‘Is our new Commissar-controlled, zealously-globalist young government in fact on a mission to transmute and metamorphose Denmark backwards into a blatantly bolschevik nation – like their potential international billionaire masters/monsters may want?’

That question I posted on 10.Febr.2020 in

‘The Political Commissar and his Police’ (link 6).

Whence further:

“The young danish government has recently revealed plans to move and/or remove several hundred employees from the National Police Headquaters (‘Rigspolitiet’) in Copenhagen.

“Perhaps you might reasonably expect some of them ending up pounding the pavement in Aarhus and be busy shaking down cyclists for another 150 dollars?

“Our various governments are greedy for cash to use at their leisure. And shaking cyclists down is easy money! (Governments go for the fast buck and the easy answers, don’t they?).

“I’m just kidding, ofcourse, as all this shaking down of ‘the man in the street’ is just for fun and kicks – ain’t it?

“But the removel of several hundred staff members – to be moved of fired – from Police Headquarters in one swoop, for one thing is not just for ‘fun and kicks’.

“For another it brings to mind the purges of ‘politically unreliable’ individuals in (formerly) communist states – Soviet – DDR – China, by their Political Commissars.

“Ofcourse it’s vitally important for any would-be tyrants to have full control of Police Headquarters – has to be manned exclusively with ‘politically reliable’ staff.

“Thus we are tempted to put the question up once more: Is our new Commissar-controlled, zealously-globalist young government in fact on a mission to transmute and metamorphose Denmark backwards into a blatantly bolschevik nation – like their potential international billionaire masters/monsters may want?

“I’m off my rocker, you say? Perhaps, but please consider this:

> 1. The 1917 bolschevik revolution reportedly was mainly financed by international- and/or US-bankers; certain political philosophers have often compared radical globalism to bolschevism.

> 2. As soon as our new govt. came into power they reportedly abandoned most – if not all? – of their election pledges with regard to rejecting, repudiating, retracting and abandoning all heretofore planned expansion of blanket police surveillance in public places.

> 3. They have most recently proposed to allow police blanket-use of face-detection surveillance technology in public places.

> 4. Our young and pretty P.M. wants to remove more children from their families. Ostensibly to save the children from abuse. Will the kids of ‘politically unreliable’ families likewise be removed ‘as suffering abuse’?

Ofcourse such hard to micro-control actions also basically tend to disrupt and undermine the foundations of the core-family. Something right down the alley of orthodox bolschevism/globalism.

> 5. Aren’t at least some of the many non-elected but very powerful, so-called spindoctors in fact really POLITICAL COMMISSARS, that would hardly be allowed inside govt. without being screened by the Govt’s ‘Uber-SpinDoctor’?

> 6. Isn’t said Uber-SpinDoctor in reality an almost all-powerful Political Commissar? He’s ofcourse supposed to be controlled by the young P.M. – but is this really so? My own impression is that she, hypothetically, might potentially be mind-controlled and thus be the controlled part and not the opposite? For instance, hasn’t she occasionally the aloof zoombi-look of the mind-controlled?

> 7. There is no law governing the chief spindoctors loyalties and thus he may perhaps freely chose his real masters? And certainly he doesn’t want to be interviewed about these matters. Or about anything at all!”

* “We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered.” –Rupert Murdoch Feb 24, 2009

* “Is not war ((be it on nations, on terrorism or on Corona-19?)) already a revolutionary function? Since [1870] every war was a giant step towards Communism.” – Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky, in ‘The Red Symphony’.”

From: ‘Face Detection in Copenhagen’
(28.Okt./27.Nov.2019) (link 4)

“Incidentally here is yet another instance where you clearly see the dangers of having young political leaders at the wheel. Because if someone had told my parents at some point in the 1950’s that the Government would henceforth register everyone by photography and film everyhwere they were and moved and at all times – then my parents (and their generation) would instantly have understood, that it was now GANGSTERS THAT WERE RUNNING GOVERNMENT.

“But if you have no recollection or otherwise a genuine knowledge of the thinking and feeling in mid 20. century you may perhaps not understand this – just like today.

“But here’s the lowdown:

“If Face-Detection is generally established in (any) democratic (western) country – THEN THIS COUNTRY CANNOT POSSIBLY BE DEMOCRATIC ANYMORE!

“And why is that, you may ask: Because then all critical journalism and other serious critique of government and police and secret services and secret police will in quite short order be COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!

“And again, why is that you ask: Because any and all real critical journalists and other serious critics can and will then be harassed – possibly, or even inevitably, harassed to death!

“But when any serious critique of government and all its angencies is either prohibited by law or otherwise impossible (for instance by making money inexplicably leak from unwanted critics’ and/or unwanted families’ bank-accounts (CashBan!) or even by ‘disappearing’ all intelligent critics), then THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY! (link 9)

“And as another op-ed asked recently: Do you dare to trust that your government will always be benign?

“Of course, you dare not! Because the crux of the matter is, that the weak link in any democracy is exactly this: That the general public and the man in the street are basically unable to (always or ever?) spot the two-faced, fourflushing shyster – or even traitor – flimflamming them with sweet words and snake oil – or to talk turky: damned lies. Incidentally precisely the kind of people that always MOST BADLY want access to ultimate (government) power.

“It shouldn’t be necessary to remind our parliamentarians of how, exactly, Mr. Hitler reached power, I take it?”

From: ‘Lykketoft – Bjerregaard – Pind’
(Okt.20.2019) (link 3)

“Speaking of P.M.’s: Last night i read about our new P.M. having decided to establish way more camera surveillance on public places. I believe she used the expression ‘increase massively’?

“Obviously our new PrimeMinister’s apparant propensity for secrecy – as opposed to openness in government – and for surveillance is somewhat disappointing to many observers and voters.

“This conundrum must have occupied my mind a good deal just before turning in; because during the night I dreamt about our P.M. and her friends for what seemed several hours.

“Some of the dreams were apparently visions of a clairvoyant nature, whence I’ill use this space to comment on some of them.

“But firstly a few generalities. Obviously our new PrimeMinister is young, and pretty, and attractive. Anyone can see that, at least if you go for the brainy, slightly boyish type of women.

“You may say, you don’t think she is boyish? But then imagine her with an eton crop. Right? – You see it now, I suppose?

“Also she is clever! You may safely assume she has long ago been fingered as a political whizz-kid by the TPTB. But why?

“Because otherwise she would never have been featured prominently on The Drudge Report even before having won the last election (link 1, below). I certainly would be very surprised if she isn’t to be seen on the Bilderberg participants list in quite short order.

“She is that clever, and also hard as nails.

“But what did I see in my nightly visions?

“Firstly, and unsurprisingly, that she is attractive and slightly boyish.

“Secondly, that she has a propensity for secrecy and aloofness. ‘We’ wanted to visit her on her job; but we had to access her through a tower where most of the ladders were removed – so as to make access difficult – if not impossible.

“The spacious tower room was completely clad in oriental rugs and plush: has she one or more oriental roots, perchance? If so, this might perhaps help to explain why she was ‘choosen’ by Mr. Drudge?

“One of her friends was driving a giant, brutally powerful motor cycle.

“Was this perhaps her right hand spin doctor? If so, he may be regarded as immensely dynamic, but also, perhaps, as being on a somewhat frail footing?

“Might fit the bill perfectly if this gentleman, as I suspect, is heavily left-brained dominated. Left-brainers, like aspergers and autists, are basically almost never on a particular firm footing in their personal life.

“They basically perceive and live their whole life in two dimensions. Whence they have no deep roots anywhere – except perhaps in disruption and chaos, like: ‘Burn everything down every seven years’.” (link 2)

From: ‘Man with straw in his clogs’ (Link 5)

“The mob, incidentally, consists of entities not entirely human; they are in fact more like robots, and COMPLETELY without moral holds. You may perhaps most appropriately describe them as MORAL ANTIMATTER?

“Moral Antimatter that you have to evade at all costs lest you all are completely destroyed!

“Because just like antimatter in the physical universe destroys matter when they meet, moral antimatter will inevitably destroy all moral things they meet.


“Moreover – in all probability you may safely assume, that any entity that’s more or less viciously attacking morality – i.e. morally sound people, ideas, institutions, cultures – with a very high degree of certainty are mob or mob-related (if not simply blatantly insane)? Sort of defining the mob, perhaps?

“The mob would simply not want or accept members or associates that don’t profess and fully adhere to complete immorality.

“Also there can be no doubt that the ‘destroyers of worlds’ – including the destroyers and disruptors of sane and sound human entities and institutions – at the very least are mob inspired; and who sooner or later will grow – perhaps more or less arcane – links with the mob.

“Incidentally, compare what top theoretical scientist LOUIS SANCHO’s remarked about certain of his colleagues (while talking about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – link 6):

“Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care”.

In fact earthlings may already now be able to destroy Earth and the Sun with its planetary system. And perhaps even kick the sun right out of the Milky Way Galaxy?”

From: ‘The Putsch and the Hit-Squad’
(5.July/23.Aug.2019) (link 1)

“What’s a bit annoying here is that I’m of course unable to tell off hand if this acute zeal of the secret service/secret police and/or their alien friends is by reason of wishing to provoke me into uncouth outbursts of anger at our new Govt. on my twitter- and blog-accounts?

“Or are the rogue element of these agencies suddenly feeling very safe and cocky with Denmark having a brand new government?

“Our coming, young Social-Democratic P.M. being endorsed by the Drudge has to be quite unusual, even if she’s young and pretty – at least I don’t remember something like it, and I scan the Drudge practically daily.”

From: ‘The Autodafés and The Secret Courts of Law in Denmark’
(15./18.Dec.2019) (link 8)

“Som alle ved, har overvågningssamfund været de mest frie gennem tiderne.Lad mig nævne i flæng fra nutiden: Nordkorea. Der er helt vildt frit i Nordkorea. Overvågning har gjort, at der faktisk slet ingen kriminalitet er. I hvert fald ikke officielt. Og hvor uendeligt trygt og godt må det ikke være? Eller vi kan gå lidt tilbage i tiden og nævne DDR eller Sovjet. Samfund, der om nogen viste, at ’med overvågning stiger friheden,’ som Hækkerup udtrykker det.”

“This is another brilliant op-ed of our incomparable Mr. Mads Kastrup from the Copenhagen tabloid EKSTRABLADET.

“But aiming at the M.o.J. is ofcourse only half the job; because our M.o.J. is obviously mostly an errand boy for his masters – the two P.M. ‘robots’?

“Perhaps these ‘robots’ has a serious program bug, though? Because how come they are talking like it’s anno 1919 and not 2019 if there is no outdated or faulty software?

“The early bolshevik masters of surveillance, the CEKA, was evil incarnate! Nothing to be admired, wished for and copied, for sure. (link 8)

“Please note: By December 1917, the Bolsheviks established their instrument of terror, the Cheka (the GPU’s precursor). Lina writes: “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper.

“In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904. (Jyri Lina: https://archive.org/details/UnderTheSignOfTheScorpion)

“On page 12 ((of a paper reviewed)) is a piece on Leon Trotskij, the bolshevik leader, which apparently was murdered “by Stalin” in Mexico in 1940.

“One of the captains of the bolshevik revolution of 1917 he was deposed already about 1924 after his protégé Lenin had died. After that all power really was with Dsershinski and his secret police, the Cheka (soon to be called GPU).

“The Cheka was perhaps the most evil and destructive “vampire squid” ever to roam our earth? It’s raw brutality, greed and recklessness is almost beyond description, much less comprehension.

“Recently I chanced upon a slim book from 1925 about the Cheka, written by a Swiss journalist working in Russia during these fatefull years (Georg Popoff: Tscheka – Staten i Staten. Copenhagen, Gyldendal, 131 pages).

“It’s depressing reading almost from page one to the end. But the most worrying thing no doubt is the almost inevitable conclusion that the Cheka is still very much alive – albeit perhaps not so much in Russia as in the west?

“It’s well nigh impossible to not note that the spirit – the philosophy, strategy and methods – of the Cheka seems to correspond very, very closely to that of the modern western SecretPolice/SecurityServices like CIA/NSA/Mossad et al.

“But don’t take my word for it, consult a work by an authority yourself. Be prepared for a few chocking insights.’

“The former director of the then danish SecretService (PET), the honourable Ole Stig Andersen, in 2005 warned expressly against this (i.e. the secret courts) as an inevitability if police duties were transferred from police to the SecretService (link 7).

“This is obviously because any SecretPolice don’t want to expose their agents – and their dark (Mob controlled?) alien friends? – by giving testimony in an open court of law.

“But he might as well have bayed at the moon – no one heeded his wise warnings, as far as I know? But remember – next time someone is rounded up and arrested by the SecretPolice it may easily be a journalist, any journalist, or blogger. Deemed dangerous by and for the present power brokering, CEKA-admiring ‘robots’?

“And you will not get a chance to defend and explain yourselves in front of a judge in an open court of law!

“Except until Marie Louise Toksvig spake up? High praise for her brilliant essay.

“But remember – we are in fact living in 1919 – aren’t we?”

This I wrote in December 2019. And now we have OKTOBER MARCH – don’t we?


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