Satan’s Day?


(22.Aug.2020) This date has a lot of two’s, and according to the Illuminati numerology magic thus is a special day for Satanists – as the number 22 (and 2zero2?) is supposed to be fraught with baleful purport.

Also you should note, that August is the 8th month, and that 2+2+2+2 is 8.

Furthermore at least some numerologists regard 8 as a very unlucky number. Incidentally 8 is two times 4, and some of you may know, that 4 is regarded in Japan as so unlucky, that it’s always(?) omitted as room or floor number.

Of course other numerologists are preaching the exact opposite.

But then also today is Saturday, Saturn’s – or Satan’s – Day.

All these ominous connotations may or may not be the reason why I had the following clairvoyant vision during the night – repeatedly in fact:

I saw a woman being present and observing while a man assassinated a young girl with a ‘totenschläger’ – i.e. by knocking her on her head with some heavy instrument.

That’s it – and I cannot tell you who the three persons were from the vision alone.

But since I was the receiver of this telepathic vision, someone must have had me in mind while thinking about, conceiving or planning such a dreadful act. The victim might then be one of my young relatives; and the observing (planning and arranging?) woman would obviously be someone who hates me a lot. That is, most likely from ciao and their friends or perhaps even from our own (Satanist?) government?

Our government is not Satanist – you say? Well, maybe and maybe not.

But our young and pretty P.M. still managed – accidentally, perhaps? – to choose this ‘Satans Day’ of the 22.8.2020 as being the day from whence all Danes travelling on public transportation must mandatorily wear that Satanic invention – the Face Mask.

I managed to procure a nice, new city-bike yesterday, and am today ‘city-biking’ for the first time in half a dozen years. Feels good, by the way.

But already yesterday about half of travellers on public transportation were wearing face-masks. And for me this was an scary experience.

Why is that – you may ask?

Well, the gist of the matter is, that beings wearing face-masks obviously are no longer (regarded as) humans; they are (regarded as) animals (no offence intended, I’m solely talking principles, not personals).

Only animals will accept wearing muzzles (dogs), or bridles (sheep, cattles and horses). Humans would never accept that.

But why is this – travelling with bridled beings – so scary? Simply because – being from the country side – I know, that bridled beings will – sooner or later, but with absolute certainty – end up in an abattoir. That’s why!

Incidentally animals are stupid, and would never understand that face-masks are generally useless (that is, except in very, very special cases); and that they are in fact much more likely to be detrimental to the health?

Humans (like animals) need to have their ‘anti-virus programs’ (immunity defence) updated EVERY DAY to stay healthy; just like your PC!

The actual purpose of the globally ruling mob with masking you with absurd contrivances, that are almost certainly detrimental to your health is of course to make you ill. Ain’t it?

Because when everyone have had their immunity-defence ruined (remember – your’s MUST BE UPDATED EVERY DAY!) – then many more people will get ill by the common cold and the flu come this autumn and winter. And these infections by the common cold and flu will with ‘deadly’ certainty be ascribed to the so-called corona-19, don’t you think?

This, then, will give the mob an excuse to order our govt. to close-down Denmark once more. An act that with a high degree of certainty will entail the bankruptcy of many or even most privatly owned small- and medium sized businesses and companies.

But no worry, dear fellow citizens! The international ‘billionaires mafia’ will be glad to pick up what’s usable or even valuable of the wreckage. For one cent on the dollar or much less.

Like my friend Goldschmidt, the tailor, used to say: ‘They cannot get enough; I know them!’



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