The Autodafés and The Secret Courts of Law in Denmark

(15.Dec.2019) Today is Sunday and it’s windy out there!

This afternoon my old friend JA called me for a chat. He’s now pensioned from his life-long job as civil servant, worked in the danish state/govt. archives.

In passing he told me the archives, including their public sections, recently (albeit under the previous ‘center-right’ administration) got a new superintendent.

It seems this S.I. was hired even if having no background as a historian – or perhaps precisely because of this?

It furthermore seems one of the first initiatives of this person – or is ‘it’ in fact a robot? – was to discard the complete hand-library of the State Archives (Rigsarkiv).

We are talking about at least 40.000 volumes, many of which would have been old and rare and perhaps well nigh unobtainable today?

Just to put the size in perspective: A large, private book collection, accumulated in a family home, might typically run into one tenth – i.e. perhaps 3-5000 volumes.

5000 volumes in a private home would normally necessitate three average sitting-room-sized rooms plastered with books from floor to ceiling on all four walls except for a window and a door in each rooms!

Hence 40.000 volumes is a lot – and would perhaps translate to at least 40.000.000 DKK (or abt. $6 million) if it was to be founded again?

For instance a large part of the library was beautifully and solidly leather bound by expert craftsmen. Althogether, restablishing a nearly identical library might perhaps more likely run into anywhere between 50.000.000 and 100.000.000 DKK today?

This large, culturally and financially highly valuable library was just put on fire!

No kidding!

And just for good measure the staff was reportedly not allowed to partake in the autodafé, for fear ‘they would try and save a few of the books’.

No kidding!!

So what do we have here? Barbarians? Morons? Haters of everything Danish? Haters of all culture and danish culture in particular? Haters of our danish identity? Haters of danish traditions and our danish nation?

Or perhaps just insane disrupters – including stupid and irresponsible recklesness? The previous govt. erected a so-called ‘Disruption Task Force’, one of whose high profile members publicly trumpeted that ‘we ought to burn everything down every 7 years’ (was never refuted by her president of the board or any govt. minister, including the then PM, I belive)(link 1).

Do we perchance discern a ramification of the increasingly ubiquitous Moral Antimatter (link 2) – because there is scarcely no way this autodafé can be spun as not being highly immoral?

Question upon question. Was this Chief Inspectors employer – the accountable govt. Minister and/or his PM – possibly in fact working for the mob? Did the government perchance specifically order this library burned to ashes, basically to gratify their hypothetical, supreme master’s insidious craving for distruption and destruction of everything culturally valuable in Denmark?

(To name just a few samples of detrimental asset-stripping of our danish cultural identy, property and wealth: The disruption of our nationwide Local Democracy – The Mint (Den Kongelige Mønt) – The Serum Institute (Statens Serum-Institut, an important medical/scientific asset on a giant property situated abt. one km from the downtown Copenhagen City Hall, and sold to a MiddleEastern buyer for a fraction (one fourth?) of its billion-DKK value) – DONG – NETS – the Postal Services (with their many, partly historical trophy properties), and so on and so forth. Someone is working dilligently to dismantle Denmark completely as a nation – aren’t they?)

Incidentally – could the autodafé-responsible minister conceivable have been the first president of said ‘Disruption Task Force’, who eventually became Minister of Research and Science (if memory serves me?)?

This gentleman is, I’m afraid, a slightly unusual person? For instance many danish readers will remember how his arrival to his first (and only?) Royal Banquet was a somewhat painful spectacle.

He managed to arrive when everyone else, including the Prime Minister, had arrived and the staff and the TV-cameras were expecting the Royal hosts.

But up came our disruption-troll, with his bosom bare for good measure! He attemted a joke to the Royal Master of Ceremonies, who ofcourse had to ignore him completely.

Off hand I would expect such a blatant disruption – or perhaps just pitiable lack of situation awareness? – to indicate an obvious degree of left-brain dominance? (link 4)

Anyway – even if it turns out the responsible or irresponsible minister was another person entirely, this is really of little consequense as it won’t bring back the library from the ashes.

By the way – one is reminded about how the Copenhagen Central Library a couple of years ago discarded – in fact likewise put on the fire! – nearly half a million volumes of their books! Question: Who conceived this idea and who ordered the autodafé?

As the saying goes – ‘where they burn books, they’ll soon be burning humans’.

But now on to our next issue – let’s take a quick look at a few recent ‘Tweets’ of mine. As told, after more than 30.000 tweets and abt. 1100 followers the friendly folks at Twitter has shut me out from my account, whence I cannot now and at least until further notice update my twitter account (@gamleboeger). (Take a look at and see for yourself how dangerously uncouth my tweets are).

Hence the following ‘tweets’ are only ‘tweets in spe’. As usual an asterix * denotes the tweet and an arrow > my comment.

* 1. Som alle ved, har overvågningssamfund været de mest frie gennem tiderne.Lad mig nævne i flæng fra nutiden: Nordkorea. Der er helt vildt frit i Nordkorea. Overvågning har gjort, at der faktisk slet ingen kriminalitet er. I hvert fald ikke officielt. Og hvor uendeligt trygt og godt må det ikke være? Eller vi kan gå lidt tilbage i tiden og nævne DDR eller Sovjet. Samfund, der om nogen viste, at ’med overvågning stiger friheden,’ som Hækkerup udtrykker det.

> This is another brilliant op-ed of our incomparable Mr. Mads Kastrup from the Copenhagen tabloid EKSTRABLADET.

* 1.a. Lavpunkt. –
‘Hvis det er rigtigt, så følger det logisk heraf, at med overvågning stiger friheden. ‘
Det må være den utimative hån mod ofrene fra Stasi.

> But aiming at the M.o.J. is ofcourse only half the job; because our M.o.J. is obviously mostly an errand boy for his masters – the two P.M. ‘robots’?

Perhaps these ‘robots’ has a serious program bug, though? Because how come they are talking like it’s anno 1919 and not 2019 if there is no outdated or faulty software?

The early bolshevik masters of surveillance, the CHEKA, was evil incarnate! Nothing to be admired, wished for and copied, for sure. (link 5)

Please note: By December 1917, the Bolsheviks established their instrument of terror, the Cheka (the GPU’s precursor). Lina writes: “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904.
Jyri Lina:

* 2. Statsministeren er vred, sagde hun ovenpå ugens store politiaktion, der ifølge politiet og PET afværgede et terror-angreb med rod i militant islamisme. Men ligesom adskillige af sine politiker-kolleger delte Mette Frederiksen sin begejstring og taknemmelighed for politiets effektive arbejde med at beskytte os alle sammen mod terroristerne.

* 3. Og trods gule breaking-bjælker og væg-til-væg-dækning af ransagninger, anholdelser, sigtelser, grundlovsforhør og fængslinger i denne uge, så ved vi reelt intet om, hvorfor politiet mener, at de mistænkte er potentielle terrorister.

* 4. Det er mildest talt uklart.
Ikke desto mindre synes det for længst fastslået, at der er tale om terrorister in spe. Og at det kun var takket være en effektiv efterretningstjeneste, at deres grumme planer ikke blev ført ud i livet. For det siger PET jo. Og Statsministeren.

* 5. Dertil forsvandt muligheden for at høre, hvad de sigtede selv forklarer. Samt om sagerne er forbundne og i givet fald hvordan. Og om hvilke metoder, PET og kollegerne i det øvrige politi har brugt i efterforskningen. Eller hvad der i øvrigt ligger i de bunker af rapporter og bevismateriale, politi og PET allerede har produceret i sagen.
Vi aner det ikke.

> Here’s a new super-star on my personal firmament of critical bloggers: Marie Louise Toksvig.

So now we have three: Mads Kastrup (, Amalie Lyhne ( and Marie Louise Toksvig (

I dare say MLT is in no way inferior to the two others. And she takes aim at one of the most pestering sores in all of Denmarks public sector: The secret courts of law.

The former director of the then danish SecretService (PET), the honourable Ole Stig Andersen, in 2005 warned expressly against this as an inevitability if police duties were transferred from police to the SecretService (link 3).

This is because any SecretPolice don’t want to expose their agents – or their dark (Mob controlled?) alien friends? – by giving testimony in an open court of law.

But he might as well have bayed at the moon – no one heeded his wise warnings, as far as I know. But remember – next time someone is rounded up and arrested by the SecretPolice it may easily be a journalist, any journalist, or blogger. Perhaps deemed dangerous by and for the present power brokering, CEKA-admiring ‘robots’?

And you will not get a chance to defend and explain yoursef in front of a judge in an open court of law!

Except until Marie Louise Toksvig spake up? High praise for her brilliant essay.

But remember – we are in fact living in 1919 – aren’t we?

* 6. Will the oligarch and sex mafia assassinate Virginia Roberts?
We know that Virginia Roberts is exposing the oligarchs and telling the world that these people have been caught with their pants down.

Will the oligarch and sex mafia assassinate Virginia Roberts?

> Case in point, re. the above.

* 7. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been BLOCKED from seeing key evidence from US authorities who want to extradite him for ‘leaking sensitive military data’, court hears

> More to the secret courts of law – so eagerly coveted by any mob?

Link 1.

Disruption and Wispy Trails (Upd.)

Link 2.

Your Galactic Police

Whence I quote: ‘They determinedly seek out and destroy any and all vestiges of moral and morality in sound and sane humans, their culture and society’. If you look around you’ll see that’s exactly what’s now happening everywhere.’

Link 3.

Three Honourable Gentlemen, Laerke and Sainte-Beuve

Link 4.
Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Link 5.
What Happened? (Upd.)
– whence I quote:

‘On page 12 (of a paper reviewed) is a piece on Leon Trotskij, the bolshevik leader, which apparently was murdered “by Stalin” in Mexico in 1940.

‘One of the captains of the bolshevik revolution of 1917 he was deposed already about 1924 after his protégé Lenin had died. After that all power really was with Dsershinski and his secret police, the Cheka (soon to be called GPU).

‘The Cheka was perhaps the most evil and destructive “vampire squid” ever to roam our earth? It’s raw brutality, greed and recklessness is almost beyond description, much less comprehension.

‘Recently I chanced upon a slim book from 1925 about the Cheka, written by a Swiss journalist working in Russia during these fatefull years (Georg Popoff: Tscheka – Staten i Staten. Copenhagen, Gyldendal, 131 pages).

‘It’s depressing reading almost from page one to the end. But the most worrying thing no doubt is the almost inevitable conclusion that the Cheka is still very much alive – albeit perhaps not so much in Russia as in the west?

‘It’s well nigh impossible to not note that the spirit – the philosophy, strategy and methods – of the Cheka seems to correspond very, very closely to that of the modern western SecretPolice/SecurityServices like CIA/NSA/Mossad et al.

‘But don’t take my word for it, consult a work by an authority yourself. Be prepared for a few shocking insights.’