Mossad Safe Space & War on Iran? (upd.)

Today let’s take a look at a couple of my most recent tweets (; may be slightly amended). As usual the asterix * indicates the tweet and a chevron > my comment.

* (20.7.2019) Mossad SafeSpace and War on Iran? I wonder if war on Iran is scheduled to concur with Mossad moving-in downstairs sometime betw. now and Aug.1.?

* (20.7.2019)Mossad SafeSpace & War on Iran? If so this might explain clairvoyant vision this Wednesday (17.7.)- Saw giant black bomb falling my general way without quite hitting. Decoded: Giant bomb meant for Iran but indirectly also for myself?

* (23.7.2019) This AM in clairvoyant vision saw my niece hanging with her head down. Obviously the DeepState psychos plan to perhaps have her kidnapped? The DeepState power brokers are in fact Robots! (link 2) – and love to have their SecretService kill or torture the completely innocent! Why? Because it makes the Robots feel superior to humans. Humans have empathy and cannot kill or torture the innocent!

> Another reason for the US to wage war on Iran soon could be the spectacular case of the ‘LolitaExpress’ now perhaps quickly nearing a peliminary denouement in NewYork and Florida.

Lots of very powerful people in the Western Hemisphere would certainly want this case to be firmly relegated to the shadows, perhaps even under the black clouds of a catastrophic war?

But without endorsement from Congress the US Govt. can hardly start an arbitrary war of agression on Iran. Could it be that Mossad and their friends are busting, and thus sacrifying, their immeasurably valuable blackmail asset, the ‘LolitaExpress’ and the ‘LolitaIsland’ to induce Congress to approve the war? (Link

The deal would be, that as soon as war is approved by Congress the iconic leader of the blackmail operation will be ‘disappeared’ (preferably spirited away from the US to IL by Mossad and their friends; or, perhaps less credible, in worst case scenario be ‘suicided’ in prison?). The case would then collapse. (Note 3)

Conversely, if Congress don’t approve war on Iran the LolitaExpress and all the prominent guests will be busted wide open, somewhat like an Samson-Option?

I fear my nightly vision of the giant, black bomb falling should perhaps not be dismissed too quickly? Keep in mind that IL wants to create holocaust on Iran – and want it badly?

By the way it seems to me that Mossad and their friends have suddenly become quite cocky and carefree in their demeanour here in Copenhagen. Of course you have to wonder if this is because Denmark has got a brand new Government less than a month ago?

Could it by any chance be that the new Government strong-man has an intense personal interest in someone making me silent, and fast?

Compare, for example, what I wrote here (and more – Link 10).

Below is what I posted on July 1. (slightly amended July 2. and later).

(1.July.2019) Today is Monday and it’s nice out there. They say it’s the African ‘Föhn’ from Sahara that’s been hitting much of Europe hard this last week. But today is a very nice Danish summer day with 22 Deg.C and a little bit windy.

When I left my flat this morning there was kind of a micro-drama playing out in front of our appartment house.

The City Council had put up signs at the sidewalk saying that parking today was prohibitet at some 50 feet of the kerb. But regardless someone had parked a small car.

Just when I exited the front door a giant flat-bed truck with a ‘caravan-house’ on it came around the corner; but to no avail, it had to move on without being able to unload.

I noticed the signs yesterday, but off hand thought the parking space might possibly be needed for movers, as the flat directly below mine is as empty as it has been for most of June.

Monday the 3rd of June I heard voices in our courtyard that for some reason made me look down into the court from my north window.

What I saw was our landlord coming from the far (northern) part of our lot and being accompanied by an athletic and professional looking gentleman with a wad of paper under his arm.

Seconds later they both looked up seemingly inspecting my north window (or perchance just above or below my third storey flat). They only inspected the east end of the building (where I live).

A few minutes later they had moved to the south side, the street side of the house. After having talked shortly they shook hands and the landlord drove away.

The gentleman then took some photographs of the south face of our building from the opposite sidewalk. Soon after he left, but I didn’t see his car.

Off hand he looked much like a real estate broker, I think, or perhaps even more like a government surveyor or appraiser? But he may also, for all I know, have been a Mossad technician taking stok of a target?

(I want here to once more stress my view (like propounded before), that no doubt our landlord is in no way maliciously conspiring to have me evicted, or worse. She is simply not the conspiracy-type. On the other hand she may most likely be quite easily manipulated (without her own knowledge, ofcourse) – like most Danish people are quite clueless and easily manipulated?).

A few days later (June 7 & 8) the two young women living downstairs moved out, and the flat directly below me has been vacant since that. Slightly curious that they moved out ‘in the middle of a month’, perhaps? Were someone suddenly in a hurry to free the flat? (- for Mossad to take over?).

Incidentally this is or at least may well turn out to be bad news for me, as it could perhaps mean the flat below may soon come on the market for sale as a condo? Why is this possibly or even likely bad or even very bad news for myself?

Simply this: The flat (or even the whole building?) may perchance be scheduled – in underhanded and hidden ways, even for our landlord – to be sold to (or just rented to) Mossad or their friends? And why is that, you may ask.

The thing is there may have been certain signs of an old grudge of the owners toward the undersigned?

If this is so I frankly doubt this would emanate from the owners themselves – a millionaire or even billionaire family? However, they may ofcourse have been manipulated?

I’ve already on a few occasions reported about curious coincidences that eventually got me thinking about possible underground networks.

Firstly there was the odd observation that the new owners knew me by sight before having ever met me. Which I happened to note the day they introduced themselves to the tenants just after having bought the house, now abt. a decade ago.

Did these honourable people really buy – that is, manipulated and tasked with buying – the house partly or even mostly just to harass myself? (Remember: My blog is or has been read by some of the top power- and money-brokers in the world; and some of them – ‘the powerful DeepState psychos’ (link 8) – obviously hate my guts!). (Note 1)

Secondly there was the – on the face of it – strange history of the seemingly imperfect fire protection of our newly refurbished house (abt. five years ago, Link 1, in Danish).

And thirdly there was the equally strange coincidence of a clairvoyant dream saying I was to be evicted and then me by chance looking out of the window and seeing the owners just leaving the premises:

* “On Mar6.2018 in late AM had vision of man making scorecard over me as in a #trial. Every score negative. I said ‘It’s a murder plot’, then woke up. 3min later heard/saw owner family leaving back house with wad of papers. Is evil people plotting to have me evicted?” (

> There is perhaps no reason doubting that several of my recent blogposts have made the DeepState irate or even livid with rage. Just compare these few links (Link 3).

Now, the thing is that Mossad and their friends may have tried almost everything to have me assassinated or ‘disappeared’ – and until now to no avail, obviously. (Link 4).

Realistically there seem to be perchance two venues left? One – to have the Mossad-controlled(?) underground mafia on our hospitals activated to assassinate myself when I eventually have to be hospitalized to be operated for my hernia? (Link 5)

Two – to have Mossad or their friends by underhanded ways acquire the flat directly below (or above or adjacent to) myself. Why would acquiring the flat directly below perhaps be deemed especially auspicious by the mob?

For this: a) to be able to harass myself with loud and noisy ‘music’ (Link 6) b) to harass with ultrasound – possibly deadly? c) to harass with microwave radiation – possibly deadly? d) to harass, target and hit with psychic attacs – much stronger and dangerous if only one or two feet from f.i. my bed? (In this respect the flat below is much more applicable than the flat directly above)(Link 7) e) to be able to stake out hitmen so as to prevent me from leaving my flat without the possibility of being kidnapped or assassinated. f) for all sorts of close surveillance g) possibly other means.

Note 1 (2.July)
Tonite I had a dream-vision about someone criticizing me for not studying an issue adequately before throwing myself at the keyboard.

How right this or these honourable critics are! But this is one of the deplorable consequences of standing alone against an army.

(The former Mossad-agent, the whistle-blower hero Victor Ostrovsky, tells about sayanim in his book ‘By Way of Deception’, – that there were then (1990) ca. 7000 sayanim (active and stand-by) in London alone (i.e. abt. 1 promille of the population?); that would correspond to abt. 1500 in greater Copenhagen.

His book dealt not least with Mossad having infiltrated the Danish Secret Service. There was a parlamentarian crisis, but the then M.o.J. clamped down hard on a clueless parliament by threatening to discharge the Control Commission of Parliament(!). He is now a prominent guardian of our democracy as a well known main stream newspaper columnist.)

Standing alone you cannot allow this army to get altogether too close, if you can help it – could be your downfall. Hence an essential plan of action for you is to always be extremely vigilant; if extreme vigilance don’t help, perhaps nothing will?

Nevertheless I agree that I should at least briefly have mentioned this:

The former owner of our house, Mr. E.L., firmly believed he was almost fatally poisoned while in hospital abt. three years before he died.

Some irresponsible hospital doctor(s) had persuaded him to take part in a test of a certain (very poisonous) heart medicine.

He was then in his late seventies and had never had heart-problems, he told me.

He soon felt wery unwell and decided to withdraw from the experiment.

As it turned out he had been overdosed by several hundred percent (!) of this very poisonous heart medicine. In fact he said it was so poisonous, that it would take several years just to step down to normal dose; a dose he didn’t need in the first place.

A doctor reportedly was fired and the head doctor ‘threatened’ to retire if the calamity ever hit the newspapers (note 2).

I agree I should have mentioned this occurence in connection with the appartment house getting new owners. If only because it has never been disproved that dark forces may have wanted to precipitate new ownership of our building?

Note 2.
Clever ruse to remove focus from the more natural option of contacting the ‘Homicide Squad’ – perhaps?

But of small avail anyway, as Police never – like in NEVER – investigates ‘unnecessary deaths’ in our hospitals – if they can help it, that is. But for all we know there might easily occur several hundred (and perhaps thousands?) of cold blooded assassinations p.a. in Danish hospitals alone?

For example, if you assume 750 assassinations each year in Danish hospitals, this would amount to only 2 each day; and hundreds of ‘dark operators’ in the health industry could probably easily accomplish this without anybody batting an eyelash?

Perhaps a few readers remember that the then medical director of Hvidovre Hospital (in greater Copenhagen), the honourable Dr. Mogensen, and his equally honourable female associate (whose name elopes me) abt. 10 years ago propounded the opinion that an estimated ca. 5000 patients died unnecessarily (and ofcourse uninvestigated by police) in Danish hospitals each year?

Of course this gentleman is no longer director in said hospital! (Here are some of my own experiences, likewise roughly 10 years ago (link 9)).

But why is it, that Police never, ever investigates deaths in our hospitals – willingly?

Simply this: Mossad and their friends won’t allow it!

It’s an incredibly valuable asset for any DeepState controlled SecretService to have access to the option of assassinating ANYONE, ANYTIME in ANY (Danish) hospital.

It’s dead-sure (pardon the pun) and safe without the perpetrators really risking anything at all – and certainly not disclosure!

Basically there are perhaps five venues for the DeepState to subdue critics:

a) Throw a scare into them. Often done by intimidating, harassing, hurting or killing/kidnapping friends and/or family. In fact, as things are now – with basically no law enforcement or security (or justice?) for the average man, not to speak of the poor – and if you want to stand up to the Deep State you can have no family of your own!

Otherwise you are especially phrone to Blackmail. Incidentally most people – almost everyone – are clueless enough to accept blackmail. Yes – you have to accept it – to play the game; otherwise it won’t work (First rule: Never read their letters!). And often you don’t get anything in return for giving in or paying up, anyway!

b) Isolate the target. Harass all his activities, including his job or business, his interaction with government agencies (like making letters evaporate and pensions disppear into thin air), harass his friends and family in any conceivable way, vandalize his car incl. stealing the licence plates repeatedly, gps-chip his car and bike, and so on and so forth. All this is perhaps most often done with the local SecretService aiding and abetting the perpetrators?

c) Kill or kidnap the target critic by ‘ordinary’ hit teams. May comprise a single agent or a small army. If you are not both a bit lucky and also very intuitive with a strong sixt sense you are probably dead meat. No doubt Mossad is now the unsurpassed master in setting up hit teams:
The Putsch and the Hit-Squad (updated)
(There is a resume of a string of hit teams targeting myself in link 10.)

d) To have you assassinated in hospital or by (one of) your doctor(s); I’ve experienced at least two ‘cooperating’ doctors and a couple of hospital set-ups; only escaped the hospital set-ups by being warned clairvoyantly.

e) As the (normally?) last recourse they have their master-mentalists / black magicians by ‘remote hypnosis’ attack you psychically in your sleep – like it tragically occured to the wife of a former Danish foreign minister a few years ago:


Personally I’ve been attacked viciously by some very expert mentalists/black magicians half a dozen times; I believe that at least 99% of you would not have lived to tell about it? Especially one very clever attack was memorable in so far as some of my ‘associates’ seemed VERY surprised I had survived and didn’t even look scared. (Yes – that’s right, I can give you names; if not of the actual perpetrators then at least of a few persons in the know (although most may now be deceased)).

But would an attempt to assassinate the wife of an acting Danish foreign minister interest the police even remotely? No – ofcourse not; they are busy handing out traffic tickets.


Note 3. (22.Aug.2019)
>The whisper on the web is he was spirited away in a wheel chair.

The Mossad apparently infiltrates almost everything in almost every country?

Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? We Do Not Make This Shit Up….

Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? We Do Not Make This Shit Up….

>Obviously he was NOT the (dead) person photographed being wheeled into a hospital on a stretcher.

On the left we see the real Jeffrey Epstein. On the right we see the allegedly ‘dead Jeffrey Epstein’.

An inmate who spent months in Epstein’s prison block says there is ‘no way he could have killed himself.

It doesn’t take a tin-foil hat to smell a rat in Epstein’s ‘way too convenient’ death

Guards in Epstein Jail Told to LEAVE AREA 3 Hours early due to “Maintenance” Before Epstein Found DEAD
BREAKING: Two guards at the MCC who normally have overnight shift that watches over suicide risk inmates, were both told to leave area 3 hours earlier for scheduled “Maintenance” to jail cells and hallways.

Deep State Wants Epstein Gone – Kevin Shipp.
‘I don’t know why the Bureau of Prisons put Epstein in a jail cell with a cop that killed four people and buried them in his back yard. Epstein should have been in solitary confinement under watch’.

Deep State Wants Epstein Gone – Kevin Shipp

Barbara Sampson ‘carried out the alleged autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein’.
Sampson’s Medical Examiner’s Office ‘has struggled with a string of bodies wrongly sent to crematoriums, medical classes and embalming schools.’

Link 1.
Småting og bagateller (2)

Link 2.

The Nice Crowd

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Link 3.
Mamiya – EKSTRABLADET – NETS – Ghettos – A Garden Party

Voigtlander, Kirstjen Nielsen or HELL ON FIRE?

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Link 4. (to name just a few)
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Link 5.
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Link 6.

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Link 7.

The Nice Crowd

Clement Freud is related, on his mother’s side, to Uri Geller.
Geller has been photographed with a surprisingly large number of the reported top UK child abusers.

Did people involved with #MKUltra meet, consult, study or employ numerous mystics/occultists incl fortunetellers, palmreaders, clairvoyants, astrologers, mediums, #psychics, #voodoo / #witchcraft practitioners and blackmagicians, demonologists, Satanists?

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

They also helped set up a course in black magic, demonology, and witchcraft at at the University of South Carolina as a sort of “social laboratory.”

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA–MK-OFTEN went beyond the mere research of mind control and incapacitation of enemies, and branched out into the world of black magic, witchcraft, and the occult.

Black Magic, The Occult, And The CIA

Link 8.

Epstein the Satanist?: Will Australia Ever Investigate Its Role? (warning, graphic material)

“I’m aware the .01% psychopaths in control every year kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions”.

Interview with an angel: Does evil exist for ‘spiritual workouts’ to get us off our lazy Divine asses? Is Earth a super-evil case study, a school to recognize evil, or what?

CIA has become as soulless and dirty as the worst organized crime thugs out there

Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We The People

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) aspect in childsex trafficking cases is often downplayed or not addressed by law enforcement

Link 9.
Operation eller mission?

Kill the canary

Link 10.


Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Link 11.
La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Former CBS executive producer Zev Shalev ‘has confirmed that Epstein is tied directly to the Mossad’.
Epstein and Nader are believed to be agents of Israeli Intelligence.

>Terrorism is a word originally coined to define the actions of a State against its people for purposes of fear to further an agenda or for mass murder. Terrorism: Government by Intimidation. – Oxford Dictionary

“In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904.

>The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JFK assassination.
In a memo called ‘Countering Criticism of The Warren Report’ the CIA set out to make the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs.

Do You Believe In “Conspiracy Theories?” An FBI Report Says You’re A Potential Domestic Terrorist

Was 9/11 A Plot to Seize Power? There is no question that 9/11 was the event that destroyed the constitution. We lost all of our privacy and rights ever since.


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