(19.Mar.2020) Today is Thursday and it’s finally beginning to look spring-like out there.

Yesterday I took a stroll in downtown Copenhagen, so to speak to take stock of the curfew-like Covid-19 situation.

A sobering experience, I dare say.

Because obviously we have as of now finally arrived in zombie-land – definitely and totally!

That’s it – althoug I was not yet completely alone in the streets; but almost.

Most of the few other pedestrians were oogling me suspiciously – like if I was a dangerous virus walking around, searching for targets.

If you asked at a bakery if their café was open to their customers they looked scared, like if you wished to infect them with this ghostly flu-virus they call Corona.

(Corona means Crown; are ‘they’ concurrently – while faking it as a coincidence? – trying to paint the Royals as a virus? (Perhaps – the reigning Radical-Globalists/Bolsheviks always hated the royal houses, didn’t they? The Royals are not normally easy to buy!)

(After all haven’t ‘they’ tried hard to use this pandemoneum to paint the Masons in very dark colours?

– so why not the Royals also?)

But let’s get down to brass tacks: Why on earth are we now living in zombie-land. Is it really on account of this hazy flu-virus, that’s seemingly (in our national version) much less dangerous and contagious than all the other ‘ordinary’ flu-vira? (Please look up the statistics; f.ex. via www.lewrockwell.com and aanirfan.blogspot.com).

The answer is: Hardly!

The catastrophy that’s about to unfold sooner than later – like in VERY SOON – is that the banks are about to crash; on account of all the giant loans they have recklessly given out to everybody. Large and small companies and investors/investment-funds as well as private citizens.

The economy – i.e. business turnover – is, as I write this, crashing and mainly for two reasons.

1. Russia ‘arranged for’ SaudiArabia to ramp up oil-production and thus crashing oil-prices. This means thousands of US-american shale-oil producers are currently going bust. And with them their investors and banks!

2. The Covid-19 starting in China – by design or accident. This virus hits the Chinese in Wuhan particularly hard, apparantly for two reasons. a) The chinese reportedly have certain proteins in their lungs that are hit particularly hard by the virus. And b) In Wuhan the 5G technology is fully implemented; 5G is said to be particularly propitious for vira.

Ofcourse the Radical-Globalist millionaires don’t want the public to be aware of these matters; and they certainly don’t want the citizens to become worried and begin talking to each other about what will happen when a) their houses will suddenly and very soon be worth only one third and b) their savinng accounts in the banks will be decimated to the tune of cents on the dollar left.

Hence the draconian martial laws prohibiting the sheeple to gather more than 2, 5 or 10 persons at any one time or place. The café’s and restaurants (and other places where citizens talk, like coiffeurs) are shuttered; most likely for a long time.

And the constitution and the owners personal ruin be damned!

But I’ill now resume today’s downtown stroll, wondering if I may also today feel like a human in zombie-land; or alternatively perhaps as an alien on Planet Of The Apes?

Incidentally – humans on planet-zombie hardly have a great future; they probably will be rounded up in quite short order and ‘rescued’ with some vaccination ‘death-shot’? After all, that’s what zombies do.

What about you? Are you human or a zombie?


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