warm and wet qubits. You’ve readt his in Entangled Magazine, warm and wet qubits. We’re talking about body temperature qubits, not superconducting, not super cold, not colder than outer space like D-Wave and IBM, and Righetti, and the others that have quantum computers, Google’s quantum computer. These qubits do not need to be refrigerated.

What we’re talking about now is that humans taking the mark of the beast are now quantum computers; third strand of DNA is the quantum computer. Quantum dots that are now the brain-computer interface to the quantum computers (themselves) that generate, operate, maintain, control the sentient world simulation.

I want to drive home the point that those who take the mark of the beast have artificial atoms, comprised of artificially placed electrons, within the quantum dots composed of silicon that have been delivered through the hypodermic needles inspired by the fangs of the pit viper. Hypodermic needles were inspired by the fangs of the serpent. Satan himself embodied in the serpent with the fangs, the hollow fangs that deliver the venom through the hollow fangs of the pit viper inspired the syringe-based hypodermic needle delivery of drugs.

Now we move away from the syringe, but we still have the fangs of the serpent embedded in the microneedle array patch. It is still the serpent system. Now, the serpent is delivering the artificial third strand of DNA that I announced in January of 2013. I published this in both of my novels, “Covert Catastrophe” in 2013 and “2048: Diamonds in the Rough” in 2014. All of this.

These quantum dots, which are artificial atoms, have artificially placed electrons. Here’s the punch line. 5G is electromagnetic. Quantum dots, the electrons themselves, respond to a magnetic signal. 5G is a magnetic signal. It is in the electromagnetic spectrum. 5G can change the spin of the electron from pointing up (the northern pole of the electron), it can change it to pointing down “0” (from a “1” to a “0”) and achieve in that transitional phase superposition wherein it functions as aquantum computer.

I’m saying that the 3rd strand in the DNA in a person’s body is anatomic scale, nanoscale quantum computer. This is ‘Edge Computing’. Edge Computing means that there’s a limited amount of computational processing taking place at the source of the data. Then it is transmitted through 5G to the cloud for further analysis, computation analysis,and storage of that information.

The microneedle array is a biosensor. These nanoscale quantum dot electrons are artificial atoms that reproduce once triggered by a 5G signal, just like I said in 2013. 5G is operating that nanoscale computer. It is operating it because it’s changing the spin of the electrons in the quantum dots. Why is this important? Because now you have every human that takes the mark, in direct quantum entanglement.

Quantum computers operate through the entanglement, quantum entanglement, of electrons. There is no time delay in that communication. You change one electron from an up spin to a down spin; it simultaneously changes its paired electron. You change one from up and one from down; they flip. They change their spin, their orientation. That’s entanglement. There’s no time delay. It’s an instantaneous change in state, up and down, of the entangled pairs of particles. In this case, these pairs of electrons are inside the human body, inside every cell in the body. So,in the cells, you have quantum entanglement.

Here’s the punchline. The entangled electrons inside the human body, in every cell, are also quantum entangled with the quantum computer – of which there are numerous quantum computers, all daisy-chained, all networked together, functioning, operating, controlling the Sentient World Simulation, which is the hive mind.

You do not need a 5G signal for communication of the data from the biosensors, from the nanoscale silicon quantum dots, which are nanoscale quantum computers with entangled electrons. Those entangled electrons in the human body are instantaneously entangled with the qubits of the quantum computers that are daisy-chained and networked together, operating the entire global system.

5G is rendered obsolete. At this point, 5G functions to operate the nanoscale quantum computer initially within the bodies, and once 5G triggers those, I said this in 2013, when those 5G signals cause this entanglement to be established in the quantum dots, the artificial atoms comprised of nothing more than a shell, a cloud of electrons, and those electrons are entangled with one another in the human body, 5G is no longer necessary.

It’s only an intermediate step. 5G is only there to kick-start the nanoscale quantum entangled electrons of the quantum dots delivered by the microneedle array. 5G, at that point, is no longer necessary for the communication and the control of the human mind and the human body.

Because now within the human mind, within the neurons, within every cell in the body, are quantum-entangled electrons. Yes, those quantum-entangled electrons within the body are also concurrently entangled with larger quantum computers (nuts and bolts computers), D-Wave, IBM, Righetti, Google, etc. All networks together, all functioning for the purpose of simulating the planet.

It’s because of this quantum entanglement of electrons in their body that are entangled with the quantum computers, and the quantum computers are generating a simulated virtual reality known as Sentient World Simulation. That’s the hive mind that those humans are then connected to. They lose all awareness that they ever had a previous existence. They don’t even know that they’ve been changed at that point of entanglement.

This is why an understanding of quantum entanglement is so important because it connects the human minds to the quantum computers and they’re trapped. They are enslaved to the Antichrist. This is the quantum mechanical explanation of the separation from God. This is where we’re taking ancient Scripture and bringing it to the modern-day interpretation application understanding

We completely now understand the separation, the quantum mechanical explanation of the separation of a person from God. Years ago, I was asked this question from a quantum mechanical standpoint: Can you explain what prayer is with Jesus Christ?

My answer was when we pray with Jesus Christ, we, from a quantum mechanical standpoint, we are quantum entangled. That’s our line of communication. We’re quantum entangled with Jesus Christ. That’s what prayer is. The most powerful weapons system on the planet is also a communication system that is completely encrypted and cannot be broken. Prayer cannot be hacked into by Satan and his minions. He can’t hear our prayers, which are quantum entanglement, encrypted communications. That’s the quantum mechanical description of prayer.

Now take that and apply it to what I just said. Those that take the mark of the beast are quantum entangled with Satan. They’re quantum entangled with the Antichrist, who as a human, is indwelt with the spirit of Satan. That is another counterfeit. That is a counterfeit of the personal relationship when we are born again. Satan’s counterfeit of born again with Jesus Christ is the changing of the DNA of those that take the mark

Satan inspired man, gave man the forbidden knowledge, to build quantum computers that operate on quantum entanglement. You now have quantum computers, nuts and bolts machines connected through quantum entanglement in an artificial counterfeit form of prayer. Communication between computers in humans; a brain-computer interface is accomplished through quantum entanglement within the human body to the machine computer quantum computer entangled system.

‘Digital Twin Earth’ is the new title for the Sentient World Simulation that came out of Purdue University in 2006 and then went live in 2007. This is a Digital Twin Earth quantum computing, and AI takes center stage at Φ-Week.

This comes from, “ESA’s Φ-Week: Digital Twin Earth, Quantum Computing and AI Take Center State. This is dated September 28th (2020). Please read this entire article. “Digital Twin Earth will help visualize, monitor, and forecast natural and human activity on the planet. The model will be able to monitor the health of the planet, perform simulations of Earth’s interconnected system with [with!] human behavior.

”Remember, AI learns from human behavior. “The model will be able to monitor the health of the planet, perform simulations of Earth’s interconnected system with human behavior and support the field of sustainable development, therefore, reinforcing Europe’s efforts for a better environmentin order to respond to the urgent challenges and targets addressed by the Green Deal.

“Φ-sat-1, which was successfully launched into orbit earlier this month, and an exciting new initiative involving quantum computing.
…Constantly fed with Earth observation data, combined with in situ [that means in position] measurements and artificial intelligence, the Digital Twin Earth provides an accurate representation of the past, present, and future changes of our world.”

When they talk about future, they’re talking about divination, prognostication that they are acknowledging. This is the 180 process that we apply to reveal the truth in their articles, in their statements. Future changes of the world is divination, prognostication of future events, that is performed (computationally) both in classical transistor-based computers and in cubit-based quantum computers. This is all about divination, folks.

“Roberto Viola said, ‘Φ-week is the week for disruptive technology…” Why did they use the word disruptive? “…Disruptive technology and its communities like this, that our European programs were designed to support. Machine learning and artificial intelligence could improve the realism and efficiency of the Digital Twin Earth-especially for extreme weather events and numerical forecast models. Φ-week is the perfect example of the New Space approach focusing on disruptive innovation, artificial intelligence agility, and flexibility.”

(compare )

Please read the rest of this article. It’s not that technically deep. What I’m presenting to you just by taking excerpts is that they are continuing the advancement of the sentient world simulation, in which every person is represented as a computer node and given an avatar. Then people are connected by way of their nanoscale quantum entangled electron qubits, entangled electrons functioning as qubits within the human body connecting them to the quantum computers driving this entire system.

In his article, “Quantum computing: (Also mentioned in his opening speech this morning) Josef Acshbacher made a special announcement regarding an exciting new ESA initiative, the EOP AI-enhanced Quantum Initiative for EO known as QC4EO, in collaboration with the European Organization for Nuclear Research otherwiseknown as CERN.”

This takes us all the way back to my early days of broadcasting and publishing Entangled Magazine because most of you found out about me because of my research and presentationon CERN. We’re coming full circlehere, folks.

“Quantum computing has the potential to improve performance, decrease computational costs, and solve previously intractable problems in Earth observation by exploiting quantum phenomena such as superposition, entanglement, and quantum tunneling. The initiative involves creating a quantum capability that will have the ability to solve demanding Earth observation problems by using artificial intelligence to support programs such as Digital Twin Earth and Copernicus.”

Now let me expl. that for you. This Digital Twin Earth is the virtual reality they are trapping humans in that take the mark of the beast. That they are now brain-computer interfaced, quantum entangled, connected into, and cannot escape.

This is driven by artificial intelligence. They will always try to say this is for benevolent purposes. In this case, we’re talking about the weather, forecasting the weather. When they say “Earth observation”, they’re talking about one or more satellites observing the Earth from orbit.

Here comes CERN. “ESA and CERN enjoy a long-standing collaboration, centered on technological matters and fundamental physics. This collaboration will be extended to link to the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, which was announced in June of 2020 by CERN Director Fabiola Giannotti. Through this partnership, ESA and CERN will create new synergies, building on their common experience in big data, data mining, and pattern recognition.”

Pattern recognition, golden nuggets of data, published in Entangled Magazine two years ago. Pattern recognition, geomancy, random number generation, random number placing of the dots in the sand (Ilam Ramal). Pattern recognition is quantum computers function. That’s their function to recognize patterns embedded, hidden in vast quantities of data, big data. That’s the function of data mining. It is used to discover the golden nuggets of data, which are the hidden patterns. The nuggets are the hidden patterns.

Why are they trying to recognize patterns? Because the recognition of patterns within the randomly generated data of the entire world, humanity functions only to generate data, otherwise known as random number generation. Humanity utilizing computing, which is based upon geomancy, produces the dots in the sand, in the silica, in the computer, in the phone. No different than the sand back in ancient times. It’s producing the data randomly through the Internet of all Things, through edge computing. Humans function only to produce those random dots that then produce patterns that must be recognized

But because of big data, because of the vast quantities of data that humans produce, those patterns are very difficult to discern, to pick out, just like grains of gold flakes of gold in tons of over burden in tons of rock and gravel

Why do they need to recognize the patterns? Because that’s how they divine the future. Satan uses humanity to discover God’s plan,to discover God’s timing. You see, Satan’s not omniscient. He’s using humans to divine what God is going to do next.

Satan does not know the plan, does not know the timing of God. He’s using humans, quantum computing, classical computing to discover those hidden patterns because it is in the discovery of the patterns that they are able to discern the future. But only to a limited degree because it is only based upon probabilities. Quantum computing only provides a probabilistic solution.

Please understand Satan is trying to discover God’s timing and God’s plan by enslaving humanity to produce ‘random’ numbers, ‘random’ patterns, that he can then use quantum computing to discover those patterns to divine the future.

If you don’t know anything about geomancy, go look it up. It is prognostication; It is a dark art. It is an art, that is forbidden by God. It’s forbidden by God for humans to perform divinatory practices for their own safety. It is for the preservation of humanity. Satan’s counterfeit of that preservation is to give forbidden knowledge leading to the destruction of humanity.

The data coming from CERN is the result of the collision of fundamental particles. The collision of fundamental particles is the counterfeit of God burning the elements. Again, familiar Scripture reinterpreted in the modern context. The burning of the elements, the luminosity. Where did they get the luminosity from? From Lucifer.

The label of luminosity is the result of the colliding of particles, the burning of the elements, the releasing of the energy within the colliders, within the detectors of the colliders. That luminosity produces data, measurements of energy, measurements of mass. That’s what the data is. The data are the random numbers that are being generated by the random collision of particles. Thus, generated data, generated randomly, because of the collision of particles, is big data.

Quantum computers have been used for over four years. I have presented this now for three years publicly. CERN has worked with D-Wave quantum computers to take in the data from the collisions, the data represented as luminosity, and take that data and discover the embedded golden nuggets, the patterns, and from those patterns, they divine the future.

Quantum computers combined with the particle accelerator and collider of CERN and they’re doing this with other particle accelerators and colliders like at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Particle colliders are random number generators, whether they’re colliding particles in two oppositely circulating streams or particles that are accelerated and impact a fixed target. These are still collisions.

The collisions produce in random fashion data and buried within that data are patterns. Now in the world of quantum mechanics, in the world of particle physics, scientists will tell you those patterns reveal new physics, new physical processes.

They reveal new particles. They reveal new subatomic, sub-nucleus, sub-quantum, smaller than the fundamental particles that make up an atom. They are claiming now that there are over 1000 new fundamental particles that have been discovered because of the colliding of particles; that’s a cover story. When they say they have discovered new particles, it’s a cover story. When they say they’ve discovered new energies, that’s a cover story. When they say they’ve achieved higher levels of luminosity,higher yield, that’s a cover story.

What is underneath the cover story are the patterns of data. Data that represent the energy levels: tera electron volts, giga electron volts, mega electron volts, peta electron volts. That’s all data; all numbers representing that mass of particles represented by data. All that data, vast, vast quantities that’s distributed over 100 research laboratories around the world.

So much data is produced by CERN and other colliders that it takes months, even years, for them to find what they’re looking for. New particles, new energy signatures that indicate the discovery of new particles, most of which wink out of existence within picoseconds; just vaporize back to energy. But they have the fingerprint of an energy signature.

I’m talking quantum mechanics and particle physics now, but those energy signatures are represented by data. It’s the data that is the gold. Forget about particles. Forget about energy. Forget about energy signatures. None of that; that is all cover story. They’re really looking for the patterns of numbers (patterns of 0’sand 1’s) because the patterns divine the future; patterns are used.

Remember, all of this boils down to geomancy. Within geomancy, there are 16 basic patterns, and those 16 basic patterns areused to decipher, to understand, the random patterns. Those 16 figures are used by quantum computers replacing the human diviners of old. Quantum computers are replacing the human diviners of old, software-driven divination in quantum computers.

That software is based upon the 16 basic geomantic figures that a human diviner would use to discover the hidden patterns within the random dots made by a layperson in the sand who is seeking an answer from the human diviner. Today humans are seeking answers through quantum computers that apply the 16 geomantic figures whose sole purpose, the 16 figures, are to interpret the random data produced by CERN, produced by humans around the world using computers.

Those 16 geomantic figures of old that are used in quantum computers today tell the future. Auspicious and inauspicious; good times bad times. When is it a good time to do something? (auspicious); when it is it a bad time to do something (inauspicious). This is all familiar to long time patrons. Auspicious/Inauspicious is prognostication of the future. Is it a good time to do something tomorrow, next week, next year?

But it boils down to more than, “Is this a good time or a bad time to do something?” It is ultimately Satan trying to identify God’s timeline.

I would venture to say that there are onlya few elites in the world that understand what I’m presenting. The initiates of the world in the secret societies, they know what I’ve just presented to you.

Satan HAS to reveal his systems, his plans, his initiates, his secret societies, his science, his quantum mechanics, his particle physics, his prognostications. He has to present all of that before he can present his Antichrist. This is why the Holy Spirit is revealing all of this. This is why this is coming to you right now because we’re on the threshold of the Antichrist identity being made known to the world.

Yes, that was 2017! – Illuminati always tell us what they’re going to do. We never listen.
How to Apply Your Mask, 2.865.821 visninger
•20. mar. 2017 )

Because the vaccine delivery is coming fast, the microneedle array in Phase 4, distribution of the vaccine, is coming fast. They are talking January, February, March, maybe April. Look at the timeline of the vaccine distribution that I presented to you. We are within months of the microneedle array patch. Therefore, we are within months of the revealing of the Antichrist.

The fact that we are presenting this information to you tonight of the quantum entangled electrons within every human connecting them through quantum entanglement to the sentient world simulation, the virtual reality world, that Satan is building and that those humans will be enslaved in that take the mark.

Remember the quantum entangled humans to quantum computers. That’s the brain-computer interface. Forget about Elon Musk and his neural link. Forget about all that. Forget about 5G linking people to the virtual reality. Forget about all that. That’s all theater.

What I’m presenting to you is the actual system of the mark of the beast wherein people are quantum entangled with the beast, with the mind of the Antichrist. God is revealing Satan’s system before the Antichrist is revealed, so that the world knows and can make a free-will decision about the destiny of their soul.

Satan must reveal his plans, because God demands that people have all of the information presented, even if they reject it, even if they’re blind to it, even if they are deaf to it, even if they turn their back to it.

Nothing is hidden from anyone. They can choose to ignore it, but it is presented to the world, and we’re doing that tonight.

Satan will quantum entangle a person, that takes the mark, to the Antichrist. Quantum computing is the Antichrist mind. Brain-computer interface is the quantum entanglement of humans, every cell in their body, including the brain, to the quantum computer. Multiple computers, daisy-chained, and networked together, that is the mind of the Antichrist. That’s what the quantum computers are. God is revealing it right now, laying bare the bones of the infrastructure of the beast system. People will be quantum entangled with the mind of the Antichrist.

The big take away: Humans quantum entangled with the Antichrist. Humans that take the mark of the beast will be quantum entangled with the mind of the Antichrist.

That’s assimple as I can make it. If you want to take something and present it to people, that’s it. The mark of the beast is the quantum entanglement of every cell, including the neurons of the mind with the quantum computer, Antichrist’s mind. The brain of the Antichrist is the quantum computing system. That’s why it was built.

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