Spooky Times: Seriality or Jakuza?

(Danish version origiginally posted Dec.17, 2014) Last night (betw. Tuesday Dec.16 and Wednesday Dec.17.2014) I dreamt being hosted by a Japanese family – father and son.

The son served me a cup of tea, apparantly with traditional japanese hospitality. But despite that with a certain air of arrogant unfriendliness.

In the far end of the room his father rummaged around; his back was abnormally voluminous and powerful, almost as if he had a backpack permanently built-in.

My interpretation *): Obviously the “back-pack” might indicate

a) that his back and body and whole person was very strong and powerful, but

b) that this great might was hidden on his back-side, where you don’t normally see it

c) and that he had someone very powerful on his back, someone able to dominate and control him

So I had to admit they can operate fastly, all right.

Whaat – You may well ask?

Well – to elaborate a bit I have to go back to thursday last week (Dec.11, 2014). That day I sent a letter to the Copenhagen Police, the Government, the Presidency of Parliament and a few papers.

In the letter I told about certain recent clair-voyant experiences of mine which I believe might strongly indicate that the very serious “stroke” the wife of then Danish Secretary of State, W.S., reportedly suffered rather likely might in fact be a malicious (psychic) attack – i.e. terrorism.

Whether all letters posted really arrived (doubtful) or what eventuelly happened with them is not clear. At least I had become no feedback at the time writing (Dec.17,2014).

Thus I again have had to depend merely on my own faculties – observations, thoughts and considerations in addition, ofcourse, to my modest clair-voyant skills (by telepathy while sleeping). So what did I experience?

The first two nights after Thursday (Dec.11), i.e. the nights before Friday (Dec.12) and Saturday (Dec.13) my sleep was restless and my dreams somewhat chaotic.

But in the night to Saturday i had a vision, albeit just in a flash, of what seemed to be a well known US-american political person looking “scared sh*tless”.

The next night (before Sunday Dec.14) I saw a grey downtown house w. about 5 floors, with the two upper floors illuminated with pallid, “spooky” white light.

Especially the top floor with one window only was very brightly illuminated with this spooky-white light, perhaps somewhat like very strong Moon-light.

I have interpreted this vision like this: In a grey downtown business building someone were “wheeling and dealing” after hours – whence the spooky, “non-electric” illumination. Thus “after hours” perhaps most likely means hidden, “below board”, secret and in the dark or twilight?

The following night (bef. Monday Dec.15) I saw a big, hard fist with the four fingers parted two and two by a big V.

My interpretation: V would probably mean Victory. I.e. the big, hard fist had won the battle.

Next I saw the light-cone from a distant lighthouse dimming until extinction. The evening sky above was dark red and black.

Lastly I saw a sea-bird flying peacefully over the ocean.

Interpretation: The light I have (tried to) throw ower the darkness is to be dimmed and put out. The seabird usually symbolizes the soul travelling to the afterworld. I.e. the TPTB’s deal with the Devil likely might imply I was to be assassinated?

So when I woke up Monday morning (Dec.15) I was clearly somewhat exasperated and nervous and started shuffling some of my notes and papers to refresh my memory as to the exact content and addressees of the Dec.11 letter.

As my flat has for years been closely surveilled accustically (as well as electronically, by certain rouge secret services) “they” know my daily routines in the minutest details. “They” were therefore obviously at once alarmed by said deviation (the paper shuffling) and consequently probably feared I was planning to post more letters. In which case the already negotiated “damage-control” might not be sufficient to close the case.

And the night bef. wednesday, Dec.17) I had the above, seemingly clair-voyant dream with the two Japanese men. One perhaps has to presume that the “rouge intelligence” had decided to hire “Les Japonais” – the Jakuza – to do some dirty work? Reportedly the Jakuza has a very close relationship to a.o. Mossad?

We are now closing in on the question: Sereality or Jakuza? For after having visited the Frederiksberg Post Office (then in Frederiksberg Center) this Wednesday (Dec.17) i wanted to also visit the Frederiksberg Central Library nearby.

And what do I spot as the wery first person in the Library hall?

A japanese gentleman close by the entrance. Comfortably and leisurely seated at a small table with coffee, tea and cookies (free at Christmas). He studied with great interest the home made Christmas decorations while serving tea – albeit for himself only.

I dont remember to have ever seen a Japanese gentleman in the Central Library, although having been a user for abt. twenty years.

The Japanese had no books with him, but a paper bag with a well-used paper case for his artwork (or “tools”)?

I secretly watched the gentleman in question for a few minutes (without photographing him), then silently left the library again.

Probabilities are really quite difficult to understand subjects. But as both concepts – seriality and Jakuza – may well be caracterized as slightly “spooky”, I guess the headline covers our recent incidents quite adequately?


(*)These were my initial interpretations. Only later I became aware of the Jakuza’s totally tatoo’ed backs).

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