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Satirisk Eventyr. (28.Sep.2017) Yesterday morning I had this obviously clairvoyant vision:

I saw 4 persons standing in front of me in a basement. To my left were 3 persons side by side and facing the 4th person standing abt. 5 feet in front of them to my right.

The head of the middle person to my left was not visible, appearing to be “exploded” in a yellow, starlike blotch. I perceived this person might in fact be myself.

What could this vision possibly mean? Frankly it puzzled me right until I left my flat early in the P.M.

I then met one of the possible Mossad-puppets working, I believe, more or less on or near the property?

Although we’re obviously not really on gracious speaking terms he accosted me asking if I had electric power in my flat. On account, he said, knowing the power in the basement was presently entirely gone.

I explained I in fact had power when I left my flat minutes ago.

Continuing my walk toward a bus stop, about one minute later I seemed to perhaps encounter two other potential Mossad-puppets rounding a nearby corner in their car? Possibly one of these men had recently behaved (physically) threatening toward me (on account of a trifling argument)?


1. Was I supposed to have gone down in the basement to inspect the power outing?

2. Were the two other men perhaps arriving one or two minutes later by car supposed to likewise have entered said basement?

3. Was I then supposed to have been mugged by three punks, perhaps until knocked out, i.e. my head/consciousnes substituted by said “yellow starlike blotch”?

By the way, what could a “yellow starlike blotch” symbolize?

Yellow: Often an emblematic colour of Mossad? Likewise the yellow star? And also typically the colour of (electric) danger.

The starlike blotch: To be hit on the head until knocked out; representing a calamity or explosion, especially in connection with electric power (otherwise typically reddish).

Summing up it might seem a hit-squad set-up like the above could perhaps have been planned early in the A.M.?

Again one must remember, that the Mafia follows closely – acoustically and in real time – all my daily activities in my flat.

Thus they know instantly if and when I’m planning to leave my flat and they can most often easily (what, with their wast ressources?) time an intercept on the stairs (see also https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/what-happened/ ) or in the street almost to the second or at least to the minute?

You know, the telephone HAS been invented and a mafia headquartered in f.i. Hellerup could easily micromanage a trifling set-up like the above.

But, alas, why don’t we try and have a bit of fun in spite of this dismal atmosphere of darkness and dread? Let us try and create an – still entirely hypothetical as a matter of course – satire on a telephone conversation betwixt a Mafia-commander in, say, Hellerup and one of their many young and willing puppet-helpers. So here we go:


HL: Hello Pup – this is me, the captain, I’ve got an important microjob for you. Are you ready?

Pup: I’m always ready – you know that, cap!

All right. Listen carefully. You know this jerk living in that appartment house, that dumb peasent that don’t like the Mob. The piece of sh*t! We’ve been asked by our spindoctor in the ministry to try and teach this dumb jerk another lesson.

Apparently on account he just this morning reposted one of his insane blogposts aiming to throw an atmosphere of ridicule on one of our puppet-ministers in government. But don’t worry about all these particulars. Just do what you are told – right?

Sure cap, I’m ready, I tell you!

Well, listen up! On account of all our listening devises on the property, in your cars and in his flat I know for sure he’s going to leave his flat in about 15 minutes. Here is what you have to do.

In about 5 minutes you go down in the basement and pull the plug on fuse no. 3 – thats the one that controls power for the laundery and bathroom in the basement. The door will be open because of workers in and out.

About 5 minutes later you start loafing in front of the appartment house while keeping your cellphone open to me. Got that?

Sure boss, that’s a cinch. Go on.

All right good boy. Now when this jerk hits the street you just chance to get close to him. You then ask him if he has electric power in his appartment; tell him you ask because you happen to know about a total power outing in the basement. Keep your cell phone open to me all the time. Got that?

Sure cap, piece of cake. Go on.

Good. Here’s what’s important. You have to try to mince and sweeten your words so as to entice this jerk to go down and inspect in the basement. That’s very important on account our two friends will arrive just one og two minutes later. They are parked just around the corner, I’ll have them on line all the time. Got it?

Sure boss, got it!

All right. When you three strong men have this dumb peasent jerk suckered down into the basement you have to provoke a physical confrontation. You know what I mean – you just hit him and knock him out. But don’t kill him right there, be carefull, we want him alive. I personally want to torture him for a few weeks before transferring him to the homeland.

So you just throw him into the back of your van and hit the road to here. If anybody sees something, just tell’m he was hit by some high voltage on account of technical problems in the cellar and you are taking him to a hospital. Sure you got all that?

Sure boss, no problem, he’s as good as gone. Trust me, it will be a cake walk!

Good, but remember we’re doing gods work, and nothing can stop us! Got that? And remember if you don’t follow instructions to the letter we’ve got a few remedies to make you feel some pain. For instance you know you are living illegally in your house, and just a word from me to my philippus-friend in the town-hall can get you evicted. Got it?

Sure chief, you can count on me! You know that! Trust me!

All right, pup, we’re all set. Go for it! I’ll call you in 10 minutes.



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What Happened? (Upd.)

(18.Sep.2017) Today is a very nice autumn monday here in Copenhagen. Almost seems it might have been quite suitable for an photo outing with one of my treasured old plate cameras. Except it almost appears I never get around to that kind of outdoor pleasures anymore.

So, what happened since my last blog update about three weeks ago? Let’s take a look see, and why not use our local free newspaper “MX Metroexpress” as an anchor point?

The front page (which is really page 3 due to ads) has a story abt. the danish “Average Joe’s” economy. According to a poll it transpires almost half of young adults (18-29 y.o.) worry abt. being able to pay next months bills.

I don’t really think this is surprising. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants cost a lot of money to house and feed; and takes many, many low quality “emergency jobs” from students and other young people.

Also the housing market gets squeezed and overheated, often making it difficult or impossible for budding families to find affordable housing where the jobs are.

Further on page 3 is a report from the so-called Copenhagen Half-Marathon. Pictured are some of the participants running in ancle-deep water due to heavy rain.

As an aside: Reminds me of my occasional predicament during almost twenty years with a couple of thousand books stored in our basement. I trice escaped damage by flooded drains due to heavy rain by the skin of my eyeteeths.

On account of beeing at home every time I managed to shutter one (almost) waterproof door between the flooded drains and my storeroom just in time to no more than abt. 2 inches of water getting inside.

So when I had to clear the storeroom abt. 3 years ago I had to discard less than ten books damaged by water, which of course was quite fortunate. Books and water are not good roommates.

On page 10 you read about another crashed helicopter, this one in Sweden. Helicopters are dangerous vehicles as, contrary to popular belief, you can rarely emergency land a copter due to its complicated mechanism.

On page 12 is a piece on Leon Trotskij, the bolshevik leader, which apparently was murdered “by Stalin” in Mexico in 1940.

One of the captains of the bolshevik revolution of 1917 he was deposed already about 1924 after his protégé Lenin had died. After that all power really was with Dsershinski and his secret police, the Cheka (soon to be called GPU).

The Cheka was perhaps the most evil and destructive “vampire squid” ever to roam our earth? It’s raw brutality, greed and recklessness is almost beyond description, much less comprehension.

Recently I chanced upon a slim book from 1925 about the Cheka, written by a Swiss journalist working in Russia during these fatefull years (Georg Popoff: Tscheka – Staten i Staten. Copenhagen, Gyldendal, 131 pages).

It’s depressing reading almost from page one to the end. But the most worrying thing no doubt is the almost inevitable conclusion that the Cheka is still very much alive – albeit perhaps not so much in Russia as in the west?

It’s well nigh impossible to not note that the spirit – the philosophy, strategy and methods – of the Cheka seems to correspond very, very closely to that of the modern western SecretPolice/SecurityServices like CIA/NSA/Mossad et al.

But don’t take my word for it, consult a work by an authority yourself. Be prepared for a few chocking insights.

Page 15 features one of the striking pictures from the catastrophic wildfires still raging in southern California. They claim this picture with golfers in the foreground and the wildfires abt. one mile away in the background has gone viral.

Of course you could see this picture on my twitter feed about one week ago, but then again I have paid nothing for my copy of MX Metroexpress and hence should not always expect cutting edge news reports?

(Update 19.Sep.2017) This morning in a clairvoyant dream I saw a hit-man waiting for me on a stairway. He was large and husky and wore a short, brown coat.

From his neck dangled an ID-badge with chinese characters above the word “Malaysia”. I greeted him with my hand and he answered by greeting me threateningly and then disappear.

Thus it would seem that a husky chinese living in Maylaysia might have been contracted to assassinate me?

What has triggered this new threat perhaps most likely may be the above comment on the Cheka’s ongoing life in the west?

Or more precisely, there seems to be a stark fear among the superglobalists of focus being drawn to the fact, that not only does the spirit of the Cheka live on vigorously in the west, but also that many western/american superglobalists are reportedly either (in a few cases) direct descendants or rather more or less distant, extended family of former Cheka leaders?

But, you may ask, where do the Chinese (characters) and Malaysia fit in?

Firstly, the modern Chinese leadership are direct heirs to Mao, who reportedly was heavily influenced by “western” advisers close to him, which ofcourse may have taught Mao and his friends more than a tad about the Cheka spirit?

Secondly, Malaysia reportedly have become a CIA/Mossad-puppet. Read more in a piece by aanirfan (link 1), which ends like this:

“Malaysia used to be liberal and easy-going. It would seem that Najib Razak (the Malaysien PM) is part of the Mossad-CIA plan to destroy Malaysia”?

And “Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, has received a $681 million ‘donation’ to his personal bank account”? (link 2)

Link 1. http://aanirfan.blogspot.dk/2016/02/kosher-nostra-malaysia.html

Link 2. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/25/malaysia-attorney-general-saudi-royal-family-gave-najib-681m-personal-donation.html



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