The Witch and the Mask

(3.Aug.2020)  On 16.July.2020 I posted this (recaps/quotes are preceeded by an *asterix, my comments by an >arrow):

*Yesterday I learned, that the US-american Minister of State (‘Foreign Minister’), the honourable Mr. Pompeo, has scheduled a visit to Copenhagen for Thursday next – the 22nd July (reportedly the nbrs. 11, 22 and 33 are important for NWO cabalists?)….

*As an aside: There is hardly no doubt – I beg to assure you – that it would be a great boon to the future career of Mr. P. if he would be able to take me with him back to the ciao and their new, charming director?

>Question: Did the new ciao director resent to be referred to as ‘charming’?
Because on Friday the 24.July.2020 at 9 a.m. I tweeted:

*(24.Jul.2020) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of female, knife-wielding psychopath going after small girls. What does that mean? Did some of the supreme US-hit-‘men’ have their feelings hurt?

>After this tweet things happened fast:

>Item 1.

>One of the danish, royal Princes reportedly suffered a serious cerebral haemorrhage that same Friday, to be operated on a hospital the following night before Saturday in France (where staying with his wife).

>It is well known, that a cerebral haemorrhage may be caused by heart trouble. And that heart trouble may be induced by a malicious psychic attack, ref. my post from 2014:

*Was acting danish Sec. of State’s wife almost killed from attack by criminal ciao- or mozzar-psychics in 2014?

Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?


*How rich can you really get by bending spoons and stopping “pigs hearts” by hypnosis?

*Uri Geller is a ‘psychic spy’ for Mossad.

CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

>Whence the question: Was the danish Prince possibly hit by a malicious psychic attack (by ciao?), and why?

>To attempt an answer let’s go back to 2019 when I wrote about the LunarLander crash, the assassination of three (of four) children of (one of) the (reportedly) best friends of our Crown-Prince, and the arsoning of the NotreDame Cathedral in Paris. In April/September 2019 i posted this (excerpts, link 1):

*This tentative decoding attempt necessarily presupposes 1) that aliens were feared by mission control to plan to make – and in fact eventually made – the Lunar lander crash and 2) that (someone in) IL mission control consider myself to be (more or less) ‘an alien’; or at least, perhaps, as communicating with aliens?

*But how on earth is that mindset possible?

*Firstly – ((omitted as not relevant here))

*Secondly – I’ve repeatedly designated humans as ‘earthlings’. Just attempting to obtain the birds eye perspective, I’m afraid, but may look suspicious to some people?

*Thirdly – Once I had – and have in fact reported about – a dream vision, that to some inquisitive minds just might imply a telepathic message from (real) aliens? (link 2)

*By the way one has to remember that the IL Lunar lander crash was the second catastrophe in the recent IL space program. The first was the giant ZUMA ‘communication’ (or space-war?) satellite, that crashed more than one year ago. Hence the IL space program direction may naturally have become somewhat paranoid?

*Sadly both the terrorism in SriLanka on 21.April 2019 as well as the destruction of NotreDame in Paris on 15.April ((by arson)) tend to support the above tentative interpretation. That is if the two terror attacks should be interpreted as revenge terrorism?

*Why is that? Simply because all three events – the Lunar Lander crash, the SriLanka terrorism and the torching of NotreDame – are connected by my person, albeit very, very indirectly. Here’s how.

*In another blog post I’ve probably established beyond resonable doubt, that I have one or more Danish seventeen-century kings among my ancestry. Just possibly as many as half a dozen ancestry lines to Danish 17. and 18.-century Royalty, which would most likely make it a more or less special case for anyone born a peasant.

*Obviously I have no idea if the danish Royal House is aware of this ((not ENTIRELY true, if one adds my small faculty of clairvoyance to the equation)). They may be, ofcourse, and if so it’s a given, that the international SecretService community will know. That’s because the telephones (and perhaps the rooms?) of the Royals are certainly tapped or bugged by rouge CIA/Mossad factions.

*Should the Royals have ever taken a certain interest in my person as a blogger, it would be tantamount to painting themselves as a target for revenge by said rouge agents.

*Now, the hit in SriLanka targeted the (reportedly) very best friends of our Crown Prince; three of the friendly family’s four children were assassinated.

*The torching of NotreDame in Paris occured on the day before our Queens birthday; as close as you could reasonable go – if the birthday itself had been choosen, it would have been too obvious!

*The Prince Consort (now deceased) of the Queen was french, of course; and the wife of his younger son is french.

>Now – if the ciao leadership wanted to take revenge on myself for the unexcusable brashness of perhaps accidentally revealing something about the character of the ciao leadership; somthing they might prefer at all costs to keep hidden? – then they of course have many options, among which to hit myself and/or my friends.

>But – you may rightly say – you don’t mean to insinuate that a Royal Prince is your friend? No, of course not. Only there still is the chance, that the Royal family hasn’t yet fully understood, that everything they say with a smartphone lieing around is most certainly tapped and taped by the mob.

>It doesn’t even always matter if the phone is shut down, as it’s often possible to tap even an ostensibly shut down phone.

>So, if the french wife of the danish Prince has taken any interest, however small, in my blogging about the NotreDame and other frensh issues – then the ciao & their friends will certainly have noted. Whence the hypothesy of her husband, the Prince, being a possible target for revenge terrorism.

>Item 2.

>On that same Friday (24.Aug.) one of my old acquaintances, the owner of a large photo-store in downtown Copenhagen, may possibly have been hit by ‘something evil’?

>The details are very sketchy and hypothetical, however, as it’s been impossible for me to get any sort of first hand confirmation or information, not to speak of hard facts.

>But anecdotal evidence indicates that all employees are now fired and that the store has been wholly or partly closed since that friday.

>Hence circumstances might point in the direction of concerted foul play (perhaps by a Trojan-Horse?); as you may know, circumstantial evidence is in fact often the most dependable type of evidence.

>What’s especially intrigueing, however, is the fact, that this gentleman (as far as I remember off hand) is the only person I know who has instantly understood, that there never was a pandemic in Denmark – but that there certainly is a putsch, a coup-d’état ongoing – when I told them. Most everyone else are completely clueless!

>As we have known each other for several decades he might of course have visited my blog; and may likewise easily have mentioned my name in one or more telephone conversation.

>But just ONE mention of my name on the internet/phone-net, will instantly, i.e. in real time, have a lamp flashing red in the ciao (or nssa or mozzar) headquater!

>Considering how rare it is to find anyone having brains enough to see through the covid-craze, one can understand how important it is for the mob to neutralize those individuals.

>After all ‘Destroy the best and the brightest’ (if not of ‘our own crowd’, that is) has obviously ever been an important mantra for ‘moral antimatter’ in the Universe – the destroyer of Worlds! (links 3 & 4).

>Item 3.

On the 25.July I blogged this (concerning the day before, i.e. our Friday, the 24.July):

*On my way back ((from Helsingborg, Sweden)) with a real heavy handbag with glass-and-brass for my collection of old platecameras I was obviously oogled by a fingerman on the FUGLEBAKKEN S-station, about 500 yards from where I live. He was busy both oogling and using his iPhone, and stuck out like a sore thumb (they mostly do, by the way. If on account of they want to be seen (as a threat) or because of incompetence, I donot know).

*But luckily today a bus just happened to be ready outside the S-station; otherwise I might easily have been mugged while walking the 500 yards to my flat on a comparatively sparsely trafficed sidewalk. I was also carrying a bundle of old family letters and negatives, hence a mugging would have been quite unfortunate.

*But nothing to see here, just move on. The mob are mostly RAUBMOERDER, of course. They always were and always will be.

>Today (3.Aug.2020) I tweeted:

*3.Aug.2020 This morning had clairvoyant vision of being targeted by dangerous, professional hit-man. He/she had face totally covered by mask, like satanist witch or african medicine man, and was armed with bow and arrows. No doubt poisened as our domistic dogs appeared to be dieing from poison.

>The reason for that hit plan probably is this: The evening before I had begun to suspect a malicious psychic attact behind the two cases delineated above.

>Hence I rummaged around on my twitter account to establish the exact time of posting the tweet about my vision of the insane, female ‘girl-killer’. It turned out to be a few minuted past 9.a.m.

>From their ubiquitous surveillance of my flat, of course ciao and their friends would have understood the possible ramifications of this find. Hence their planning of an assassination by poison darts by satanic witch?


Note 1. (6.Aug.2020)
There seem to have been a nuclear(?) explosion in the harbour of Beyrout, Lebanon. Here’s a retired lebanese general’s take on the calamity:

”First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti ship missile. The second explosion was caused by Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.”

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm (continually updating)

You could speculate, of course, that one or more top power-brokers may possibly have felt an urge to have someone throw a real big red herring unto the stage?

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CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

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